26 November 2013

I am still without a computer, and using Son's Tablet.



16 August 2013

Busy day today. I am going to go fill out paperwork so we can move from this 'Complex' to a 'House' and remain in the same Rent Bracket. I have the Information, and since I am under 'HUD/Section-8' already, they should be able to get the information that they need from their computer. I have PLASMA, and more paperwork to fill out as well today.


15 August 2013

It's like No-One is Posting to 'AXEL' anymore. Maybe this weekend?

I spoke too soon. There were a few while I was away. I have to check to see if My Character was Tagged in any.

Nope. No Tags. Next week, I will be able to get loads done! Even Posting, I have yet to hear from 'A/C' on the 'Cross-Tag'.


14 August 2013

Over-Night, the Postings just Exploded once again. I will be busy reviewing them soon. Afterwards, I have to go and take care of business.

This morning, I posted to both Sites because it was a 'Cross-Post'. Does that count as 2?

The 'Cross-Post' should have gone to the 'Hope-One' Site, but I am not a member of their group. I hope that he sees it and can 'Cross-Post' between the 'DEVU' and 'Hope-One' SItes. It will only add to the amount of Postings.


13 August 2013

10 Posts on 'DEVU' last night! I have lots of reading to do.

When I got back home there were 8 more Postings. What a Busy site that 'DEVU' is.

I had nothing to Add today on the 'DEVU' Site, So I posted a Story. Hopefully it is well received.

Well, the Story did make it through the 'Review' and it did show up in my Yahoo account (after 2 hours), so it made it in. Now, How will it be received?

137 Messages within 7 days. That's more than some Duty Stations get per Month. It started on the 6th of this Month, making it the 7th Day.


12 August 2013

WOW! Already had to Respond to a Post this morning. Loving it! I have to get busy creating 3D Starships. I also have to Re-Introduce the Sabutuer/Terrorist before he sabotauged the HARBRINGER.

I have Posted Twice already this morning to the 'DEVU' and I will surely be Posting again, and Soon. I have to Post to the 'AXEL' Site Today as well.

And another Post to 'DEVU'.

I wonder how the 'Captain' is going to respond to the last 'DEVU' Post with the Sabatuer/Terrorist? I can build on this throught the Conference. It should prove interresting.

And Again, Another Post to 'DEVU'. I know this is not the last one for today because I am awaiting a Response that I can Respond to.

The 'Captain' is going to FLIP! What I'm going to do is going to Trip him out! I am going to have to make it Hurt a little first though. LOL.

Thinking about it, I will have to hold off the surprise for the 'Captain' as long as I can, possibly dropping clues here and there. Maybe the 'DEVU' conference is where I can start, and then end with the 'AXEL'. He is going to totally (I know...So 80's) Flip his Shit! LOL.

The old 'S-A' Logo remains on the 'Seiklon Axel/Borderlands' Site. Even on the 'Join Here' part. Even the Picture of the Crew (Logo) needs to be Updated. There are only 3 places that I see.

'Space Swabs' The First Chapter: jkg

I am going to make sure that I delay as long as possible before I drop the Hammer on the 'Captain'. How did the BORG learn of Time Travel? Where did they get the Technology? What Race was responsible for devulging this information? Something to think about.

And there goes 2 more Posts. The busiest day I ever had.

6 Postings Today.

Then...Suddenly, it all ended.


11 August 2013

Already created 2 posts, but neither for 'AXEL'. I have to get on that, but what to write?

I would like to impliment things from the 'Conference', but nothing as of yet has been set in concrete. Like the 'DUCCI' Device. I would like to feature that in the 'HARBRINGER' and it's Sister-Ships of that Class, But I need specific information on it to see if it would be a viable option. I would also like to feature it in the 'Tactical Shuttle' and the 'Tactical Fighter' because it could serve 2 purposes. One being that it could keep record on the Pilot (and Crews) Health, and Two being that It could record the health of the targeted crew of an enemy ship (being that the shields are down) and used as a type of a 'Black-Box' in regards to the Health of a Crew and their Final moments. I am just awaiting a response to the Post.

Well, I did post something to the 'AXEL' Site, just in an attempt to get some understanding where and what My Character has to do and where he should go.

How would the DUCCI device and the EMH work together? May be a Plot-Line for someone.

I am sure that the Sites are going to have lots of Posts by this evening and tomorrow morning. I have seen this trend.


10 August 2013

Today (After having the Elixure of life) after waking up, I am going to work on my brother's car. Do some Cutting, Grinding and Welding, and Compress the Cylendar in the rear-right side brake caliper, and all to make his car safe for the winter. Maybe I will be able to create another post tonight.

This has been a very tollerable summer temprature wise. We only had 2 weeks of over 90 degree weather. It's been anaverage of the Low 80's. They are trying to connect the Weather to People Tempers. Global Warming is the Cause of Angry People, is what they are claiming. It's all B.S.! The Earth Changes, and it's been Cycling in this manner when the Dinosaurs roamed it. What is happening is that our planet is starting to level off! That's all it is! In the Medieval days, they had an Mini Ice-Age and a Heat-Wave, and both were way severe than what we have these days, and they did not have Automobiles or Factories! The Humans! US! We are Physically Killing off the Animals in one-To-One incidents, and not because of us burning Fossil Fuels in our vehicles. What do you think the Earth did when all of it's Volcanoes were Spewing Hot Ash into the Atmosphere? The same as it has in the past...Recover!

Finished the Auto-Repairs, and the Car is Safer to opperate, but the Birthday boy had a request, and that was to 'Raise' the back end of his vehicle, and he hinted to the 70's jacked-up look. Alright...Envision a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-door trying to pull off the 70's Hot-Rod look. Well, if that's what He wants. The next chance that I get, I will Cut some Metal and add more to create his image of what his car should look like. What?Next he will be asking me to make it capable of placing 'Double-Dubs' on it? 

Why would I see a Golden Arrow (possibly on fire) Pointing Up when I Closed My Eyes? I could not find anything on the 'Net' about it.

Arrow- silent judgments, swift.

And that's it, all that I could find, but not what I perceived it's meaning to be.


09 August 2013

I am awake! Well...Sort-of. 

Well, Yesterday My Son's mother made me 'Livid' by Requesting a Prescription of Adult 'Pull-Ups' for Him while with her. He's beyond that, and she's just too Lazy to recognize when He needs to use the bathroom and is requesting her to get Him there. He has been accident-free here for 4 years. Why? because I pay attention, and recognize when He is Asking/Telling Me that He needs to use the toilet. But this Site-Blog is not about that.

Just posted #6 for this month.

Seems that My Character may not be invited to an PBeM RPG event. Oh well. I had something already planned for it. A few alterations were necessary to what I had planned, but it could end in the same note.

How quickly things change. I am in! I cannot wait to begin!

The wait is over, and I have posted to it already. Now it's beddy-bye time.


08 August 2013

Nine and a Half Hours later, I am Finally able to get at My Lap-Top. Many things needed to be done today, and one involved the maintenance people to remove the A/C Units and give them a good cleaning, then for them to be Returned to their respective places within the walls. That meant a lot of Furniture moving for me, and a disruption for my Son.

Things are back to 'Normal'.

The 'Captain' is a funny guy. He referenced an Old Character.

I have Fore-Warned the RPG group of up and coming events that could delay any interraction between them and myself for the next couple of months.

Why hasn't the Logo been changed on the 'AXEL' Site? 


07 August 2013

I have lots to do this morning, but will attempt to get 'other' things done.

I have caught up on the eMail and Posted 3 times. If I am to keep up with my 20 Posts per Month, I have to get going. I will have to post 3 times per day for the next 4 days, then to post almost daily. Am I going to run out of Subject matter? Possibly. Maybe, doing this will enspire others, or they may think that I am an 'Over-Achiever', or just being a 'Show Off'. NOPE, I am just having fun.

Post #4 done. This shows everyone that I am 'Current' with the events and have been reading their Posts. 

I had to perform a Virus Scan because My Lap-Top was running slow, on the Verge of Crashing.

It's the last time that I try to pull one over on the 'Captain'. He's a Man that does his Homework, then gives you the 'Proof'.

I need to create a 'Wednesday' Post. Something Whimsical. To help those who are having a Rough Work-Week have something to overcome the Wednesday Gloominess.

The 4 posts that I did today will be enough for this Wednesday (Today). But I will be working on Something Special for Next Week.

Post #5 done and posted. I hope that it will brighten someone's night/day (tomorrow).


06 August 2013

I am Tired and Stressed. Why? Because I have a Very Vulgar Mouth Stressed out woman here. I cannot Focus.


05 August 2013

I have My Son today. All Day. We are going to do things Today that are Fun and Exciting for Him. I will not have any time to Respond to eMail/Post because We will not be even Home.

It is supposed to storm around 5pm today.


04 August 2013

So the AXEL now runs on Deuterium/Antideuterium based Warp Drive, the (Once) 'Lifeboat' is now a Perminant part of the Cargo Section, Though it was supposed to be 2 Decks in the Lifeboat section, The Warp-Core is Ejectable through the 'Dome'. So, Yes...I will need to make a 4th version of the 'AXEL' reflecting the changes.

The 'Deuterium/Antideuterium' (D/AD) Warp-Drive will be less efficient than M/AM Warp-Drives and would explain the innability to get much over Warp 8. It's like running Regular Fuel in a car that takes Premium Unleaded as fuel. I can Accept these explinations from the 'Captain'.

The Warp-Core is still the same and is used to running on M/AM, and of course had to be refitted to use the 'Cheaper', Heavier, and Less-Efficient D/AD fuel.

On My end of the (Re)Design of the 'AXEL', I will have to get rid of the access tubes from the main Cargo Body to the (Once) Lifeboat, now Main Bridge.

I was left out of the 'Loop' on several 'Key Issues' in the 'Redesign' of the 'AXEL'. Those that I have already mentioned. Though, I am going to create a 3D interior to the 'AXEL', but it will be After I do the 'Animation'. In the Animation, I want it to 'Accurately' reflect all of the Current Changes. I am very Glad that I have had other issues stalling my attempt at the Final Version of the 'Animation', allowing Me the time to make corrections to the 3D Model first. It will looks correct for the Video. Once I get accustomed to doing the 'Animation', I can add to the 60 second spot with more activity around it. Eventually, I would like to create a 3D of every Borderlands Starship, Shuttle, Planet, etc., and then make one long Video featuring every Starship in a way that I only create One Video, but just Feature each Starship with the Others 'Milling About' in the Background. 

As for my Vehicle, I am now under the Impression that the Passenger-Side Rotor is Warped. That would explain why I hear the Repeated 'Thud, Thud, Thud' when I am stopping and why it shifts a little. Hopefully the New Wheel-Bearings are not already going bad, because that would explain why the Tire looks like it's leaning inwards at the top.

I SHOULD have been Kept In The Loop with the 'AXEL' and it's Changes. It would have made for a far better presentation and things like the Main Hull and the Lifeboat being joined could have been handled at that point rather than now. I find out after everything is presented on the 'AXEL' Site. I feel Cheated at making the 3D as accurate with the Deck-Plans as I could. It makes all the difference, because now, the Front Landing Gear could have and Should have been placed in the most Foreward area that it could have been. A lot of 'Issues' could have been dealt with, that should have been dealt with. So, Now...I look like I was not paying attention/following the construction changes. When this is all said and done, I am going to find a 3D Printer and Print Myself off a Model, and it will be in full Colors and Detail (Meaning that each Deck will be created, and all of the interior as well so a person can look into a window, or through a grille and see something exciting.) Then, if I have a 'Skype' Discussion, I will have it sitting behind me where everyone could see.

I am also thinking of doing a 8 or 12 inch model kit of the 'AXEL'. Like a 'Snap-Fit' Model where no glue will be necessary. That way one can put it together at their work-desk. But first, the 4 inch model with all of it's parts already within.


03 August 2013

Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Today, All day Marathon! Working on the Vehicle and getting things done. This Year has been difficult between the weather and the Maintenance people here. If I were to Prioratize the things that I have to do, it would be like this;

1. Replace Return Fuel-Line

2. Weld New Nut/Bolt for Fuel-Tank and Secure Tank

3. Replace Passenger-Side Lower Ball-Joint

4. Replace Front-Brakes

5. Finish Wiring in 12v/110v Power Converter

I have to keep from catching the vehicle on fire before I can do anything else. If I am successfull at getting that list done in time, I can then use the Power Outlet(s) to Reconfigure a 'Pin-Pointer'. I have already completed one, and it works really well, but that one is already promised to someone. The one I do next is for me. I have to make sure that I take my 'Dremmel' tool kit with me today.

It is going to be a difficult task to deal with the Neck Pain, the Pain in the Neck, and work on the vehicle while laying under it. The first place that I have to stop at is the Automotive Parts Store to get the Lower Ball-Joint. Hopefully I can Devise a Tool to Force the Old Ball-Joint out, and then Seat the New one in. I have seen video of other's make-shift, on the spot home-made tools that worked. I have some 'Heavy-Duty'/'Industrial' Sockets that may work. Combined with other tools, I think that I can do this quickly. Hoping anyways.

I am Not liking the New Deck-Plans.

Let me Clairify; I LOVE the Style! Just do Not like the way it was Executed. He changed too much and now there is only 1 Deck to the 'Lifeboat'? On the 'Up-Note', I did not have to change the Lower Ball-Joint on the vehicle. I was able to everything but finishing the 12v/110v wiring. I did however get more set up for getting that done though. It should make it easier for me.

In Concearns of the 'AXEL'; 'What is, Is.'.

A '2013 Security and Leadership Conference and Symposium' (for the Borderlands community) has been called, and it's the First that I will be joining in. 

I am trying to figure out where my character would benefit more at the 'Symposium'.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 'RAIL-GUNS'? They are now 'Radiant Energy Disruptors'! WTF!

Lets Play:

What is WRONG with the AXEL-080313
1. No Matter Tank
2. No Anti-Matter Tank
3. Only 1 Deck on the Lifeboat
4. Lifeboat and Main Cargo-Section now Combined
5. Warp-Core is moved up a Deck
6. Computer Core has been moved down 2 Decks
7. Antideuterium tanks?
8. Warp Deuterium Tank?
9. 'Mystery Room'?

I am calling it a Night. I am too damn frustrated with the Deck Plans. I Understand that things change, but there are a few things that cannot, and should not. I AM GOING TO MAKE MANY CHANGES TO THE 'AXEL' TO REFLECT THE 'DECK-PLANS'.

Good Night!


02 August 2013

I have decided to pay the Bills today, After PLASMA.

Bills all paid. I will be very happy when I no longer have to pay 'Child-Support' for My Son, who incidently is under My Primary Custody. Yeah, Figure that one out. The first Extra monies will go for School Clothes. I have to get in the 'Right Mind' before doing any of the things that I like doing. Tomorrow is all about the Vehicle. All Day! Get the Return Fuel-Line Repaired, New Brake-Pads on, Weld a Bolt for the Strap that holds the Fuel tank up on, and replece the Lower Ball-Joint. Maybe...Hopefully, I will be able to get at the 12v/110v power supply. (I never did get a chance to finish it).

So, I had an Argument of where I really am when I am gone to my parents working on My vehicle. 


01 August 2013

Today; Plumbers have cancelled for today and Rescheduled for tomorrow. The Weather is Threatening Rain once again. I will need to know 'Exactly' where the Phasers will be mounted on the rear of the AXEL. One or Two? Something had just occured to me, Is the Computer even capable of handling all of the Weapons it currently has?

I have 20 Posts to write. What can I start with for this Month? I know!

I am now Officially too 'LIVID' to care or Concentrate. Seems My Son's Mother has been going behind My back to get Signatures that state me as a bad parent and yet prop her up as a good parent. I learned this from My Son's New Principal this Morning.

I have calmed down. I saw the paperwork. It had not been signed yet.


31 July 2013

This morning was a repeat of yesterdays, and it is going to rain. I am stuck indoors, and that's Not a bad thing. I will be able to get at a few things, Like creating a 3D of the Type-III Shipboard Phaser for the Rear of the 'AXEL'.

A bit of a Delay this Morning. Dealing with a Kodiac (Bear).

I have responded to an E-Mail and did a 180 on the Stance of having 'Rail-Guns' on the 'AXEL', In fact, I stated that All of the Weapons should be Removed, then I did another 180 and stated that I had to get working on the 'Type-III' Phasers for the 'AXEL'. In other-words, I stand with My original statements that the 'AXEL' should have Rear Facing Weapons for Self-Defence. Makes no sense to be Heavily Armed in the Front and Nothing in the Rear.

I have been 'Posting' for 2 Months now, and I posted 19 times in June, and 16 times in July. I am already slipping! Damn! August, I will have to make up for that, and add a few more. I should at least be 'Posting' 20 timesa Month. Personal Challenge accepted! 

I am waiting, waiting, waiting for this current story-line to conclude. Why? So I can have my character 'Harold Bureeve' Interract more with the others. He's still an 'A-Hole' for god's sakes!

So, Today, I have filled my 1 Terrabyte Storage Device. It's Mainly the Video that takes up space. I now have to go through all of the Videos and start errasing the video that I will no longer need.

I hope that everyone gets a kick out of my last post of this month. It's meant to be funny.

I am going to create One-More 3D 6-View with Beauty Shots of the AXEL, After...I know exactly where the 'Type-III Phaser Banks' are to be placed.

I will be performing some Computer Maintenance so I can create the 60 second video of the 'AXEL'. This includes the Destruction of some less than important files to make this successful. I have already started the process, but I have to run a 'Defrag' tonight as well as a Complete Virus Scan to gurantee that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

I am glad to see that someone else has Similar Views as I do on the 'Rail Gun' issue. The Cargo ship came 'Bare-Bones', I am sure, and the Arnament was added as they could, when they could. When I came into playing the forst time in 2009, it was the Ship as it is. I returned in 2013 to the same ship, until it was scaled down, but the components remain the same.

And the 'Rail-Guns' War goes on.

And on...

I need to get to work on the Vehicle, and get the remaining issues resolved. The Front Brakes, Passenger Side Lower Ball-Joint, Return Fuel-Line, and the Electrical to be Finished up. Than I can take My Automotive tool-box out. It's Either Waiting for Maintenance or the Foul Weather that has been Delaying my progress.


30 July 2013

Another Chaotic Day ahead. Well, it is already happening. No time for Anything.

The 'Rail Gun'; Per any other Weapon, it uses the Least Power per/for greater Damage. The Axel should have a Weapon directly off of the Aft. We are the greatest Target there. Maybe some Type III Ship Mounted Phasers. That would require the least amount of room, and I have Diagrams for them.

Since the AXEL was Scaled down, The 'True' Size of the Phaser Array was as well. I should do a Complete power Systems work-up for the AXEL.

Well, Another $20.00's and a few Hours to fix the Lower Ball-Joint on the Passenger Side of the Vehicle.

Seems that the Part is a 'Pressed-In' Component. Meaning that I have to get Creative when changing the part.

'Flight', My next Story.

Back to the 'AXEL' and it's Power Availability Issue. 

I am going to have to get on 'XL' to figure this all out by using a program that I found on the internet.

It is Very Difficult to get anything done with an Aggitated ASD Young-Man because He's hungry and Dinner is over an hour away.

It seems a 'Pair' of Phasers on the Aft of the AXEL are due.


29 July 2013

My Son is up and watching a Classic Cartoon. 'Popeye'. And He's Always Enjoyed it. Well...I am going to do some reading of other's Posts and see if My Character was Tagged then Decide where to go from there.

I will have to 'Wrap' My Mind around this 'Story-line' before Adding to it. 

Well, I did it, and I created a Early History Post as well. Very difficult to do when you have a Child/Young Adult that demands your attention.

I have noticed that some Writers prefer to only write between their own characters and on occassion, with the 'Captain'. I am going to shake their world up!

I think by creating more Posts, I have Inspired others to 'Best' me, thus creating mores postings. I will be writing more tonight, just to see what kind of response that I get.

There! Let's see what happens. I posted another story. 

Typically the Work-Week is Devoid of Postings, but I am pressing to get that to at least one Post from each member extra per week. I am aware that the members participate on several different vessels, and for those members, I hope to get them to squeeze out one extra for the 'AXEL' per week.

I am ALWAYS looking for something more. On the 'AXEL' Site. I have to Steal the Ship Phaser sound, the Ferengi Ship going to Warp sound, I have to create a sound for the Impulse Drive, and I am sure there are a few more sounds that I will have to use on the Animation of the AXEL.

Did you ever get the thought that the Ancient Abandoned Cities were just Studio Props/Filming Locations for Aliens? Maybe they were just creating a Movie of their Anciant History, and their Planet was too built up with buildings that they needed a clean place to film.

Now they want to get rid of the 'Rail-Guns'. Not the 'Captain', though he has yet to chime in on the subject. My Opinion is that they are the Best way to deal with the BORG, and they remind me of the 'Old West'. 


28 July 2013

I am going to work on 'Properly Scaling the 'Bronbuto' Shuttle and the 'AUlorion' Vessel. Am I going to do any more Vessels? Not today. Maybe things will calm down this week where I can persue the 'Animation' side of this as well as create more Vessels. I am going to start My day by Cleaning the Carpet in the Livingroom.

I took the oppertunity to fix My Son's 'Cotton-Eyed-Joe' Dancing/Singing Bear. Something that he's been missing. He will be Extreemly Happy to see it working again. He probably had thought that I threw it out. Nope! I had to wait until I found another Toy to Sacrafice for the Much Needed Part. The Poor Pink Rabbit was sacraficed for the Greater Good.

So, Last night, while in the Shower, I had an Excellent Story brewing for a Post. It was so damn Phenominal and filled my heart with joy. This Morning, It packed it's shit and left me with the bills.

I don't want to write 'Crappy'.


27 July 2013

'Browncoats Unite' is what's on television this morning. I have watched several episodes from the series, and was NOT impressed, But...I see where the 'Captain' is going with his Adventures on the AXEL. Gene Roddenberry's first Sci-Fi was to be a Space Western, which 'Firefly' is, and In Honor to the Creator of 'Star Trek', and a Fan of 'Firefly', The 'Captain' wants to bring that back in his PBeM RPG.

They made a Movie? 'Firefly' was made into a Movie, even though it only lasted One Season.

FIrst things First, Laundry. I need clean Pants so I can work on the Vehicle! Because that's the Second thing to do Today, Fix the Return Fuel-Line and Weld a Bolt to the Frame so I can hang the Fuel Tank Properly in the back. Then, and only then, I can do whatever I want.

'Partical-Beam' Weapon. Secret Russian Weapon in the 70's.

There is so much to pull from some of these programs about Government Spy Stuff. Like having a Crewmwmber with Psyonic Abilities, Telekenisis, Telepathy, and such. Like the 'White Andorian' Race. 

So, Today it Poured, but I always have a Second and Third Plan to do, and the Second Plan was to borrow my parents Rug and Furniture Cleaner and get My Son's Bedroom free of Dust-Mites by Cleaning his Bed and Floor. Then, I got carried away and did the Couch, the Chairs, The Floor throught the House, except the Livingroom, which I will do before going to bed. I left the area where I sit dry, of course.


26 July 2013

I have some things to do, and it will not be until this Afternoon/Evening before I can get to anything that I see as Fun and Relaxing. I will be checking the Size of the 'Bronbuto' Shuttle and the 'AUlarion' Vessel. I have another LARGE Vessel to Create that's on Par with the 'Tactical Carrier', It's a 'Tactical Battleship'.

The DVD player worked really well for a Couple of Hours before it Failed once again. 'BigLots' has them for Cheap. I don't like the one that keeps turning on whenever it wants disrupting whatever program that I am watching at the time.

Well...Plans have Changed. gf wanted 'Pure' Cranberry Juice because she thinks that she has Kidney Problems. So what to do? Whatever I want! I will get at Laundry tomorrow morning, then work on the Vehicle, Replacing the Front Brakes and the Return Fuel-Line.


25 July 2013

Another Busy day. I am going to Resolve this 'Size Issue' Today. First I have to Prepares for the Plumbers and the Maitenance Crew. The A/C Units are being removed and cleaned, so the area in front of them needs to be cleared.

Well, Plans CHANGED! The A/C Units will have to wait because of the Plumbing Crew, that could Not do anything because of the Counter-Top that I have here. So, Now. I wait until the Plumbing Correction can be made and the A/C Units Cleaned. Thank the All-Mighty that it's Beautiful Weather and the Windows can be Opened. Time to get on the 'Home-Base' Computer.

I have checked the Actual sizes of the 'Tactical Shuttle' and the 'Tactical Fighter' and found that I did NOT Scale them properly after I had finished them. So? So, they were Larger than they should have been. These crafts are meant for the pilot (and Crew) to be in a 'Reclined' Position so the craft presents a low Frontal and Side Profile, reducing the Risk of being seen, or shot by 66%.

TACTICAL SHUTTLE (TS-DQ): Concept and Design by Harold Bureeve.
Length: 8.00 m
Width: 4.15 m
Height: 1.05 m
TACTICAL FIGHTER (TF-DQ): Concept and Design by Harold Bureeve.
Length: 14.75 m
Width: 7.00 m
Height: 1.75 m

The AXEL with Escorts. The 'Properly Sized' 'Tactical Shuttle' and 'Tactical Fighter'. So there is no doubt that the AXEL is too small. At first, it was capable of carrying 15 'Tactical Fighters' and 3 'Tactical Shuttles', Now it can only carry 4 of each (This is only in the Cargo Hold). So we went from 18 Small Crafts to 8. If I were Ferrengi, I would have a problem with that. LOL.

This brings me to the point where I have to go back and Check the 'Bronbuto' Shuttle and the 'AUlorion' Ship.

Today, I repaired the DVD Player that plays every Type of DVD. I bought a Replacement, but it kept turning itself on and making the TV go from 'Cable' to 'Line 1', So I developed the Habit of Unplugging the Video Feed to keep that from happening. Anyways, the Old DVD Player got too warm to opperate and shut down, and it increased to the point where it refused to work. So I went out and bought another (The Problem One). So, Today, I fixed that Cooling Problem, by Drilling Holes on Either side. The Intake Holes are Low and far away from the Heat Generating parts, and the Exhaust Holes are Larger and drilled High and Near the Heat Generating Parts. So there should be good Air-Flow through the Device, Keeping it Cool and Operating, and Take away the Stress that is associated with something failing to work. It is now working very well. Next Monday will be the real test.

I guess that My Issue is that when the Turbo-Lifts are Sized Properly, as well as Chairs, Beds, and Anything that Involves 'Humans', there will be Issues then with 'Other' parts of the Ship. But! I have yet to take the 'Tanker' and place that into the AutoCAD for Quarter Scale with Furniture (Beds).

My Son is now Home. Meaning that I will not be able to do much.

My Son is with His Mother. Meaning that I can do whatever the gf tells Me. No...Not Right. 


24 July 2013

No Breaks today. Paperwork to do this morning. I have to clean up the House because the Management and Maintenance are coming in with Plumbers to do some work.

I have filled out what I could of Stephen's Paperwork, and I have to take some to His Current Doctor tomorrow. I also have to get Him set up with a 'Adult' Doctor before He's 18yo.

The 'AXEL' and a 'Tactical Fighter'.  Just for size Comparison. I had a few minutes performing a 'Request', so I knocked these out. The 'AXEL' is now too small to be Delivering such Crafts, and that brings to question; Is it (the Scaled Down 'AXEL') Large Enough to Have a Shuttle, or Shuttle-Bay?

I will have to look into that. We may have to Live with the 'Larger' Vessel due to the Established Format that it has been under since it's conception.

I wrote the 'Captain' with this Concearn. If the 'AXEL' is to carry a Shuttle, it will have to be Larger.

Maybe I need to 'Double-Check' the Height of the 'Tactical Fighter' because it is supposed to be 1 meter (3.3 feet) Tall. I am sure that I drew it to Scale.

I am going to Create the 'Zola' Shuttle for Size Comparison Uses and possibly for the Animation.

A Multi-View of the Kaboli Shuttle 'Zola'.

Length: 9 meters.
Height: 3.2 meters
Beam: 3.85 meters

Trust Me. I will be Obsessing over this issue until it is figured out, and It will be Bothering me until I can get on the 'Home-Base' Computer again.

The 'Tactical Fighter' and the 'Tactical Shuttle' should be even smaller then the 'Kaboli' Shuttle.

I am just Guessing here, but the AXEL will be between 110 meters and 180 meters long. I am hoping that it will not have to be any larger, but we will just have to sit back and see whatdevelopes.

I have a Die-Lemon on my hands. Until I can get some Serious time on the 'Home-Base' Computer to check things out for Proper sizes, I will not be happy.


23 July 2013

The 'Normal' Tuesday drill. Son is off to School, and I'm getting ready to go to PLASMA. 

A Very Rainy Day. We have a 'Trifiling' person at the Complex. They are attempting to get me into trouble over the Fuel Leak. I have already alerted the Management what 'Exactly' is going on, and Offered them Video of the 'Trifling' Person working on their Vehicle on the Grounds when it is very clearly written that "No Automotive Work is to be done on the Grounds.", and we will see if they want to Continue trying to cause Problems. I abide by the 'Community Rules' and have Ignored some things that go on around here. Illegal things. Now, to Stay, I may have to Fight for that Right and Ensure that those that do not are the ones Evicted.

I mean, It's bad enough that I have to Yell at Other's Children to get Off of My Vehicle, Over and Over Again. It should Not be My Responsability to be Yelling at Other's Children. Those Parents are Supposed to be keeping an eye on their Children, but they do not. They let them out and then go hide in their Apartments. I have seen theSame 4 Children trying to get into other's Vehicles, Including Mine, and when they do get into a Vehicle, they go through Everything. How would you like that to happen to your Vehicle? Maybe when they Climb on the Roof and Stand, Jump, Play 'King of the Hill'? All of which I have seen.

Something that I knew about, even wrote about, and I still find it Very Interesting.

'LaGrange Points' Where the Pull and Pull of Gravity Nulls itself out. It is said that Interstellar Travellers like to 'Hide' in these points of Space to Observe us.

This Month, Especially the last 2 weeks, I have been Innindated with Paperwork on the Behalf of My Son. Needless to say, I will get it all done on His Behalf. The thing is, It's Very Tiring for Me. Frustrating, and Intimidating.


22 July 2013

My Son is Home and Alone that takes a lot of my time, but I have to accomplish what I wanted to do yesterday, and My Son needs to come along with Me. 

Well, I did fix that Fuel Leak. Turned out that it had Pin-Hole where it was leaking, So I had to Replace a Foot-Long Section. That Fixed it. Then, the Pressure from the New Fuel-Pump found Pin-Holes in the Return Line. And now, I have to Replace a Foot long Section of that. It's Not leaking like the Supply Line did, but it Leaks, and in Michigan, Your Vehicle can be Impounded or you have the choice of paying a wreaker service to take it somewhere so it can be fixed. But I hope to Avoid that. After taking care of a couple of things in the morning tomorrow, I will fix the Return line. And all I wanted to do this Summer was to Replace the TBI and Brakes.

I should add a 'Spider-Legged' Cargo Loader and the 'Zola' Shuttle. When I get to the point in my Animation Experience, I want the 'Zola' Shuttle to come to the 'AXEL' and go into the Shuttle-Bay before the 'AXEL' Leaves and goes to Warp.

I have notice 'Captain', that Richard Klein did Not make the List of Previous Crewmwmbers. Kind of a Bummer.

I have given it a Lot of Thought. I can deffinately do One Character, and Another Temporary Character. As for doing More? No. I can Switch between the 2 Characters to fill Plots and Story-lines. Harold Bureeve is an Employee of GDS, and will be Returning there after this Mission. He can and will Participate in Missions with the Crew of the 'AXEL', but his Heart lies in Engineering and Design.

Wait...Uhm...Maybe a 3rd Character would be Possible, but then Bureeve and Bratn would be Characters only used in a once'in'a'while cases. Playing an Autistic Character would be a challenge, because I know that in Real Life, Raising one is.

The 'Top Field'; A Place where Bad things happen. Maybe a 'Code Name' for somewhere within the 'Borderlands' story? And what's with 'Jay-Jay' and "Bob the Builders' Female assistant? They like to Dissapear together a lot! Just Sayin'.

See what happens when you work on a Vehicle, Especially when it has to do with the Fuel Lines. They were fine before I disrupted the Rust on the outside. After that, It was a 'Pin-Hole' type of Day. Get the Supply Line straightened around, then the Return Line springs Leaks. This is why Vehicles need to be Checked Often, and if they have the Stupid Plastic Covers over the Brake Lines, Get Rid of them! They are Nothing but Dirt Traps and when Water gets in it, it just destroys the line.


21 July 2013

Today, I need to get some Small Hose-Clamps and then get some Groceries before picking up my son. I am so Relieved that the Vehicle is Finally Running Properly. What a difference from Being Starved of Fuel to getting the proper pressure. The Screen is Typically White in Color, But the Old screen was Very Dark Brown and Almost Black. So Now, I don't STRESS when I drive. Worried about the other Drivers being Impatient. I am going to do some writing this Morning, then go get the stuff after 9a.

I have Responded to the Post, and hopefully it's understood properly. I had to Chop up what I had Originally written, getting rid of a few things and adding some New. 

I guess that I will be getting the Hose-Clamps and Food on Tuesday. I just have the Front Brakes to change before I am done with the Critical stuff on the Vehicle. Then I can get back to the Original plan of Changing the TBI for better Fuel Mileage.

I have seen the Changes to the 'AXEL' Site. They are easy to Read, and make sense. 'Kudos' to the 'Captain'. Now for the Deck Plans to all look the same. Even My Character's Picture and History is Present. Ke-Hul.

Imagine this: To create the Video of 60 Seconds I have to take each 7 to 10 second part and record it at the same rate several times. Once with the Normal Lights on, Another with Each of the Indicator Lights on (3), Another with the Sublight Propulsion Off, and Once with it On. Then, I have to take Each and Transfer the Specific parts to the Main Video that way the Indicators will Flash, the Ion Secondary Propulsion will Turn Off, then Turn back on. So, in actuallity, I have to create One Main Video  then an additionally 5 more, then Cut and Splice the parts from the other Videos to create a 7 to 10 second part of the Total Finished product. In other words, I will be doing this 6 to 9 times, then bringing all of that together.

WIth the more that I learn about 3D Animation the more comfortable that I am with doing it. That and Mulling it over again and again in my mind. As soon as I am very comfortable with doing the 3D I will add to the 60 seconds.

I am just as Eager as anyone to see the Final 3D Video, but I am not going to release anything too early where it looks like Crap. I am still thinking of that 'WOW' Factor to add. Even in the 60 second Spot it has to have that One 'Wow' Factor.

I will be Scaling the 'AXEL' to Almost Half it's current size. It will not change the overall look of the Ship. 

Length: 70.585 m
Beam: 44.661 m
Height: ~18.89 m 


Length: 185.48 m
Beam: 116.64 m
Height: 43 m

I think that the Height should Determine the Other 2 Dimensions. I will have to Use the 3D and Iso's to determine the accurate Measurements.

Something to Consider; 1 meter is 3.28 feet. I am 6.16 feet tall or 1.88 meters tall. The Height scale per Deck (Considering the space between the Ceiling Space for HVAC, Piping, Electrical, etc, etc... to be a Half-Meter) Should be 8 feet or 2.44 meters. Multiply that by 5 and you get 12.2 meters Height. So YES, 18.89 meters in Height is Totally acceptable.

After some 'Calculating' (and I HATE Math), the Truth to the Dimensions are (Based on the Height Dimension):

Length: 71.487 m
Width: 48.479 m
Height: 18.89 m 

And these are ACCURATE. Why is the most accurate? Because I used the Actual 3D Ship to get them.

So what Scale Percentage do I have to Shrink the 'AXEL' 3D to? More Math. Ech!

Length: 38.54%

Width: 56.55%

Height: 43.93%!

So I cannot trust these because thay are not even close to the same Scale (this is based off of the Innacurate Original Dimensions). But, Since I took my Physical Dimensions from the 3D, That is the most accurate.

I may request that the other players describe a 'WOW' Scene for the Video, then have everyone Select the Best.

So, If I take the 'AXEL' 3D and place it in 'Google Earth' and stretch it on one corner to scale, the rest should be simple for accurate measurements.

After reviewing the 'AXEL' Site, and Knowing that the Physical Size of the 'AXEL' has been reduced by approximately 70%, that means the Turbolifts get a lot larger, The Other Physical Attributes get Larger within the Smaller Hull, and this...This can be a Problem. The Physical size may have to be Reassessed to like 30% less than the size it was. Everything still needs to fit. The Warp-Drive, Enviromentsl Systems, and a lot of things can be reduced to the scale of the Vessel, But, Beings Cannot, nor can their Living Arrangements as well as their Opperational Necessaties. So A 'Test' of Scale needs to be Performed to determine an 'Actual' and 'Realistic' size. I will use the 'Oil-Tanker' Schematics for Bunk and Quarter sizes, plus any other Furniture that they may show.

If the 'Captain' wants the Length of the 'AXEL' to be the 70.585 meters in length, then the Height will be 16.555 meters, and the Width will be 41.534 meters. So the Height will still be acceptable, until it gets below the 12.2 meter height, there are no worries.


20 July 2013

Today, Before Anything Else, I Drop the Fuel Tank and Change the Fuel Pump. Well, Before that...COFFEE! I have Changed Fuel Pumps before (Once in the middle of Winter), and I think it should take only a couple of Hours to Complete, Barring that Anything goes wrong. If this does not make an Improvement, then it's the TBI, and I will have to do without a vehicle for about a Month before I will have the Finances to get the part. At least those parts will be Changed and I will not have to worry about them for the Years to come. This Summer, I have to Really Focus on getting the Vehicle in the best Opperating Condition that I can because I don't know what Next Year Holds. I know that they Dynamics are going to change when My Son becomes 18, but I don't know how Dramatic that those changes are going to be. I am NOT going to be Caught Off-Guard.

Since I have the 3D Animation already Mapped out in My Head, I have been Chomping at the Bit to get at it. Real-Life Overrules RPG's or Animation.

Is this the YEAR of 'Challenges'? Again, it took me a lot longer to change the Fuel Pump that I ever had done it in my life! I broke a Bolt for the Rear Strap thatholds the Fuel Tank up, and now I can only put 1/4 (5 Gallons) in the tank at a time until I get that Bolt Removed and replaced. On top of that, The Hose Clamps are Weak and it Started Leaking Fuel. Now I have to get Hose Clamps. Seems every task has to be Challenging. I FEAR replacing the Front Brake Pads will result in much the same. Good news is that the Vehicle is running really, really good now. Tomorrow, I will get New Hose Clamps and then Change them.


19 July 2013

Another Hot and Humid Day, with a 'Chance' of Storms. I had no plans on working on the Vehicle today anyways. I will however put time in the 3D Animation. I have so many plans for that. I have to First Clear the Videos from this Computer and put that on the Storage Device. But before anything, I have to go to PLASMA. Oh, My Plans for a Post have now been 'Derailed'.

It is Very Irritating to Drive a Vehicle that will not accelerate as it was meant to do. I had people behind Me Laying on their Horns at My Frustration of Acceleration. That, and the Heat and Humidity. I had to do extra running to get the Food-Stuffs on a List, and it seemed everywhere I was going was under either Road Construction, or Building Expansion. Now, I Eat and Rest.

'Captain', You made the 'Deck-by-Deck' Drawings too Small. They are too hard to read. Take the Size they were and go 75% of that. PLEASE Reduce the size of the 3D Renderings that I have done to 75% as well so the lines look cleaner. It's too Easy to see that thay were done as a Rendering with those Choppy Lines.

The Longest 3 Miles I have ever walked in My LIFE! At least there was a breeze. It did not know what direction that it wanted to come from, but it was there.

Getting Ready for a Big (but short) Storm this afternoon. It's 50 miles west of Me and gaining strength.

Well...If I don't get a Response to My latest Post by Tomorrow, I am just going to Finish it off because the 'Captain' is Awaiting the 'HARBRINGER' to have Power once again so He can finish His Posts.

I believe that some Cross-Posting is happening because the Person that I am Posting with Replied to Mine at the same time I had replied to his.


18 July 2013

It's 77 degrees and feels like 82 degrees! The Humidity is killer! But I have to get the Vehicle fixed regardless. I will be pushing those fluids.

Well, it was a Success/Failure type of day. Success because I did change the Filter. Failure because in doing so I broke the Fuel Line and had to spend more monies to fix (and it still leaks). I Still have to Change the Fuel Pump because changing the Filter made no change in the Vehicles Behavior. At least I still can get things done tomorrow.

I have Figured out how to make the Lights Blink, and to make the Lights come on on Command, and even how to Animate the Doors. Though it will take me little longer than I had Anticipated, Involving recording the 'AXEL' to be recorded several times, and then the Lights and Doors at different stages to be Edited in at specific times to give the Illusion that the Doors are Opening and Closing, and that the Strobe Lights come on when I want them to. I will have to do Small Chunks like 7 to 10 seconds each, then to combine them, Crop and paste to get the effects that I want, then to play them all together to Complete the 60 second Video. I am Hopeful that this will work.

I Smell like Gasoline! I cleaned up, but that smell stays with you for a while. I will be Dealing with the Fuel-Tank Saturday to change the Fuel Pump. Tomorrow is supposed to Rain and be Very Humid, then it is supposed to cool down for Saturday.


17 July 2013

More Of The Same as far as the weather goes. I will be out in it.

My Brother's Car has working Brakes Once Again. I thought that it was going so smoothly that I was going to be done within an hour, but then the problems started. First, He has Upgraded Brakes in the back (Possibly for Towing) so I had the wrong Pads. Exchanged them after removing the old ones. The Drivers side Inner was the worse. Metal to Metal. Kind of makes sense because the Passenger side Calliper is frozen and there is where the problems started. I was able to compress the Calliper on the Drivers Side and assemble it. Then, I started the Passenger Side and while Compressing the Calliper I broke my 'C' Clamp. So, I used My Father's, and Ended up Breaking that one as well. So, I tried every possible way to get the Calliper on with the New Pads. No Luck. So I used the Best of the Old Pads for now. He has Brakes, But I may have to Change out the Calliper if it does not come free with all the 'WD-40' that I had applied to it. With Heat and Pressure, I am hoping that it will Break Free and Start working Properly. I did Not however get the chance to change the Fuel Filter on My Vehicle. Tomorrow.

Today, I simply ran out of time. By the time that I got the Brakes finished, I had to run to the Store to get a few things, then get home to be here for My Son.

The 'AXEL' Site continues to Improve. I am Liking it. But, as with everything, there is 'More'. More to be Added, More to be Done. I am Anticipating a Very Exciting 'Site', Something that will Blowthe Other 'Duty Stations' away!

Tomorrow, the 1st thing to get done will be the Fuel Filter. THen, If I have the time, I will do the Front Brakes. I have to change the Power-Steering Hydrolic Box out, and Hopefully I can get the TBI Changed. That 'was' one of My Primary Goals this year.  But it took a 'Back-Seat' to all of the 'Other' Automotive Stuff.

I have already prepared the New Parts and Prepped the Areas of work. The 'WD-40' is going to be soaking in all night, and hopefully it will make my tasks easier. I am messing with Rusty Fuel Lines, and My experience with any Rusty lines is that they would rather 'Twist' and 'Break' than to have the Nuts turn freely. So, I have to make sure that I have time in the case I do Break the Line, so I can go get Replacement Fuel Lines and get them Installed.

I know this. The Next time that I have to take apart my brother's car rear brakes, it will be very easy. I will have to get that Caliper on the rear Passenger side fixed/replaced after he gets done driving it this weekend. Even though the Brakes that I placed on it are still almost like new, but I would rather have all the New ones on the Vehicle.


16 July 2013

I will have 6 Hours to get Everything done today. That Includes Shopping for My Parents. I lose an Hour 'Waiting', then 2 Hours at PLASMA, Leaving Me with 3 Hours to get the Groceries, The Auto Parts, and the 'Personal' Items for Everyone. I am going to be Rushing around to say the least. I have to do all of that in Todays 'Heat Advisory'.

Well, it took an extra Half an Hour at the PLASMA place and that pretty much destroyed My plans, so I did what I could. First taking care of My Parents, and then getting Groceries for Family. I did not get the Automotive parts, or the 'Personal' items. Tomorrow, I will be Replacing Brakes on a brother's car, and hopefully the Fuel 'Filter' on Mine. I have from 9a to 1p, and of course one side will go Flawlessly while the other Fughts me all the way. And in 90+ degree weather, it will even be more difficult. I am going to wearing Work Pants and an old 'T'.

My 'Plans' for Tomorrow;

-Get Son up and fed, and off to school.

-Get Myself fed, then go Draw out the Money, and then to the Auto-Parts store and get Filter, Anti-Sieze and Brakes (For both Vehicles).

-Place 3'n'1 Penetrating Oil on Parts, and Wait Half an Hour. (0.5 hours)

-Start Replacing the Brakes on Brother's Car. (2.0 hours)

-Replace Filter on My Vehicle. (0.5 hours)

-(Possibly) Replace Front Brakes on My Vehicle. (1.0 hours)

Hoping to have it all done Early. I want to take My Son to the Water Park Tomorrow. Why so quickly that I can change the Brakes on My Vehicle? Because I used Anti-Sieze on it when I last changed them, and I flipped the Pads around earlier this year.

I felt that I could not Add anything more to the 'Post', So, Instead of Posting it Tomorrow, I just Posted it.

Wow...It will not show up on the 'Site'. I wonder what is happening? Maybe the 'Captain' is working on it.

It finally 'Popped' Up. The 'Post' that is. I was hoping that there would be changes to the site to look at. I wish that I knew how to update Sites/Blogs such as that, but then the person that Re-Did the 'Site' for the 'Captain' should be the one to do it because they would be far more quick at doing so, and the 'Site' would Remain in  the Intended Theme.

Maybe, Just Maybe, I can get going with another Post because the Person who took it in the Direction it is currently going finally responded to my question what their intent was. To continue with the line of posting or if they abandoned it, that I could make it happen in whatever way that I wanted it to without them getting upset.

I have 'Conformation' that the Person is going to Continue with the playing of the NPC so I can Guess what's happening Next.


15 July 2013

Going to be a Hot one today.

6 Degree Temp Rise within the Hour. It will be in the 90's by 11a.

2 Degree Temp Rise in 15 min. I will be doing some running soon. I have to Mail a Package and get a couple things.

There were no more Changes to the 'AXEL' Site last night. I am sure the 'Captain' would have liked to have the Site Updated along with the Return of the 'AXEL' itself. But it is what it is.

The Temp has started to level out. 85 degrees since 7:30a when it was 70 degrees.

Tomorrow, I get the New Fuel Filter, Do some Grocery Shopping, Buy some Personal Items for everyone in the House, and I will have 6 hours to get all of this completed, while driving a Vehicle with a Plugged Fuel Filter. An ADVENTURE Awaits! I will be changing 'said' Fuel Filter Friday at the Earliest. I would like to configure it like I did for the Ford Courior Pick-up that I once owned. I had Paralell Filters with a Valve to Control the flow to either one. That little trick kept me going for years, and when I wanted to change a filter, I just diverted the fuel flow through the clean one. But that fuel delivery system was Low-Pressure to a Carbeurator, not 14psi to 18psi to a TBI. I would have to run Solid Tubing/Piping and have Metal 'T's' with the Valves.

I want a 3D Printer. I could make Money from it. How? By making Small Scale Models of the AXEL and of All of the Nacelles that I have done in AutoCAD 3D. I could eventually create Primary Hulls and Secondary Hulls, Pylons, Necks, etc, etc... and sell them in packs. I could make a Scale Model of the ships where the Hobbyist can build their own ships. There are the ones with the Print area of a 4 inch cube, and there are the ones that have a area of a 6 inch cube. Any Larger are Commercial ones. But with the more expensive versions, you get more options, like being able to print in Multi-Colors. I Have 124 Nacelles already drawn in 3D, 6 Ships already done in 3D, and that's already a good start. People could Theoritocy (sp) design their own ships and I could print their order.

How would a Person write about an inanimate object, such as a Shuttle? Here is My attempt;

2413.07.17.01 HARB - Bratn  "Echos of Space"
Location: Personal Shuttle
Timeline: After Attack on HARBRINGER and Arrival of AXEL
Characters: Bratn
Tags: None
The Windows, Frozen over.
The Air, Dead.
The Sound, Hissing.
The View, Chaotic.
A Lonely Silver spot in Space with just the stars lights reflecting off of it's hull. The best that it could hope for was to Block out the light of a Star to be seen.
Being too small to be detected at Long-Range sensors, the small-craft drifted and tumbled aimlessly. It made no matter where it was going, Wheather it met it's demise or was rescued. It was on a journey, one guided by the hands of fate.
There was no longer any Warmth wheather it be from inside or out. It's Lifeless and vunerable hull was now that of the fates, the fates of the Universe.
What would the Universe hold for the Vunerable configuration of metals, plastics, and wires? 
FALCON Operative
GDS Harbinger Shuttle
Played by Garry

There you have it. 

I may add to it further when the right words come out. Notice the date. I gave myself until the 17th to Post it.

I Aknowledge that last weekend was a very busy one for the 'Captain'. He had to Work Saturday, then he had Monthly Reports for the 'AXEL' Site to get done, and theres Writing of some Posts of his own, Reading Everyones postings, Researching for the Site, Updating the Site itself, and Family. TWO THUMBS UP to the 'Captain'. I am going to try and help get the Posts for this Month (Next Monthly Report) to over 175. Then I am going to push for 200 and then try and sustain that.

Tomorrow I am going to be far too busy to do anything worth-while for this site, and Wednesday is going to be Much of the same. I have already mentioned what I have ot do for tomorrow, but Wednesday I am going to change the Rear Disc Brakes on My Brother's Car, and hopefully the Fuel Filter on My Vehicle. I may Already have the Fuel Filter in My Storage Compartment, and Tomorrow I plan n Checking to see if the one that I have in there is what I need. I need 'Anti-Sieze' for the Threads of the Fuel Line and Filter. I could just have a crack in a Vacuum line that runs the Return Valve.

I have alreaady Improved upon the Post above.

92 degrees on Wednesday. My Brother has some Automotive work for me to do on his vehicle. Guess that I will be bringing a lot of water.

I was Exploring the 'Borderlands' Site and something Caught my eye.

See the Old 'AXEL' Logo? and the Picture of the Axel? They both should be changed, and for the Picture I would Suggest this one;

It would have to be trimmed after being Scaled down so that the Name and Hull Identification Numbers can be seen as well as the Bussard Collector and the Logo. Something like this (But with More of the Dorsal)

I really wanted to be able to see the Name and Logo. What would look Perfect for this little of an area?


14 July 2013 (Supplimental)

A Huge ThanX to the 'Captain' for the Aknowledgement for the Role that I made a Charater do to Alter the Perception of the Events.

By the way, The 'AXEL' Site is looking good. I saw some changes already. Are All of the 'Logos' going to be changed?

From the Combined-S.A. "

to the New one,

the AXEL Silhouette going through 2 Circles with the Name ""?

That's from the Site to the Little Icon?

14 July 2013

Today... I am going to check under the Vehicle to see if I have a Bare Wire that is Shorting out the Fuel-Pump and Causing the Motor to not run properly. Hopefully this is so, it will save me time and money. If I remember correctly, When My Dad owned the Vehicle, he had that problem and they used Electrical Tape to cover the Bared area, and it was fine afterwards. It's been over a Decade since that had happened, and the Electrical Tape probably has dried up and fell off, exposing the already damaged area again, so it can once again rub on the frame and ground/short itself out causing the motor to receive spurts of fuel, rather than a steady pressure. After that, I have to get some 'Chores' done before I have to go pick My Son up. If I have any time, I will be on the 'Home-Base' Computer working on 3D Renderings.

The Wiring looks good. No Bare areas touching the body, and the Connection point is still tight. But, when I looked at the Fuel Filter, it looked like that has been there since the Vehicle was assembled. Pretty Damn Rusty. I will change that before I look into changing the Fuel-Pump itself. There's $15.00, and then Another $15.00 for the Front Brakes, and a Day's worth of work, and Hopefully it will be good to go for another 4 to 5 Years.

Today I have learned, that All of My Efforts to get a Complete Collection I did not achieve. I had always thought this to be 'Fan-Art' Created Material, but... It is NOT! I mean that I have the Whole Collection and a Couple 'Bootlegs', All Vynal. But this Album Set has Evaded Me. One; as I said, I thought it to be 'Fan-Art' Created and NOT Official. Two; It was not Advertised as Official, so I had no real interest. But in the Scheme of things, It's a Collector's 'Must-Have' as I have come to Learn this fine day. Here is what I am Talking About:

A 4-LP Set with Other Reading Material. Well, My Hesitation is going to Cost Me when I do find the Set for my Collection.

Mothership is a compilation album by English rock group Led Zeppelin, released by Atlantic Records and Rhino Entertainment on 12 November 2007 in the United Kingdom, and 13 November 2007 in the United States. It was released on the same day that Led Zeppelin's entire catalog became available in digital stores, including the iTunes Store. The cover (designed by artist Shepard Fairey) is a graphical interpretation of the Beresford Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland.

The songs included were chosen by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, and represent eight of the band's nine studio albums. In addition to a two-disc set, the album is also available in both "deluxe" and "collector's" editions with a DVD featuring varied live content from the previously released Led Zeppelin DVD. A 4-LP vinyl package was also released on 26 August 2008. "

After I have My 'Leftover Lunch' I will be on the 'Home-Base' Computer working on the 3D Ships.

I have made some Progress on the 'Draconion' War Ship. Lots and Lots of Windows, and I added the Propulsion (Hard to see here).

Oh...It has 46 Decks. The Battle-Bridge takes 2 and a Half Decks.


13 July 2013

I am still in Pain this morning. Time for a New tactic. Todays plans; To work on the 'Draconion' Vessel, and Pick Up where I had left off yerterday with the Other Vessels. But First...Coffee.

I hope to have a 'Few' Vessels with their Races of Origin done and 'Outlined' so they can be put into 'Play' at some point.

Pain or Not, It's time to get at the other projedcts for the day. There is a Possibility that I will have some Pictures to Add Today. 

I did get a bit further with the 'Draconion' War Vessel, and the 'Bronbuto' Shuttle. Had to take a break.

The 'AXEL' Manueving out of the way of the 'Draconion' War Ship (Who's Guns are trained on the Evasive 'AXEL'). The 'Draconion' War Ship is Built like the 20th Century War Ships of Earth, in that they use Battery's of Rail-Guns to Damage their Intended Targets. I have Given it 4 Heavy Guns, 8 Meduim Guns, and 4 Close-Range Gatlin-Rail-Guns, Plus 2 Battle-Ship Destroying Forward Mounted Knetic Launchers for the Heavy Stuff (7-Aft and 11 Fore). I am NOT ending there by any means. Though I am Arming this Vessel to the Teeth, It will be all of Weapons such as 'Rail-Guns'. It also has 10 Battle-Sensors at 180 degrees Sphere of Protection. The Gun-Battery's are All Manned. There is Also a Fighter Bay on the Front, and well protected from attacks. The 'Draconion' Race uses Raw Power to get to Warp-Speeds. No Warp-Drives. Their Research into Solid and Liquid Fuels helped them create a Extreemly Efficient Warp-Drive using a Combination of those 2 Materials. I was having trouble coming up with a way to show that type of system, but I believe that the Issue no longer stands. I have thought of a way to show that in the (Now Empty) Power/Drive Units.

The 'Bronbuto' race is also a Strong Believer in the 'Rail-Gun' Technologies. I have equiped their Shuttle with a Smaller Version of the Heavy Rail-Gun and a Smaller Version of the 'Gatlin-Rail-Gun'. This gives them the Ability to perform Straffing Runs and to take on Larger Crafts.

I have to Add Windows to the 'Draconion' War Ship. Doors for the Fighter Bay. The Drive Assembly. The Lights. 

I should add Sensors to Each Weapon that Sync with the Ship's Sensors, and/or could be Individual.

Well, I added 2 more Stories to the 'Site'.


12 July 2013

I know Not if the 'Captain' even received the Pictures. After I get done with My Morning 'Thing(s)', I will be back on the 'Reptiliod' Vessel, and adding Sensor Dishes to 2 other Vessels. 

I think, If I have the Time, That I will Refine the 'Tactical Shuttle' and the 'Tactical Fighter', which only requires that I Level the areas over the Warp Nacelles.

Well, I just looked at the 'AXEL Site' and Nothing has changed. The 'Captain' was up past 3a this morning, so I don't understand. 

The Pictures were received, but there is a Quality issue, and that's because whenever the Picture Files are saved as jpeg's they lose the Brightness and Sharpness of bmp files. Something to do with the Color Pallet.

It's too Bad that 'Yahoo' is down. I was ready to eMail all of these Pictures to the 'Captain', and All I got was to 'Retry' it. I am in Serious Pain, and it's in My Neck!

There could have been more Detail added to the 'Lifeboat' section. I kind of Ignored it throught the whole thing. So...If I get another chance to do work on the AXEL, I will add more to the 'Lifeboat' and Tweak a few Small things. Maybe before I do the Video, I can Make the Additions and Adjustments.

'Yahoo' will not let Me send anything. I tried Twice with the Same Results. So the 'Captain' will have to be patient.

All of the Pictures shown on this Site-BLOG are jpeg because that's the only Picture Format it can handle.


11 July 2013

Today, Nothing is on my Agenda that involves going anywhere, so I will be free to work on 'AXEL' Related things.

My Son is off to Summer-School, and I am going to Full-Fill a Request.

Pictures that I did for the 'Captain';

AXEL-Awaiting Cargo-Aft

AXEL-In Space-Fore Dorsal

AXEL-In Space-Fore Dorsal-Close

AXEL-Fore-Landing/Take-off Landing Gear

AXEL-Fore-Settled Landing Gear

AXEL-Fore-Ready for Cargo

AXEL-Fore-Ready for Cargo-Rendered

AXEL-Aft Starboard Dorsal view

AXEL-Aft Dorsal Port view

AXEL-Ventral Fore Port-Take-Off/Landing Gears Down

AXEL-In Space-Fore Starboard Dorsal view

AXEL-Starboard-Landing/Taking Off Stance


AXEL-Starboard-Ready for Loading

Well, it's back to the 'Draconion' War-Ship 3D.

The 'Draconion' Vessel that I have been working on;

Every One of those 'Silver' things are a Battery of Rail-Guns, and the Smallest are 'Chain-Rail-Guns'. I have much to do with it yet, like adding Windows, Sensor Dishes, Small-Craft Doors, Warp-Nacelles (or Maybe a Hell of a Liquid/Solid Fuel Drive), Etc, etc...

For the 'AXEL' Animation, I have to Creat a 'Path' for the Camera to follow, and I have been thinking of a few. I want to show off the Name and Logo on 3 Sides, So I will have the Camera Approach the Bow, then it will pass on the Starboard and finally end up at the Stern where the AXEL will Pull Away Slightly before going to the next Sequence. I need to make an Animation that does not involve too much other Animation to pull off for My First Attempt.

All of the Technologies on the 'Draconion' Vessel will Reflect Early Earth History/Technologies/ Like the Sensors will be that of a 'Voyager' Probe and Early Starships of the 2240's. These Beings Utilized whatever they could, creating several different types of Starships that they eventually combined to create a Massive one. Of course, the Pylons were 2 seperate Starships that once Cruised together and were used as the primary propulsion units for the whole ship.

I think, Rather than 'X-Ref'-ing the AXEL into the 'Hangar', I will Copy and Paste it into place. The reason being is that I do Not see any Shadows from the AXEL onto the Floor of the Hangar. I will also be able to work the Lights as well, for a more Realistic feel.


10 July 2013

Is it ever a Bright, Sunny, and Humid Day! I would rather spend it indoors doing the 'Animation', but I have a couple of places to go, and One Involves paying a Couple of Bills.

I was able to Start on the 'Draconion' Vessel. I was only able to get 1/3rd of 1/2 done. The Beauty will be in Mirroring it, then adding the Details.

At the Middle to the End of this Month, I will be taking the Weekend to Replace the Fuel-Pump and the Front Pads on the Vehicle.

I have added more Information on the 'Draconion' Race, Explaining why their Vessel looks the way it does.

Tomorrow should be 'My Day' for Animation. What Format should I do it in? In fact...What Formats will I have to Create Video? And what Video Format would the 'Captain' need it in?

Time for Me to Research what 'YouTube' accepts as Video Format, because that's what the 'Captain' is used to working with.

YouTube recommends MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) with MP3 audio. This option probably provides the best compromise between quality and file size. Other versions of MPEG are also acceptable.

This is the default format used by many editing programs. It provides excellent picture quality but file sizes are large. This can be a good option for short videos.

MOV, WMV & Others
These are perfectly acceptable, but may not provide the same quality or small file sizes as MPEG4.

Supported YouTube file formats

Not sure which format to save your video? Receiving an "invalid file format error message when you're uploading"?

Make sure that you’re using one of the following formats:

  •   .MOV

  •   .MPEG4

  •   .AVI

  •   .WMV

  •   .MPEGPS

  •   .FLV

  •   3GPP

  •   WebM

It's still 80 Degrees, but the Humidity has left.


09 July 2013

Last Night I believe that I found the Right Tutorial for My Animation Needs.

My Son is due home soon, and I have been 'Railroaded' into helping the 'Her' with things that she wants. So, Another Day without working on what I had set out to do.

I have a 'Few' Experimental tests that I want to do with the Animarion, just to get s good feel for it first, Before doing anything Perminant.

I may do something in the 'Theme' of TOS, with the AXEL Passing by at Warp, but then, I will be just like 'Others'. NOPE! We need something Unique! Something that Puts Apart from any other 'Star Trek' Themed PBeM RPG, or Series.

'MADAGASCAR 3'...Ever Catch the Vodka Lines?

DON'T RUN ON ROOF-TOPS! Winding Down from a Very STRESSFUL Evening. Just so you know...Tomorrow will be a HUGE Lack of Effort from myself on the Animation. My Energy and Efforts will be used elsewere.


08 July 2013

As I sit here today...

I am Sucking down a Cup of Black Goodness before I start that again! Will not be getting much done in the way of 3D today. My Son is Home all day. He will be awake with the next 15 minutes, and then it's all about him. Not because He's Intentionally Selfish. It's His Autism and Non-Verbal Condition that makes me Focus so much on him. It's really a 'Full-Time Job'. So I take the Oppertunities as they come. ANIMATION is Next on My Schedule for the AXEL. I have already planned everything out and know that it will take 10 Camera Views to pull it off. I need to fit it all within a 60 Second Window.

We have the 'Pokemon' on DVD and Music on 'YouTube' going while Having Dad explain what the Toys are, Over and Over Again.

Tonight (After my son is in his bed) I will read up on Animation using AutoCad. Since I have Borrowed the book from the Library, I might as well get use out of it.

It's Harder to get the Information from the Actual Book on the Subject than it is from the Internet and 'YouTube'.

The Manual is a Waste of time!

I have 'Direction'! Now to see if the Command that I had found will work with my antiquated AutoCAD Program.


07 July 2013

As I sit here (on the arm of the couch) I realize that this is the first time today that I have been on the Computer. It's been 5 hours since I have been awake. But not all was a loss. I did the 'Requested' Modifications to the AXEL. Is there any More? I hope that All Needed Changes can be addressed. As much as anyone else, I want this to be the 'Best' Representation of the Ship as it can be, even if that means to Reveal some of the Hardware (Railguns). The latest pictures;


Now, to send them to the 'Captain'.

1:40p; Finally getting something to eat.

1:50p; I am going to Finish moving around the Livingroom Furniture, then I am going to create a Version of the AXEL with a 'Grey' Logo, and One with a 'Dark-Red' Logo.

Seems that every time I turn around, Something New that has to be done appears. Today was NOT supposed to go this way. I have 2 Hours left to get whatever I can DONE to the AXEL, or it will have to wait a few days.

The 3 Color Choices for the Logo on the AXEL;

DARK RED and Black


Traditional (Current) RED and BLACK

Now they will be put up for 'Vote' by the Crew.

I placed My Vote, for the 'Dark Red and Black'.

Will this be the End? Well, Here are the Most Recent Pictures;

ALRIGHT! We are Close to the point where I want to be. After I get the 'Reptiliod' Vessel done, and the Sensor/Deflector Dished added to a couple other Ships, I will finally be able to create the Structural for the AXEL. I will do that by making a big Rectangle that is larger than the ship itself, then I will start Subtracting everything from the AXEL itself, creating the space that is 'Empty' between the Outer Hull and the Inner Hull. All I will have to do then is Half of it, and then Mirror it over. I know. I make it sound so Easy, but it's going to be a challenge because I will be making it into Swiss-Cheese. My Son is Demanding My attention.

As I sit here, I thought of a New Type of Impulse Drive.


06 July 2013

There you go 'Captain'.

It's Coffee time. Then I can get back to the Hull Logo and Designations. The Fore of the 'Lifeboat' will just have the Name and the Number, but on it's sides will be this Logo. The Aft will have Both Features, but they will be really-really Small. The Logo that is. The Hull Numbers I figure have to meet certain criteria of Height as in the Real-World Ships. I may stick the Aft Hull Numbers on the Tail-Decking between the Shuttle-Bay Doors and the Docking Port. But there is no light there... So maybe it needs to either be Above the Shuttle-Bay Doors or Above the Docking Port. It is 'More-Likely' that one would see the Numbers by Shuttle. Is there any-other Symbols that need to be emplaced?

Dunno if this is going to be worth it still. Tired of being 'Attacked'. Seems that People would rather Argue and Fight that to 'Wait' and See what is really going on. I have been De-Railed from my Goal. I still think that it's attainable, but will take a little longer.

I am making Pizza for Dinner, and I have to eat before I pass out (Literally). But while that is in the Oven, Here are the Recent Pics;

I thought that I downloaded the Latest of the AXEL passing by a Planet, but Guess that I had Not.

More Pictures;

The 'AXEL Passing a Planet' turned out really well. Better than I had hoped for. I made the Ship as Close as Possible so everyone could see the Logo.

I have been asked to Remove the 'Docking Port' at the Rear of the Ship. Boy is that going to be a Large, Empty Space there. I will place a Large Logo there with the Hull Numbers.

Sometimes people need to act like they are leading the blind down a set/flight of stairs instead of being behind and in a rush. What I mean is that You cannot tell a Blind Person to Hurry down a set of stairs. They need patience, and Guidance. Not Someone Yelling at them from Behind. Even in a Fire situation, you need Patience.


05 July 2013

Yesterday Tired Me Out! We did a lot of walking around the 'Binder Park Zoo' in Battle-Creek. I am still Tired, a little. I still have My Son for a few More Hours and will not be able to do anything until then or Tomorrow. I have a lot to do Tomorrow.

Once again, My Screen to My Lap-top is messing up, and I have to point the Screen Keywords so it keeps from messing up. Kind of a Pain. Soon, it will have to go into the Shop for Repairs. I want a Black Key-Board instead of this Silver one where the Letters are Rubbed off as I type/write.

Tomorrow, I will be working with Great Effort to get the AXEL 100% Finished with the New Logo, Hull Numbers and the New Details. Then it's making the 6-View and the Other Associated Pictures for the 'AXEL' Site.

Just to make sure that everyone knows, I am going to Change the Color of the Vents to a Brown. That and everything else will show a 'Final' Product. That's 7 or more Pictures that I will have to Complete. After that, I can get to adding Sensors and Weapons to those 'Cafts' that I had Designed about a week ago. After that, I can do the 'Draconion' Ship.

When it Rains... Seems either My Fuel Pump or the Throttle-Body is Failing on My Vehicle. I will have to Baby the Vehicle until the Finances come in.  I am dealing with a 3/4 Full Fuel Tank, and that's 15 Gallons and at 8 pounds/gallon, that's 120 pounds.

I am Tired, but I have the 'Bug' and want to get at the AXEL.

I had to 'Force' Myself to Stop before I ended up Staying awake the whole Night. Heres a Sample:

I have to Tone down the Lights on the Aft, but you can deffinately see it. The Hull Numbers have to be Displayed on the Front and Back as well, and the Logo is going to also be displayed on the 'Lifeboat'. 



I was 'Forced' out of bed an Hour Earlier than I intended. So I will make this My Personal Time.

I read a 'Post' and may have to Readjust where the 'Hatred' of/from this Character will be Directed. 

HAPPY 4th to Everyone!


03 July 2013

Well...It's going to be Difficult, but I am going to Respond to All of the Posts. The Holiday and My Son will make this an Extreemly Difficult Task, but I believe that it can be Done.

Well, if Not during the Day, I will have to take care of it tonight.

I am going to be Challenged in My writing. I am thinking there are 'Overlaps' in Stories, and I will possibly have to Combine the Stories.

Well, I went through all of the Posts and found that My Character had been removed from all of those Posts. Now I can go in the Original Direction I had Intended.

When I Re-Do the 6-View 3D of the AXEL, and the Pictures of the AXEL with it's Logo and Hull Designation, I can make it look more Realistic, Especially the Picture where the AXEL is passing by a Planet. I have Ideas for that one.

I took the Color Pallet from the 'AXEL' Site so when I get done, it will match 100%. I am still going to send the Pictures without the Color Pallet, just in case the Current Color Pallet is Changed.

Just to Prove that the AXEL is Current, I plan on Adding a Couple Small Details that I will immediately notice. My Character being Trapped in the Port Control Room would have made it Difficult for me to Respond to any post unless it Included the Freeing of the Character.



02 July 2013

Rainy Day ahead. I am Forever thinking of ways to 'Create' and then Fill out the 'History' of my creations. I have been figuring out the 'History' of the Alien Races, and where they 'place' in the whole scope of things. It would be easier if they never interracted, but they did.

I am Back, but very Tired for some reason. Could it be the Weather? Or My Age? Did I just get to the point where I want Afternoon Naps like we had in Pre-School/Kidnergarten (Which is German for 'Place for Children'), which is where we got 'Kid' from.

I seem to have forgotten to add Sensor Dishes to the 'Tactical Carrier' and the 'Bronbuto' Shuttle. The AUlarion Vessel has an Interior Dish much like Early Romulan War Vessels did for 'Earths Star Fleet'.

So much Space Related Science being Posted. Here's another one; https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-07/first-direct-evidence-points-existence-space-wind?src=SOC&dom=fb

I ALWAYS Assumed there was Currents in Space, as well as other Phenomonon like on Earth. I even wrote abour a 'Current/Stream/River' that the Main Character comes across chasing the Orions.

If you place a (Waterproof) Camera in a 'Whirlpool', would it go somewhere? Of Course! As with a 'Black Hole'. You might not Survive etither experience, but your remains will end up somewhere.

I suppose that I am done for today.


01 July 2013

Well, Today to turn in Paperwork, and Pay the Bills, and Possibly to go Grocery Shopping. My Son is Out of School this week, Meaning that it will be Challenging but not impossible to get things done. I have some Reading to do Tonight, and if Possible, some Responding.

Unless there is something older in the way of Names for Earth, 'Gaia' will have to do. 'Ki', 'Gi' or 'Kia' are Sumerian Names for Earth.

Well, What a Wonderful Day with My Son. He's been the Perfect Gentleman, and I mean 'Gentle'. He approached this 5yr old and gave her a 'Sort-of Hug'. He's about 6' tall, and she was maybe all of 30 inches. He used the back of his hands on her Cheeks.

It will be Saturday before I can add the Ship's Logo and Registration Numbers.

For the 'Tactical Carrier' I am going to make it use a 'Knetic Torpedo' because they will be able to move faster than a Normal Photon Torpedo but only in a Straight Line like Projectiles from a Rail-Gun. I even have the Design in mind. Oh, unfortunately, they cannot be fired when at Warp Speeds.

I have determined that Pre-Earth's Name is going to be...









'Gia' as known by the 'Draconion' Race. I want to Research for Early Words for Lizard/Reptile/Amphibion and apply that instead of 'Reptiloid' or 'Draconion'. I think that it will have more of a Punch.

The 'Draconion' Vessel will have 2 Rail-Gun Battery's on the front and 2 on the back. They will be similar to the Warships of Earth's 20th Century.


I say that it's time to visit this place (Above).

I am Burned out!


30 June 2013

Yesterday I was able to complete a lot. Today is going to be different. I have some (Never Ending) paperwork to do. I will be able to get a couple things completed, Like the 'Reptiliod' Pictures, and then I can do a 'Size Comparison Chart' of All the Vessels thus far. One will be of the Small Crafts and the other of the Large Crafts.

I only have 6 different Races documented. Is that enough? Some Races have Sub-Races that either 'Serve' the Primary Race, or Works along side the Primary Race. In that, It creates several different Encounter Situations and Combinations. 6 for sure, but up to maybe a total of 15. I have to create a Vessel for the 'Catishe' Race, which of course will be a 'Saucer/Disc' Shaped Ship.

I will be checking the 'Feedback', 'Guestbook' and the 'Forum' on a Daily Basis. Well, It does not 'Flag' me when someone writes in those areas, and it supposed to let me know whenever someone has written in any of the 3 areas.

I finished the Tasks that I had set for myself today, and am implacing the Art in the Appropiate Folders. I have placed 2 Comparison Charts of the 'Small Craft' and 2 Comparison Charts of the 'Large Craft' and one is in 'Shaded' Mode, and the other is in 'Rendered' Mode.

I will be Updating the AXEL to Reflect the New Company Symbol and Hull Registry Number, and I know Exactly How and Where I am placing it all. It may take a little while, and some Considerable Effort, but it will be Displayed Proudly, and Clearly, and be a Permanant Part of the Ship.

Where I am placing some of the Symbols, the Registry Numbers must take Priority over the Symbol. You will be able to see the Symbol, but the Registry Numbers will be in most of the Light, and that means it will be Above the Symbol. This Also means that I will have to create another 3D 6-View with Iso's. Good! I wanted to try doing the 6-Views in the 'Render' Mode rather than the 'Shade' Mode. I may do Both just to determine which one that I like the best.

I need to creat a Starship for the 'Draconian' Race. Where will I find the Inspiration?

I will be Recreating and Replacing every Picture to ones with the New Symbol and Hull Designation Numbers.

Suggestion by the 'Captain' on the 'Draconian' Star Ship

These are the 'Draconion'

Now...How Large should it be? Looks like a Rail-Gun Battery/Turret on the front, and there will have to be at least 2 more, or maybe 3 more. I will be using the 'Bridge-Escape Pod', but making it Warp-Capable in the Theme of the RPG.

I have noticed that the AXEL in the Emblem is Incorrect. It's NOT the Pregnant Version. 

I am going to make the 'Draconion' Ship like a Pontoon/Catamorran boat, With a Warp-Nacelle in each.


29 June 2013

It's a Cold Summer Morning, and I have the feeling that it's going to be another Humid Day. 63 degrees currently, and I have the Fan on High drawing air throught the house that way when I do have to shut the windows, and turn on the A/C, They will not have to fight so much. I will be finishing the 'Tactical Carrier' today, as well as the 'Tactical Fighter' and the 'Tactical Shuttle', and doing a 6-View of each. I am going to be creating One more Small Vessel for another Race as well. It's going to be an intimidating little craft. So, that's 4 6-View 3D drawings to complete today.

I have made a 'Dedicated' area for all things 'AXEL'. I will be adding Pictures, Specifications, Descriptions, and anything related to the AXEL there.

There, I have cleaned out my 'Photogallery' of anything 'AXEL' related and moved it to the new location, and I have added a Section under that file for the races. 

I am Very Close to Completing the 'Tactical Carrier' 3D. I have already added the Lights. A Man needs to Stop and Eat once in a while.

I have added another Ship/Shuttle, along with the 'Tactical Carrier' and Both the 'Tactical Fighter' and 'Tactical Shuttle'. I did not get to the 'Reptoid' Race pictures, which there will be several that I will be bringing together to represent one picture as I did with the 'Grays'.


28 June 2013

Today, After getting an Appointment, then a Phone Conversation, and Finally some Paperwork out of the way, I will be free to be Creative.

I am still waiting to be 'Creative'. I may have to run somewhere firsr and don't want to be caught in the middle of working on the Computer if I do. Though, I was thinking of ways to get a clearer picture of the Crafts I do in 3D, and that is to add Lights on all 6 sides and only turn them on when in that view.

I'll be Damned! Another Starship Idea just 'Popped' into my head.

And here it is;

Meet the AUlarion; A Peaceful Race. They travell in Weaponless ships, but they have learned to defend themselves. Their Shielding only matches the power of the Weapon Firing and only gets projected where the agression is coming from. I will have to create the Ship's Specifications. Or...Someone else can.

The 'Nightbloat' Vessel is done, but even though the Trailing metal does not show all that well, It is DONE! I Started on the 'Tactical Carrier' and did get a lot completed. The Goal of the 'Tactical Carrier' is to carry as many Pilots as possible, and to carry the Materials and Fuel to create the 'Tactical Fighters' and 'Tactical Shuttles' in it's 'Halo-Replicator'. It will be 'Terran' Capeable. It will be able to Produce Hundreds of Small Crafts for Combat missions, so it will have to be capable of carrying hundreds of pilots.

The AUlarion Symbol;

I will have to put this on the Ship.


27 June 2013

Well, the PbEM RPG is gaining Steam. Everyones additions have only Improved the Story-line. It's going in the Right Direction. Now, Should the 'Nightbloats' be put into play at this time? I shall ask the 'Captain'.

The Answer is 'No'. The 'Nightbloats' are not being introduced as of yet.

After the 'Chores', I will get at the 'Nightbloat' Vessel. Finally I can get to the 6-View with Iso's on that vessel. It will be Displayed on here, Today. By the Way, I have had the 'Grays' 'Hummingbird' Vessel done for a while now. I really want to get a 'Collection' of New Starships made for PbEM RPG Purposes.

I finally did it. I had to get a Book on AutoCad in order to understand a few things. The 'Help!' was No Help. I tried every possible varriation to render something 'Transparent' without success. I have the book for 4 weeks, and maybe...Maybe, I can take advantage of that and Learn more...Like Animation.

When the time comes, I will be asking the Members of the 'Group' that I Participate with for Ideas. They will have to submit Sketches.

So...Acording to what I have Read and watched on 'YouTube', I Only AutoCad 2011 and Beyond has the 'Transparency' Option. I have ACAD 2002, We will see where this takes us on the morrow.

The 'Nightbloats' are going to have Several 'Classes' and like Insects, they will have Specific Jobs that they Fullfill.

Though, Tomorrow I will have a couple 'Fires' to 'Put-Out', I should be able to get the 'Transparecy'  completed. I will start Sketching and then Paint the Classes of the 'Nightbloats' and some will have 6 Appendages, Others will have (Small and Dark) Eyes.

My Confusion with the 'Transparency' was I thought it was called 'Xray' and that was the basis I was working under. Once I had found the correct command wording, it made more sense.

I have 'Transparency' because I can type in the command and it responds.

This weekend I will be Done with the 'Nightbloat' Vessel. But the Artwork will be another matter. How many Classes of 'Nightbloats' are there? You have the Leaders (4 Appendages, 2 Cranial Ridges and Eyes), Warriors (4 to 6 Appendages, 3 Cranial Ridges, No Eyes), Technicians (6 Appendages, 1 Cranial Ridge and Eyes), Diplomats (4 Appendages, 2 Cranial Ridges and Eyes)


26 June 2013

Today, I can get back at the 3D work. I am Scaling down the 'Hangar' that I did as well as the Halo-Replicator.

So, Yesterday, I was Hypothesizing on what it would 'Cost' to have 3D work done and then with Animation. I am Not charging, nor did I have any Intention of doing so. It was all due to Curiosity.

I was sent the Music for the 60 second 'Spot', and I will place it somewhere safe until I get the Animation done.

I hate dealing with DHS, but today I received a pleasant surprise, and a bit of a worry. Well, we received a food benefit increase, and it's a substantial amount, so now I can finally stock up on food-stuffs instead of getting by on a daily basis. But the worrysome part is, we have a new case manager. I will have to Schedule a Date to go in and meet this person one-to-one. I will be bringing my son so that person can understand the Situation.

I Scaled down the 'Hangar' to 75% of the Original size, Repositioned everything and scaled down the 'Halo-Replicator' to 50% of the Original size. It looks more Realistic and Reasonable. I have not received permission to create the 'Corporation Office' that resides on an Orbiting Asteroid, so until then, I will keep myself busy in other persuits. 

I also Adjusted the Lighting and added the Lighting that makes the Impression of the Light-Bulbs are Glowing. I even added Lights to the Cranes to Indicate when the Crane is Directly over Something.

I have a Design for a Carrier for the 'Tactical Shuttles' and the 'Tactical Fighters'. It fots the Theme of those 2 Small Crafts. It will be Large enough to carry over 50 of the Small Crafts and have a quick launch system. It will use the same Power Cells, both Fusion and M/AM.


I have a New Direction for the 'Nightbloat' Ship. I thing that between making the 'Front' looked 'Pocked-Marked', and then Trailing off to 'Streatched Metal' pointing off of the back, I think it will tell a story of Travel that it has endured.


25 June 2013

Well, After taking care of 'Things' today, I hope to have a couple hours to work on some 3D.

With what I know about 3D Lighting and other things, I can make all of My ships for My books look more Realistic.

So...No, I will not have the time to work on any 3D Models or Animation. The best that I can hope for is to watch YouTube as others do Animation.

I am Hoping that I can do at least the rest of the lighting in the Hangar tomorrow.

I need to Focus on these; Blinking Lights, Making things move Horivontaly/Verticaly, Making Objects move, Linking Objects Together on Pivot Points, . Because I want to eventually make a Video of the AXEL Leaving the Repair Facility and going into space. Maybe the best place to learn all of this is through the program itself. Trying to fing these on 'YouTube' is very difficult unless you know how it was labled.

I Figure that it will take 10 (Virtual) Cameras in 3D to pull off the 60 Second Animation that I have planned. What if I wanted to Start off on the Planet. That would take about 20 (Virtual) Cameras.

If...IF, I were to Charge per 3D Starship Drawing, the Base Price would have to be $128.00, then Adjusted per Hour extra. The $128.00 would be for the first 8 hours, and it would be $16.00 per Hour Extra. IF...I were to Charge for the AXEL drawing it would be a Minimum of $256.00. But that would include the 6-View with at least 3 Iso's (Beauty Shots). The Animation would be another matter entirely. I would not know what to charge for that...Yet.

$2,500.00 Seems to be the 'Per-Minute' Price for Animation, and can go up to $15,000.00/min. I would charge by the Hours it takes me to Create the 60 second Video/Animation.

So, in Total, the AXEL would have cost approximately $2,800.00 at Minimum. I would never Charge that much. Maybe Half that at most. My Skills are not quite there to charge the exoberant prices. Keep in Mind, I am NOT Charging Anyone (as of yet).


24 June 2013

I will only be able to 'Ponder' on what I can do today.

Though I can 'Ponder' a Lot.

I will not be adding any Pictures Today. Seems My Day has been Sabatauged.

The 'Captain's' AXEL Site needs to get a direction for everyone to flow along with. I was to have a Character that created problems, but I was liking him too much. Then I got Another Character, so I used him. I plan on using the 2nd Character as the 'Khan' of the AXEL Site. He will be Haunting the AXEL and the 'Captain' as long as I can make him do so.

Well, it was 'Approved' by the 'Captain'. Makes me feel good. Then, the 'XO' Threw a Wrench into the works. Seems that we are Under Attack in a Ship that really cannot defend itself. They possibly can be Tied into one-another, and I have thought of a way. What I had written can come after the Other Ship is Heading in the AXEL's Direction. What a Perfect time for everything to Fail, Right?

This is Funny. The 'Captain' Brought it all together in a Very Short and to the point Post.

Now, Other's are getting into the Groove and Being Very/Extreemly Creative at pulling Both of the Posts Together. I gave a 'Star' for that. I cannot wait to see who writes next and what they write.

I keep checking to see if anyone else posted along with what has been transpiring. 

Well, No more Takers on the Post Line. It may be until Friday Evening before anyone else Posts to it.

I am trying to Add as Many Elements based off of the 'Site' as I can.


23 June 2013

I might find some time to do more on the 'Hangar' 3D, but I have lots of 'Chores' to get done today.

I just looked at the 'Captain's' Site, and Most of the 3D Images have been put up there. It's really looking Great! Now, if another Member gets those 'Revised' Deck Plans completed, it will Elevate the Image of the Site Tremendously! I cannot do the Artwork like the 'Other Member' can, But I am going to give 'Animation' a Try and make that 60 second Video of the AXEL. I feel that After the 1st Video, I will be going 'Crazy' Making other Videos with Many more Ships and Crafts/Vessels/Vehicles in it. I don't think that My Computer can Handle all of that, but First things First, and that's the Animation of just the AXEL Leaving the Planet 'Setlin' and then going to Warp. Let's just get the 'Simple' Stuff done First. To make the Animation stuff easier, I will have to get rid of a lot concearning the interior of the ship so the Computer does not have to 'Raster' so much.

Done with the Washing and Drying part of the Clothes, and Now the Folding and putting away of all that fabric.

Now that I have Completed that Task, I am getting Something to Eat Finally, and then...and only then, I can get back to the 3D of the Hangar.

So Now my Stomach is Happy and 'Chores' are Done. Can I get 3 Hours of 3D in?

Here is what I have for My Hangar so far;

And there you have it. I am still lacking the Storage/Shipping Containers, but it will be within the week when I get them done.

I have just Noticed, and am wondering, if the Beams for the Crane that run the Length od the Building, if they will cause the Crane to collide with the Superstructure towards the ends. I will have to Try and see if that will happen or not when I get the Oppertunity.

With the Combination of Talent that the Members bring to this PBeM RPG Group, The outcome is to be something Spectacular and hard to match by any-other PBeM RPG Site, anywhere!

I have to Add the Lights that make it look as if the Bulbs are Glowing. It's just part of the Effects.

I think that I will have to Scale Down the Building to 75%, as well as the Halo-Replicator.

When I do reduce the Hangar to 75% of it's current size, I will have to make more of the roof open for crafts such as the AXEL. If this was a 'Real' Business, How many Employees would it take? Let's ponder, shall we? 1.Owner 2.Shop Boss 3.Tester 4.Material Handler 5.Pilot (Test) 6.Sales 7.Maintenance 8.Finished Parts Handler 9.Loader/Shipping 10.General Worker

The 'Halo-Replicator', I am going to make the whole end open. Maybe in 2 pieces, maybe as one. Initially, I was going to make standard doors, but this is the realm of Star Trek, and things need to be just over the top, but not too far over.

It's Unfortunate that only One of Either the 'Tactical Shuttle' or of the 'Tactical Fighter' can be Produced at a time. But the Bonus is, 32 of the Small Craft can be Produced within an Hour, Rather than in 8 Hours, and it only takes One to Two pwople to create it. There is no Retooling for Dies and no Down-Time. For every 5 'Tactical Fighters', One 'Tactical Shuttle' is Created. So in an Hour, 25 'Tactical Fighters' and 5 'Tactical Shuttles' can be created.


22 June 2013

Today is Hangar Day, with a little of Crate Making. I will focus some of my time in the 'Nightbloat' Vessel, making it look like it has been travelling space for a very long time (You know, Dents and Scrapes). Then I can finally make a 6-View with Iso's of it. I keep checking the 'Captains' Site to see what has changed, and he said that there were changes coming this weekend.

The 'Bear' has left the Cave. Time for this 'Cat' to get moving.

Still no changes to the site. Not this one by the way. Anyways, I did get a lot accomplished with the other Projects, Mainly the Hangar, but ran into some difficulties with the lighting. It is coming to gether really well. I based it around the AXEL that way there is room for the axel to perform a VTOL take-off or landing if the need arises. It has 2 Large Bat doors on the Fore and the Aft. The Middle part of the Roof opens up. I may have 40 to many Lights and have to Adjust the quantity so I can get Quality, I have already alloted for the Offices and the Halo/Replicator. I have to allot for an area for Storage of Materials to create. There is still more to consider, because there needs to be Storage area as well, because even 'Replicated' Parts need to be replaced sooner or later.

So, Actually...Half the Floor-Space is Already taken up by Equipment, Storage, Offices, and Delivery. I have to Tie-In a Transporter that way the Products can go from 'Raw Materials' to the Replicator and Finally Assembled by the Halo-Replicator where the Product(s) are Made. My Character will have to Hire a Professional Pilot to test the Crafts and Prove that they do work. That brings up an Dedicated area where the Seals can all be tested before any of the Crafts are taken into Space. So there I lose more Floor Space. I need to add a Large Container where each vessel can be taken and tested. The Container needs to be large enough for the Larger of the 2 Small Crafts with space to navigate around and to connect tubes and devices to the craft with the Vacuum Pumps and other equipment outside of the Container. So I have to add Compressors. Not a Crate was Made Today,


21 June 2013

Finish with the Black Elixure, get a Shower in, and get to working on the 3D AXEL and other associated Projects.

Multi-View with Iso's

First attempt at placing the AXEL in a Bay

And My Second Attempt

AXEL Passing by a Planet

I have sent the 'Captain' all of these images, and I hope he likes them.

Now that I have the AXEL to this Stage, it's time to Learn how to Animate it.

So, I made the Landing Gear in the Position of after the AXEL has settled, and where the Fore Trike-Gear is Either Up, or Down. I have Impressed myself with the Picture of the AXEL Passing by a Planet. I even added a light-source where the Picture of the Sun is, giving it the illusion of being in the actual picture. I am sure the 'Captain' knows that he can replace the Text if he so choses. I did not have the 'Font' that he had, so I just scrolled through some until I found one that looked the best.


20 June 2013

INSPECTION! Another way that I am getting Delayed. At least what I need to do will not take that long to get done. I have to look for some Empty Space-Port Pictures.

It's a Chilly Morning, but they promise 88 degree temps. 

I have collected Several Scenes and just need to Place the AXEL into them and Adjust the Lighting to Match what is there.

Here are the Backgrounds that I have Selected:

I plan on taking the Decking of the Lower Version and applying it to the Upper Version

(After I get rid of the Crafts that are there)

I Really like the First Picture, because it's really a large picture first of all. The Second picture is a little larger that the 'Setlin' Picture, but it's a great picture anyways. The AXEL will have a Shadow effect to it for the first picture.

See, I have not figured out how to make Objects 'Glow' yet, but am working on it.

Well...My Day went Awry. Did Not get a chance to get at the 3D stuff. However...I am going to create My Own Version of a Hangar and a Seperate Cargo-Loading Pad. I am going to take Cues from the Information of the Landing Port on the Planet 'Setlin' and Create them. Then, whenever a picture is needed for either of those places, I can Easily create it. I just have to learn to make Objects 'Glow' and Give-Off Light. I like the Top/First Picture, and how that building is constructed, and I like the Floor of the Second Picture. I will have to 'Scale' it to accomadate several ships the size of the AXEL, and I have to create places for Parts and Storage, as well as the Offices (Financial, Sales and Design). I will need to learn how to make 'Glass' for the Windows that overlook the Construction Bays. I believe that One Dedicated Large Craft Bay, and One Dedicated SMall-Craft Bay, and a Bay that can be Converted to Either. A Storage Yard will also be needed. The Construction/Repair Building will have the Bay Doors on Either side, and a Massive Door that opens on the top. It may influance the way the Building is Constructed. I need to Design the Building as I would design a Starship. An Air-Handling/Enviromental System, and Power Systems will be needed. I am actually going to build the Hangar around the AXEL, as with the Landing Port. I will X-Ref the AXEL into a New Drawing, then Start the Process of Creating one or the Other place. I will add Overhead Cranes, because they need to lift the AXEL onto it's New Cargo-Hold.

The only way that I can Now do the Lighting is to use one light command to point where the light is supposed to go, and another to Point back at the Fixture and have an intense light on it. At least once I am done there will be Proper Shadows.

Why am I thinking of 'Cranes'? 'Tractor-Beams' will the tool to use!

I have to come up with a quick rendering of the 'EXETER' Class ship in Construction for background Image.

I did Mention Doors on the Top of the Hangar. Why? To remove Crafts throught the top. How? By Tractor-Beam Cranes! Of Course! Did you think I was going to say, "The AXEL Launches through the Top of the Hangar."?

I will use a version of the Ceiling/Roof in the 2nd picture. I like the 'Industrial' Look of it. The whole building will be as 'Industrial' as I can possibly make it. I am going to make a rough Sketch of the Floor-Plan. I like the Lights on the first picture, and will create a version of my own.

Tomorrow, though I could use the extra money, I am not doing the PLASMA thing. I am staying home and working on the 3D Projects. Time to Sketch out the Floor-Plans of the Construction Facilities with Offices.

This is what I was to work with:

But not on an Asteroid. I could find no interior plans. It is 'Close' to where I was going, but I will do a 'Generic' Hangar. Sometimes, working with others can become laboring. I could do this, but then I am 'Stepping' on other's Toes.


19 June 2013

Today...I am doing some 'Chores' before anything else.

'Chores' Almost Done. A Couple Beds to make, then it's all My Time.

Annnnnnnnd...Here we gooooooo.................................

I was NOT a Happy Boy with either Version of the 'Nightbloat Vessels' Hull, so I gave up on that for now and did another Vessel. Hummingbird is all I am going to say about it. Time to get outside for a few.

Yeppers 'Captain', I will create a Few Vessels that you can 'Flesh-Out' after I get done with the Projects that I am working on now. If you have any Sketches, or Ideas, that you want a 3D Rendering of, let me know via eMail. (Of course I will need the Sketches)

The 'Nightbloat' Vessel needs more Character! The 'Hummingbird' one already has Tonnes of Character, and I have not placed any lights on it.

Here are some Hummingbirds that I am going to take Color Cues from:

I like the 'Middle' one, but I want to add a few personal touches as well.

The 'Hummingbird' Vessel is a Direct Threat to the 'Nightbloats', for Reasons Unknown to All Others...Except, Me. LOL.

Trying to get Irridecence out of 'Solid Objects' may or may not work. I am hoping that what I haver done, and plan on doing will make it look the way that I want, or at least close. I know that I will have to make the Lighting change color gradually as I go from the Fore to the Aft of the Hull.

I am to create a 'Final' 3D-6 View with Beauty Shots 'Rendered' of the AXEL, and One Picture of the AXEL above the Planet 'Setlin', and One of the AXEL in a Loading Bay. Easy Enough. When? In a couple of Days. Deffinately before Friday.

Yellow-Green on the Dorsal, Blue-Green on the Ventral, and Blue under the Chin, Plus I am going to use a Red-Brown 'J' Shaped on the Sides. I still need to come to a solution on the 'Nightbloat' Vessel's Exterior.

I already have the Pictures of the Occupants/Crew of the 'Hummingbird' Vessel. There are at least 5 Varriatons of those 'Beings', And as Many as 7. Their Size equals their place and Function among their people. The 'Higher' in Stature of these beings are fewer and do not present themselves readily to other 'beings'. Only the Mid-Class 'Beings' do this. There are the Smaller ones that are for 'Special Purposes', and the ones that are genetically engineered for 'Special Duties'. Yes, there are quite a few, and their technology can do things to Humans and other races.


18 June 2013

My Son is off to School. I have to get some paperwork done for the Bus Company, and go to the Office at My Apartment Complex to get other paperwork completed.

I have less than 2 hours to get working on something. (Before I have to Stop)

I have envisioned the Outer Hull of the 'Nightbloat' Vessel as one worn from space travel. It will have Jagged, Melted Edges, with Pock Marks from Collisions, and Areas where it had taken Damage in it's many battles.

I am filling in the 'Blanks' on the 'Work-Up' (Specifications) of the 'Nightbloat' Starship. I will have to use the Starship Construction Chart to determine overall Warp-Speeds, with and without the 'Mass-Reduction' Drives in opperation.

I could not help but laugh at 'Larry the Cable-Guy' Latest Commercial Spot for his Series. He's on a 'Micro-Horse' acting like he's riding it. Now, what ran through my (Twisted) mind was that someone with the knowledge takes 'Larry' and places him at the back of the Minute-Horse while he's going through the 'Motions'. Let that sink in.

Alright! After the 'Nightbloat' Vessel is 100% Done, I will do another Starship that was Featured over 3 years ago, when I once Participated with the AXEL Group.

I have taken care of the Majority of the Information on the 'Nightbloat' Vessel, but have yet to determine the Final Warp-Speeds for the Vessel with the 'Mass-Reduction Drives' On and Off. I will be doing the Warp-Speeds also for the Quantity of 'Mass-Reduction Drives' that are damaged/innoperrable. 

I am Happy...Impressed with what I have come up with for the 'Nightbloats'. It's all comming together. If the 'Commanding' Beings have Eyes, they will be Small in proportion to what is normally accepted.

The ENTERPRISE-D is Three and a Half times as long as the AXEL. I am making sure that I have Drawn the AXEL to the Proper Scale.

The 'Outer-Hull' Design that I mentioned earlier today makes sense, and would explain the ling 'Tail' shown in the picture.


17 June 2013

My Son and I have some Running to do this Morning, and Summer-School starts this week for Him. It's only 3 days, the three in the middle of the week, and it's 2 hours less than a normal school day. Meaning, that though losing a day, I can still get things done.


16 June 2013


Today, I am going to enjoy My time with My Son.

Well, My plans were Smashed quite quickly. But I can still enjoy My Day with My Son.

It's 'Dad-Time' now. Son is in Bed playing with his 'Paper-Jamz' Guitar for a while.


15 June 2013

I have to come up with a 'Race' for the 'Nightbloat' Beings. What to call them? Or what would they name themselves? Maybe after Drinking a Cup of Coffee My Mind will begin working again.

'Heirarchy'? What type of Government would they have? 'Hegemony'? "Details, Details" They are the most important part of anything. You can get away with a rough, unrefined version, but on closer inspection, you look for the "Details". And putting in those 'Details' marks what type of person you are. Though my computer is complaining and running slow, The 'Details' are Important. "It's All About the Details.".

I have a 'Race' Name! Not Sharing though. But it's in Honor of the Artist. Time to get back at the 3D.

'Protectorate'? 'Imperium'? 'Sodality'? 'Empire'?

- Hegemony  (UK /hɨˈɡɛməni/US /ˈhɛɨmni/US /hɨˈɛməni/Greek: ἡγεμονία hēgemonía, leadership and rule) is an indirect form of government, and of imperial dominance in which thehegemon (leader state) rules geopolitically subordinate states by the implied means of power, the threat of force, rather than by direct military force.[1] In Ancient Greece (8th c. BC – AD 6th c.),hegemony denoted the politico–military dominance of a city-state over other city-states

- Imperium  is a Latin word which, in a broad sense, translates roughly as 'power to command'. In ancient Rome, different kinds of power or authoritywere distinguished by different terms. Imperium referred to the sovereignty of the state over the individual.[1] It is not to be confused with auctoritas orpotestas, different and generally inferior types of power in the Roman Republic and Empire. Primarily used to refer to the power that is wielded, in greater or lesser degree, by an individual to whom it is delegated, the term could also be used with a geographical connotation, designating the territorial limits of that imperium. Individuals given such power were referred to as curule magistrates or promagistrates. These included the curule aedile, the praetor, the censor, the consul, the magister equitum, and the dictator.

I have Narrowed it down, but may Combine these 2 and come up with a New Term and Government.

New Pictures:

Before I did the Complete Lighting on the New Ship

And with the New Lighting

There you go 'Captain', a Size Comparison and a look at the New DELTA-Quadrant Possible Enemy.

So, Now I have to add a Random Pattern over the 4 (things) to break up the surface and make it look more Threatening.

I need to add the Weapon Hard-Points on the 'Alien-Race' Vessel.

Larger picture of the 'Nightbloat' Information is in the 'Photogallery'.

'socialistic commune' is what type of government they live in.


14 June 2013

PLASMA Today. Then some running, and Finally I can get back to this and the AXEL 3D Model's Details.

YAY! I can finally get to those 'Details' on the AXEL 3D Project.

I did get a few things accomplished before I had to give up the 'Grumpy Bear Den'. Here is what I have:

Information on the 'Nightbloat'

My First Rendering of the 'Nightbloat Vessel'




Deck-05 (Upper Cargo)

The 'Mechanicals'

AXEL Awaiting Cargo

AXEL Ventral, with added Details

Back to the 'Astralan Nightbloats'. They have no care for making a Starship look elegant because thay cannot see. The 'Orions' Used the ones in the Alpha-Quadrant like Guard Dogs. So within the area where the Orions opperated their illegal smuggling rings, there was several planets that have 'Nightbloats' on them, thanks to the Orions. They use 'Scenting' their Target/Prey. Once they have a Scent, they stay with it until they Kill it. So why would they need a 'Light' on the front of their vessel? Maybe the Heat Signature Identifies the Ship to the others? But then, they Need Port-Holes/Windows.

I guess that I need to 'Adjust' a couple things on the 'Nightbloat' Vessel, and to Add a 'Spire'.

Now the eMail is not working properly again. After I get a ways into the 'Nightbloat' Starship, I will place the AXEL near it for perspective.

Hey 'Captain', What do you think about the 'Nightbloat' Direction? Meaning to have a Race that is that Scary looking, and Potentially Dangerous to the Delta-Quadrant. If you want a 'Specific' Angle of the AXEL, let me know.

I was thinking (a Dangerous Sport), what if these 'Beings' prefer to be bare because the lack of sight? Why wear anything when you cannot see. They have to be at a level of Civilization in order to create a Starship. An 'Order', or 'Ranking' System. What in their Society makes one a Superior? Are they like Ants? or like the BORG? So many questions.


13 June 2013

This Evening I should be able to get back to work on the AXEL 3D Project. I have a feeling that I'm going to be up late anyways, so I'd better make use of it. I am adding Details to the AXEL 3D Model, and am going to teach myself to Animate.

The e-Mail is not working properly this morning. 

Last Night was a whopper of a T-Storm, and Today, we are supposed to get Floods. This afternoon is supposed to have Rain as well. We will see. I had to Restart the Computer to get the e-Mail working. There was nothing of concearn there for me anyways.

For the 'Alien' Starship, I have already thought that one out. 'Ovals'.

There will not be any 'Port-Holes' because the 'Beings' cannot see. Are they Capable of Sensing Heat? Or is it all by the Feeling of Vibrations? Do they use Echo-Location? or a Combination?

I guess that I will have to create the Interior of the 'Alien Beings' Craft in the case it is Boarded. I can see 50 Decks, easily.

The Decks would be nothing like those of the Normal Cultures in the Star Trek Universe.

The Exterior of the 'Alien Beings' Ship will have things just stuck to it to make it look interresting.

Uniforms for these 'Alien Beings'? Well, they would be a Structured Community, so Yes. In some Fashion, they need Identification as for Who they are, and their Rank. I have an Idea, but not willing to Share.

I am taking a break before getting into anything. What a Day!

It's going to be a long break. Man did My Son tire Me out!


12 June 2013

Today is going to be much like Yesterday. It is raining outside so We cannot go anywhere, and that gives me more time to contimplate about the Species and their Starship. They will hold a lot of the attributes that the 'Nightbloats' of 'Australia' have, and be more Intelligent, much on par with Humans in the Early 23'rd Century, but with the tendancies of the Klingon's and Romulan's in attitude were in their early Space Farring History.

On Screen, what would be the first thing anyone sees of this Race? Well, that they have No Eyes! Then the Ridges (2 on each side of their head), A Mouth much like the 'Predators', Long and thin Body with Rib-cage showing, Long Arms with 4-fingered Hands of Long Digits and Sharp Claws. They range in Color from Dark Gray, to the Browns. 

I cannot wait to Scan in the Pictures, then Modify them so others can see what they look like, and place Fear in their Hearts.

I once thought of giving the 'Beings' 4 Eyes, but Squashed that for the No-Eye Version.


11 June 2013

Today, I have a few things to do, then I can get back to this.

Friday Afternoon, I will be able to get back at the AXEL 3D Project. I plan on adding more Hull Details and giving a second attempt at creating 'Sections' of each Deck. That would Help the 'Captain' and the other Designer, because with the Understanding of the AXEL's Inner-Hull, I have Discovered areas where an Engineer can access the Warp-Nacelles, the Sublight Drives, and other equipment that are between the Outer and Inner Hulls. It would also locate the Exact positions of the Jefferies Tubes, the Turbo-Lifts and other passages used by the 'Beings' that opperate the Ship. All of this is Important for RPG Game-Play. It is 'Important' to know where you can Exit the Inner-Hull, to the place/void between the Living Spaces and the Outer-Hull. I am going to have to create the Interior Superstructure as well. I will leave the 'Interior Details' to the Artist. I really like the way that he is doing it. I will base my Interior from what he creates, then I can actually do a 'Walk-Through' of the AXEL. That can become another 'Introduction' Video for New and Prospective Players.

I would have to add an Slight Echo when doing the Interior Walk-Through.

So with the Ship that I was desctibing Yesterday. What is Happening with the 'Cavitation Drive' is that the Space Matter that fills the 'Dish' is Rejected out the side by the 'Drives' and it is Replaced my the Matter in front of the Vessel, Pulling the vessel forewards. Sounds Legit? To me it does. It at least matches anything the Star Trek Series had going for it.


10 June 2013

We are up and at them. Doesn't sound as good at 'Up and at 'em'. Well, we will be going to pay bills (at least 2 of them) and Hopefully the rain stops  so we can visit the Zoo.

I have thought of a New Version of 'Warp-Drive' called the 'Cavitation Displacement Drive', which, as it sounds, Uses the Forced Absence of 'Space' to Propel the Craft Forwards. Have you ever placed a Large Spoon in a Pan of water and then turned the Kitchen Sink Faucet on Full and had the Large Serving Spoon under the Forced water? Well, what happens is that the water Displaces itself and creates an Empty Space and then the Spoon Floats! It is Not forced under as one would think! There are a few Circumstances, like the Serving Spoon being Light (Plastic), and the Air above is Lighter than the Water (Which is Obvious or we would be breating Water). Other than those issues, it's a working theory. So, By 'Forcing' the Matter of Space against a Dish, it becomes less dense than the matter of space behind it and pulls it forwards. I will use that to design the Enemy Starship. They say that the Properties of Space is much like the Properties of Water, and that's why they use Water as a Training Aid/Medium for Astronauts. Time for a Rough Sketch of the Craft, and it has to Reflect what a Austrlian Nightbloat would design. I have a Vision, and it Looks like this; 

Imagine this Coming for you and it does not care if you see it or not. A Dish Created by Force-Fields and 3 HIghly powered Engines to force the Matters of Space into the Shallow Bowl making a Negative Space to Suck in the Matters of Space before it, thus drawing it Forwards.

Maybe the Stream behind it can be from Fusion Reactors, and in Conjunction with the 'Displacement Drive', It moves at Wartp-Speeds. Maybe Warp 6 would be sufficient to allow the beings on whatever star system they are going to, to Panic enough and prepare for their Doom.

The AXEL would be the 'Light' at the Left Tip. It would be a 'World Ship'. Actually, I would not want it to be that Large unless I was going against the whole 'Borderlands' Site. I will draw it the Scale of the Federations GALAXY Class, but with the Engines and Spires, it will seem a lot larger.

So. I did a rough Sketch and it looks threatening. Compared to the GALAXY Class, even though it's the same size, It looks Huge!

Oh! and a Highly Advanced 'Mass Reduction Drive' that reduces the ships mass to less than half, making all of this possible.

Each of the 4 'Spires' has to be Similar in Shape, but have different features, except Drive Placements, they will be evenly located on each 'Spire'.

If the 'Star Trek' Theory of 'Warp-Drive' can work, so can this one. I thnk that I'll hide the 'Displacer-Thrusters' to inside the Hull, and just make a 'Bump' where they are. Since there is no Energy 'Beams' shown in the picture above, I will use what I have derived at as the basis of the Warp-Drive, and maybe I will rate it as 'Slip-Stream', or 'Trans-Warp' and give it a much higher rate of speed.

Upon Research, Over 1,000 Beings will be on the vessel, and it will be over 900 meters Long, Wide, and Tall, but still will only have the mass of the GALAXY Class Starship. As for their Secondary Crafts...Thinking on that one. As for why they are coming? I know, but Everyone else will have to figure it out. It's either that, or a Total War between DELTA Quadrant Inhabitatnts and these Beings.

What if....The Drives served also as the 'Mass Reduction Drive'?

So, With some Modifications to the 'Basic' 'Nughtbloat', I can make it an intelligent being, capable of rational thought, or feeling the need for total Domination of other races. With the Main Vessel already basically designed, I just have to create support crafts and a History for the Beings. They will be a Force to Recon with. I have already thought out their Main Weapon, but I have to figure out a Heavy Weapon System. The AXEL will look Miniscule to the Vessel.

I am Considering asking the 'Council' for permission to be an agressor to the 'Borderlands' Community, if it goes that direction. They may figure it out and resolve the problem before an all-out battle takes place.


09 June 2013

After the intake of the Magic Elixure of the Dark-Brown Beans, and I become sufficiently revived, I can start the day.

I may have to create a 'Site' just for the Work that I do on the 3D Models of the AXEL and whatever is related.

For the AXEL (Borderlands) Crew. If they visit my site here, I have your answers for the questions I ask in the Game. It takes 610,000 Terrajoules to Reach Warp-8, and 61,000 to 92,000 Terrajoules to Maintain it. As for Warp-2; it Takes 3 Terrajoules to Reach and 1 Terrajoule to Maintain. As for the Total Power Available of the HARBRINGER, it is the 610,000 Terrajoules from the Warp-Coil and Another 20,000 Terrajoules from the Fusion Generator (that runs the Controls/Systems) 

Yes, they use 'Megawatts' rather than 'Terrajoules', but in the Design Arena 'Terrajoules' are the Rule, so I would accept the Values in 'Megawatts', which I will wait to see what is written first.

'Megawatts' is used on Starships, while 'Terrajoules' are used in Design. I guess that the Ratio's can be derived from the end 2, but that's Math.

Ten to the Ninth Power, and then Ten to the Third Power.

It's going to be a 'Choppy' Week. No school for My Son. Then the following weeks will be Summer School and that's 'Part-Time'.

I guess, even with the 'Captain's' Help in 'Giving' out the information, it was not used. A Placid answer was given, like a whatever attitude.

Now that My Son is back home under My care, and I have resolved Most of the issues, and He is watching a favorite Cartoon, Laughing, I will be restricted as what I can accomplish. It's all about having Father/Son time.

4 Days, that's how long it is going to be before I can get to working on any 3D Models again. I want to create an Enemy vessel. A New Race, and someone that is not afraid and has the fire-power to prove it. I have the Concept thought out already.

The 'Nightbloats' get a Brain, and Technologies, and have a beef with Races that used to Hunt them.

I will have to Scan the Images in because I cannot find them on the good-ol' internet machine.

It's a Mean looking Creature with Amazing Abilities. It would not be someone that I would want to run accross.


08 June 2013

Well, the Choice was made by the 'Captain'. It is the 'Pregnant' AXEL. The 'Pod' wins out. 5 people looked over the Designs and they agreed upon the 'Pod'. They are still deciding if they want the 'Pod' seperable. 'Landing Gear' is another topic on the table. The 'Drop-Doors' on the 'Pod' are Gone, upon their decision. I knew that I should have done the Extension of the Cargo-Hold with a Taper and Softened the Edges. I knew this last night, but was in a rush to get something to the 'Captain' and gave him the Straight down, Boxy version. I have to look over the Ship to see where there is area suuitable for the Landing Gear. I have thoughts of Aircraft Landing Gear, with Doors, and a Tri-Cycle configuration. And he wants me to Reconfigure every Deck below Deck-2. Guess that I will get onto those now.

My Home-Base Computer 'Froze' today while I was working on the changes. It seems that it does not like the latest version of the AXEL. Anyways, I went back to the Previous version and have began making the changes...again.

Before anyone get's their Panties in a bunch, the Depiction is Based off what the Stance would be Before Take-Off, or just After Landing. The Landing-Gear Tri-pod stance upon Lift-off would elevate the Craft a Meter before the Thrusters kick in, and on the Other end, when Landing, the Vessel would settle first, then the Landing gear would Relax and the Vessel would settle to the Landing Pad for Easy Loading and Unloading. And, Upon Loading the Front Hangar Bay Doors, the Fore Gear can be Retracted, because the Vessel's Weight will be on the new compartment.

Today's Treats! Landing Gear on the AXEL! Here are the Pics;

Rendered and Adjusted with Landing Gear Down

Landing Gear Down. Fore View.

Landing Gear Down. Starboard View.

Landing Gear Down. Starboard View. Rendered

Now, I have to turn my attention to the Lifeboat.

Before I Forget, Members of the AXEL Crew are free to save the Images. Just do the 'Right Click' and 'Save As' thing.

I have to go and Rescue Family...

I am back, and there was nothing that I could do, because I did not have the $3,000.00 piece of equipment (or a shop) to perform the necessary repairs to the A/C. On another note. That means I can get back at this project.

Photon Torpedo Launcher vs Fore Landing Gear

A 'Special' Delivery from the AXEL

I know that the Pictures are really Small, and I cannot help that because this site is set up that way.

I really need to learn how to do Sections, so I can do a Consice Deck-by-Deck of the AXEL. I want that because I want to know how many of the Tactical Fighters and Tactical Shuttles can fit altogether, with the ratio of 9 to 1 (Fighters to Shuttles). I should also make the Shuttles as Customizable as possible, like adding a Second Impulse Drive and or Second Fusion Power Unit to the Tactical Shuttle. That would boost the Power and Speed of the Tactical Shuttle to get out of unpleasant situations.

I have been Sabotaged all afternoon. From one thing to another.

I am too tired to Focus on anything. And of course, Any Starship would not be travelling the stars with their loading doors wide open. 


07 June 2013

Today, around noon, I'll be getting to some Requests by the 'Captain'. He wanted pictures of the Re-configured AXEL. I still think that the Drop-Doors can go as well as the Fore and Aft Shuttle-Doors on the New Cargo Compartment. There are 5 for that New Cargo Compartment. The 2 Large Loading doors on the Port and Starboard of the Cargo Container are more than enough. But with all of those doors, it needs modified landing gear and beefed up superstructure. 

I'll be calculating the Weight of Each of the Small Crafts and then getting a Value of 33% less in the Total Mass and then getting the Power that would propel them to their speeds. The Information is needed in the case that the Mass-Reduction Drive Fails. If that happens, then the Small Crafts will revert back to Normal Speeds of Opperation. 

It will be easy to figure this out for the 33% Weight differance, and come to a conclusion to the Power-Loads needed against the Mass-Reduction Drive. I will first do the craft as with the Mass-Reduction Drive, then Without.

Time for a 'Parts' Manual/Brochure, Including everything from G-D-S.

Maybe I should suggest to the 'Captain' that the Cargo Hold become something of a Detachable nature.

I have to wait to make those Pictures of the AXEL for the 'Captain'.

AXEL Multi-View with Beauty Shots.

The actual picture is 4X larger. I had to shrink it to fit.

I have calculated the latest information on the Tactical Shuttle and the Tactical Fighter using an XL Spreadsheet that was put On-Line a long time ago. Here are the Values:

TACTICAL SHUTTLE (TS-DQ): Concept and Design by Harold Bureeve.
Length: 11 m
Width: 8 m
Height: 1 m
1-Fusion Generator (100,000 tj)
1-Impulse Drive (204,000 tj) with Klingon type 'Pusher'
1-Mass Reducing  Drive
Defensive-Shield Generator (304,000 tj maximum/Using every ounce of power)
Mass: 2,159 mt gross/  1,620 mt after Mass Reducing Drive is activated.
These Speeds are only when the 'Mass-Reducing Drive' is Active:
Optimal Speed: Warp-1
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp-2 (59 tj)
Maximum Speed: Warp-3.25 (197 tj)
1 Passenger
Special: Anti-Gravity Plates fastened on the Bottom Hull used in conjunction with the Mass-Reducer allows the Small craft to Hover above the ground. The reason that this Shuttle can Achieve Warp by only using Impulse Generator is due to the Mass-Reducing Drive which reduces the Weight by 33%. The Gold Hatch Cover is for Absorbing Energy from Heat Sources or from Being Fired upon by Energy Weapons, and the Over-spill of energy is 'Shunted' into Harmless Energy and Disperssed.
Impulse Drive: GDS-204 Based on the Federation Models
Fusion Reactor: GDS-100 Based on Ferengi Technology
Deflector/Sensor: HB-Hybrid (15 tj normal useage)
Selling Points: Fast, Agile-Has Inertial Dampner On/Off swicth for Combat situations, Fore-Most and Aft-Most Thruster points to allow a Pilot to pivot on the ship's gravitational balance point, Advanced Sensor Pod Available, A Duplicated version of a Klingon Sublight Drive is used for it's durrability and reliability in hazardous landing sites, You can have any Computer Software/Hardware/System installed to meet your particular needs, No Landing Gear to fear of malfunctioning or getting broke on rocky surfaces, Easy entrance hatch, Can be fitted with a version of any Cloaking device, Hardpoints can be mounted to the exterior, 
TACTICAL FIGHTER (TF-DQ): Concept and Design by Harold Bureeve.
Length: 19 m
Width: 11 m
Height: 1.5 m
2-Fusion Generators (200,000 tj/100,000 tj each)
3-Impulse Drives (610,000 tj/204,000 tj each) with Klingon type 'Pusher'
1-Mass Reducing  Drive (Uses 24 tj)
Armament-HaloReplication to anything that is up to 610,000 tj power load (Fabrication takes 134,000 tj) If anything of Mass is fired from any designated weapon it reduces the mass of the vessel's storage such as Kenetic Weapons, Missiles or M/AM weapons which draw from the Ship's storages.
Defensive-Layered Shield Generators (810,000 tj maximum/405,000 tj each/Using every ounce of power)
Mass: 5,227 mt gross/  3,920 mt after Mass Reducing Drive is activated.
These Speeds are only when the 'Mass-Reducing Drive' is Active:
Optimal Speed: Warp-5
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp-7 (130,000 tj)
Maximum Speed: Warp-8 (610,000 tj)
These Speeds are only when the 'Mass-Reducing Drive' is Off:
Optimal Speed: Warp-4.5
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp-5.5 
Maximum Speed: Warp-6 
3 Passengers (Including Pilot)
Special: Anti-Gravity Plates fastened on the Bottom Hull used in conjunction with the Mass-Reducer allows the Small craft to Hover above the ground. The High Warp is Achieved by the Use of a Mass-Reducing Drive that reduces the Weight of the Shuttle by 33%. The Gold Hatch Cover is for Absorbing Energy from Heat Sources or from Being Fired upon by Energy Weapons, and the Over-spill of energy is 'Shunted' into Harmless Energy and Disperssed.
Warp Drive: (Unnamed)/(HB-8) Designed by Harold Bureeve-Untested.
Impulse Drive: GDS-100 x 3 Based on the Federation Models
Fusion Reactor: GDS-100 x 2 Based on Ferengi Technology
Deflector/Sensor: HB-Hybrid (15 tj normal useage)
Selling Points: Fast, Agile-Has Inertial Dampner On/Off swicth for Combat situations, Fore-Most and Aft-Most Thruster points to allow a Pilot to pivot on the ship's gravitational balance point, Advanced Tactical/Sensor Pod Available, A Duplicated version of a Klingon Sublight Drive is used for it's durrability and reliability in hazardous landing sites, You can have any Computer Software/Hardware/System installed to meet your particular needs, No Landing Gear to fear of malfunctioning or getting broke on rocky surfaces, Easy entrance hatch, Can be fitted with a version of any Cloaking device, Hardpoints can be mounted to the exterior, 

On the Tactical Shuttle and the Tactical Fighter, I believe that they need to be at least 25% Larger. I will Revamp the Information above. Now. I will have to Update the Drawins as well, and Relocate the Light-Sources.

I am NOT Liking the Addition of the Cargo Hold. I say if you need Cargo Space, Drop the Level of the EXISTING Cargo Hold. 3 Meters to 4 Meters should do. In fact, I have a version of the AXEL where I had already done so. And as for the 'Inverted Flying-Saucer' on the Bottom, Do away with it.

There, I wrote the 'Captain' and made my point, and then made a suggestion that I believe to be better.

I will have to Recheck the Decks, Mainly Deck-4 because of the Warp-Nacelle changes, from 2 Deck in Diameter to an Oval of 1 Deck High and 2 Decks Wide. I am nervouse about the 'Captain's' view of the AXEL's Changes, and if he understands what I was trying to convey, and if he would rather just lengthen the walls of the Cargo Bay another 3 meters (10 feet).

Allright, here is 'My' Version of what needs to be Changed on the AXEL;

You can see the differece between the 2, on the bottom of the vessel.

I hope to be creating/animating Starship Fighting Scenes in the near future. I have to create some New, Enemy, Starships. I have some Crazy, Evil looking designs in my mind.

I am curiouse as to how many Tactical Shuttles I can put into My Cargo Hold versus the one the 'Captain' wants?

I could have Tapered the Cargo Hold, it would have made it pretty to look at. It would have flown with the rest of the ship. 5 to 10 degrees would have been perfect.


06 June 2013

Today, I am going to work on the 3D AXEL and a New Shuttlecraft. The Shuttle will be a Tactical Shuttle, with 3 people, and the Pilot gets to make all of the calls. It will have 3 Impulse Drives, Warp-5 Cruising Speed, Warp-6.5 Emergency Speed, and 2 Fusion Generators for the Halo-Replicator that makes the Weapon in the Front. The weapon can be an Energy type (Laser/Phaser), of Knetic Type (Rail-Gun), or Something to Disrupt an Enemy Vessel. It will have Tactical Shielding (Double-Layered), Anti-Grav Plates (3) and Mass-Reduction, Tactical Thrusters, 

Check these out;

Tactical Fighter

Tactical Fighter and Tactical Shuttle

Tactical Shuttle

Bad Ass! I am going to have to get to the Specifications on these!

The Tactical Shuttle is Capable of Warp-3 on Impulse alone, due to the fact that the Mass-Reduction Drive is Working. There is a Mass-Reduction Drive in Both Small Crafts, Combined with the Anti-Gravity Sleds on the Bottom allows the Crafts to Float above the ground. The Tactical Fighter can Exceed Warp-8 with the Mass-Reducer on. Maybe I can Configure it into the First 'Transwarp' Fighter/Shuttle?

1-Fusion Generator (100,000 tj)
1-Impulse Drive (204,000 tj)
1-Mass Reducing  Drive
Defensive-Shield Generator (204,000 tj maximum)
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp-2
Maximum Speed: Warp-3.25
3 Passengers (Including Pilot)
2-Fusion Generators (200,000 tj)
3-Impulse Drives (610,000 tj)
1-Mass Reducing  Drive
Armament-HaloReplication to anything that is up to 610,000 tj power load
Defensive-Layered Shield Generators (610,000 tj maximum/305,000 tj each)
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp-7
Maximum Speed: Warp-8
3 Passengers (Including Pilot)

I will have to have the AXEL with these 2, or a Squadron of Tactical Fighters as Escort, and a Tactical Shuttle leading the way. That sounds good to me.

I have been changing the values on the equipment to ensure that my information is correct. And it will be correct!

'An Escort to a New Beginning'

'Even the Small Can Lead'

I cannot phantom why all of the Lights on each Tactical Fighter or Tactical Shuttle did not light up. Something that I have to learn yet,

Even when I XRef'ed the Two Crafts their Lights never came on when Rendered. I looks like they are running in Stealth mode, which is cool.

I have to add:

-Deuterium Tank and it's Filling Port.

-Matter Tank and it's Filling Port.

-AntiMatter Tank and it's Filling Port.

-Access Doors for the Computer, Life Support, for the Mass Reducer, Inertial Dampner, etc...

-Markings for Proximity Sensors

I will have to figure this out about the 33% weight reduction on both ships and adjust the power needed to propel them at the speeds that I have claimed. Right now, I have used the Energy amounts for the regular weight (Whatever that may be).

The Parts that I have created, I will build a Data-Base and have them as Offers from 'Griffen Drives', except the Warp Nacelles. Those are Not.


05 June 2013

Busy Morning here, but after that...

It's been 3 hours and we are still waiting for the Inspection to take place so we can go back to living out 'Normal' Lives.

Still waiting and it's been over 5 hours!

Well...I wasted my time awaiting a Non-Event.


04 June 2013

It's going to be a Busy day for Me. After PLASMA I will return here for a Cleaning Marathon.

Through my Reading of the AXEL Site, I have come up with these Facts:

Exeter class
Deck 1
Shuttlebay, Stairwell from Deck 1 to Deck 2, 
Deck 2
Bridge, Engineering, Crew bunks/Quarters, Stairwell from Deck 2 to Deck 3, Cargo Entry, 
Deck 3
Upper Cargo Hold, Common Room, 4 Crew/Guest Cabins, Stairwell from Deck 3 to Deck 4, 
Deck 4
Lower Cargo Hold, 
Captain's quarters just aft of the bridge. 
rated for a combined total of 600 tons of cargo.


Now I have a Size (Meaning the Decks) for Scale. It's a Small Ship. Cramped actually. I will be working on a 3D Rendering of this Ship after I get done with the AXEL 3D. Then, I can add the 2 ships travelling together.

Guess what I have found! The Deck Layouts! And here they are;

Now this ship can become a perminant part of the Story-line. I have sent the Image to the 'Captain' since he is now in command of this ship, which has no Warp Core, or Engineering!

Well...I feel foolish. Seems that the 'Captain' had Already found that picture, and another yet that I have not found.


03 June 2013


Today, After cleaning myself up, I will get back at the AXEL 3D, version III.

I will have Theme Music, Given by the 'Captain'. I did get almost all of the conversions to the AXEL 3D completed. There are just way too many Doors on the Addition! You have a Drop Door, 2 Shuttle Doors, and 2 Bay Doors. Rediculous! But it's what they want and expect, so they will get it and like it.

Now that I am getting better at doing the 3D, it will be interesting what I can create. I am going to do a version of the 'Ultimate' Warp-Drive. There are Round Coils, Oval Coils and some that are Almost Rectangular (I am talking about looking straight at them), but None that are Tear-Drop in Shape. I believe that would be the perfect design. The Smaller part would be towards the outside of the vessel, and the larger part would be towards the center-line. This will make a more complete Warp-Bubble, and if the Coil is 'Curved' around the center of the Vessel, the nthe Warp-Bubble will be more efficient.

Maybe I'll make a 3D rendering of the 'PRIAGECHRON' (sp?), a RPG Ship that I used to do back in the 90's. No, I don't want to Start that over again. I just want to create a 3D Model of it.

I have re-done the Warp Nacelles to go along with the drawings that I have done in 2010. Now the Bussard Collectors are Seperate from the Warp-Coil/Nacelle. The Nacelles are Oval. I moved the Nacelles up to the 3rd Deck Level and the Bussard Collectors down to the 4th Level.

I am going to figure out the size of the 'HARBRINGER' and make a 3D of that as well so the Two Starships can be shown side-by-side. Maybe make a video of both ships together.

The Theme Music, I hope is Not the one attached to the First Ad for the AXEL. But again, it's not for me to judge. I am only doing 60 seconds of video, so the Theme music needs to fit within that timeframe. My Thought was to Switch the Instruments around, Having the Bass be Primary.

I am going to offer the 'Captain' the Video when I get it finished, and then He can add the Music and Text/Credits.

Tomorrow, I focus on Cleaning this place up. The House I mean. It will probably not be until the 5th at the earliest, and maybe the 6th.


02 June 2013

TIme for some Coffee and to awaken! I may, and then May Not get to work on the 3D AXEL Today. I have Chores to do.

Well, I cannot work on the AXEL 3D. Seems the Rowdy Neighbors are out to Play. They are using the Parkinglot as their Personal Playground, Selling Drugs, Talking of Shooting and Fighting with People. They were up until 4a this morning, and after sleeping until noon, they are up and at it again. So I am keeping an eye so in the case the Police have to Baby-sit them.

Two Patrol Cars came in shortly after the first came and went. Of course the Misbehavin' Crew split up so they would have a good chance of escaping. Anyways, they all had just left, in 3 vehicles, going the same direction, West on Willow.

I need to get back and Finish all of the Projects, and soon.

I am coordinating with someone on the 'Deck Plans' for the AXEL. He is going to create them in 2D, then I am going to make the 3D Rendition. I have just corresponded with him with my suggestion. Let's see if he is agreeable to this. I have been in Contact with the 'Captain' and he is very happy with the way the 3D version is going, but he had a few changes to add. Easy Enough.

I seem to be getting off on the wrong foot with these guys about the AXEL 3D. 

I am going to just do the Outside. Seems that the person that I am supposed to work with cannot work as a team without crying to the 'Captain'. I really wanted to surprise the 'Captain' with Cooperation that results as a austounding piece or artwork from both people involved. Oh well.


01 June 2013

I am doing the Bills this morning before anything else today. I really have to learn fast and push to finish this AXEL 3D Project. I Need to discover where the Unknown light-source is coming from and remove it. It's to the Rear and Above, but close enough to cast it's light onto the Main Hull. I am using 'Shadows' on all of the lights, so none should be escaping the Hull. This is deffinately an Outside Source, but whenever I check, It does not reveal itself. I will go back and shut off all of the Lights, then turn them on One-by-one, and that should reveal the source, then I can either readjust the Light Level, Move it, or Remove it. It's the Only solution that I have currently.

I figured out the Lighting Problem, and it was from the Impulse Drive Lights. They were too Bright, and when I toned them down, I still had the same effect. Here are a Couple Recent pictures;

I now have to Learn to 'Skin' the Ship, and to Creating Lights that Flash in this manner; 1st Top-Aft ID Markers, 2nd Bottom-Aft ID Markers, 3rd Top-Aft on Lifeboat, then a 3 second pause before they repeat.

I have learned that there has been a change in the Warp-Drive on the AXEL. Meaning that I have to find out what had changed. Was it just the Nacelles? the Warp-Core? or Both? Did the Impulse Drive get changed as well? Maybe I should practice Sectioning of the Floors? 

I think that the light on the front of the Lifeboat is far too bright. I will have to adjust that.

I have added Lights to Highlight the Docking Port and the Rear Shuttle-Bay Doors. It turned out very well. I am struggling with either Sectioning off the Main Hull and the Lifeboats Hull and changing their Colors, or to 'Skin' the Solid Shapes. I am more sure of the First than the Second. I will create a Copy of the File and Start from there. The Next Images you will see will be the Version with the Colored Hulls.

AXEL Multi-Views

Caught on the Wrong End?

I have a Pair with an Ace up My Sleeve.


A Glimpse of Danger.


Here is where I end Tonight. I have put in another 16 Hours of work in 2 days. 54 Hours of Work, and I am still Learning, and trying new things.


31 May 2013

I am going to have to wait a few before working on the AXEL 3D. Laundry needs to be done. Oh! I have to look for a Picture of Vice-President Biden impersenating 'Grumpy Cat', so I can use his Mouth for My Character.

I found it and a good Picture of Albert Einstein, for his Hair.

I am going to Wash the Stink Off, then get back at the 3D AXEL Creation. The Weather is less than cooperative. It Sprinkles, clears up, Sprinkles Again, and Repeats.

Here is the AXEL, Lighted and in it's Glory.

I have been trying to Download some Pictures of the AXEL with No Luck. I will have to attemp it later.

This one is supposed to show the Impulse Drive On and Off.

Not much Difference to look at, but there is.

This one shows the ID Lights On and Off.

The Wall in front of the Warp Nacelles is going to be changed to Dark Grey so it does not show any reflections. Because as you can see, it Reflects a lot of light like a big mirror, even with just the Red and Green. The 'Rail-Guns' Also need a Dark Cover, because they too reflect a lot of light.

I am calling it a night. Still having issues with the Lighting. Seems that I have a Stray Source lighting up the Back end.


30 May 2013

Well, the Room is Cleared. I have to do a few Chores, then I can get back to the 3D of the AXEL. 

I have Completed the Escape Pods and Launchers, the Photon-Torpedo Launcher, and the Exterior Details. It was a Successful Day. I even added Holes for the Vents, which is cool because you can see into the hull from them. Now, what is supposed to go into those places? What needs to be within a Starship, but have the Vacuum of Space? I have to re-draw the Heavy-Lift Thrusters and add Lift-Thrusters and Manuever Thrusters to the 'Lifeboat'. I have been Focusing on the Main Hull, and will continue to do so until it is done. 

I am at the Half-Way mark on My List that I made on Tasks 'To-Do' on the AXEL. 

I am going to Focus on the 'Mechanicals' and make sure thet I add them first before filling out the Decks. I had to Adjust the Escape-Pod Launchers because they did Not line up between where I had drawn them and where they were located on the Outer Hull. So I have to Either say that they are Exposed to Space between the Hulls (Interior/Exterior) and only the Available Escape Pod is Exposed to the Interior. Which brings me to the 'Launch-System' for the Escape Pods. That means I have to Draw some Mechanicals that will be capable of Launching the Pods Quickly. Like a Gas Operated System.

I plan on staying up Late tonight working on the AXEL 3D, or at least until I get the Escape Pod Launching Device completed. Will it Interfere with the Nacelles? Or will it Interfere with a Deck Below? I plan on placing the Tank either Below, or to the Outer-side of the inner Hull, between the Hulls. I have to make the Room/Compartment with the Escape-Pod seal itself off from the other rooms before it launches the Pod. Unless I say that it uses Powered Magnets that stay in Pos/Neg mode when Loading and goes to Pos/Pos Mode to Launch. But that would require a Back-Up of Compressed Gasses. There will still have to be a seal to protect the awaiting beings that are trying to save their lives. So a Door will still be required. I will have to Modify the Cartridge Barrel to Seal in any Gasses in the case the Magnetic Launcher Fails and the Gasses are Needed to Launch the Pods. It will be like Shooting Bullets out of a 4 Barrel, Self-Loading Gun with 12 Rounds. Figure that one out. What would I want in an Escape Pod? Well, a Parachute at the Minimum. Maybe some Oreintation Thrusters. A Window. A Beacon Light. It to be a Bright Color to be easily Identified. I am of course thinking of things on the Outside. 

I am back and can get back at it.

38 Hours of Work

I am Learning how to add Lights. So Far, it's a Mess. I thought that I had the Bussards Glowing Nicely, but it turned out that I did Not. I am still in that Learning Process though. I like the Glow of the Impulse Drives. They did turn out Nice. I had forgotten to add Lighting to the Nacelle Coils. There is Always Tomorrow.


29 May 2013

I am awaiting for the Room to be Clear.

So Now the Room is Clear and I can once again continue.

Well...After Chores and After a DVD finishes Burning.

I have done a Preliminary Timeline of Events for the Animation for the AXEL. 60 Seconds at 24 frames per second, meaning that I have 1,440 frames to complete, and I have to figure out, By Frame, what happens.

I did get a few things done, like the Heavy-Lift Thrusters, some of the Details on the Exterior of the Bridge, The Emergency Escape Pods Ejectors (On the Outside), and I did get Half-Way Done with the Photon-Torpedo Launcher. Tomorrow, I will Finish the Torpedo Launcher and Fill-Out the rest of the Escape-Pod Launchers. I would be Satisfied with that. Though...If I were able to get more Completed, the Better.

I have a feeling that the Details are going to take the longest of all to complete. When I get Completed with the Exterior Details I will make every Hull Part as one. Right now, there are a lot of pieces as I am creating the Ship. I Discovered that I had to move the Rear area, and Forgot to Move the Impulse Thrusters and Adjust the Decks to compensate for the added space. The reason for this was that the Back of the Impulse Drive Sleeves did not match the pictures position, they were too far forward. I was able to get rid of a few parts/walls that I had to create to fill the area at first. It looks correct now. I have a feeling that I will be making corrections a lot. I was stuck on the Torpedo Launcher because there was a couple parts with odd angles, and I kept rotating some of the parts the wrong way. So, now, what I had already completed I assembled already. The rest looks like Tubes and Blocks and Thin Walls. The Photon-Torpedo Launcher ended up being a Deck lower than I had originaly drawn it in 2D, and the Decks are different allowing me to add Hatches in unique places. I will be showing them when I am done. I am going to self-teach myself how to Cut Sections to Demonstrate a few things.

5 DAYS on the AXEL 3D Project.

30 Hours of Work.

So, Tomorrow, can I add 6 More Hours to the Work-in-Progress? Even 4 would do. The time just goes by so fast while doing this activity. It's a good thing that Most of the Outer-Hull Details can be Mirrored so I only have to do them once. Even the Paint Job is Mirrored down the Bow-Line. The Inside is only similar in the aspect of the Outer Walls, the Interior is all kinds of different. 

The Outer Hull on the Primary Hull and the Escape Shuttle/'Lifeboat' has a Grille on either side, but where do they go? And what are they used for? They need a Purpose. 

I have been thinking of the Inner Superstructure of the AXEL. I know that I want to Radiate Supports around the Warp Coils, fore and aft. 3 to 6 Structural Supports per each end of the Nacelle. Good thing that I can Mirror it when I am done. Maybe I can learn about 'Skinning' Images onto the 3D Model by researching it on YouTube.

I have found several Tutorials. After I get the Main/Outer Hull Completed, I will have to create the Skins. After I get the First done, the rest will be easy. I hope that I can just overlay the Artwork that I already have, but I am not expecting anything to be as easy as that.

I have Gained Knowledge on Texturing and Sectioning and feel that I can do a Great (Adequate) Job and provide some images that will pass. I can't wait to try these. Especially the Alternate paint schemes for the AXEL.

They make it all seem so easy to add the lighting and the Skins on the 3D Computer Models. I can't wait to give it a try! I think that everyone will get very excited when they see the Video of the AXEL.

Yes Sir, I will have to take My Lap-Top with me into the room where my Home-Base Computer is so I can have Immediate access to the Videos that I have place in the 'Watch Later' category. 

If I get this to work, and am happy with it, I will do one of each of the Starships that I have and then do them in a Flight formation. Maybe at a later timeframe, I will make some Enemy Ships to make a Fight Scene based on 1 minute per ship.

After I send a Video to the 'Captain', I will post My work on YouTube. Of Course I will get the 'Haters' and 'Trolls', but for a First timer doing this, I can ask what their First 3D Animation was, and how they thought it rated. Then I can also ask them what training they had. My Answer will be 'Self-Taught', and then I will see what their reaction is. I will also show it on 'fb' for family and friends.


28 May 2013

I will only have a couple hours today to work on the AXEL 3D, so I will tackle all of the Easy things first. I want to make several different degrees of Heat for the Grille behind the Impulse so as the Thrusters come on the Grille is Black and Cold, then they heat up while the Impulse Drive is in Opperation.

I was able to do the Drop-Doors, the Approach Lights to the Shuttle Bay, The Docking Lights, and the Thruster Ports within the 2 Hours I had. I want to Identify each Thruster Port's Fire so when I do the Animation I can have Individual Thrusters Fire to Manuever for the Shuttle to Enter the Bay. My Vision is that the AXEL comes from a Planet, then comes to a stop, Manuevers by Thrusters, and Opens the Rear Shuttle Bay doors, and as the AXEL is doing so, a Bright Light Appears and a Warp Shuttle arrives and comes to the AXEL where the Tractor beam takes over when it's in range and then brings it into the Shuttle Bay, and the Doors Start closing as the AXEL's Impulse drive comes on and the Axel starts moving, and you see the Warp-Drive come online and start to glow, then the Impulse goes off and the Warp Drive Energages and the AXEL goes out of Scene, but We quickly catch up and get a view from the front where the Bussard collectors are turned on and you see the glow from them between the Outer Hull and the Inner Hull. Then the Scene fades away. This has to be kept within 60 seconds, and then I have to add sound effects. I Envision a Heavy Drone for the Impulse Drives, and I want to find the sound effect of a Ferengi Starship going to Warp. 

Tomorrow, I should have 7 Hours to get what I can done on the AXEL. Which, I plan on getting a lot done. I even want to search for Sound Effects for the Animated Minute. 

I believe that I do have the sounds that I am looking for. They only last 22 seconds, but in a 60 second Video that is more than enough.

I am going to have to make a Loop of 3 times, then Overlay that again, and again, and I should have 88 Seconds of sound, and I can control that ny the Volume for the start and end times. I should have a constant Heavy Rumbling sound as I need to the Impulse Drive. Thrusters, I want a Crackling Noise, like a Camp Fire Looped, then I will record it for a second. What else would make a Noise? The Shittle Bay Doors, and that will have to be something Mechanical Dragging. 

Now...Does the 'Captain' of the AXEL already have Theme Music? I will have to end the 60 second spot with the Title and the Main Characters Names like in the Original Series. I will have to create a Fight Scene at a later time so I can Demonstrate the AXEL's Weaponry. Maybe I'll dig back into the Stories and find the Battle that they were in before I joined the first time. I am going to have to create a chart to go by Second-to-second to keep track of the events as they happen. 60 Seconds and a lot to fill in that timeframe. I have to decide if I want to go 10 frames per Second, or 24 fps. That would be either 600 frames and up to 1296 frames to create. Maybe I can go somewhere in between? 950 frames? 60 fps would be crazy!

I just read that 24 fps is Movie Quality.


27 May 2013

The 3D SEIKLON AXEL that I shown yesterday is far from complete, and since then, I had to move the Nacelles to allow for a Turbolift. I was going to post some pictures of each Deck Level, but since I had to make some Adjustments, I decided not to.  Just checking something, and it does not matter if it's on or not when writing/typing.

I have made a 'List' of things to accomplish on the SEIKLON AXEL 3D, and it's as follows:

-Shuttle Bay Lights (Red and Green Indicators)

-Shuttle Bay Doors

-Drop Doors (Upper/Lower)

-Refine Phaser Arrays

-Create Photon Torpedo Launcher

-Create Thruster Ports

-Add Exterior Details

-Flesh Out Interior Decks

-Add 'Paint Scheme'

-Add 'Name and Logo'

-Add Interior Details

-Create Landing Gear (for Primary Hull and Emergency Section)

-Create Interior Superstructure

-Create Shuttle Crafts (3)

Thats the lot of it.

Yes...I have a lot to do before I will be finished with the 3D, and it will be a challenge in some aspects. The things that I can just create will go by faster, like the Framework around the Nacelles and Between the Outer Hull and the Inner Compartments. The Shuttle Bay doors, and a few other parts will go by quickly, but as for the Colors on the Hull, and other such items, I will have to learn ways of handling them.

Since I posted the picture of the AXEL Yesterday , I made several changes, Including the Scale. At first I used the Height as the Basis, but when I could not get all the Decks in, I had to Scale it up to match the Length, and that allowed me another Deck, but it was not enough. So I ended up making the Cargo area deeper. That seemed to be the only way. It did not hurt the overall look of the ship. I will have to add some of the Lights to the Shuttle Bay Landing Drop Doors. Every time that I look at the 3D rendering, I see something New that needs to be added.


26 May 2013

Let me Introduce...The


In 3D. A work in Progress. The nice Bright Colors are only Temporary. I used this Method to hale with Each Deck Level and how to avoid the Warp-Nacelles, Thrusters, and to add the Turbolifts, Jefferies Tubes, Docking Port, and the Weapon Systems. After they are flushed out, They will all be a Dark Grey. I need to learn hor to make Objects Glow, and how to 'Skin' the Model. The Deck Layout is going to have to Change. As I did the 3D work, I noticed that things were NOT panning out like what had happened when I did the Original Deck-Plans when I was a Member of this Group. Will the 'Captain' understand that things when worked out, are not as they were perceived to be? Maybe, since it is a 3D Version, he will realize that the newer version is the accurate one. I will wait until I get the Colors added to the Hull, and the rest of the Details added. I can make a Short Video of the AXEL coming, then Turning, and then Speeding away. If I can figure out how to get the Lights to be bright and Flashing, and the Impulse Drive to Glow Blue at first as it pulls away, then go off and then the Yellow of the Warp-Drive Coils glowing through the Port-Holes just before it goes to Warp, he would be Impressed. I would be.


25 May 2013

Well I have lost track of the time while creating a 3D version of the SEIKLON AXEL. It bled over to the next day, but I am happy with what I currently have. The goal is to create the ship floor by floor. Time for Sleep.

Good Morning. Time for Coffee, then after the bedroom is clear, I will be able to get back at the 3D I started Yesterday. I was having a lot of progress with the 3D drawing last night and I was not paying attention to the time. Even when laying down in bed I was thinking of what the correct processes would be for my next step. Even now, I am thinking things through. 


24 May 2013

13 More Warp-Drives/Nacelles to go before I am done with the (Realistic) 'MPR' Sheet. After that, I will Re-Do the FASA/VS-I&II 'MPR' Chart, which should go faster because I don't have to find a place for it, because someone else already did. But...It will have to wait a few hours.

I did Finish the (Realistic) 'MPR' Chart and Printed that and the 'Tandem Warp Engine' Value Sheet, but I ran out of Both inks. After Dinner (Pizza), I am going to draw a 3D of a PBEM-RPG Starship that I used to Participate in, and with the Knowledge I have now, I can do it with Complete Confidence and Accurately.

Something Learned is that Starships after 2260 had not only the Warp-Drive (Core), but also a Fusion Reactor for Powering of the Vital Systems that way when going to full warp, it would not drain the power from Warp-Drive (Core) and all of the vital systems would remain running at full power.


By Belinda Allendar 

Accommodation: 42 (10 cabins designed to house four each + Captain's cabin and XO's Cabin) 
Classification: Freighter 
Production Start Date: 2367 
Production End Date: 2381 
Current Status: Mothballed - parts available from salvage only 
Length: 185.48 meters 
Width: 116.64 meters 
Height: 43 meters 

Weight: 20,400 metric tons 
Cargo capacity: 22,741 metric tons(note that this means that well over half the ship is cargo space - which could be converted to makeshift living space if we decide to take on refugees.) 
Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite 
Number of Decks: 5 
Recommended Yard Overhaul: 20 years (as originally designed, but the ship has had SEVERAL major modifications done to it since its creation. Imagine a '67 cargo van body with a '88 Cadillac engine, an '02 Kia exhaust system, and brand new top-of-the line tires and you get the general idea... And the whole thing desperately needs a paint job...) 
Expected Duration: 120 years with refits 
1 Ferengi-designed Dester P3 Warp Engine (refit) 
1 Zinger Seven Impulse Unit (original) 
Warp 4.0 Standard Cruising Speed 
Warp 8 Maximum Cruising Speed 
Warp 8.99 Maximum Attainable Speed (But we are talking risky here... and it wouldn't last long) 
1 Type VII Federation-built Phaser Array (salvaged from an old shuttlecraft) 
Compliment: 1 Quantum (dangerous, illegal, and of uncertain reliability), 40 Photon 
1 MK 75 Direct Fire Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tube 
Projectile Weapon: 
2 Side-mounted PZ9 Rail Guns - Standard Marqui issue from 40 years ago... 
FSQ-3 Primary Shield and Deflector Control System 
Primary Computer System: 
Gnomerez Smart Runner 
Primary Navigation System: RAVMod 2 Warp Celestial Guidance (reconditioned) 
Embarked Craft: 
1Work Bee General Utility Craft 
1 5-man shuttle (though you could cram nine in it in a pinch) 


I now have the Physical description. I will create Half of the Main Hull, then the Cylindrical Engineering Section, then the Bridge, and Finally the rest before filling it out.


23 May 2013

Today I hope to Achieve the Completition of the (Realistic) 'MPR' Chart, and then I can re-do the (FASA/VS-I&II) 'MPR' Chart.

Time to Finish my Coffee and then to get to Business.

I was able to get 28 more Completed, Leaving 26 to do. One more Days worth of work. Then it's on to the FASA/VS-I&II 'MPR' Sheet.

Most of the FASA/VS-I&II 'MPR' Sheet has already been figured out, and all that I have to do is input the information onto the XL Spreadsheet. I have done most of this already, Previously, but I am debating how to add all of the Warp-Drives/Nacelles that I had added, and about the Repeated FFTL's and EFTL's. I have found Several EFTL-2's of different Designs, and the FFTL's have repeated Designations with different Nacelles. The Confusion is based on that, and that's what led me to create the Other Chart, the 'Realistic' one.

Since My Son is with his Mother for an extra day, and I have done my 'Chores' for the day, I am going to get back at the (Realistic) 'MPR' Chart.

WIth my Swelled feet, I again tackled the 'MPR' Sheet and Completed 13 more, Leaving me with 13 before I am done. It took me 2 hours to do 13 of them. They will be done tomorrow. I took some Anti-Inflamitory Pills and a few other things to help alieviate the pain and swelling. 


22 May 2013

Today, there was no chance of doing anything related to this site. Tomorrow, I have Nothing else to chase down and will have several hours to Dedicate to the 'MPR' Sheets.

I am still at a loss where I placed the Information of the Warp-Drive Designers and what I had attributed to each of them.


21 May 2013

This Morning I have a few things to do, but I will be able to dedicate at least a Couple of Hours to this.

88 degrees and Humid today. Time again for the A/C, which I did not want to turn on until the middle of June.

I was able to get the 'Romulan War Era' Warp-Drives/Nacelles completed. I am Officially Half-Way done with the 'MPR' (Realistic) Sheet. That is, I did another 16 Warp-Drives/Nacelles. I have 56 to do yet before I am done with the (Realistic) 'MPR' Chart. After I get that one Completed, I have to Re-Do the FASA/Vintage Starship/FanFic/Me Chart, and only because I had added Several New Warp-Drives/Nacelles. I am still struggling with the Values given per EFTL, FFTL, etc... due to the fact that they assume all of the Warp-Drives/Nacelles are/have the Same Values. When I am Completed with Both 'MPR' Sheets and added Information, I will then Submit them to this Group that I have an association with, but before that, I have to Create a [pdf] file of everything. I could be working on my Explination of why I did what I did in the (Realistic) vs (FASA/VS-I&II) Charts for those that want to 'Nit-Pick' my work.

I will Begin the Writing of Explinations for what I have done and why.

So...As usual, I am looking for some Information and cannot find it. I know that I had written it down and that it is in the 3-ring binder. Well, it has gone AWOL.


20 May 2013

I will surely break the 500 mile a tank mark, without a doubt. I took my Automotive Tool-Box out of Storage once again and placed it in the back of the Vehicle so I am ready to resume the required work on the vehicle. I am also going to be doing some suspension work on my brother's vehicle so he can feel safer while driving. Goals: To install Solenoid to Disengage the Transmission when my foot is off of the accelerator. Change out the Throttle-Body to one from a Heavy-Duty Truck so the Computer can be Fooled. Besides some Sheet-Metal Work, that's the Extent of what needs to be completed. I do also want to get another Tire for the Vehicle.

I did Not get the Chance to work on Anything today. Been running and Paying Bills and getting Personal Items for us. I still have to hunt down some Insect Repellent. That I will get Tomorrow. After I get done with what I have to do tomorrow, I will return to the 'MPR' Sheet. I will be Ready to Submit the Information after I go through and Re-Do the FASA/VS-I&II 'MPR' Sheet. That one is a bit difficult because the 'Style' of the Warp-Drives/Nacelles don't Match with the Information either by Mass or...Well, they always have an issue with the Information or even the Picture remaining Consistant with the 'Class' and that's what led me to the Conclusion that the 'EFTL, FFTL, etc...' is just a Earth Government Classification rather than the Manufacturer's Name.

Above, Is why I used a Manufacturer's Classification for the Warp-Drives/Nacelles because of the Confusion of the Nacelles being called the same things and looking differently.


19 May 2013

Tomorrow I will be able to Resume with the Warp-Drive/Nacelle Project.


15 May 2013

Today things must be done! Too bad it will not have anything to do with this.

I have gotten the Surveillance System up and Running, and anyone who comes into My place will be Recorded, and their Image sent to Me, and then I will Mail that Image to the Police and have the Thief/Thieves Immediately Arrested, and I will Request that they keep thet Person, or those People in Jail for a Week and that I can go into their place of Residence and Collect anything that is Mine, and if it's not there, to Take a Replacement from their Residence. I have Pictures of Everything that I own on My Storage Device with their Respective Information so they can be Tracked that the Police can Follow. I am going to Catch this/These People now. 


14 May 2013

After PLASMA, After taking the 'Girlfriend' to get her Hair Coloring, and After Finishing My Brothers Brakes on his Car, I can get to My Vehicle. I will only have 3 to 4 Hours to get everything done. I am thinking that maybe Wednesday would be a better day, but My Brother needs his Car as much, or even more than I need a Vehicle.

Tomorrow is all about Laundry, Getting this Woman her Hair Color, Putting the 'Automotive Tool Box' back in Storage and that will be it.


13 May 2013

Today I am doing My Brother a Favor and Fixing his Car, and will Not have time for this, or anything else for that matter.

I could not finish My Brother's Car because I could not get the Wheels off to get at the Bleeders on the Brakes, and thus the Brakes are Spongey due to an Air Bubble in the Braker Line that I had Repaired. So, Tomorrow, I will have to take the Car to a Tire Place so they can Break the Lugs Free for Me. My Brother Broke his 4-Way trying to free the Lugs for Me. I Tried before he got home, but I knew when to stop. After the Tires are Free'd I can finish the job.

I was...Was, going to go into the Bedroom and work on My 'Home-Base' Computer, but Someone wants to watch a Movie on their Computer.


12 May 2013

I have been working on the 'Realistic' Charts for the 'MPR' Sheet and the 'Warp Engine Types' Sheet, and I ran out of Space on the 'MPR' Sheet. 

I was able to Achieve a Lot today. The 'Realistic' 'MPR' Chart is Almost Completed. Doing it in the Manner that I am, It really brings a lot out in the Light on Warp Progression based on All of the Sources. I get a Many of Idea's while I am doing it.

48 of 221 Warp-Drives/Nacelles I have done in the 'MPR' Sheets. That's Less that One-Quarter of the Total that needs to be completed. 

I had Finally Developed a technique to fill out the 'MPR' Spread-Sheet quickly before I had to Stop.


11 May 2013

It's another 'Indoor Type of Day' and I am going to work on my 'Home-Base' Computer this Morning, as I have a DVD Cover and a DVD Sleeve to Create and Print and some 3D drawings to Complete, then a few Spreadsheets to Update. I am Dissapointed because I could not find more Warp-Drives/Nacelles to Create in 3D and then Add to the Spreadsheets. 

I am NOT Happy with the 'MARSHALL' Class of 2154(?) Dimensions. Even for that Timeframe it would be Considered too Large. 225 meters long!? That's Larger than the 'CONSTITUTION' Class! I cannot find any Indication of the Quantity of Decks that it has, and Leaves me to have to Draw the 3D Representation as it is called out. I would say that they meant 'Feet' rather than 'meters'. That would make it 68.18 meters if it was 225 feet in length. 157 Crew is what it calls for.

I have gotten to a point on the 'PLUTO' Class to Establish the Basics. Decks: 7, Mass: 36,700mt, Class: IV, Length: 140m, Width: 105m, Height: 55m, CWD-XA Warp-Drive/Nacelles, Warp 4 Emergency Speed, 

See the 'Photogallery' for the Recent Pictures and New ones of the 'PLUTO' Class. I have added what I like to call the '3 Sisters', which is the 'PYROEIS' Class, the 'RANGER' Class and the 'PLUTO' Class all Cruising together.


10 May 2013

Today is an Indoor Type of Day. It is Raining. Though it may let up some time today, I will do what I can with this Project in the mean time.

I will be Finishing the 3D drawing of the 'PLUTO' Class Starship, and Maybe I will Paint it. I feel like Painting Today, and Maybe that's the Release that I need. I have to draw the New Nacelle and Adjust the others. I would like to find several more Nacelles to Draw as well so it will not look so Odd.

It looks as though I have to do some Serious Digging to find More Nacelles so they can be drawn in 3D. This is Odd because instead of having them Randomly pop up, I have to Now go Digging around on the Internet for them.


09 May 2013

I am going to get whatever I can done today. My Son has a Half-Day of School, and that will deffinately affect what happens here.

Let's try this Again. I was booted out as I was Writing down information. I was able to get the Information onto the 'Movement Point Ratio Table' Chart, and Now I have to Adjust the Warp-Drives for at least the Class Above and the Class Below where I had to place each. Example; The Class VI 'SWT-13' needs to Also be Reflected for Class V Starships as well as Class VII Starships. Warp-Drives Cover Several Classes of Starships and their Respective 'MPR'. The More Movement that you want for Less Power-Points Equates to a Lower Maximum Warp-Speed.

I have to Arrange the 'MPR' Table and add more Slots so I can Catergorize the Warp-Drives in the order of Production, and so it's just easier to follow. Right Now, it's a Jumbled Mess.

I am Struggling as to Why I did 3 different 'KD-2' Warp-Drives/Nacelles. I know that I had to come accross the Information at some point and that's why I had Added it, But Before I can Continue, I have to find the Sources where I pulled the Information from. Once again, I am at a Stand-Still. I have been looking at Sheets that the Person from Vintage Starships I&II created because thats where I can safely say where I had gotten the Information from in the first place.

The 'Warp-Drive' Data Sheets just need to have their Shading Sections redone. Every time that I add a New Warp-Drive/Nacelle it messes with the Shading Part. The Program does not know how to Adjust on it's own, or at least I never have found anything that addresses that issue. Maybe it's time that I research this.

After I get this Completed as per the FASA/VS I&II/FanFic/and of My Own Warp-Drives/Nacelles, I am going to Submit it to a Site where I have Received a lot of help in Understanding the Sheets and Values. I will get it All wrapped up and make a Full [pdf] file as a Supplimental for the Era Before TOS. I will have to work My Arse Off to get Everything ready, then I have to find a Free [pdf] creator. The [pdf] File will contain the History of Warp Drive from 2053 to 2244 and it will be based on FASA's interpitation as well as other Already written information, With Mine Mixed in.

Once again, I have Another Nacelle to Draw. From the 'MARSHALL' Class Destroyer.

...WHich is this Starship. On this one, I cannot even tell how many Decks high it is, So I have to Trust what was written, and that is NOT Available at this time. I found some Information and the Length is 225 meters, and that's all I really Need for the Drawing of the 3D Nacelle.


08 May 2013

I am going to do the Dishes and then go do some Grocery Shopping. After I do those things, I can once again Focus on this.

I was almost done with the 3D Drawing of the 'PLUTO' Class before I had to quit and ready myself for My Son's Return Home. While I had My 'Home-Base' Computer on, I updated the XL Spreadsheets to reflect the current Names. I did Not print those Sheets as of yet, I have to figure out where to Add them to the 'Power-Ratio' Sheet and I have to Differentiate the (a), (b), and (c) versions of the KD-2's. The Tellerites are Considered Not to be Deceptive, But they will take Advantage of an Oppertunity if it presents itself. 

I am using the CWD-XA as the Warp-Drive/Nacelles for the 'PLUTO' Class Starship. It suits the Design well. Overall, the 'PLUTO' Class is coming along really well. I started on the Science Pod/Section of the Ship when I had to Stop. I need to do the Coloring for the Sections of the Ship, Like the Front Part of the Primary Section, I want that Orange to Symbolize a 'Heat-Shield', while the Sensors will be Yellow-ish and Copper in Color. 

Maybe I should Re-Think the Primary Hull of the 'PLUTO' Class Research Vessel. WHat I am currently going with is more along the 2220's and on Designs, I want something a little previouse than that, and I was thinking about thew 'RANGER' Class as an Example, So I will use that as a starting point for the Design and Modify it to what would work the best for My Design.

I am Identifying the Warp-Drives/Nacelles that I do not have on the 'MPR' (Movement Point Ratio) Chart so it will be easier to add them at a latter timeframe.


07 May 2013

Today is PLASMA, then to do a little Grocery Shopping, then I can perform some Research.

I was able to do a little work on the Warp-Drive/Nacelle Project, and I Re-arranged the Drawings, Made Individual Files for Each of the Nacelles that were added, Updated the Spread-Sheet for the Movement Ratios, and I Updated the Value Charts for the Warp-Drive/Nacelles, in Both the FASA/VS I&II, and the 'Realistic' as well. Now everything that used to say 'DY' now says 'YPS', and I Renamed the 'SWTs' so they Reflect the Current Drawings. We All know that the Vulcans do Not Admit Failure, and Would Rather Keep the Succession of Numbers of their Warp-Drives/Nacelles in Order, Only adding an 'A', or a 'B' at the End of theirs. I Printed the Latest of the Sheets and Already Marked on them to Identify the Future Changes. The Vulcans would State; "They are Perfectly Functional Designs as they were. We just Made Improvements to them as we saw Necessary.", and that would be a Perfectly Arrogant Response from a Vulcan Engineer. I need to Incorporate such things in My Writings. This would best be placed in any timeframe other than Pre-Star Fleet Training.  Now, the Qustion is...Where do I place it?

I cannot work on anything in Depth currently. I have to wait until later when My time is Free. 120 Warp-Drives/Nacelles is quite an undertaking. And again, the Timeframe is from 2061 to 2244. 

I am Back to the 'PLUTO' Class Starship for some Reason. I guess that I have to Encorporate it in Somehow. Then that means I have to create a 3D Drawing of it, and then Paint it up. I will be Using My First Design that I had Sketched with the Half-Disc Primary Hull, and a Secondary Hull for the Scientific Departments. 

This is the Latest in the Set of 3D Drawings of the Nacelles. As you can see, I Labled each Nacelle, and it's difficult to read here, but I did place a Full-Sized Version in the 'Photogallery'. The 'PLUTO' Class...I will make it within the Era of 'ENTERPRISE' Series, Using the Primarty Hull and taking some of the Diameter off of it, and then Half-Mooning the Saucer, and then Adding onto it. So 2152 would be the Starting Year, and it would be a Class-III Starship, Using the CDW-XA Warp-Drive/Nacelles.

After some Research and Consideration, I will be Designing My Own Primary Hull for the 'PLUTO' Class.


06 May 2013

Today, Was an Only Look kind of Day. I wanted to Tackle the Warp-Drive/Nacelle sheets/Information, but I had some Bills to Pay. I had an Early Oppertunity to pay the Bills and get food in the House, and that's what I did over my Hobby. Priorities.


05 May 2013

I have the Laundry to get done before I can pursue anything that I would want to.

Laundry: Done. I am Painting the Outdoor Electrical Cover, Black. I am awaiting for the Flat Black Paint to Dry, and I have another Hour to Wait, then I can put Sealer on it. Then I have to let that Dry for a Couple of Hours. I have Decided to place the Outdoor Outlet on the Passenger-Side Rear Door, Because if I go Camping, I want the Outlet on the Side of the Vehicle where I will be Spending most of My time, and that's the Side with the Sliding Door, where I will be getting In, and Getting Out of the Vehicle. I wish that the Licence Plate Flipped Down, Because I would Hide the Outlet there, Behind the Plate. Also, it would keep it out of the Weather better.


04 May 2013

More 'Outside' Work to do today. 

I did what I could, and as far as that goes, it's done for now.


03 May 2013

Chilly Friday Morning. I have a Lot on my plate today, and it looks like it's going to Bleed throught the whole weekend.


02 May 2013

Getting back to the Warp-Drives/Nacelles. I have to create Individual 3D Files of Each Nacelle and Rename some of the Ones that I have already done, as well as Work on the 'Power/Movement' Chart. That means working on the 'Home-Base' Computer, which I Love working on.

I did Not get the Goals done today because I took a Walk and then had to Create a DVD. So My time was Consumed. Tomorrow I have a couple of things that I have to do, so I won't have that much time for this.

This weekend is being used up already! I have One task after another that needs to be Completed.


01 May 2013

The U.S.S. NEIL DeGRASSE TYSON, a PLUTO Class Starship. But Not quite a Starship.

PLUTO: Located in the 'Kuiper Belt'. It's a 'Dwarf' Planet. Smaller than Earth's Moon. In Greek Means 'HADES'. Discovered in 1930. Discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh. Discovered with the 'Lowell' Observitory in Arizona. 'Charon' is Pluto's 1st Discovered Sattelite. 'Nix' and 'Hydra' were Discovered Orbiting Pluto in 2005. Remained the 9th Planet for 75 Years. Changed from being a Planet to a Dwarf Planet in 2006. Has been assigned the number 134340. Rotates in the Opposite Direction than Most of the Planets. 3.6 Billion Miles from Earth. 40 times farther from the Sun than Earth. 

I guess the U.S.S. TYSON should be a Starship that had it's Class Changed due to the Re-Evaluation by Starfleet. IE=from a Class X (10) to a Class VI (6) Starship. Based on Pluto's Information, it Should be from a Class IX (9) to a Class IV (4) of 40,000mt. So the Warp-Drive will be based on that, and Now I will have to Determine the Year this takes place. This is going to be Tricky. What Year could the Redesignation have taken place? 2230's to 2240's is Deffinately the Current Designation of the Class of Starships. Pluto remained a Planet for 75 Years, so I will have to create where the Chages took place, then Minus 75 Years and Claim that is the Year that the 'U.S.S. TYSON' was Constructed. So...Class 9 (IX) would have been 40,000mt's back in, and up to the Year of 2161. Which seems to Work because the UFP (United Federation of Planets) was Founded, and it would make Sense that the Earth Forces (Starfleet) Adopted the More Established Classifications of the Races that have been travelling the Stars longer, IE=The Vulcans, Andorians and Tellerites. This is actually Working out better than I had Hoped. So...For the Record: In 2161 the UFP was Formed and Earth's Starfleet Adopted the Class Ratings from the Races that have been Travelling the Stars longer and thus a Class 9 Starship Became a Class 4 Sub-Class Starship after being in Service for 75 Years. That would mean that this Class of Starship was Comissioned in 2086. So Now I Actually have a Workable Date to Begin. Time to get to Work Designing the Starship.

PLUTO Class Starship: Commissioned: 2086, Warp-Drive: 'Valiant' (Variant/C1-21) or a Vulcan Type (Fusion), Maximum Mass: 40,000mt's.

Now to Create the Sub-class Starship. I may go with the Vulcan Warp-Drives and use a 'Tandem' Configuration, as Opposed to the Vulcan's Single Useage Designs. I have Come to the Conclusion that there are 4 Warp-Drives that would Suit this Starship, and those are the; Surak'a, Nirak's, Valiant, and the P'Jem.

So...Now I have a Direction. (?DATE?): The 'PLUTO' Class U.S.S. NEIL DeGRASSE TYSON, NCC-075 (?) Survey Explorer, With Captain Emilous Greene Commanding, is Experiencing Malfunctions of it's Warp-Drive, the 'Valiant' (Varriant) Warp-Drive is Experiencing an Imballence issue after a Skirmish with the ???? in Sector ????, Near ????.

Class I = 1,000mt to 4,000mt

Class II = 4,001mt to 7,000mt

Class III = 7,001mt to 10,000mt

Class IV = 10,001mt to 13,000mt

Class V = 13,001mt to 16,000mt

Class VI = 16,001mt to 20,000mt

Class VII = 20,001mt to 25,000mt

Class VIII = 25,001mt to 30,000mt

Class IX = 30,001mt to 40,000mt

I think that to Avoid Conflict, I will make it that the Decision was made after a few Years of Discussion with the Vulcans, like 2065~. It seems to be that the Decision was made before the Romulan War, after Earth had information from the Vulcans on what the Accepted Values were for Class of Vessel Versus the Weight. 

With the 'PLUTO' Class Starship, the Crew can be approximately 40. WHen I use the Designing Program, it will give me a better value. It will have to Carry Scientific Pods and Early Laser Turrett. There will be many things that I will have to address with this Design. DESCRIPTION: Tandom Nacelles Located above a 'Half-Primary Hull' with the Science Array Pods Slung Below the Primary Hull. Time to Sketch it, then Tomorrow I can Create a 3D Version so I can Later Paint it.

The Further Reason for the Imbalance could be due to the fact that in that Era, they Did Not have Deflectors. So a Small Object could have Smashed into one of the Bussard Ramscoops, therefore off balancing the Power Input. I can Only use Parts from Nacelles from 2086 and Before, Even Using the 'Fusion' Type Warp-Drives from the Vulcans.

Seems that in 2063 Zephrame Cochrane did Develope the first Navigational Deflector, Inertial Dapening Field, and Structural Integrity Field while on Earth. Did he not have these when He came to Earth? I would like to say that he did, but he just figured out how to creae these things using Earth's Materials and Technologies. So My Answer is that Yes, the 'PLUTO' Class would have had the Navigational Deflector.

How/What is Accurate in the way of Science Pods? Are they like the 'DAEDALUS' Class Secondary Hulls? Or are they more like something from the Vintage Starships Primary Hulls? More Research needs to be Completed.

2086-PLUTO Class Starship: Commissioned; Under the United Nations Solar Fleet. Warp-Drive: Tandem Nacelle, 'Valiant'-Fusion (Variant/C1-21), Mass: 30,000mt's to 40,000mt's-(Class IX), Maximum Crew: 40(est.), For the Use of 'Survey Explorer', One Laser Turrett, Max Warp: 3.47(est.), 

Allright...Maybe I need to Simplify my Design of the 'PLUTO' Class, to Something more in the line of the DY Series Crafts. What I have Designed was more in the line of TOS and ENT. It would Not work.

I am Trying to make a DY Sleeper Ship into what I Need for the Story. I have to Re-read a bit of Information that I had Collected a Year ago to see what Series was Moth-Balled only to be sold at a later date rather than having them All Scrapped. That's the Series that I will begin with. Then, I will Add on Technologies that Reflect the Changes in the Ships Design and then Create the 'PLUTO' Class Science Vessel of 2086.


Length: 200m

Service: 2035

Further improvement to the impulse drive system and a redesign of the space frame in the mid 2030s resulted in the DY-300-class. This was the first type of starship to carry the design of fusion impulse drive that was largely unchanged well into the 24th century. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Nuclear Time")

As you can see, the whole length of the DY-300 is Less than a Single PB-30 or PB-31 Nacelle. I will be Cutting between the part with the Wings and the Front Part. The Navigational Deflector will be mounted either under the Command Deck, or on the Top-Front of the Front of the...Uh.... Hmmmm, The Fornt Part/Nose-Cone? I Believe that I will remove the whole Cylendrical part after the Cargo and Living Spaces, and then Add the Thrusters. The Nacelles will be placed o n Both Sides, behind the the Operations Decks. In the end, it will be about 100 meters. I wonder what the Metric Tonnage is of the Base Model?

I can always use the Tail Cylendar as the Warp-Drive/Engineering Section and have the Nacelles stem off of it. That means that it will be around 150 meters in length. That way it can be Seperable from the Primary Section for Safety. And the Nodes I can place Thrusters. I believe that is the way I am going to Proceed. I will have to Apply a Series of Small Thrusters between the Primary Hull and the Engineering Section, that way if the Engineering Section has to be Removed, the Primary Hull will still be able to Move.

What Weapons were available in 2086? Time to Research.

Not Much, thats what. So it will be Nuclear Missiles and Rail Guns. I guess by 2211 it will have ended up in the hands of a Commercial Company and then possibly in Private Hands. So Now what? This has become frustrating. I have to Now review 'Why' I wanted to do this and see if I want to Continue.

It all started Because of 'Martha Speaks' and the Issues Surrounding Pluto.

I guess that I will Subtract 75 Years from a Point in the Story-Line that I can add more.

I am 'Throwing' ALL of that Thinking away. The only thing that will remain is the Basic Facts. I will do as I stated above, but the Starship's Outward apperance will change as well as the Technologies used, and the Date of Commision, and that's all. 

2211 minus 75 years is 2136. Now, what would be the Basis of the Design for a Starship in that Era? Well, a Saucer type Primary Hull is Available. 

I have to Change out everything that used 'DY' to 'YPS' on the Charts. Because I had thought that Dyson-Yoyodyne used 'DY', but the Company is Actually Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems 'YPS'.

I am letting the ReClassification of the Weight Category go as well. For the Gamers it would create Difficulties and Confusion.


30 April 2013

I had made great progress on the History of Warp Technologies based on when Warp-Drives were Released. I will be going deeper in Depth with this, Outlining Changes in Technology, Who Borrowed/Stole from who, and Legal Actions taken. 120 Warp-Drives/Nacelles in 177 years, from 2063 to 2240. 

Well, It's Once again time to work on the Warp-Drive Timeline and Intrigrate the other information that I had collected.

I find myself going Backwards in My Research just to Re-Clairify the Timeline/History of Warp-Drive.

I really have no time to work on it for the next couple of days. I do know what needs to be done first to arrive at the results that I am looking for in order to apply it to the current works that I am doing. 

I will have to Finalize Everything Using [PDF] so I can then Share the Information on a couple of Sites. Afterall, they were very Helpful with getting me on the Right Track in this area. Before that Final Step, I will have to Create the Charts to a Different Format for those who Play using the Latest RPG's. Dates are Dates, and Drawings are Drawings, as with Manufacturers, Designers, etc..., It's the Values that will need to be Changed. I am Expecting a Lot of Friction from others who Follow, and are Junkies to the Star Trek Universe. But that's to be Expected.

I will have to Create a Booklet just about All of the Warp-Drives, and that Booklet will have to be set-up like the FASA and/or Vintage Starships-I & II. Then I will have to Create a Booklet with the 'Realistic' Charts and Values, and that one will be more for the Story-line.

I often wonder how Many Nacelles I will have to go through for the Klingons, or Romulan, or Orions, or even the Gorn.


29 April 2013

This Week, I am going to Look Hard for Anything related to the Warp-Drives/Nacelles in the STSTCS area. I should be able to find anything by doing this.

I am Struggling to stay Focused for some unknown reason. Maybe I need a Breakfast.

I am going to start writing about the History/Timeline of the Warp-Drive based on the Information that I have Already Collected. I know that I have done this a couple times in the past, but I have New Information and want to look at it from a different perspective.

Here is what I have to Date:

Timeline and History
Based on the Starfleet point of view
2061-Cochrane Arrives in the 'C1-21' later renamed the 'BONEVENTURE' by the Government on Earth.
2063/April 5-Cochrane's Warp-Drive and Flight is Proven to the Earth's Government using Materials found within the Sol System.
2064-A Trade Pact is made between the Government of Earth and the Vulcan Embasy for Technology. This includes 12 Warp Capable Starships with 4 different Warp Technologies. This Includes 4 Surak'a Class Science Vessels, 4 Nirak's Class Defense Cruisers, 2 Torkas'a Class Medium Cruisers, and 2 D'vir'a Class Command Crafts. A Restriction was made that Only the Surak'a and Nirak's Class Vessels Warp-Drives could be Subjected to Research by the Earth Defense Forces to Aid in the Development of Earth's own Warp-Capable Starships. The Other Class Starships were Off-Limits in that Respect.
2065-Earth Starts a Dedicated Warp-Drive Program with the 'Valiant' Class. Derived from the Technologies from Zephrame Cochrane's 'C1-21' and the Two Classes of Vulcan Starships and from Material collected within the Sol Star System.
2068-The Vulcans allowed the Purchase of 2 Sargon'a Class Cruiser Starships, but Applied the No Research Status on them.
2072-Again the Vulcans allowed the Purchase of 6 New Starships. 4 of the P'Jem Class Light Cruiser which did not carry the Ban on them, and 2 of the Ok'San's Class Heavy Cruisers wich did have the Restrictions applied.
2090-Earth Purchased 6 of the T'mor's Class Science Vessels from Vulcan. There were No restrictions applied.
2098-10 T'PlanaHath Scout Class Starships were Purchased from the Vulcan Government by Earth without Restrictions.
2099-6 of the Advanced Cruiser Pan Mokar were Purchased from Vulcan with Restriction enforced.
2100-4 Sajik'a Class Light Interceptors were allowed to be Purchased from the Vulcan Government with the Full Restrictione Enforced.
2102-Earths Governments Decide to Regulate the Classifications of the Warp-Drives and Assignes them Designations based on their Capabilities. The Tellerites Sell 80 of it's 'TW-21' Warp-Drives, Including Nacelles, to the Earth Private Sector, which are Refined by Zephrame Cochrane and Fitted to Commercial Tugs. Dyson-Yoyodyne developes their First Commercial Produced Warp-Drive, the 'DY-732', and Fitted to their Current Line of Sleeper Ships with them, Selling only a Few to Selected Government Agencies on Earth for Testing and Warp-Drive Research.
2105-Dyson Yoyodyne Developes the Comercially Available 'DY-800' and offers it at a very reasonable price. Zephrame Cochrane, who just received funds to start 'Cochrane Warp Dynamics' Introduces His first Commercial Warp-Drive, and Immedialately starts a Campaign designed to Humiliate Dr.???? from the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company by Naming his Warp-Drive the 'CWD-900' and claimed it had more Power and that he was selling it for less. At this time, a Secret Governmrnt Agency in 'Area-51', Nevada Developed the 'WD-X' for the Sole Purpose of Searching the Known Space for Threats to Earth. The Tellerites along with the Andorians develop the 'TAW' Warp-Drive which is Commercially Marketed. At the End of the Year, The Earth's Governments have the 'P-AURORA' Warp-Drive used for Deep-Space Exploration.
2117-Cochrane Warp Dynamice Releases the 'CWD-X' Designed for the Earth Forces and used on Light-Duty Defense Starships. Dyson-Yoyodyne Releases the 'DY-001' for the Earth Forces, but the Drive is Massive and only provides minimum improvement to Speed and Dependability, and neverless the Earth's Government Purchases a Large Quantity that doubles the Amount Purchased from Cochrane Warp Dynamics. This Fuels the Fire between the Companies and the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company Files a Lawsuit against Zephrame Cochrane for Harrassment. Doctor Cochrane Takes an Indeffinate Leave from his Company and Leaves the Sol System with one of the Experimental 'CWD-X' Warp-Drives.
2122-Star Fleet's own Fleet Yards Produce the 'SF-4' for it's Continued Mission to Explore the Immediate Space around Sol. 
2123-The Dyson-Yoyodyne Company feeling Confident from their Recent Win in Court due to the Non-Apperance of Doctor Cochrane Releases the 'DY-002' for the Earth Forces.
2128-The 'DY-950' for the Commercial Market is Released and Dr.???? Presses for the Disolving of the Now Defunct Cochrane Warp Dynamics Company. It was Determined by the World Court that the Cochrane Warp Dynamics Company would continue and would only Fail upon it's own fault, and not because of any interferrence.
2130-The Cochrane Warp Dynamics Company Released the 'CWD-975', which was once again a Jab at the Scientists and Engineers at the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company. The 'CWD-975' was Superior to the 'DY-950' in every aspect and sold at a lower cost resulting in more sales, and again Spurning Dr.????. The 'P-NEVADA' Warp Drive is Functional for the Earths Forces and Launched from Area-51.
2138-Upon their Latest Success, Cochrane Warp Dynamics creates an Experimental Warp-Drive for the Earth Forces, Something that Dr.???? from the Dyson-Yoyodyne Comapny had been after. The 'CWD-XA' was Produced in Limited Numbers and Only for the Earth Forces and currently the Fastest Warp-Drive Available.
2140-Meeting the Challenge, the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company produced the 'DY-003' and then the 'DY-004' which the Latter was an Embarasement to the Company and Stained Dr.???? Reputation as a Warp-Drive Engineer. Within that same Year, Cochrane Warp Dynamics revealed the 'CWD-1000' which Outperformed Both of the Dyson-Yoyodyne Comapnies Efforts. Again, In Secret, Area-51 Developed 3 New Warp-Drives for their further research and named then the 'P-HOUSTON', 'P-ORION' and the 'P-RANGER' to execute Covert Operations into Unknown Space.
2150-After Fullfilling the Orders for their Previous Warp-Drive the Cochrane Warp Dynamics Company Finally Released the 'CWD-XB', a New Design based off of their Success with the 'XA'. The Earths Government Starts to Question why they are Producing Warp-Drives when there is an ever-growing Selection, but Proceeds to Remain Secretive and Creates the 'P-GamaHydrae'.
2151-Star Fleet Releases the Earths Government's latest Warp-Drive called the 'SF-5' which Ended the Fusion Era for Starships due to the Discovery of the Matter/Anti-Matter Drives. The Latest Warp-Drive and Components were Redesigned to Utilize the Latest Discovery of the New Technology and the Warp-Drive was Renamed the 'SF-NX'. Also in this Year, the Earths Government Developed the 'P-Cochrane', Obviously Named.
2152-Klortis Designs started Manufacturing Warp-Drives on Earth Releasing their First Earth Constructed Warp-Drives, the 'KD-1'.
2156-The Vulcans take Note of the Tellerite Decision to Produce Warp-Drives on Earth and Follow suit and Establist the Shuvannis Warp Technologies on Earth and Produce the 'SWT-1'. The Secret Earth Warp Program Rethinks the 'WD-X' and Refits it with the Latest Technologies leaving the Outward Apperance the same. The Romulan Wars Begin between Earth and the Romulan Empire.
2157-All of the Manufacturering Companies on Earth put an Effort to Produce Warp-Drives as quickly as possible, Making their Designs as simple as possible, and Creating Common Standards for Connection points. Klortis Designs Leads the way with 4 Warp-Drives, the 'KD-1A', 'KD-2(a)', 'KD-2(b)', and 'KD-2(c)' Which had Mild differences to their Performance. Dyson-Yoyodyne Also Answered the Call Quickly with the 'DY-1000' that they Fitted to their Starships for Use in Delivering Much Needed Materials to the Front Lines.
2158-Again Klortis Designs Produces many more War-Drive Designs for the Cause, Adding the 'KD-3', 'KD-2A', 'KD-2B' and the 'KD-X' to the Line-Up. Cochrane Warp Dynamics released the 'CWD-1'. Shuvannis Warp Technologies Released the 'SWT-1A' and the 'SWT-X' based on the Current Direction the Humans were taking with their own Warp Developement.
2159-Klortis Designs Leads the Way at Warp-Drive Production for the War Effort and Produces the 'KD-3A' in Large Quantities. Shuvannis Warp Technologies brings their Best with the 'SWT-2'. New Friction starts between Companies when the Leeding Engineering Limited Company was Established and then Released their 'LEL-A'  which Performed Flawlessly in Every Evaluation and won High Awards and Received a Large Contract from Earths Governments.
2160-Dyson-Yoyodyne went on the Offensive and Developed the 'DY-1200' in Response to Gain Further Favor from the Government. The Shuvannis Warp Technologies Developed the 'SWT-3' and Remained Constant on their Production. Leeding Engineering Limited Produced 2 New Warp-Drives, Taking over Klortis Designs on Numbers Produced with the 'LEL-1' a Heavy Loads Design, and the 'LEL-1A', which were both Based off of their Original Design.
2161-The 'Romulan War' came to an End in Late 2160, and The Federation of Planets is Formed.
2162-All of the Factories had to Re-tool, but the Warp-Drives started to be Produced once again, Starting with Leeding Engineering Limited and their 'LEL-1B'.
2166-The New 'LEL-2' from Leeding Engineering Limited was Introduced and Once again it Received Fan-Fare from the Earths Governments, but did Not go Unchallenged by Cochrane Warp Dynamics who put out the 'CWD-X', an Experimental Design for Large Starships and was produced in Limited Numbers.
2174-Shuvannis Warp Technologies Produced the 'SWT-4' and Once again Continued to Produce Reliable Warp-Drives on Behalf of the Federation of Planets.
2177-The Federation of Planets saw an Influx of New Warp-Drives using Lithium Crystals including from the Dyson-Yoyodyne Group, the 'DY-008'. Shuvannis Warp Technologies brough to the table 2 New Designs Based on the Use of the Lithium Crystals, the 'SWT-5' and the 'SWT-6'. To the Earth Government something seemed strange that the Vulcans seemed to Excell in the Use of the New Material and Launched an Investigation.
2178-Earths Government Investigations Reveals that the Vulcans were Familiar with the Use of Lithium Crystals when it was Allowed by the Vulcans that the Torkas'a, Ok'San'a, T'mor'a and T'Plana-Hath could now be used as Examples to Further the Warp-Drive of their Own Starships. The Investigation Revealed that the Tellerites and the Andorians Also were far Advanced in their Warp-Drive Technologies and were being Controlled by the Vulcans for the Reason to not give the Human Race too much Knowledge too Soon.
2179-Shuvannis Warp Technologies Developed the 'SWT-7' because they did not have to Re-Tool for the Warp-Drive Advances and Design Time was Reduced due to their Familiarity of the Technology.
2182-Earths Government Persuance to Reveal what was the Driving Force behind the D'Vir'a and the Sargon'a was a Failure and Spurred the Effort by the Humans to Produce Better, and Stronger Warp-Drives to Reduce their Dependancy on the Technologies from Outside Sources. A Call out to All of the Manufacterers was made with Financial Benefits. Shuvannis Warp Technologies Developed the 'SWT-8A', which Earths Starfleet Purchased several of, as well as their 'SWT-9A'.
2184-Klortis Designs was the Second Company to Respond, but they too had Familiarity with the New Technology and Produced the 'KD-4'. 
2185-It was a Relief to the Earth's Government when Leeding Engineering Limited Released their 'LEL-3' which was a Huge Leap over the Vulcan and Tellerite Warp-Drive Technology and Finally Started to Break away from the Constraints that the Vulcan's had on Earth's Advancements. Finally Humans produced a Warp-Drive that Matched the Latest Vulcan Technologies. This Started to Spur Other Races that were held back by the Vulcans to Better their Technology and become Par with the Vulcans.
2190-Saw the Edosians Enter the Market with their 'EDOS-A1', it was viewed with Skeptism. Cochrane Warp Dynamics finally came out Running with their 'CWD-2'. Shuvannis Warp Technologies remained in Stride with the Release of it's 'SWT-10'. Klortis Designs released their 'KD-4A', a Beffier Version of their Earlier KD-4. Leeding Engineering Limited did not remain still for long and Released the 'LEL-3A' which was the Modified version of the LEL-3.
2191-Shuvannis Warp Technologies and Leeding Engineering Limited were in Constant Court Battles due to their Familiarity of Design Issues. Shuvannis Warp Technologies released the 'SWT-8B'.
2192-Leeding Engineering Limited, Despite the Court Cases, Released the 'LEL-3B', which again Infurated Shuvannis Warp Technologies due to the Similarities of the Last 2 Characters of the Designs.
2194-The 'SWT-11A' was Released by the Shuvannis Warp Technologies, Demonstrating that they could Change their Design, if they so Wanted to go that Direction. The Design was Accepted Eagerly with Great Fanfare.
2196-Klortis Designs released 2 New Warp-Drives, the 'KD-5', and the 'KD-5A'.
2198-The 'LEL-3C' was Released by Leeding Engineering Limited and Retained the Familiarity of it's Predicessors.
2200-Saw an Influx of Several Designs. The Government of Merak Introduced a Specialized Warp-Drive for Earths Secret Services called the 'P-MERAK'. The Edosians Also Brought out a New Design called the 'EDOS-A2' Based of of their First Design. A New Company introduced the 'PB-1' by Pleshun Company.
2203-Klortis Designs Introduced the 'KD-6' and the 'KD-7'. 
2204-The 'PB-12' and 'PB-X' were Introduced by the Pleshun Company. Cochrane Warp Dynamics Introduced the 'CWD-2A' and was Very Well Received even though it was a Joint Effort with the Pleshun Company Based off of their PB-X.
2205-The Pleshun Company Used what it had learned in conjunction with Cochrane Warp Dynamics to create the 'PB-13' and Introduce the New 'PB-14'. Cochrane Warp Dynamics Introduces the 'CWD-3'
2208-Sees a New Warp-Drive Company Enter the Arena, the Rigelian Warp Company who Introduces the 'RWC-10'.
2215-Shuvannis Warp Technologies Introdeces their 'SWT-12'. Klortis Designs Introduces the 'KD-8'. Cochrane Warp Dynamics Shows off the 2 Newest Designs, the 'CWD-3A' and the 'CWD-3B', Showing that they too can Produce a Warp-Drive that is Different in Response to the Vulcains Claim to their Design.
2217-A Revised 'SWT-11B' is introduced by Shuvannis Warp Technologies which Continues to Garner Favoritism.
2220-The 'LEL-4' from Leeding Engineering Limited is Released and Successfully performs it's Maiden Test.
2222-Shuvannis Warp Technologies Creates the 'SWT-13' for Specific Mission Usage.
2223-Cochrane Warp Dynamics creates the 'CWD-4' as a Secondary to the Recent Vulcans Contribution. They also release the 'CWD-2B' for Mass Production. The Pleshun Company Released the 'PB-18'.
2225-The Pleshun Company Released the 'PB-19'.
2227-A New line of Warp-Drives is Introduced by the Cochrane Warp Dynamics Company, the 'CWD-5' is Released and Performs Flawlessly.
2230-A Second in their New Warp-Drives from the Factories of Cochrane Warp Dynamics is Released, the 'CWD-5A' with Remarkable Improvements.
2231-The Pleshun Company Joins the Cochrane Warp Dynamics to Create the 'PB-21' Using the Design Cues from the CWD-5 & 5A.
2235-The Cochrane Warp Dynamics, Continuing with the Latest Designs from their Company, Release the 'CWD-5B'.
2236-The Rigelian Warp Company releases what would be their last attempt at Warp-Drive Design, the 'RWC-12' which was not accepted well.
2237-Pleshun is Bought up by Cochrane Warp Dynamics, but the 'PB' will remain in use for the Warp-Drives. Cochrane Warp Dynamics releases the 'PB-23', a Improved Version of the PB-14.
2239-The 'SWT-14' is released by Shuvannis Warp Technologies.
2240-Shuvannis Warp Technologies Release the 'SWT-9B'.
2244-After Legally getting the Design Rights and paying a Heavy Fee to Shuvannis Warp Technologies for All of the Rights, Cochrane Warp Technologies can Produce the 'PB-30'.
2245-The 'PB-31' is Released and is soon to become the Best known Warp-Drive ever to be Produced due to it's Flexibility and Endurance.
2252-Shuvannis Warp Technologies goes into a New Direction with it's Designs and Revisits 2068 with the Sargon'a Warp-Drive Design with the 'SWT-15'.
2265-Cochrane Warp Drives Introduce the 'PB-???' that will be Refitted on Many Starfleet Starsips as well as Many other Races.

I will be Refining this based on Other Information provided by FASA, VS-I & II, and other Sites.

Upon Reviewing what I have Accumilated thus far, I have Discovered an Inconsistancy. It Revolves around Dr. Leedstrom, when He was Fired, When he Started his own Company, the Nacelles he Designed, and when he Died (was Murdered). They are Not Coordinating. I have to look at the Correct Timeline and Not FASA's, which is known to be Wrong.

Well, as for Researching Doctor Harold S. Leedstrom...It will have to wait until tonight.

I found a 'Detailed' Information about the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company. I was calling the Warp-Drives 'DY', but in actuality they should have been called 'YPS' for Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems.

I have went through everything that I had Documented based on Warp-Drives, and some of it does not Correspond, but that is Why I am doing this, to Clairify and Define the Warp Technology Timeline, for Myself, My Books, and For Others.

Let's Focus on Montgomery "Scotty" Scott; Engineer's Life:
2222-Montgomery Scott is born in Scotland.[33] 2222 Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is born in Scotland on Earth. ("Relics", (TNG)) 2222—Birth of Montgomery Scott [Star Trek Chronology (Scotty is assumed to have been 44 in the first year of the original 5-year mission.)]
2231-Nine year-old Montgomery Scott becomes ill after eating a Danish lobster salad with radishes. ("Bum Radish: Five Spins On A Turquoise Reindeer," Strange New Worlds VI)
2240-Scotty enters Starfleet Academy. (conjecture - Star Trek Chronology, 1996 edition, p. 40)
2243-Montgomery Scott begins his career as an engineer (TNG: "Relics").
2245-Montgomery Scott at 25, temporarily serves as a senior engineer at the San Francisco Ship Yards, overseeing the constuction of the Enterprise and three of her sister ships. "The Galactic Whirlpool."

That's all that I can Locate for that Chracter's Life History.

28 April 2013

Today, I am going to make the Changes to the Warp-Drive/Nacelle Charts and 3D Drawings, and...I am adding another Warp-Drive/Nacelle that I discovered that I had yesterday. Hopefully, Soon, I will have Every Warp-Drive/Nacelle and to be Finished with this. I am going to be working on the 'FASA/VS-I&II' Chart and the 'Realistic' Chart. The Latter will take a little longer because I have to create a Calculation Spread-Sheet where I will only have to Input the 'Mass' and the 'Power (tj/c)' to get the other Key information, then I will have to Look on 2 of the Charts that I have made, Then I will have some 'Realistic' values for the Warp-Drive/Nacelle sheet.

120 Warp-Drive/Nacelles as of Today. 

Just Added the 3D Drawings with their Manufacturer's Names into the 'Photogallery'. I know that this is Not the End of the Addition of Warp-Drives/Nacelles, but it is getting Close to being the end.

The Nacelles need to be Seperated per Power output so the Small ones are Together, the Medium ones are Together, and the Large ones are Together. Right Now, the Small ones are too Difficult to see.

I have found 2 of the VS-II Manuals, and they look Complete. What I have been using were 'Drafts' done in 2002. These look Complete, so I Downloaded them so I can Compare with what I Already Have. 

Seems that I Already had them, So it's Nothing Special. I was 'Hoping' for a Revised Edition.

Nothing New out there. So on one hand I won't be adding any New Nacelles and have avoided that additional task. On the Other Hand, I wanted to see what was new in the 'Starship Combat' arena. Mixed Emotions.

The Vehicle sounds so much better. I have addressed the Wind Noise between the front fenders and the doors, and the Exhaust is Very Tolerable.


27 April 2013

So Yesterday I was Able to Fix the Exhaust, and I believe for the Final time this Year. I will have to get another Exhaust Manifold and more than likely a New Cross-Over, and if that happens, I might as well do the whole exhaust all the way out the back. I Cut the Exhaust Tip and Raised it up high enough so it will not catch a Curb whenever I parallel park. I Also Adjusted the Front Fenders so the Air does not go between the Front Fenders and the Doors. It was Easier then I had previously thought. All I had to do was loosen one Bolt, then Pry the Fender until it come out far enough to match the door, then retighten the Bolt. Now I have to get the Tire that I have in the Back of the Vehicle Mounted onto the Rim and Balanced, then Recheck the Alignment. After that, I believe that the Vehicle will be ready for Long Trips. I believe that it will cost another $45.00 for that. I still plan on Adding the 110v/12v Power outputs in the Back and an Outlet in the Rear, Drivers Side Back Door. I Also plan on making a Fold-Out Camper for the Rear of the Vehicle.

Well, I have Almost Finished the Latest Revisions of the 'Warp Engines/Nacelles' Charts, and just have to make the Changes and to Rearrange a few of the 3D Drawings to Reflect the Order of the Charts. I am getting back on track with this Line of Research.

I Attributed a few Warp Drives/Nacelles to a couple new members to the Federation for that timeframe. Rigel-10, Merak and Edos. 

I need to Focus on the 'Realistic' Chart/Information.


25 April 2013

I am going to make a Section of this for the Books that I have read, Including Pictures of the Covers.

I added a Section for the Books that I have yet to add to My Collection. There are More that I need to add, but am quite busy right now.

Now that I have cleaned up the Livingroom, I can once again get to looking for Star Trek Books/Novels and adding them to My 'Wish-List'.


24 April 2013

I cannot go outdoors to play because, Well, the Weather Channel LIED! It is still raining! So, No, I will Not be going out. Unfortunately.


23 April 2013

Had a thought today about the Story of the Death Ring, and that was to do it in the fassion of 'Alice in Wonderland', just so it seems so Unreal, but yet is. (Real) 


22 April 2013

Today, I can use what Information that I had collected over the weekend for the Books. I can add the 2 Characters when the Main Character is Young, then when he's older. Both Characters (From other Books) will be Featured in My Series of Books. It will Strengthen their Stance in the Star Trek Universe. They Are 'Fictional' Characters based on the Star Trek Universe, and thus, cannot be 'Owned' by anyone, as My Characters are. I do Not Claim anyone's Developed Characters, but I do Try and stay within their Percieved Character and Attitude. I can only Strengthen their Character(s) in the Star Trek Written World.

There are 54 Man Kzin Wars Novels! Even though they have them ranked from I to XIV (1 to 14), there are Actually 54 because of Different Writers other than Larry Niven, the Original Writer. Oh...This is going to be Crazy!

I am glad that the Man Kzin Wars is not part of my writing. If I get any more than the 3 that I already have, I will only do so if I have the Cash for them. I know where there are at least 5 more, but what numbers they are, I don't know.


21 April 2013

Well, it's back to Reading. I hope to get finished before I go and retrieve My Son today. If I was just 'Reading' the book, I could see this happening, but since I take down the Information of Who, What, Where, and When, It takes longer. I Document the People, the Technologies, Planets and Star Systems, and the Stardates so I have the ability to use that information within My Stories.

Another book read. I realize that I can read 500 pages and take down that information within a weekend. This includes all of the disruptions.

Nothing that I have read has actually helped with understanding the Back-History in the 'Star Trek' (TOS) Universe. The recent book (VULCAN!) that I have read at least calls out another Class of Starship that would fit the Timeline of the 2260's, and would have been around in the late 2240's. It has Also provided me with a couple new Characters that would have been around from the 2220' to the Early 2240's. 

I guess that I like to Add some Depth into My writing, and that Includes Characters that other's have created. My Characters are free for other's to write about, as long as they stay 'Within' Character as I have Described them to be. 

There is a book out there called 'FEDERATION' the First 150 Years, and it costs $60.00. It's a Detailed look into the People, Places, Events, Technologies, and Overall History by David Goodman, and it covers from 2161 to 2311, and even Prior to the Federation as far back as 2063. I would be Interested in such a book, but I have the feeling that it may be a Let-Down. I will have to find this book on the Shelves and then Leaf through it.

I have to add the New information to the Lists that I have created a few years ago. I have made a couple of lists, one is primarily for 'Cannon' Information, and the Other is for Fanfic, Novelization, or from Gaming Information.

"Ruth Rigel: Chief Veterinarian, Small, Heavy Set, Blonde, Lieutenant, " can be used in the reference with Sarah Poole while in Medical Training. 'Ruth Rigel' will have to be a Cadet along with 'Sarah Poole' because she is in the same timeframe as Robert M. April's Girlfriend at the time. She also can be used as a Brides Maid for Sarah Poole.

"James Atheling: (Jim), Doctor, Astrophysics, Taught at the Academy, College of Science, To become the Dean, Slight, Early 60's, Sparse Grey Hair, Face Full of Character, 62 Years Old, " And it will not be difficult to determine a Birth Year, then I can determine his age along with Robert's.

2268, and that makes James Atheling's Birth in 2204, and that would make Robert April 9 Years Old at the time. Robert could have crossed paths with a Young James Atheling who could have been a Cadet while Robert was going through his First official Assignment before taking a Command of a Vessel.

VULCAN! Happened in 2269, a Year after PLANET OF JUDGEMENT. So Ruth Rigel's Birth Date will be more difficult to determine because no age was given for her in the book.


20 April 2013

I am awake and it's back to Reading 'PLANET of JUDGEMENT'. So Far, I see Nothing that Reflects the timeframe between 2195 to 2245 that I can use. This Deffinately happened After Spock and Kirk Battled on Vulcan in front of T'Pring for the right to Betrothe T'Pau, which she wanted to Marry another Vulcan instead. So it happened in the TOS timeframe.

I have finished the Book, and have to say...There was Nothing Useful within the Timeframe of 2195 to 2245. What a waste of time, and I have the feeling that the other books will result in the same. But I never will know unless I read them. A Catch-22.

I am now going to Read 'VULCAN!' by Kathleen Sky. Another Short Book.


19 April 2013

I worked very Hard at getting this compiled. This is the Events 'Annotated Timeline' from the time of the Character's Birth, to the point where he Relinquishes the Ship to Christopher Pike.


2160s to 2196 The Daedalus class starship is active.
2194: Lunar moonbase preparations. 
2195: DY-100 series (SS Copernicus) 2195 Robert April is born on Earth. 
2196 Starfleet retires the last Daedalus-class starships. 2196: SS Botany Bay 2196—Star Fleet withdraws the last Daedalus-class starship from service. It is succeeded by the Horizon and Archon-class variants, named for notable Daedalus-class vessels. 
2197—The largest spacelift in history evacuates 10 million inhabitants from Bayard’s Planet. The planet is in the path of the expanding Phi Puma stellar explosion, and the radiation-front will render it uninhabitable.
2198: Goddard Moonbase.
2199 Garth of Izar is born. 2199: asteroid belt lander.
2200—Birth of Amanda Grayson. 
2201—Janus VI mining colony established. 2201—Death of Umarin. 
2202—Th’allt, an Andorian colony world, appeals to the Federation Council for economic protection from Tellarite merchants. The Bureau of Interstellar Trade and Commerce fails to take timely and effective action to resolve the situation. 2202—Beta Rigel system is admitted to the Federation. 
2204 The People of Neyel land their vessel on the world of Oghen, offering to share technology with the inhabitants in return for the use of the planet's resources. 2204—Dissatisfaction with the inner workings of the Federation hierarchy creates much criticism of the UFP’s present structure among many member-worlds. While conducting “fleet maneuvers” near Th’allt as part of Operation Archimedes, Andorian Admiral Hathari fires on Tellar-registered trading ships. This reveals the Scandal of Archimedes, which emphasizes the unwieldy bureaucracy of the Federation and adds to the popularity of the Terra-Return League. The discovery of a dilithium-enriched asteroid starts a prospecting rush in the Beta Carinae star system. Federation colonies established on Cygnia Minor and Beta 6. 
2205—The Heiren people begin attempts at a reconciliation between their two worlds. 
2206 Vina is born. 
2207—Continued discord with UFP policy cripples the Federation’s economic strength and threatens its ability to provide security to all members. 
2209 The first case of transporter psychosis is diagnosed on Delinia II. Rigel is admitted to the Federation. 2209 The first case of transporter psychosis, a disorder caused by a breakdown of neurochemical molecules during transport, is diagnosed by researchers on Delinia II. This indicates that transporter technology is fairly new at this time. 
2210 The is the year that Harry Kim's ancestor Jack supposedly piloted a deep space mission to Beta Capricus, while the rest of his crew is in stasis. When he finds no sign of life he turns around without waking up the crew. The ship didn't yet have a subspace transmitter. This obviously was a very odd, and somewhat miserable mission. It is uncertain why this sleeper ship would be in use at this time. (See also another entry in this timeline at 2070, which assumes Harry had the wrong date.) 2210—The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the United Federation of Planets fails, leaving the Federation intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Terra-Return League disbands, and its political influence ceases. 
2211—Improved emitter arrays developed by Grahd of Tellar allow shipboard transporters with the same margin for error as ground-based units. 
2214 Following twenty-five years of continuing hostility, the Romulan Neutral Zone is established by the Treaty of Trianguli, negotiated via subspace without any representatives ever meeting face-to-face. No contact will occur between the races for the next fifty years. (Note: Blish's novelization of "Balance Of Terror" contradicts the teleplay, which states that over a century had passed since the war. Duane's novel follows Blish's record of events, including the assertion that the conflict lasted 25 years. Therefore, we must assume that a protracted conflict resumed following the major war and was not conclusively resolved until this time. Negotiation of the treaty was urged by "Ambassador" Sarek. Though not yet Ambassador Plenipotentiary, according to Spock's World he was likely posted to the Vulcan Embassy at this time.) 2214 Another spaceship disappears in the Taurean region of space, never to be heard from again.
2215 Selcundi Drama begins to come apart, forming a asteroid belt. 2215—Planet Selcundi Drema begins disintegration, forming an asteroid belt in its star system. The Klingon Empire encounters the Abbutan. In the ensuing conflict, the Klingons are driven back from three Abbutan colonies. Ranger-class cruisers are first commissioned. 
2216 Christopher Pike is born - he grows up in Mojave, California. 2216—Aldebaran III is admitted to the Federation. 
2217 The U.S.S. Valiant contacts Eminiar VII. The ship and crew become casualties of the ongoing war between Enimiar and Vendikar. 2217—Federation membership reaches 300 systems. U.S.S. Valiant is lost on an exploratory mission to Eminiar VII after reporting that the planet is at war with another planet in the system. 2217 While in orbit around Eminiar VII, the starship Valiant falls victim of the war between Eminiar and Vendikar. 
2218 The U.S.S. Sentry meets with the Klingon vessel IKV Devisor. (Note: Described as "first contact" between the U.F.P. and the Klingon empire. This may be the first formal contact with the Federation, although Broken Bow establishes that Klingons had contact with Terrans prior to the founding of the U.F.P. One may assume that this is the incident that touched off fifty years of hostilities according to "Day Of The Dove.") 2218 A incident occurs which sours relations between the Klingons and the Federation (Bones indicated that the Klingons and UFP had been adversaries for 50 years) 2218—An agricultural colony is established on Merak II. The Klingon Empire clashes with the Renns’ala. The hostilities culminate in a decisive Renns’alan victory at Romenthis III. Birth of Christopher Pike. The initial Star Fleet survey of Lerik IV takes place. 2218 The hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingons begin (TNG: "First Contact" describes the first contact of humans and Klingons as a disaster which should have taken place centuries before the episode (2367), so we may assume that 2218 is not the date of the actual first contact. "Enterprise" will present us a completely new history anyway.)
2219 Following the death of Drech'tor Hanif Wafiyy, the new leadership of the Neyel declare themselves absolute rulers over the planet Oghen. 2219 Dr. Richard Daystrom is born. 2219—Birth of Richard Daystrom.
2219-2223—Klingon activities near the Federation border decrease drastically during this period, with few Klingon warships seen and the number of routine confrontations dropping by more than 70%. Star Fleet Intelligence later learns from Operation Dixie that the Klingons are fighting a war with an unknown race along their coreward border. Othans develop space flight. Soon afterward, they encounter the Klingons. 2219 Richard Daystrom is born.
2220—The Prime Directive is established as Star Fleet General Order No. 1. The Federation merchant ship Manila Clipper sufffers catastrophic control systems failure and its crew are forced to abandon ship. The life pods make planetfall on Denocet V. Several of the surviving crew interfere with the planet’s native culture, while others adhere to the Prime Directive and do not reveal their extraplanetary origins. The Romulans first explore and settle in the Tiber Sector. 2220 Dax has a romantic relationship with someone from Starfleet. Jadzia's statement creates the impression that Dax himself may have been in Starfleet. Most likely Tobin was the host at that time. 
2221—Sarek becomes diplomatic liaison between the Federation and Freelan. 2221 Chag Gara is born in Tara on Kyros. 
2222 Montgomery Scott is born in Scotland. 2222 Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is born in Scotland on Earth. Pralor Unit 3947 is activated on the Pralor homeworld. 2222—Colony established on Tarsus IV. Birth of Montgomery Scott. 2222 Heartland (UFC 513) is discovered by the Klingon Empire. Montgomery Scott, future Chief engineer of the Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise, is born.
2223 Sarek marries T'Rea and conceives his first son, Sybok. The marriage is anulled when T'Rea decides to pursue the priesthood. 2223 Relations with the Klingon Empire further degenerate, giving rise to 70 years of unremitting hostility. 2223—The largest space rescue in history occurs when the U.S.S. Deerslayer recovers the 600 passengers and crew of the S.S. Juliana from an unexplored sector. The Klingons launch a sneak attack on the Federation colony on Ardan IV. The people of Delta IV first achieve warp capability. They are admitted to the Federation soon afterward. 2223 Relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire deteriorate. 
2224 Sybok is born on Vulcan, son of Sarek and a Vulcan Princess. 2224—Discovery of Alpha Majoris system. An Orion vessel makes Acamar III’s first contact with extraplanetary civilization. After observing the planet’s mineral deposits, the Orions negotiate for mineral rights, whuch they use to begin a vast strip-mining operation. The Acamarians soon begin a campaign to drivethe Orions off the planet. Birth of Sybok. T’Pau becomes the High Priestess of Seleya. 
2226 Birth of Leonard H. (E.) McCoy. 2226—Klingons conquer Beta Thoridar. 2226 Sharon Follett is born. 
2227 Leonard McCoy is born in Georgia, U.S., on Earth. 2227 Leonard McCoy is born on Earth. 2227—Larson-class destroyers are first commissioned. The credit becomes the standard unit of exchange in the Federation. The Orions withdraw from Acamar III. Birth of Leonard McCoy. 2227
The Irapina fleet makes telepathic contact with the Arivne. While at the Academy, James Atheling cheats on a Differential Equations final exam. The memory will haunt him for years. Leonard McCoy born. 
2228 Sarek returns to Vulcan following an extended internship as a cultural attach  on Earth and is appointed Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the U.F.P. Shortly thereafter, he meets Amanda Greyson. (Note: The year is given as 2212, and the length of Sarek's stay on Earth is said to have been 50 years. Both are problematic.) 2228 Stardate 2547.31. The Federation colonization attempt of Heartland (UFC 513) is aborted. 
2229 Five year-old Sybok's mother T'Rea is condemned for teaching about Sha Ka Ree. 
June: Courtship of Sarek and Amanda 
Sept. 16: Marriage of Sarek and Amanda. 
2229 Sarek and Amanda are married. 2229—The U.S.S. Wells inexplicably travels through time as it returns from a 3-year mission in only 33 days. A study completed for the Federation Council’s Office of Public Information reports that the new starships will eventually permit a thorough exploration of all sectors within the Federation’s sphere of influence. This finding supports Star Fleet’s recent emphasis on its exploration component. The Vulcan science vessel Troon-fah-nor discovers the planet Hibahs (Menk I). Loknar-class frigates are first commissioned. 
2230 Spock, the son of Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson, is born on Vulcan. 2230 Spock is born on Vulcan, son of Sarek and Amanda. T'Pring is also born on Vulcan during this year. 2230—Argelius II is admitted to the Federation. Andorian Umarev-class surveyors are first commissioned. Betelguese is admitted to the Federation. Birth of Spock. 
November 12: Birth of Spock, son of Sarek. (Sarek - Ch. 5, also Spock's World - Vulcan Seven)
December: Nine year-old Montgomery Scott becomes ill after eating a Danish lobster salad with radishes. 2231 George Samuel "Sam" Kirk is born in Iowa on Earth. 2231—To celebrate 50 years in business, the Cultural Exchange Project throws a Federation-wide fair that is long remembered. Using a communicator’s universal translator software to scramble a commcircuit is established as a Star Fleet field combat protocol. 
2232 Elizabeth Shaeffer is born. 
2233 James T. Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa. 2233 A secret faction within the Klingon Empire attempts to forge a treaty with the Romulans. Once discovered, Vrenn Khemara assumes a new identity (Krenn) to avoid assassination. (Note: This takes place six years prior to Part Two. Considering that these events are all framed within a novel read by Kirk, they may be apocryphal.)
Birth of James Tiberius Kirk. March 22, 2233 James T. Kirk is born in Iowa on Earth. 2233—Saladin-class destroyers, Hermes-class scouts, and Ptolemy-class transport/tugs are first commissioned. Birth of James T. Kirk. 
2234 At age 18, Christopher Pike enjoys picnicking near Mohave. At this time he had a horse named Tango. 
2235—First Aakenn-class freighters commissioned. 
2236 The S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV. Sometime after this a threshold of velocity known as the "time barrier" is broken - which had been preventing high speed warp travel. 2236—S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV. Vina is the only survivor. The planet Beta Pavonis IV is surveyed, and placed under interdict status due to ongoing religious warfare. The people of Valakis VI first achieve warp capability. They are admitted to the Federation soon afterward. 2236 The S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV. There is only one survivor, Vina, whose health can't be restored by the Talosians who have never seen a human being before. 
2237 Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco. 2237
Dec. 7: Young Spock runs away from home. (Sarek- Ch. 6)
(Note: The story is internally inconsistent, giving Spock's age here as seven. (Perhaps in Vulcan years?)) An adult Spock arrives from the future to prevent his own death. 2237 Spock undergoes the kahs-wan ritual. Years later, Spock travels back in time to this period on Vulcan and meets himself at age seven. Spock and T'Pring are betrothed. They share each others minds in the Vulcan mind touch. Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco. 2237—Derf-class tenders and Detroyat-class heavy destroyers first commissioned. Daran V is admitted to the Federation. Birth of Hikaru Sulu. 
2238—Memory Alpha established. First Independence-class freighters commissioned. 
2239 Nyota Uhura is born in the United States of Africa. 2239 Uhura is born in the United States of Africa on Earth. Mr. Brack, who is later to be revealed as Flint, purchases the planet Holberg 917G. 2239—Birth of Nyota Uhura. Klingons attack the Federation colony on Omus II. 2239
Uhura is born in the United States of Africa. Her father is Alhamisi and her mother is M'Umbha.
Kevin Riley born. 2239 A man named Brack, who is actually the immortal Flint, purchases the planet Holberg 917-G. 
2240 Upon developing dilithium-focused warp drive, Captain Krenn sutai-Rustazh serves as the first Klingon ambassador to the U.F.P. in the 22 years since "first contact." While on Earth, he plays a game of chess with young Spock, age eight. 2240 Scotty enters Starfleet Academy. 2240—Memory Alpha opened to general public. The Federation conducts its initial survey of the Epsilon Tauri System. 2240 Spock visits his mother's family in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Hennepin on Earth in the winter. 
2241 A starship disappears near the Taurus star system. It will be the sixth and last ship captured by the women of Taurus II. 2241—Klingons attack the Federation colony on Bandek’s Planet. 
2242 The Battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet between Klingon and Federation forces. 2242—The battle of Donatu V is fought. 2242 The battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet, in a region disputed by the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.
2243 The Federation's first starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise, is secretly commissioned early to rescue colonists stranded aboard the Rosenberg. Captain Robert April commands the mission, accompanied by George S. Kirk, Security Chief of Starbase Two and father of George Jr. and James (age ten). Wishing to avoid yet another major war, Field Primus t'Cael Zaniidor Kilyle helps April to escape from Romulan space. (Note: A letter from George Sr. to his children is dated May 10, 2183—obviously a little off the mark.) 2243 Scotty begins his career as a Starfleet engineer. Dr. Richard Daystrom invents duotronics, and is awarded the Nobel and Zee-Magnees prizes. 2243—Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the duotronic computer system. For his breakthrough, he wins the Nobel and Zee-Magnees Prizes. 2243 Montgomery Scott begins his career as an engineer. Richard Daystrom invents duotronic technology for which he earns the Nobel Prize and the Zee Magnees Prize.
2244 Four years after formalizing diplomatic relations, the Klingons attempt to influence member worlds of the U.F.P. to vote for dissolution of the Federation. McCoy is seventeen years old. Montgomery Scott formulates the Aberdeen Solution, which disproves the Perera Theory of photon torpedo explosions. 2244 M'Ress is born on the planet Cait. Scotty graduates from Starfleet. 2244—Sherman-class cargo vessels first commissioned. Construction begins on 14 Constitution-class heavy cruisers at the San Francisco Naval Yards. The renewal of intermittent war between the planets Altair III and Altair VI creates the most devastating conflict in Altairian history. 2244 Elizabeth Shaeffer enters Starfleet Academy and becomes a member of the Special Security Division. Martin Larousse studies Klingon for one semester. 
2245–2250 The USS Enterprise, a Constitution class vessel is launched under the command of Robert April, on a five-year mission of exploration. 2245 Pavel Chekov is born to Russian parents. 2245 The U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, is assembled in the San Francisco shipyards under the watchful eye of its future commander, Captain April. One of the designers of the Enterprise is Laurence Marvick. Captain April will command the starship on a five-year mission of exploration. His wife Sarah April is the ship's first Chief Medical Officer. Leonard McCoy, enters medical school at the University of Mississippi. He will complete an eight-year medical program and graduate in 2253. Pavel Chekov is born in Russia on Earth. He is an only child. 2245—The U.S.S. Enterprise is commissioned. Captain Robert April assumes command. 2245 Montgomery Scott at 25, temporarily serves as a senior engineer at the San Francisco Ship Yards, overseeing the constuction of the Enterprise and three of her sister ships. The Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise is launched under the command of Captain Robert April. Pavel Andreievich Chekov is born. 

This Also give me a lot more to Research. This is a 'Rough' Version and needs to be 'Filtered'. Afterwards, I will have to 'Weave' this Information into the Stories. I know that I am already close with the History, but this will allow for more accuracy on my part so I can tie it all together for the readers. I will have to Compile a Technology Date List. It is another part of the History.

The Technologies part is a little hard to pin down. I will now focus on the Listing of Books that I should be Reading that has been Mentioned within my reseaech.

Here are the Books/Material that I need to read:


Book/Reading Material List
2204-The Lost Era: The Sundered - pp. 233-235
2214-Rihannsu #2: The Romulan Way - TOS#35 - Ch. 12
2214-"Balance Of Terror," Star Trek 1
2218-The Final Reflection - TOS#16
2219-The Lost Era: The Sundered - pp. 235-238
2221-"Spock, Messiah!"
2222-"Devil World."
2223-Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
2226-"Planet of Judgment."
2228-Spock's World - Vulcan Seven
2229-Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Prologue
2229-Demons - TOS#30 - pp. 22-26
2229-Sarek - Ch. 2
2231-"Bum Radish: Five Spins On A Turquoise Reindeer" 
2231-Strange New Worlds VI
2232-"Death's Angel."
2233-The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part One
2236-The Better Man - TOS#72 - pages 9-11
2237-Star Trek Log 1
2239-"The Starless World"
2240-The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part Two
2243-Final Frontier
2244-The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part Three
2244-The Better Man - TOS#72 - pages 12-15
2244-The Kobayashi Maru - TOS#47
2244-"World Without End."
2245-"Old Souls," The Lives Of Dax
2245-"The Galactic Whirlpool."

That's 25 Books that I need to Review for the Technologies, and I have 13, Half. I am going to Start with "Log One" by Alan Dean Foster.

Well, I abandoned the first book because I have already read it and documented the information from it, so I started reading 'PLANET of JUDGEMENT' by Joe Haldeman, and have gotten 2/3rds through it. It is realy late, and I am tired.


18 April 2013

I am going to Review the 'History' of the Main Character, and that may result in some Alterations to the Stories to try and make as much of it fit as possible. My Thoughts are; 

1-Gene Roddenberry's Information is 'Golden' and is Primary.

2-TOS (The Original Series) Information, and Other Star Trek Series and Movies are Secondary.

3-The Star Trek Novels and Animated Series fall in the same Category.

4-Comic Books, Magna, and Fan-Created Material I see as Possible 'Alternate Universes'.

So, those are the 4 levels of Accuracy for writing any book based on Star Trek. 

A Year ago I was on this Search and Defining the Lead Character's Life based on already given information. I have to Print the Pages and then read over them and place them in an Order of Timeline and Information to be as accurate as I possibly can.

Today it's a Half-Day at My Son's School, so My Productivity here will be at a minimal.

Another thing that Bothers Me with the Writers is that they Never did the Research on the Character Robert M. (T.) April and just created their own back-story with just the name as the inspiration. 

See #1 "Gene Roddenberry's Information is 'Golden' and is Primary", Meaning that the Main Character's Middle Initial is "M" and NOT "T", but that's that he had Provided, so One of the Comic Book Series states that the "M" stands for "Mayweather". I like the "M" being used in that manner, and do plan on currently going with that, but, If by chance, Some information that States in Cannon form, or by the Creator, that the "M" stands for something other, than that's what I will be using. THis is why writing this Series of Books is so Difficult.

The Birth-Place of the Main Character is in Question. Was he Born in 'Coventry, England (UK)'? or in 'New Bozeman on the Alpha Centauri colony'? Most go with the Prior over the Latter, as I will. 

I have to take into account the "PENDRAGON Universe" and their take on this Character. I am glad that I have left so many 'Openings' in the Timeline of the Character so I can fit any and as much of the information that I have collected into the Story.

I am going to have to take some 'SERIOUSE' time to go over all of the Information that I have Collected just to Develop a Clear Timeline/History of this Character. Not saying that I could not fit everything within a reasonable timeline, but I ACCEPT the CHALLENGE!

I have No Intent on Changing the History, Battles, or other Events that have already defined the Character, and I will not be rewriting any of it, but I will make Mention in Passing about them so the Timeline Consistantcy can be Maintained to as Close as I can make it. I am Not trying to take the Credit for Other's Work, I am going to try and Compliment that information, Building it up to Support their Writings, so when someone reads this series of books, they will remember from the other media what happened and be able to fill in the gap.

Here is what I have based on the Information given by Web-Sites:

2195 (2194) October 14, April was born in Coventry, England, UK
2211 Robert April Enlisted in Starfleet Academy at the Age of 17
2211 to 2215 Attended Starfleet Academy. Befriended George Samuel Kirk Sr.
2215 Robert April Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2215 to 2226 Robert April ????
2226 Captain Robert April commanded the USS TIBERIUS (in 2230 the Starship sees a Refit)
2240's (2243) April oversaw the construction of components for a Constitution-class starship at the San Francisco Naval Yards under Commodore Van Anling. Captain James Winter was to get Command of the New Starship after Completition and the Shakedown Cruise
???? 6 Months after First CONSTITUTION Class is Launched into Orbit it is called into Service to help Survivors of the SS ROSENBERG that is trapped in an Ion Storm. George Samuel Kirk Sr. and Sarah Poole were part of that mission
???? Captain Robert M. April goes to Donatu V to Rescue the Civilians there and Meets a Young James T. Kirk
2244 Robert April Marries Sarah Poole. Admiral Jonathan Archer Recommends Robert M. April for Captinacy of the Newly Constructed CONSTITUTION Class Starship
2245 Admiral Jonathan Archer Dies (Friend of Robert April), Construction of the First CONSTITUTION Class Starship is Complete and is taken on a 'Shakedown Cruise' by Federation President Samuel Solomon Qasr. Captain Robert M. April Assumes Command and Recruits Commander Christopher Pike as his First Officer and Doctor Philip Boyce as Assistant Medical Officer
2246 Captain Robert M. April was sent on a Rescue Mission to Tarsus IV and there Met James T. Kirk a Second time. Spock is the Science Officer to Captain Robert M. April
2245 to 2250 April later commanded the Enterprise (previously named the 'CONSTITUTION' then Arbritarily Called the 'YORKTOWN')
2250 Robert M. April handed the Command of the Enterprise to Captain Christopher Pike
2250 to 2270 Commodore April became a respected Federation ambassador-at-large

NOTE: Make 'Note' that Robert M. April Questions the Records that claim he served aboard the USS TIBERIUS for 3, 5 Year Missions, rather than being transferred to another command. The Reason for this is to Divert attention from his true actions. This is to be Explained by Admiral Jonathan Archer and by George Samuel Kirk Sr. Robert M. April's Incursions into the Romulan and Klingon Space were used under the guise of his operation with the ????. Captain James Winter Actually Completed all of the Assignments aboard the USS TIBERIUS in the place of Captain Robert M. April.

Now, I have to Ensure that what I have 'FITS' with what I was Available off of the Internet. There is A LOT of Reading that I have to Accomplish this Weekend.

I will be doing the History Timeline between 2194 and 2250 so the Proper Events will be Reflected in the Books/Stories. And...Here we go!

Step ONE, DONE! Time to start sorting it out.


17 April 2013

It's ALWAYS Fun to 'Dream', as I did Yesterday about the 3D Printer and Producing the Nacelles and in the Future, the Primary and Secondary Hulls for Star-Trek Starships. The 3D Printers seem to be able to work with any CADD Program, which is a Relief. 

If the Technology, and the Passion, along with what I know Today was available when My hand was Injured in 1987, I would be running My Own Company. But again, those were Not available. The Technology was there, but was for the Production Company's like the Automotive field. It was and would have been too costly, and is now within reason, but $1,000.00 is still Costly for My Budget. Wonder if I can get a 'Sponsor' to Fund me? I know the Market is out there, and if I can get on the Ball and get this Product out there, then the Money will be coming in.

People out there LOVE Star Trek, and the STSTCS Group of people would love to be able to make their Dream Starship come to Reality, and where they don't need to do the 'Kit-Bashing' themselves, except for on the Computer. What would one Charge per piece? Currently, $20.00 is the going price for the Standard 'Models'. The Design Program will be able to keep people from 'Mis-Matching' Parts from different timelines, Like having the Class 3 Nacelles for a Class 10 Starship. Of course, I would have to create the Nacelles beyond 2266 so people who like doing the 'Movie Series' or 'TNG'/'VOY'/'DS9' era can create their Custom Design Starships for STSTCS Play.

Star-Trek 'HeroClix' Models are selling for $3.00 and up per Individual Ship. Maybe that will have to be the base price for the Standard Models, and Customizing will alter the price.

So, Once again, this comes to a 'Screaching Stop' when My son comes Home. I have Nothing to Add anyways, and am getting Very hungry.

I am going through the Older paperwork that I had accumilated and used for Research. I am Actually Searching very dilligently for any and All Nacelles/Warp Drives that I can to further Torment Myself. Really, so I can be Complete with My Research and avoid as much 'Conflicts' with the people who created the Starships. I have to Include Each and Every Nacelle/Warp Drive design, from the Timeline based off of the TOS (The Original Series).

Seems that I have to Research the 'Character Timeline' so I can place the Information about 'Robert M. (T.) April' and then I can go back and refer to it whenever needed.

I am hoping that My Books will Cement the History and Life of Robert April.


16 April 2013

Well, I have to take care of something this Morning, but can get back to this when I return. Until I get some Colored Ink, I am at a Stand-Still.

What to do? Where to go with this? 

I know that I will have to make more changes in regards to the Warp-Drive/Nacelle Project due to more information coming to light, like Different Nacelle Designs. This has been the case the last...um...Many Times. As many times as I have created New sets of Drawings, and Maybe more.

I Checked, and I have 8 Changes that I show, but I am sure it's more like 12 Changes were done at a Minimum.

$1,000.00 for a 3D Printer that is easy to transport, and it's 8 cents per gram for useage. If I had My Own 3D Printer, I would be going Absolutely Crazy making Star-Trek parts of Starships so I could make my own reditions of the Starships in the Star-Trek world, and of course, I would have to make some to sell. Of course, they will all have to be of White Plastic to begin with, but after a while, I would be able to get 3D Printers that produced Colored Versions, then I would upgrade to the 3D Printer that can use Metals and make LED's and other Illuminated Objects within the Nacelles, and then I would Graduate to the point where the Average person could Create their Starship Online and have it Printed off and then sent to them. All they would have to do is to select the parts and emplace them, with the ability to move the parts around as they see fit to create that 'Perfect Starship', and then it would come with Deck Plans, Gaming Sheets, and a Beuty Shot to hang on their wall.

I would want a 3D Printer that produces really nice Cylendars instead of like some, they show each layer. At 1/1,000th Scale, the Layers would throw off the design. That's why I would have to use a Comercial 3D Printer because they use really thin Layers. The Printers that use Laser-Jet Cartridges would be the best because they lay layers that are really thin. 

1:3900 0.078 mm Star Trek toys and miniatures are available in this scale.

1:537 Scale is Also acceptable for Star Trek Miniatures. 1/1400 and 1/2500 are also Acceptable for the STSTCS Game. 1/7000th Scale...1/3788 Scale...and what Scale should I use? That is the Question. Maybe they should have different Scales for the Different Sizes of the Warp-Drives/Nacelles.

If I were to Divide the Scales into 3 Categories it would resemble;

Class 0-6 (Scale 1/1400)

Class 7-13 (Scale 1/2400)

Class 14-20 (Scale 1/7000)

(Subject to Change) That way they are all approximately the same size for Gaming, not to Scale to one-another. If they were All Scaled the same, then either there will be a third that will be too small, or a third that will be too large, which either way, would not work. 


15 April 2013

These are the Measurements of the 'MANN' Class;

Length ……………………………….. 185 m 

Beam (Width)…….………….……… 101.7 m 

Draft (Height) ………….…………… 40 m 

As we Remember from Yesterday, and I will add them to the sheet that I am using. The Orange Ovals are 'Heat Sinks' for the 'MANN' Class Warp-Drive Nacelles. I should probably make them a Rusty Orange.

Here is the Revised 3D drawings of Yesterday, with the 2 Nacelles reduced to 33% of what I had originally drawn them at;

They now fit the Size for their Designations as FFTL-1A and FFTL-1B, instead of looking like FFTL-7's. To me, it looks as though the attempt was to create a compact Nacelle that still had the power of what was Normally Engineered. Will I even create 3D's of the Starships they belong to? Probably Not. Doing this Warp-Drive/Nacelle Project has been an Undertaking as it is. 

I have been Searching, and Searching for Information on the 'BATON ROUGE' Class Starship, and Struggled, and still found Nothing...Then, Today, for a Lark, I type in the Name in the Search Bar, and BOOM! Just loads of Information! Here is a List of the Sites where this Starship can be found;




There is Conflicting Information, of Course. But they are all of the same Ship Class. One actually says the Class was Comissioned in 2221 rather than 2225, or 2226. With the Information from those 3 Sites posted above, I can see that being the case. The Comic book series states that Kirk was on the Class in 2225, so it had to be in commission prior to that date. Maybe Today is a great day for Research! 

I want to find a 3D Printer near me so I can eventually make 3D Models of Starship Parts so I can piece them together and have several Gaming Models.

I have found 3 places in the immediate area. Cost seems to be based on Time and Materials, So I will have to be smart to reduce both as much as possible.

How cool would it be to be able to order a Pack of Nacelles and with it comes the FASA and VS-I & II Information. Each pack will come with 2 Nacelles (One Right and One Left). There would be a Varrity of Primary Hulls and Secondary Hulls, Plus Various Pylons. I know the 3D Printers can do Multiple Colors, so Someone could order a Starship with whatever configuration that they want and then Input the Name and Number of that Ship with the correct Era Graphics. Imagine: Finding a Web-Site where you can Construct and Customize your 1/1000 scale Star Trek Starship, Give it a Name, have it Printed off, and get it Mailed to you with the Correct Paperwork so you can use it in the STSTCS Game. That would be 'BAD-ASS'! 

They have 3D Printers that you can assemble at home! Believe it or not!

I would Not say that any of the Warp-Drives/Nacelles are Terrible/Useless. They just need to be applied properly. 

I never wanted any of the Nacelles to Dissapeer, but as I add more Nacelles, they all get Smaller because I have to use the same size sheet of paper (8.5"x11") for Every Nacelle that I draw for the primary reason of keeping track of where in the Timeline they fall.

If I make it to 120 Nacelles, I will split them into 2 Sheets of 60 Nacelles each. 


14 April 2013

Back to the 3D drawings and filling out the paperwork. I am going to draw the one Nacelle that looks like another even though they are very similar, their values are different, and that's good enough to have them both.

I just finished Folding and putting away My Son's and My Laundry, Now it's time to work on the Nacelle Drawings and Worksheets.

First, I have to Eat something. I have been pushing myself hard this morning to get things completed. After eating, I will push myself hard to get the things related to this completed.

SInce I cannot Print because of a Lack of Colored Ink, I cannot go any further. I need a 'Hard-Copy' so I can write on before transferring that Information to the Computer.

Here is the latest (Unlabled) set of drawings (A larger version will be in the 'Photogallery' section);

I know it's hard to see here, so go to the 'Photogallery' Section to see a larger version.

I have added 10 More Warp-Drive/Nacelles to both the Drawings and the Charts for a New total of 119 Warp-Drives/Nacelles, and there is so much information that needs to be applied, even renaming some of the Existing Units. I am talking of the Manufacturer's Names, Not the Designated Names by FASA or Vintage Starships, or any other such sources. When using the EFTL, FFTL, FW-, etc, the problem arises that there are Multiple Nacelles with the same Designation, and thus why I had added the Manufacturer's Identifications for easier clairification. You can have 3 FFTL-4A's and Each comes from a different Manufacturer. The 'Government' Designation is based off of Power and Use, Like FFTL-1 is used for Smaller Vessels, and the FFTL-7 is used for the Largest of Starships. There are 2 Warp-Drives/Nacelles that seem to have been given the wrong Size for whatever reason, and the Nacelles seem to be a lot larger than I believe they should be.

I will be erasing the 'Plaques' that I had made last year and re-doing them with more accuracy. Then, I have to create 'Pamplets' with a 'Grey-scale' Picture (Beuty Shot) of each Nacelle and Pictures of the associated Plaque(s). I believe that there may be one Nacelle that has 3 Plaques associated with it. Primarily, there are 2 Plaques with each Warp-Drove/Nacelle, the Manufacturer's and the Military Designation. I will be drawing the 'MISSION' Class INTELLIGENCE Vessel as it would look like in 2200 thru 2230. It would have a Saucer Primary Hull, but the rest will be similar to what is shown on the 'STARFLEET REFERENCE MANUAL VOLUME 1' except the Primary Sensor will resemble the one on the 'SIEGFRIED' Class of 2235 from 'The Starfleet Museum'. The Warp-Drive/Nacelle is called out as a 'FWE-1' in 2271, if it were back in 2200 thru 2230 it would have the 'FWC-2' or the 'FFTL-3B', but that's not a deffinate or a Final determination. Whatever Warp-Drive/Nacelle brings the craft up to Warp 9+ Cruising Speed. And...I will have to Re-Write the section where Robert takes a trip with an Admiral on that Vessel because it may not be able to occupy a Shuttle. They will have to be 'Transported/Materialized' over from a 'Safe' Area where Robert can recover his Shuttle afterwards. Like a Planet, Asteroid, or Moon. I need to find out what the Smallest Primary Hull that is available for the timeframe. All of this though will have to wait until I get the Added Information onto the Charts. I will have to eventually create a Single-Nacelle Chart and a Tri-Nacelle Chart and a Quad-Nacelle Chart. There has to be a formula for Different Varriations of Nacelles and their Affect on the Warp-Drives. 

I am going to have to seperate the Nacelles by their Sizes because the C1-21 has now become too small to see. Maybe they should be seperated by their Power output. I would like to keep them all on one sheet, but to be able to see what you are picking, they need to be seperated.

I still have to create a Individual Drawing for Each of the New Nacelles, But first, I need a Manufacturer's Name for them. I was thing 'PB' because 'SWT' is a Vulcan owned and ran Company and I see them as staying in a line of progression of Design and power.

I am Satisfied with the amount of work that I have done on this, and I know there will be 'Adjustments' because of 'Additions'. I am trying to Maintain a Linear Progression to the Development of Seperate Companies and the Progress of the Warp-Drive System. This all has to go in Conjection with one-another and the Information needs to be made as 'Bullrt-Proof' as possible because once it is released, it will be 'Picked Apart' by Die-Hard FASA Fans as well as the Star Trek Fans that Loves the Theory of Warp-Drives. I will have to be able to say; This came about because of this, Or I did That Because of the Information that I found here. This way, if anyone wants to cross-check, they can and will come to the same conclusions as I did.

Once I finish with the Warp-Drive/Nacelles I will first make a Book with all of the Information as a Suppliment to my Series of Books, and it will have a Full Colored, Fold-Out Wall Picture with the Names of each Nacelle and their Starfleet Name. THere will be Pictures of the Ships mentioned throught the Series of books. I could use that as a way to sell the Hadr-Covered Version, and the Hard-Cover Version will Consist of All 5 Books, so in all, the Hard-Covered book will have 5 Books, Graphs, Pictures of the Nacelles, and the sheets with all the information of each Warp-Drive/Nacelle. So, I'll sell the Soft Covered Books First, then a Year later I will offer the Hard-Covered with all the added Graphics and Information.

Maybe with the 'LOVELL' Class Scout and the Other Vessel that seems out of Scale, I will put their picture by a 'Known' Starship and then Adjust it to scale by the Deck Heights. I do NOT Believe that those 2 Starships are as Large as they are Marked to be. I think that whomever had Designed them just threw in some sizes and it never was checked. Scout Class Ships are usually Small so they can avoid being detected, and the 'LOVELL' only has 7 Decks, which would make it 21 meters tall. The Sheet calls out that it is 61 meters tall. So the whole thing should be scaled down 2/3rds or to a Third of what is being called out.

The 'TRITIUM' Class as well was given measurements that were 3x what they should have been. I had to start with the Decks and Knowing each Deck was approximately 3 meters, and there are 4 Decks on the Primary Hull, making it 12 meters. Then, I used a Ruler and Discovered that the millimeter side equaled what my calculations were, meaning 12 millimeters equals 12 meters, so getting the rest of the measurements was an easy task. So, Yes, Both Classes of Vessels are Three times as large as they should be, So, I have to Scale down those 2 Nacelles. The 'LOVELL' Class is shown to have the FFTL-1B (7,000mt, 9pp, 3.0mwf, M/AM drive), and the 'TRITIUM' Class has the FFTL-1A (6,000mt, 9pp, 6.3mwf, M/AM drive). So, Yeah, the Nacelles should not be larger than the type on the 'DAEDALUS' Class. I will have to Confirm the 'MANN' Class, though I believe that one may be correct. It has the FFTL-2B Warp-Drive, So it cannot be too large. There are no given sizes on the Sheet. Maybe a little research is needed. 

Length ……………………………….. 185 m 

Beam ………………………….……… 101.7 m 

Draft …………………….…………… 40 m 

Those are the Measurements of the 'MANN' Class as per https://www.jh.kobarg.de/k7/timeline/FSC_Vol09_revised.pdf and they seem Legit. So there will not be any Re-Scaling of those Nacelles. I should see if I can find Anything on the Other 2 Classes that Contradicts what was given. I cannot find anything Beyond what I have for the 'LOVELL' Class currently. 


13 April 2013

My work has spilled over to today. I am still working on the Warp-Drive/Nacelles, and just finished the 3D drawings (But cannot print them) and now am searching for the XL files.

Well, I took a few hours to sleep, and I am back at it. I thought that I could Skip one Nacelle drawing, but No...I'll have to draw it because the values are different. Then again...The second version was later and it had an increase in Power Units and the Stress Chart Letters had changed, so it could have just been modified/upgraded.


12 April 2013

Weather is still uncooperative and I am feeling Ill. Sinuses, I think. I am going to try and get the 3D Models of the Nacelles completed though. I took some Pain Reliever and am hoping that and caffine will give me the energy to get through this. I am having difficulties finding anything in referrence to this area of research.

I cannot find a 3-view Drawing of the BATON ROUGE Class Starship. It's the last one that I have to find.

I guess for the Baton Rouge Class Nacelles, I will have to do without them or just draw from what I see in 3D.

I had to Compromise and Enlarge the 3D drawing that was set as a 3-view to get what I needed. SO this step is done, now to go draw them into 3D for myself.

The HORIZON Class and the ARCHON Class are both 200 meters long. The Only Measurement that I have, and that's based on the 3D drawings.


11 April 2013

I am going to Start reading the book again;

Chapter 2;

-Scotty went to Starbase 10 then to Outpost 5 on the U.S.S. LOVELL before serving on the ENTERPRISE, He served on 9 different vessels prior to this, Lieutenant Commander, 

-Burke, Commander, S.C.E. Leader, 

-Starbase 10, Near Romulan Neutral Zone, 

-Outpost 5, Near Romulan Neutral Zone, Uses PXK Fission Reactor located 2 Kilometers below the Surface, Subspace Communications Realy, Located on Asteroid, 

-PXK Fission Reactor, Device, Power Plant, 

-J'lenn, Lieutenant, Alpha Centaurian Race, Female, Served on the CHANDLEY a Frigate, Deceased, 

-U.S.S. CHANDLEY, Frigate, 

-U.S.S. LOVELL, S.C.E. Starship, DAEDALUS Class, Out of service for 70 Years, Warp 7 Cruising Speed, Warp 9 Emergency Speed, 

-Qualor II, Starfleet Storage Depot, Used to store Retired Starfleet Vessels, 

Chapter 3;

-Mahmud alKhaled, Lieutenant, S.C.E., 

-Plexisteel, Material, Used as Windows on DAEDALUS Class Starships, 

-Daniel Okagawa, Captain of the U.S.S. LOVELL,

Chapter 4;

-Plastisteel, Material, Used for Wall construction on Outposts, 

-Evert Celine, Chief of Operations on Outpost 5, 

-Thompson, Commander, Outpost 5, 

-Rebreather, Device, Oxygen Regenerator, 

-Tri-Ox, Medical, 

-Hoyt, Doctor, Outpost 5, 

-Hypospray, Device, Medical, 

-Elmyracite, Mineral, Rare, Found on Asteroids, 

-Idrenium, Mineral, Rare, Found on Asteroids, 

-Elmyracite and Idrenium combined limits transporter usage and Sensor readings, 

-Mark III Laser Drilling Pack, Device, Used to clear material for cooridors, 

-Kellerman, Ensign, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, Deceased, 

-Anderson, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, 

-O'Halloran, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, 

Chapter 5;

-Enviromental Suit/Light Duty, aka=Space Bags, Great at retaining the wearers body heat, Protects wearer from excesive heat generated by equipment, Orange in Color, 

-Laser Drill, Equipment, Portable, Heavy, Has Battery Back, Should Never Cross Beams, 

-Mark IX Artillery Cannon, Weapon, Has Battery Pack, Very Reliable, Carried aboard Starships, Being Phased out, 

-Photon Torpedo, Weapon, Starship Based, 

-Thermoconcrete, Material, Used in Construction, 

-Coolant Pockets, Hidden areas wher Coolant is Trapped, Extreemly Dangerouse, 

Chapter 6;

-Occam's Razor, 

-William of Occam, Human, Philossopher, from Earth, Stated: "The simplest solution is often the correct one.", 

-Tractor Beam, Device, Used to pull objects, Starsip mounted, 

-Ghrex, Denobulan, Female, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, Ensign, 

-Paul LeGere, Lieutenant, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, 

Chapter 7; Page 82



10 April 2013

I have 2 new books, and hopefully they will give me insight to the timeframe between 2161 and 2244. A 85 year span of time in the Star Trek Universe. They are 'Star Trek FEDERATION' and 'Star Trek S.C.E. FOUNDATIONS'. I hope that they Provide good reading and a lot of information.

Thus far, the S.C.E. FOUNDATIONS book is giving me Insight into the timeframe before 'Scotty' became Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 in 2261(?). I will be Re-Reading Chapter 2 of the Book and taking Notes so I can use the information in the 5th Book that I am writing. The event/timeline prior to becoming Chief Engineer is StarDate 1197.6, or the Year of 2260.

Chapter 2;

-Scotty went to Starbase 10 then to Outpost 5 on the U.S.S. LOVELL before serving on the ENTERPRISE, He served on 9 different vessels prior to this, Lieutenant Commander, 

-Burke, Commander, S.C.E. Leader, 

-Starbase 10, Near Romulan Neutral Zone, 

-Outpost 5, Near Romulan Neutral Zone, Uses PXK Fission Reactor located 2 Kilometers below the Surface, Subspace Communications Realy, Located on Asteroid, 

-PXK Fission Reactor, Device, Power Plant, 

-J'lenn, Lieutenant, Alpha Centaurian Race, Female, Served on the CHANDLEY a Frigate, 

-U.S.S. CHANDLEY, Frigate, 

-U.S.S. LOVELL, S.C.E. Starship, DAEDALUS Class, Out of service for 70 Years, Warp 7 Cruising Speed, Warp 9 Emergency Speed, 

-Qualor II, Starfleet Storage Depot, Used to store Retired Starfleet Vessels, 

Chapter 3;

-Mahmud alKhaled, Lieutenant, S.C.E., 

-Plexisteel, Material, Used as Windows on DAEDALUS Class Starships, 

-Daniel Okagawa, Captain of the U.S.S. LOVELL,

Chapter 4;

-Plastisteel, Material, Used for Wall construction on Outposts, 

-Evert Celine, Chief of Operations on Outpost 5, 

-Thompson, Commander, Outpost 5, 

-Rebreather, Device, Oxygen Regenerator, 

-Tri-Ox, Medical, 

-Hoyt, Doctor, Outpost 5, 

-Hypospray, Device, Medical, 

-Elmyracite, Mineral, Rare, Found on Asteroids, 

-Idrenium, Mineral, Rare, Found on Asteroids, 

-Elmyracite and Idrenium combined limits transporter usage and Sensor readings, 

-Mark III Laser Drilling Pack, Device, Used to clear material for cooridors, 

-Kellerman, U.S.S. LOVELL S.C.E. Crewmember, 



Chapter 5; pg-52


And that's all she wrote for tonight.


09 April 2013

I know that when I get started making the 3D Nacelles that I can get it done rather quickly, and maybe that's the problem. 


08 April 2013

I have been very Busy creating a Cover for My Metal-Detector and Carining for My Son.


07 April 2013

I did get the Tires Aligned and the Exhaust Fixed (for Now) and did some of the Grocery Shopping. I have a few more items to get yet for the week. I am going to do that tomorrow after Stephen is off to School. I believe that I have Over-Corrected the Alignment by a Smidge, but it's something that I can easily take care of.


05 April 2013

'HAPPY FIRST-CONTACT DAY!' Now that is out of the way, It's a Cold 45 degrees outside, despite the Bright Circle thing in the Sky. I instead helped my Parents with a couple chores before returning home. It's even Cold in here. I had the Heat off and a Window opened because I thought it was going to be at least decent outdoors. So I turned the Heat back on. I am Instead going to work on things around here. Tomorrow, I will do the Laundry (I hope). I am waiting for the State Aid money to come in.


04 April 2013

Looks as though Saturday or Monday are going to be 'Indoor' Days. I can then address the Warp-Drive/Nacelle Issue then.

So, after reviewing the Weather for the following week, it seens that I will have quite a few Indoor Days. The Only 2 days that I will be able to get outside are Friday and Sunday.


02 April 2013

I guess that 'April Fools' was Extended to this Morning. There was Snow on the ground. I did the PLASMA thing already, so Now I can spend the day with My Son.

9 Warp-Drives/Nacelles to make a 3D drawing and to add the Information to the Charts, and all to do within 8 days. I will have to perform a write-up on this whole experience to document where I had gotten the information from so others can repeat what I did. Though I have had to Add a few Warp-Drives/Nacelles. I will still have to create 2 different sets of charts. One being the FASA/VS-I&II Information, and the Second being what those have provided and what I have had to create for My Story-lines. Then I have to Return to Creating the Plaques and then the Pamplets as Originally planned. 


01 April 2013 'APRIL FOOLS DAY'

Getting Money, then having to Pay All of your Bills...The Worst April Fools Day Trick Ever.

Well, We returned Home with Less Bills for the Month. I still have 3 to pay before the end of the Month.


31 March 2013

Yesterday I was able to get most everything completed. What I did not get Completed was making the Fenders so they were beyond the doors to keep air from getting between them, and I Did not get the chance to Properly Align the Steering.


Having the Fenders beyond the Doors will stop the wind from going between the Door and Fender, and Increase the Fuel Mileage as well. 

It has already reached 55 degrees today. What a Beutiful, and Sunny Day.

Correcting the Fender Problem, Aligning the Steering, and Installing the Electrical 110v/12v Service into the van will be My Goals for the 2nd week of April. I am Tempted to add an Outdoor Outlet on the Back Door on the Drivers Side of the Vehicle. It will be Switched from the Inside so no-one will be able to just turn it on and drain my battery. This will give me Added time in the field to do Camping and/or Research.


30 March 2013

The Weather Today:

Keeping in mind that it's at 3:00pm whan it will reach that goal, and it's 29 degrees now, at 9:00am, so, Split the Difference by 6 hours and that makes the temperature rise to (28 divided by 6) 4.65 degrees (Roughly) per Hour. And it will reach 40+ degrees by Noon (Or 11:30am). That's when I am going to the place where I can do the work and getting it done Today.


29 March 2013

It was very Clear in the book that the 'PARIS' Class had a Refit in 2266, but to what extent was unclear. Thought in the book they said that the 'PARIS' Class was Repaired to the point that it looked like it was just constructed. But that could be just from the paint and body work. It never mentioned a New Warp-Drive, or Nacelles.

Well, it's 51 degrees outside at 4:08pm. Did not get the opportunity to work on the vehicle, but will tomorrow. It Must be done. I will not have any time next week to do anything, for My Son has 'Spring-Break'.

28 March 2013

Today will be no time for this Site. My Son is to have Oral Surgery.

Well, the 'PARIS' Class that is Depicted on the Book that I will be reading had to be Re-Fitted After 2215 because of the Emblems/Symbols on the Hull. That's where I'll place the Scaled Down versions of the Nacelles on My Charts. I am going to Read My Book(s) to see when I have established the time-frame where the Federation went to the New Identifying Symbols on their Starships. That has to be between 2215 and 2223. I keep finding new Warp-Drives/Nacelles in My Research. The book that I will be reading today will be after the timeframe that I want to do my research, and the only reason that I am reading it is because of the Re-Fitted 'PARIS' Class Starship. I may be able to get Power Outputs of the Warp-Drive, and other Relevant information based on the Technologies within that timeframe. I will more than Likely State where I got the Information from the Warp-Drives/Nacelles so it will be a Repeatable Study so anyone can do the Research and come to the same conclusions as I am/did. I am going to find myself either a Cheap USB Flash-Drive, or a SD Card to Store everything that is in connection with this Information. I have to get Re-Orginized and back on Track. I will be able to get a lot done when I do.


27 March 2013

Well today, I get a step closer in getting the Vehicle ready for the Summer. I will be going to the Auto-Salvage Yard and hopefully the 2 vehicles that were there last year without their Motors/Engines have not been scrapped and crushed. They will be the easiest to get the parts from.

Next Week, I will be Adding the Power Connections (110v and 12v) in the Drivers-Side Rear of the Vehicle so I can Charge things and to use some Light Power-Tools. The Sheet-Metal from the case will be used to fix a few Body Sheet-Metal Issues to make it Safe Again. It's 31 degrees now. That's a Degree an Hour.

All Parts Obtained. Was Not Exactly Easy. Had the 48oz Hammer (The Big One) Drop on my Right Hand. Numbed it for quite a while. The Drag-Link proved to be the most Difficult to remove. Though the Bearings for the Sliding Door were a Challenge. The Idler-Arm was by far the Easiest to get at and remove. For $30.00 I got those 3 things and a Great looking Tire. If I were to buy the Parts New (Including the Tire), the Cost would have been $110.00. Now If I had it all done in a shop, it Would have been an Easy $600.00. Now you know why I prefer to do everything Myself.

I did get Rather Wet and Dirty, having to lay down in the Thawing Snow and the Water running off of the Vehicles around Me. Getting the Donor Van to where I could work on it was Time Consuming, I mean a Challenge. At first I could Not find anything to Prop the First Side up. I Finally Found a Donut (Spare Tire) and that was not enough, so I searched, and searched until I found another. After getting Some Height, I place them under the frame so I could get at a better spot to raise the Van Higher, then I placed both of the Spare Tires Upright and lowered the jack. I had to do that a few times until I knew that I would be Safe, and the Van would Not Fall on Me. Then I could Start unfastening the parts. Some of the Nuts were difficult to get free, and I had to work on them almost until they were almost all of the way off. Then came using the 'Pickle-Fork' to Seperate the parts. In One situation with the 'Drag-Link', I did Not have any Angle to get at it. I used anoither Tool, and it was a Mild Success, Meaning a Failure. I had to Raise the Other side of the Van so I could Turn the wheels and get at the Bolt, and the Van Almost Fell, So I had to Re-set the First Side on those Tires, and then the Jack so it would Not Move.

Well, it has reached 46 degrees. It has less than an hour to get one more degree warmer.

On Friday, the 29th, I will be putting the parts that I got today on the Vehicle. It is supposed to be 47 degrees,v one more than it is Now. I can then Start addressing the Addition of the 12v/110v power outlets. I will have to make sure that I bring My 'Dremel' Tool.c A List of things that I have to Achieve Friday.

1.Replace Idler-Arm.

2.Replace Drag-Link.

3.Replace Sliding Door Bearing.

4.Adjust Fenders on Front. (Outwards)

5.Get Tire Mounted on Rim and get Other Tire Fixed.

6.Find Exhaust Leak and Fix.

That should be enough for the day. I have to keep in mind that I will be Removing 3 parts before replacing them.

Tomorrow, I will be taking the Book with the 'PARIS' Class Starship on it since I will be sitting there for a couple of hours. I was going to take the 3-Ring Binder with All of the Research Data, but that would only serve to frustrate me. Well, Because I don't have the Information on the Computer, or the Computer to do the work with.


26 March 2013

Not much time for this today. We will see.

Looking like a good week to get started on fixing of the Vehicle. Tomorrow is supposed to have Sun along with the Current Temp of today. I will not be able to do anything at all Thursday, but Friday, or Saturday, I will be able to Finish up the Vehicle.

It will be nice to have the 24mpg's again, and if I am right, it will be 25mpg's after fixing the Front Fenders situation. After getting 2 Better Tires, I will get the TBI from an Heavy-Duty Chevrolet Pick-Up, or Van, and Replace Mine with that, fooling the Computer in thinking it's Pushing a Heavier Load than it is, and thus making for better response and Fuel savings. I should be getting 28mpg's to possibly 30mpg's then. Then I have to Focus on the Solenoid to Disenguage the Transmission at Stops, then I can take that further by placing a switch at the TBI that will tell the Solenoid that My foot is off the accelerator and that it can go into Neutral.

It has decided to start raining.


25 March 2013

I am dedicating my time today to the Warp-Drive Timeline/History with the Detailed Drawings of the Nacelles as per FASA, STSC, VS-I & II and other sources. This Timeline/History assists in the Story of the Main Character and the Subsequent Design of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701. Along with the Book(s) I am going to add a Colored, Detailed Chart with Drawings/Paintings of the Design Evolution of the CONSTITUTION Class Starship.

I am going over the built-up paperwork that I did based on the Warp-Drives/Nacelles and it's going to take some time to get a grip on what was done the first time. I need to make sure there is as few descripencies as possible so it can be accepted by others. Most others are concentrating on the timeline after 2270. 

I see what I did, and all I have to do is transfer the information to the sheets, then reprint. I was at that point when I had stopped. It is Stressful, but soon it will be done, and then I can share. I will be using my Charts and Formulas for the Realistic Warp-Drives/Nacelles. 

I seem to have 8 more Warp-Drives/Nacelles to do.

With Each Addition/Modification to the Charts and Drawings, I Learn and Understand more about the History of Warp-Drive as per Star Trek. 

I do not have the time today to get the new drawings completed and the changes to the 'Warp Engine Types' List and the 'Movement Point Ratio Table' for Dual Nacelles. Myself, I think the "Warp-Drive" and the "Warp Nacelles" Should be Two different Charts.

So maybe I have discovered that I need to make One more Warp-Drive/Nacelle because I found a Picture on a Book where there is a Modified Paris Class where the Accelerator Cannon had been removed and a Sensor Dish was emplaced there and the Warp-Drive and Nacelles had been switched out to a smaller version of the FFTL-3B of the HYPEROIN Class of 2194. I would say the change happened around 2227 when accelerator cannons fell out of favor for Torpedos. I would need to read the book to get a better estimate of the possible year that the depiction was done.

Possibly Next week I can create 3D drawings of the 9 Warp-Drives/Nacelles and add them to the Ever Growing List. 


24 March 2013

Thinking about getting back into the PBEM RPG Arena with a new Character. Will I be able to find the time between all of the other hobbies that I am persuing?


21 March 2013

The following Week will be Busy for Me. My Son has a Half Day of School, then it's off to the Doctor after Lunch where he will be getting a physical for his Oral Surgery next week. He seems to be aware of what I have explained to him.


19 March 2013

Today was going really well in Concearns of My Son. I have his Oral Surgery Date already, and getting a Physical for it within the next 2 days. The He comes home, and his 'Tablet' is not working. I discovered that it had been Dropped, Not Once, But Twice. So now, I am looking for Another 'Tablet' Device, or for a New Screen.


15 March 2013

I cannot work in the Cold and Currently Raining, and soon to be Snowing. So My Weekend is Ruined. I have Noticed when I had bought the Vehicle that the Front Fenders were Not flush with the Doors, thus allowing Air to enter, rub the Paint off, and travel within the inner and outer barriers of sheet-metal/inner panels. This I will be Correcting and possibly gaining Fuel Mileage.


14 March 2013

This Weekend I am going to Finish the Repairs to the Vehicle's Steering. Then I will have My 24mpg Mileage back, and then I can Press for 25mpg and over by a few more modifications. After this Step, it's the Throttle-Body that will be Replaced, and in doing that the Vehicle should Increase 3 to 5 mpg. Then after that, it will be the addition of a Solenoid on the Transmission to Dissengauge the Transmission whenever the brakes are used, adding another 1 to 3 mpg's. So, All-in-All the Vehicle should at least increase Gas Mileage by 4 to 8 mpg's for a total of 28mpg to 32mpg. There is a possibility of 448 Miles per Tank to 512 Miles per Tank. 384 Miles per Tank is what I will have after getting the Steering done, which is just under the total mileage for the trip.

This Weekend is Not going to happen in the way of the Vehicle. The Weather is going to Tank. Instead of the 50's Tomorrow, the Weather will be 40 degrees with Rain, then Snow!


13 March 2013

What is Today going to bring?

SNOW! That's what it is Bringing! And Cold and Wind! I had a Great Title for the Story that I had mentioned recently, Something to do with the Word "Ocean" and it was in a Song, but Not the Title of the Song.


12 March 2013

I am feeling Sick because I am having trouble finding the time to work on anything concearning this subject. I had to do some running this morning, and that took away from everything.


11 March 2013

I have been working out the Solenoid/Transmission problem in my head. I am going to Tie the Solenoid's Electrical through the Brakes at First so I can Figure out the Linkage Modifications First, then After I get that Working Properly/without Fail, I will then place a Switch near the Throttle-Body to detect when I am off of the Accelerator Pedal and that would in turn Disengauge the Transmission so I can Coast. That should save me Money by Improving my Vans Gas Mileage. Coasting on a Low Idle, and sitting at Stops at a Low Idle. That, and with the Steering Modifications, I should be able to Breach the 25mpg mark. I am looking to get to 30mpg, but I am sure I need to be able to lower the van 3 to 5 inches while over 50 Miles Per Hour to Reduce Wind Drag.

startrekphase2DE's channel:


Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II:


That is a Site that I had once liked to watch, but they only had 2 of the Series completed. They have Several more done now, and I will be Watching them all to see if it has Improved or not.


10 March 2013

I am feeling Safer about the Vehicle. There are No more Grinding Noises coming from the Front Wheels, and the Vehicle is Not making any Irradic movement to the Left or Right.


09 March 2013

I Do Not have much time for 'HOBBIES' Today. I have to Replace the Front Bearings on the Vehicle. I have to get the Vehicle Prepared for May when I take a trip. I have Other Modifications to make to the Vehicle as well to attempt to get to 30mpg. I am Tempted to make a BLOG on the Vehicle, so I have a Permanant Record on Any Modifications made to it.

Two less things to Worry about with the Vehicle. I changed the Bearings on Both Sides of the Front and Rotated the Front Brake Parts, and Also Fixed the Exhaust. THere are No More Grinding Noises coming from the Front. But My Task does not end there because i still have to Replace the 'Drag Link' and the 'Idler Arm', Plus get the Spare Tire checked out, and Another Tire in better Condition. I have to get a Rear Transmission Seal, and a Roller for the Sliding Door. The one that goes down the Side of the Van. A Solenoid to make the Transmission go into Neutral when coming to a Stop or when I am off of the Gas Pedal and just Coasting. These are Realistic Goals for this year in getting the Mileage up. I have to eventually get Air-Bags so the Van will Drop 4 to 6 inches when the Van gets to 50 Miles Per Hour. All together it should Increase the Mileage near 30 Miles per Gallon. At 24mpg I will get to 384 Miles per Tank. Now, if I get to 30mpg I will get to 480 Miles per Tank. That's with the 15 to 16 Gallon Fuel Tank, and if I was to get a 20 to 22 gallon Tank, I would be able to travel 660 Miles total. I need to Re-Do the Alignment then Tweek it for Additional Fuel Mileage. My Steering Wheel is Off-Kilter and I will have to Address that when performing the Alignment. My Current List of things needed for the Van before any Long Trips;

1. 2 Tires (Used)

2. Solenoid

3. Sliding Door Bearing

4. Drag Link (Steering)

5. Idler Arm (Steering)

6. Rear Transmission Seal


07 March 2013

Distracted with Metal-Detecting. Tomorrow I am going to retrieve My Automotive Tool Box from Storage, then do some Grocery Shopping, and Hopefully go to the Auto-Parts Reclamation Yard and get the Front Wheel Bearings for My Vehicle. I will feel a lot Safer and regain My Gas Mileage back from 20mpg to 24mpg's. This Summer I am going to Focus on Improving the Gas Mileage and try to get to 30mpg with a varriety of techniques.


06 March 2013

Time to get Myself re-orginized and writing more Stories.

I am going over the 'Warp-Drive Engine/Nacelles' Information. I had a Lot completed on that Project, but it was Not Completely Done. So, Now I will finish both Versions. Those are FASA and 'Vintage Starship', Plus the information of My Own.


05 March 2013

How should I make the 'Title' for the New Story?

1. A Ship, A Captain, A Dignitary, A Barber, and A Death Ring.


04 March 2013

I have Invested quite a bit of time in other fields of research, and have come to the conclusion that I am 'Full-Up' on them, so...I will be starting into this soon. I have a Story around a 'Death Ring', a Barber, and a Dignatary.


28 February 2013

I thought that I had the first 10 books so I could get started with my reading, but I only have 4. I have to take in consideration of the writers and if they did any research while writing their books. Maybe they just made things up without research, and now that becomes an issue, because it's not really accepted by the Book/Novel writing Community, but there it is.


27 February 2013

I will be looking for any Referance to Anything related to the Timeframe that I am writing in.


26 February 2013

I am going to Start Reading My Books when I get 10 in a row, in Stardate Order. I am doing this so I can get a History of the Characters from TOS and Early Information of Other Characters. Of Course I will be Picking the Books apart for Names, Places, Races, Starships, and other Information in Relation to the STAR TREK Series of Books, and be able to apply them to My Writing if I can.


25 February 2013

Just Documented the 5 New Star Trek Books from the Original Series timeframe. I had already placed them in the Bookshelf but did not leave them pulled out a little so I could Easily Identify them, so I had to go from Book to Book Marking them as I went.


24 February 2013

I have been trying to locate the Code(s) for the "Where's My Android" Application for My Son's 'Tablet' Device.

DId Not get the chance to Read anything this weekend as planned.


22 February 2013



21 February 2013

Again, I am doing some Running and will have little to no time for anything today.


20 February 2013

This Morning started off Busy. Had to take care of a couple Emergencies and Write to My Son's School on a Couple of Matters.


19 February 2013

I am going to select a book and Read it through this Weekend! But which one?


18 February 2013

I have to get going on the Books again and Proof Read Everything. 3,000 pages and I know there will be more to add. I have left several timeframes opened and I have to 'Map' the Routes that Robert had taken through his Life while travelling the stars. I will be 'Researching' My own books. I know the "Trekkers/Trekkies" will be doing it once it is published, and all of the Technologies will be Researched as well as any and All Characters. It will be 'Picked' Through Very Thouroughly by anyone and everyone who reads the Series of Books. So I better have All of My Facts Right.

I wanted to Print out everything so I could 'Proof' it around Christmas of 2012, but Finances killed that. Maybe soon since I was able to Resolve the Finance issues, for Now.

I also have to print off the Star Maps and use Permanent Markers on the Clear Covers to Document where and when Robert April Travelled in Space. It is going to be a Daunting Task. I think that I will do a Large Map for this, and then Cover it with a Transparent Film so I can usew the Permenant Markers without it Bleeding onto/into the Map itself. 

I wonder what it's going to cost me to have all of the Books Printed so I can read them and 'Disect' them to ensure that they are accurate and fit into the Star-Trek World with little backlash.


14 February 2013



01 February 2013

I had a good Day as for the 'STAR TREK' Field. 7 Books Added to My Collection thanks to one of My Brother's keen ability to find things. He found a whole Box of 'STAR TREK' Related Books for $5.00, and there was only 7 that I did Not have for my Favorite Timeframe of the 'STAR TREK' Genre'. I Also decided to keep the Books of Three Other Series as well. Oh Yeah...I Gained 4 More Books in the "the Best of Star Trek" Book Series. I am missing #1, #8, and #12 of the Series, and Possibly More. I will check the Internet. There are 18 Books! So I am Also Missing #14, #15, #16, #17, and #18. I also have TNG's "RELICS" and a Book Based on TNG called "UNIFICATION", and Both Reflect Members from TOS.


20 January 2013

Move along, Nothing to see here. (Usually stated at Crime Scenes). It's a Bloody Mess! (English Terminology). Having this Story in My head and not written yet.


17 January 2013

This week has been Busy outside any Web-Site, but I have been Eager to Paint Pictures and Write Stories. I am going to Work on the 'Warp Drive Chart' more. I am still going with 2 Versions, the FASA Version and the Realistic Version based off of Actual Charts and Graphs.

I have Prepared my Work Station, and am readying myself to proceed.

I need to find a couple more Dinner Trays made of wood. I would like to find a set of 4 so I can have the ones for the Tray Carrier. I kind of with that the Livingroom was larger so I could have My Desk with My Computer out here. 

At this Time-Frame, I cannot get Focused. I am dealing with Extreemly Dry Skin on My Ankles and Legs, and that is Distracting enough, but I am experiencing Indegestion/Gas as well. I am feeling Tense and Tired. My Lower Neck Hurts, and I think that is it for Symptoms.


16 January 2013

I am Aiming to get the Books Published before the End of the Year. 5 Books to Proof Read and Research to Ensure that the Events, Tools, People, and Other Relavent Information is Correct for the Reader. Keep in Mind that this Book is Also written for the Gamer/RPG'r.

I have Performed a Tonne of Research while writing these books, to Ensure that they are Timeline Correct. When I go to get them Published, I want that to be the Mark I make.


15 January 2013

I am going to Focus on Writing for a while. Again, on a few more Stories for the Books.


14 January 2013

Here is a SAMPLE of a Story I have been Developing in My Head. 




"Stardate, ????????. Captain Robert April Commanding. We were just attacked by Sloan and his Pirate ships. We suffered Moderate Damage. Sloan has been Extreemly Hostile since he has lost his Ameacable side, which remains in Prison for his own safety. Sloan Omega has become sickly, and we cannot understand what exactly is the Medical problem. Sloan Alpha has kept from revealing himself for some reason unknown to us. We have came to a halt outside the Palasia Stellar River. It has been registered as a Three Light-Year Tubilar Spacial Shift, Travelling at Point Eight-Three of Light Speed. Very Dangerous to Enter and Depart, not to Mention Maintaining a Position or Forging Through."


"Captain." Called his Number-One.

"Yes, What is it?"

"If we are to catch them, We need to Move now."

"Helm. Take us in. Starboard Eighty Degrees, Pitch, Three Degrees Negative."

"Understood Captain. Eighty by Negative Three, Half Impulse."

*All Crew. All Crew. Prepare for Impact. Three Minutes.* Robert took his Chair and Prepared for the Shift in Velocity.

"Captain, We are Ten Seconds from Entering. Five, Four, Three, Two, One..."


The Science ship shook, Moaned and Groaned. The Inertial Dampeners kept the crew from Spilling to the Decks, but they still felt the ship drifting backwards.

"Helm. Bring us to Station. Then Guide us to the Other side."

"Yes Captain." The Helmsman quickly adjusted to a Neutral position then guided the ship to it's Port.


You can see where this is going, Right? I just Love writing Stories with Multiple Meanings. 


09 January 2013

I am getting the Urge to get back to this Subject. I have over 3,000 pages written, but I have Gaps in the Stories that need to be filled.


31 December 2012


17 December 2012

Been working on a way to bring in money and support My Son and I without relying on the State or other Agencies, and I hopefully found it.


11 December 2012

Setting up the "X"-Mas Tree and the Train that runs around it Today.


04 December 2012

Still Researching.

20 November 2012

I have been performing Research.

14 November 2012


13 November 2012

'Tis the Season(s). I have a Lot going on. Struggling to get things for the Holidays done.


07 November 2012



06 November 2012

Doing My Civic Duty Today First.


05 November 2012


04 November 2012

Well, I guess the Vulcans won out in the "More Human..." Story. I like the Story that I had written, but it did not go in the Direction that I had Intended.


03 November 2012

Working on the Story, "More Human...", Where Robert acts out of Character and another Alien Entity Acts more like a Human than him. It has been a Challence. Another Challenge has been, Jumping around writing the Stories. Keeping the Technologies used within the proper timeframes, like the Transporter. It was mainly used for Cargo because it was deemed to Dangerouse for use on Life-forms, but that does not mean it was not in extreeme cases. So, I am staying true to that. I am also reading my Stories for Two Purposes, and one is to ensure the "Timeline", and the Second is to Reflect the Proper Technology for that Timeline.

Do I have some Problems! I have to correct Timeframes within the Timeline that I am Currently Working on. I am Glad that it has only 5 Stories within it and should produce little problems to change.


02 November 2012

Though HALLOWEEN did get clear for the Evening, I did Nothing for this site. Today, However is a New Day, and I am going to Write. I will Forego the Other Sites that I have created and Focus Today on this one. It will give my Brain time to Relax and possibly come up with Other Solutions to the Other Sites.


01 November 2012


31 October 2012

Another Rainy Day ahead. HALLOWEEN!


30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy is Wreaking Havoc even here in Michigan. High Winds and Cold Rains, but we still have Power.

It is still raining. I wonder if it will be around tomorrow as well?

28 October 2012

I think that I am done "Squatching" for a while. It's been an Adventure, And I have yet to Perform any Field Research.


27 October 2012

I have to Add more information to the MiCCR Site, and I am going to Study Native American Language for the Area that I am going to do My First Research.


26 October 2012

I have been Officially "Squatched"!

Here is the Site: https://michigancrypticcreature.webnode.com/


25 October 2012

Today, I work on the Home-Base Computer so I can make the LOGO and Header for a Web Page for the MiCCR (Michigan Crypto-Creature Research) for My Brother's and Mine Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research. I have even found 2 places within an Hours Drive that have everything that is claimed to be attributed to the "Tree-Peeker" way of life. I will also get some more things done for this Site-BLOG as well.

Alright. Here are the Pictures of the "Tree Peeker"

Head and Shoulders

NORTH Arrow for Maps and as a LOGO of MiCCR

Walking Away

Walking Towards

After some Enhancements and Painted Foilage, They will look better. I have come to the Realization as to why they have the White Palms of their Hands and the White Souls of their Feet. They use them as a White-Tail Deer does, as a Warning. They also can use them to "Flash" Signals to one-another.

I think that I will make a Site for My "BIGFOOT" Obsession. LOL. I will keep you informed.


24 October 2012

Today it's NOT about the "Tree Peeker", it's about getting some papers signed so we still can get some financial help.


23 October 2012

BIGFOOT! Enough Said.


22 October 2012

I have a few things to Chase down on My Son's Behalf before doing any Hobbies.

"BIGFOOT", "BIGFOOT", "BIGFOOT"! I seem to be stuck on that Subject.

I Painted 3 Pictures of the "Cryptic Creature". A Head and Shoulder, A Comming to, and a Going Away. Tonite I add a Reddish Hue to them, and Tomorrow I will fill in the Details (They will be Posted here soon).


21 October 2012

I became so "Engrossed" in Researching the "BIGFOOT" Phenomonon that I paid absolutely No Attention to this Site-BLOG. It all started when I discovered how the Creatures Communicated, from Vocalizations to using tools. That led to one thing, then another, and another. Annoyed my 'Girlfriend'. I have become extreemly interested in the Phenononom of "Bigfoot" and would eventually like to go and do some research based off of my findings. I found that each Researcher or Group have their own Protocols for Documentation of Anomalies in relation to the creature, so Based on all of the previous researchers, I have created a List of what would be required so I can make a Research Sheet of some sort that has all of the key information on it and how everything is to be logged. I will be working on my Home-Base Computer for the Warp-Drives/Nacelles as well as for my new-found interest today.

Suddenly, and Miracously, My 'Girlfriend' is all better! She's been sick for a while, but now she wants to go to a park to collect Pine Needles. So my plans have changed. Go Figure!


19 October 2012

Another Cold and Rainy Day. I guess it's the Season.

I have at least 9 New Nacelles to draw and Categorize and I have to now cross-reference the Information from the Pictures to the "WARP ENGINE TYPES" XL Spreadsheets. The process was as follows:

1st; I looked up the Information given on the STSTCS Sheets created by "The Starfleet Museum" and "Ex Astris Scientia" and then took the Warp Drive/Nacelle information from them and wrote it in the Pictures related to them.

2nd; I take the Warp Drive/Nacelle Information from the Pictures and Transfer that Information to the XL Spreadsheets.

3rd; I will take that information and transfer that to the "Movement Point Ratio" XL Spreadsheet.

I want to be 100% correct for My Writing Purposes. I need the reader to be able to follow the story(s) and have the ability to create the Starships (for whatever purposes) and to be able to use the Starships in the STSTCS arena. I have to also get back to Writing the Latest story; "More Human...".


18 October 2012

Cold Rains today. Going to do something today.


17 October 2012

I have No Excuses today. I have to do Something.

Started another Story, but have not the energy to continue, even though I have Direction.


16 October 2012

Today is going to be a BIG Day for the Benefit of My Son. I will not be on here often, if at all.


15 October 2012

What can (Should) I do today? I will draw the New Nacelles after Tuesday. I will research what I need for Tomorrows meeting with My Son's School for the Evaluation meeting for 'Assistive Technologies'. It makes no sense that My Son only get an Hour a week to Practice on something that he will need Daily to communicate.

Tomorrow, I have a Very Important meeting in the concerns of My Son and will not be spending a lot of time to any aspect of this Site-BLOG.


14 October 2012

Reading my Story, Painting, or Working on the XL Charts? Choices, Choices. 

I went through all of the 'Federation' Starships today to determine the Warp Drive/Nacelles that they have. I am missing the 'CAPELLA' Class, and have turned up empty handed in my search for the pdf. I have at least 9 Nacelles to draw and add to the Ecletic Array of Nacelles. 


13 October 2012

I have finished "The 2nd Standard". Approximately a 20 Day adventure. I have to devote time to map out paths and Timelines of the Main Character's Journies. That will be 'Key' in the Storyline. Accuracy is very Important to me.

Instead of Wasting My Own Ink, I am going to get my Stories Printed out by a Professional Company. I need to get a pdf creator or find someone with one that will convert my files for me. Right now, I am not worried about the Spelling or sentence Structures. I have to Focus on the Timeline and when and where the Main Character is. I may have 4 Copies made of the Stories (If the cost is Reasonable). That way My 'Girlfriend', and Brother can read the Stories and make Coments in their Copies, and then I can modify my Writing. One of the Copies I'll REad and make Notes with, and the Other gets Filed away (as an Original).

I have caught several Timeline issues with my re-reading of my stories. It's a good thing that I am spending the time to check eveything.


12 October 2012

Time for More Research and to Correct some of My Mislabeling.

I have done More Research and am going to write more for the First Book, and in more Detail about the "RANGER" Class. First I am going to place it at Mars Space Dry-Dock with the "PYROEIS" Class and comment how the Hull (Keel) is just being laid. And Later in that book I am going to make it that Robert overhears some Critical Information about the "RANGER" Class and who was responsible. The "RANGER" Class will receive one of Three Computers, The J-2, J-2A or the K-3 and under the Orders of Admiral Grenwhich. This will make the later events more personal for the Admiral and give reason why the Admiral acts in the manner he does towards Robert.

I am going to Attempt writing "The 2nd Standard" I have to find an opening in Book Four for this. Maybe I can place it in Book Three because he is Captaining a Starship at that point.

Oh-Kay, I am Struggling with the Story. I have written a lot, but I know that there is more to be written.


11 October 2012

Print off a few more STSTCS Sheets and do the Research to ensure that My Information is Accurate.

I went through all of the Printed Pages and found that there are Several Versions of Each of the FFTL Series Nacelles. I will go down the List; FFTL-3A has 2 Versions, FFTL-2A has 2 Versions, FFTL-1A has 2 Versions, FFTL-3B has 5 Versions, FFTL-1B has 1 Version, FFTL-2B has 1 Version, FFTL-X has 1 Version, FFTL-4B has 4 Versions, FFTL-4A has 0 Versions, FFTL-5 has 2 Versions, FFTL-6A, or 6B, have No Versions Drawn, but they are called out in the VS-II Charts. Now, for the EFTL Versions, A Couple of the Nacelles were called out by 2 Designations. EFTL-2 and EFTL-3 are Represented by a Single Nacelle, and the EFTL-4 and EFTL-6 are Represented by a Single Nacelle. I know for a Fact that there are more Starship Worksheets that were completed that have more of the same Nacelle called out with different designations. They are more than likely on my 'Home-Base' Computer. I have to Transfer the Sheets that I have already collected from my Thumb-Drive to my 'Home-Base' Computer. While I am looking around, I will Print the ones that I have.

I was only able to find 1 more Starship, actually a Fighter called the "Minataur" Class with a Warp Drive. The EFTL-10. Must be a 'Micro-Warp' drive. I have added it to the others. The Fighter seems to be Mostly Warp-Drive. 

I had thought of a new Story for the Book, called; "The Second Standard", in which I can refer to it in many ways, like a Second Flag, Double-Standard, or Based on Rules/Guidelines, or/and even just a different way of doing something. I may find more meanings for it, but I will have to become really creative to intermix every definition together to create a story. It may become more than I can handle, but it will be fun just to try.

I know there were other Starships created using the EFTL and FFTL series from VS-I and VS-II or else I would not have all of these damn Warp Drives/Nacelles Created! Frustrating! I should keep a better Log-History of what I do. I am going to Compare what I had at first to what I have now and see where that takes me.

I have figured out one of My mistakes, and that is the KD-2's which I had made the EFTL-2, 3, and 4's which they were none of. The KD-2's are EFTL-5, and the KD-1 get's the EFTL-2 and EFTL-3, while the KD-1A gets the EFTL-4 and EFTL-6 (For Now).

I counted 11 Different Warp Drive/Nacelles from the Pictures, and there are 16 Listed in  the VS-I Pre-Federation (2130-2160) Starship Creator from Steve Bacon. He only covered 30 years! I can go back as far as 2061 making it 99 years! But I have done my Research and am basing a lot off of CANNON and then Book Information. From 2061 to 2130 I have Compiled 25 Warp Drives/Nacelles! This is Not including the 5 or so that are in the 'WE' Series.


10 October 2012

Today I Start Over Again. I will return to the VS-I & II and the Sheets where Ships were created and use those for the Warp Drive/Nacelles. I am sure the Creator, Steve Bacon, only meant for One Warp Drive/Nacelle deign per Classification, but when you find Several different Names for the Same Nacelles it leads you to believe that there were more varriations than the same Nacelle.

I have found all of the Work-Ups of the Starships prior to 2245 and Now I have to Print them then review the Information. I used to have a Printed copy of all this but misplaced it.

I have Printed off all of the Available Starships from the 2100's to the Early 2200's, and will put them in Date Order then research the Warp Drives.

Another Task Completed in my research. Now comes the 'Headache' part. FIguring it all out.

It's Dark and Cold outside and has even Hailed a few times. Not the weather for Happy Moods. Trying to get Research done.

Another Step in the Right Direction. I Highlighted the Year and Model of the Warp Drives/Nacelles on the Class Creation Sheets (By Others). Now I have to Cross that Information with the Pictures and Data that I have Collected/Created on the 'XL' Sheets.

I have found More Worksheets of Starships of the VS-I & II. I will print them off tomorrow and then review them as I did with some of them today.

09 October 2012

Have Domestic Responsibilities today. That will take at least 2 hours, maybe 3 hours.

Chores completed. Still no time to Paint or to get deep into anything.

I can at least Print Off all of the XL Spreadsheets for the Gaming Aspects and review them to see if they actually 'Click' with the Warp Drive/Nacelle Designs. More Research ahead.

The Problem here is that I have to stay 'True' to the EFTL's (VS-I&II) and FFTL's (VS-I&II) as with the FW's (FASA) and incorporate the other Nacelles that were done as well. So many Dynamics. I almost want to Run and Hide. Time for me to Perform some Research by Comparing the Information of the Information Provided by the Main Three Sources and see what that brings.

Somehow the KD-2's (EFTL-2, EFTL-3 & EFTL-4) are able to move a Class 16 Starship at Warp 2 to Warp 3. The Nacelles are Tiny and sould only be able to push a Class 5 at Best. I am looking into the KD-2A (EFTL-8) and KD-2B (EFTL-10). Problem is, the KD-2's (EFTL-2, EFTL-3 & EFTL-4) were already shown on Ships as the Size that I have done them in CAD 3D, and the Charts have already Established their Power outputs. I would have Enlarged the Drawings or Placed the Information within the Class I to Class V Range. It's Locked in and I can do Nothing about it.

I sent an eMail to the Creator of VS-I & II in concernes of the Issues surrounding the KD-2 Warp Drive.

Just a thought on the RANGER Class 3D that I did. Could I have made it in the Wrong Scale to the Nacelles? I will have to Verify that tomorrow. 


Length 227 meters
Height 55 meters
Width 130 meters
Decks 14
Crew 287
Shuttlecraft 3
(Remember this is for the 2240 thru 2260 Variation)
I have been attempting to find 'pdf' files of Pre-Federation Starships of the 'Earth-Romulan Wars'.
I am going in a New Directyuon with all of this, and that is going back to the Beginning and going over all if the Information, and that may mean renaming a few Nacelles. 

08 October 2012

I will not be spending much time with this Today because I have some running to do. Have to get Food for the House and a few other things for the House as well. I have come to the Conclusion that I have to Re-Arrange some of the Nacelles, or Resize them to reflect their capabilities. Having a Nacelle that looks like a Micro-Warp Drive for a Class I to III having the Power output for a Class VIII does not work. I have to Ensure though that the Warp Drive/Nacelle was not a FASA or VS-I & II created one. That would mean that I cannot Change the Values, and if a Nacelle is Depicted with those Values, then I cannot change any of it. It means to me then that the Mistake was made long before me.

Finished My Running around on Behalf of this House. Will have to do more tomorrow. Chores are Never done.

Yes, I need to leard 3D Graphics. That would deffinately make my life easier when it comes to doing the book covers. Not that I don't like the Hands-on that Actual use of Paint brings, but I feel that it may be a lot quicker and present a cleaner picture overall.

Oh, by the way, I bought Black Ink. 2 Regular Cartridges caost less that a Extra Large Cartridge. $22.00 for 2, or $24.00 for 1 XL. What would you buy?


07 October 2012

Time to get at making those 3D pictures of the Booster Rockets Launching the various parts into space.

Ohhhh SHIT! Upon my Frustration, I have to Repaint the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER again! It seems that the Choices that I have made have all been WRONG! Latest Evaluations have proven that the Leeding Engineering Limited Model Three-Ae (FWE-1) should have been the Only Choice. On the Up-Side, it resembles what's been perceived for the Class. In 2231 it Chages to the LEL-3 and remains there until after Robert April leaves for the San-Fransisco Shipyards to guide the Construction of the CONSTITUTION Class Starship. I did the 3D of the Primary Hull with the Booster/Launch Rockets. Looks really cool. I have to go over the Storyline and revamp it. I now have something Playable and readable, as welll as Pictures. I need to get Ink for the printer for several reasons.

I have added the latest Computer 3D works Pictures onto the Pictures area. The Nacelles look foolish because they are so long! I may have to Rescale them. Have not decided that yet. So I am thinking of an Alternate Nacelle that does not look so much like the TOS Nacelles, like I had before. Now I understand what 'Meteo' was trying to tell me about A's, B's, C's, etc... EFTL-A's, FFTL-A's, FWA's. So the WD's, WE's, WP's, all should have A's, B's, C's, etc... After them. Something that I will have to look into.

I Never went to see what had happened with the story that I had written for the Contest. "STRANDED" was the name of it. If anything, I will apply it to my Book(s). I seem to have several timeframes that could be filled.

There are instances where the Warp Drive/Nacelle is called out by Numbers. Should those be handled like the Letters? Like A = 1, B = 2, etc...? and what about A1's, or 1A's? How are those to be handled?

Yeah, Now the Warp Drives/Nacelles that I have chosen in the past are not within the Class VIII Range. 

Working on this is just 'Frustrating'! Because some of the Nacelles should be Micro-Warps but they have the power to push a Class VIII Starship. They should be Only able to Push a Class II or Class III Starship at best.

I am thinking to going back to the CWD-2 or the CWD-2A (Which I have already Painted once) but I would have to Alter the Painting to reflect the New NCC Number on the Hull. Then I can Center the Name better.

It's back to the CWD-2 Warp Drive/Nacelles for the RANGER Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-921.

06 October 2012

Up early, having a Cup of 'Joe' and getting ready to go add the New Information to the XL Spreadsheets for the Warp Drives/Nacelles. I am going to make 3D representations of the Launch if the Various Parts of the Constitution Class, then to Paint them. It's going to be really Cool when it's all done, I am sure of that.

I was able to get alot accomplished, but not everything.

05 October 2012

Time for me to get a little more research (Reading) in for the Book(s) that I am writing.

I have to Paint. I cannot get into reading today.

I created the 3D's of the Booster/Launch Rockets and added them into the Photogallery.

I love this site because I have a back-up of all of my Files. It may be in jpeg format, but it is here.

Guess that I will try to download the Picture of the Warp Drives/Nacelles with Names again tomorrow. I erased the last one because I came up with the Starfleet Designations for the PB-12, PB-13, and PB-14. There is Room for other of the PB Series but not all of them should be included. Not every Design made it from the Factories (Except the Vulcans).

Alright. Instead of Making a Second Chart just for the Company Warp Drives/Nacelles, I am going to add the Company Names and Under that I will put the Designation by Starfleet, then the additional information. I just have to Add lines. The Company Names will be Bold as well.

I can knock this out tomorrow. I have the Information and a plan. I did not Paint at all today, which I can do tomorrow after I do a little More 3D CADD and put the parts together to show the Launch of the Components of the Enterprise.

I was able to add the Picture after adding "-002" at the end of the File Name.

04 October 2012

Back to writing. "Ancient Aliens" is the Title (Which may change), and yes, it's about the types of Aliens that are Claimed to either have Visited, or Living within the Earth.

Had a Talk with my 'Girlfriend' about the "Nightbloat" Storyline. She is into the Romance Novels and Fantasy Novels. Star Trek, No. Anyway she read my storyline and had a few things to share. Here they are;

1.    Give the Marine Character a Name and Rank.

2.    Have the Captain and his Security Chief Armed before going to the Deck where the Nightbloat is.

3.    Make Captain April more "Endearing".

4.    Reword the part where Ensign Stone (Security Officer) sees something Move.

5.    Describe the 'Nightbloat' in more detail.

For #1 she picked Private First Class Louis Fernando (From the Internet). For #5 I looked at the Pictures in the "Prime Adventures" books by 'Task Force Games' and described the Nightbloat in this manner; Face-With Large Pincers, No Visible Eyes, Sharp Teeth and Bony Ridges that run from Front to Back. Body-With Prominent Rib-Cage and Thin Waist, Large Muscular Arms with Long Claws at the Tips of Each Finger and Strong Muscular Legs with Two Toes on Each Foot with Large Claws at the tips of each. Overall Appreance was Similar to a Lizard/Crab-Like that was Frothing at the Mouth.

So I have a bit of work to do. I explained to her that she needs to read from the first book and all the way through to understand the character better. She said that she would. Maybe I have a collaberator in my Books. Am I going to have to add her to the Credits?

I Forgot that it was Suggested that I Take care of the Contradiction at the beginning of the Story where the Biologist Tells the Captain that the Beast should be killed if it were to get free from it's handlers, and then later say that the thing needs to be kept alive. I also removed the part where Captain April assumes that they are undr attack. He would not know that.

Giving the Writing thing a break for a few. TIme to Focus on other aspects of the "Experience".

I am going to pull another book from the Shelves and just read it this weekend.

03 October 2012

I Finished off the 'Nightbloat' Storyline and Started another that happens immediately afterwards. I don't have an official name as of yet for it because I have to get a Romulan Name.

I am really in the Mood for writing! I am once again Knocking Stories out. That's a good thing. I have at least 12 more stories that I want to Add to the Books.

A 5th Book may be in the Making. I have done a couple Chapters already. I did not want to get wrapped up in that Timeline, but with the Research that I have been doing I have been adding to it. We will see how it goes. It may just be a way for me to Vent-Write, Meaning that I have a Bug up mu Butt and need to write, but have no other subject to write about.

I found this Web-Page and I need to Document it for Future Reference; https://www.twguild.com/resources/starting3.html So it will be at my Disposal when I need it.


That's the same Information and the Original Site.


02 October 2012

Even though the Story that I am writing is based beyond the Timeline of my Book(s), it's still very important to the History and may Provoke a 5th Book (That I did not want to write).

A book that I have to find and read. The Writer Stephanie Watson wrote a book called "Arc of the Wolf:On the Nature of Wind" in which she Focuses on the most Famous Star Trek Engineer, Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. I can add that feeling to my books to further perpetuate her writing.

I finally found my story "Project". It was written along with another story that I was working on. I have Seperated it since. I had a thought while at the Library about a Animal/Monster in the Star Trek Role Play Gaming Genre. There is a Animal/Monster called the Nightbloat with amazing abilities, and it would make a great Horror Story for the Star Trek Universe. It has so many abilities and things that would send shivers down your spine to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. (Lines that I am going to use in the story.)

Am I ever onto a Great Story-line! Hate to quit to go to bed, but I have My Son to get ready tomorrow morning. Good Night.

01 October 2012

Today I have to run around but I will do more writing and searching for that one file that I started before the weekend.

I finished all of My Running today. I am still on the search for the Story that I had started last Thursday/Friday. I did a Search on my Laptop using the keywords, but no luck.

I gave up searching for the other File/Story and once again searched the Internet for the information that I needed.

So...I do a lot of research for my book(s), eats up a lot of time, but it will round out the "Legacy" Series of books and keep most of the Trekkers/Trekkies from complaining. I have remained True to Timelines and have Incorporated information from a lot of other resources.

30 September 2012

Just read "The FInal Relection" by John M. Ford, Book #16 in the Pocket Book Series, ISBN 0-671-47388-3. A Very well written and thought through book based in the Timeframe where 'Dilithium Crystals' were first being used in the Warp Drives of Starships (Around 2266). I did Not take Notes as I usually do because I wanted to read about the Launch of the CONSTITUTION Class Starships from the San-Fransisco Shipyards on Earth. The Information was not there. So again, I have to Search.

Some of the Information that I have read from the internet...well, let's just say...it's creative. Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek Crossovers? Maybe if the ENTERPRISE was able to go to other Realaties/Galaxies/Timelines. I am NOT going to befall into such childness idiocies. On the Other hand, I can describe the Launch of the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION in any manner that I want because there (as far as I know) is NO Information describing how the Many Parts were placed into Earth's Orbit for the Final Construction.

I am currently describing the Launch from Earth with the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION.

Good thing that I do Research on Characters, History/Timeline(s), Equipment and Starships while doing my Writing.

Seems that I cannot find the Earlier Storyline that I had written.


27 September 2012

Today, I create 3 More Nacelles, the Three that I called out in My Book(s). The PB-12, 13 and 14. I have this 'Urge' to review one of my RPG books. Why? I Really do not know. Guess that I will get that taken care of and as well as the Ranks.

Seems things were planned without me for this weekend. Seems that I will not have any time to work on any aspect of this Site-BLOG.

I was able to get the Three Nacelles done in 3D and to Update the Charts. I am going to construct a Chart based on the Manufacturer's because there/they will be more specific with their abilities. They will range within the Military Designations still. I am Struggling on what Values to give them, but I am sure that I will get it straightened out.

I have to get more Ink once again. I could neither finish printing the chapters of the books or print the Upgraded charts. I had the setting to print in Draft and Draft. I know it sounds funny, but there are 2 places where you can set the print settings and I locked them both down to Pring in the Draft Mode to save Ink. I did the PB-12 and PB-13 Similar to the PB-1, and I did the PB-14 Similar to the PB-23. It shows a line of progression with using key features in all of them.

While I am away, I am going to Read one of my many books based on the Star Trek Series called 'The Final Solution(?)' where Spock plays Chess against a Klingon. I won't be taking any Notes, just reading it.

26 September 2012

I never finished reading the last Chapter of the First book. Being Sick, and I was Tired, so I had to give into sleep.

I cannot Concentrate. I need to eork on something different. I did finish Book One and was starting with Book Two, But I found out that I could not Concentrate on remembering how many Days that I had read through so I could Narrow down what Days were free for writing more stories.

I have to Add 3 Warp Drives/Nacelles because I have added them to my Story-Line. The PB-12, 13 and 14.

I now have to Change the Manufacturer's Date of the PB-14 from 2194 to 2205. It will still work within the Story-line so I am not worried. The PB-12 and 13 will have to be added prior to that but between the years of 2200 and 2205.

My Book, when it's Completed, will be the Most Accurate Book that I can make it. Unfortunately, I used some things from other books that have no Concrete foundation to base off of, but it's in print. I have to look up the 'Pleshun Company' on the Internet to see what Information I can dig up.

As I had thought, there is Nothing on the Company. After my Books hit Publication there will be a lot of information.

Conclusion (Projects forthcoming); I have to make and design 3 more Warp Drives/Nacelles in 3D, and on Paper, both of the Sheets. Soon (Hopefully), this will be the end of adding New Nacelles, but I have my doubts.

I want to Re-Do the Header. What I did is Alright, but it does not really get a person excited. I have seen other Sites, and they too only have a certain level of 'Wow' to them. I want to Exceed that 'Wow' Level and get to  the level of "!WOW!". How do I get there?

Having the Header as an Animated feature would be a deffinate "!WOW!" Factor, where the Starships Fly by and the Picture of the Main Character changes. Yes, that would deffinately have that "!WOW!" Factor! But How to get that "!WOW!" Factor?

I cannot add Video or Animation, or even Theme Music unless I use the Paid Version of this site. Sucks to be poor.

One more Dose of Ny-Quil and I should be rid of this bug.

Research...Research...Research. And I am glad that I did. Ranks. I should have looked into that better. Seems that I had a mix-up with the ranks and that I had promoted the Main Character far too quickly. So, Again, I have to visit the First book and correct things. At the rate that I promoted the lead character is unbelievable. A Project for tomorrow.

25 September 2012

I have all of the Begining Dates Resolved for the 'Timeline' of the 4 Books, Now I have to see how many days each lasted to Locate any Openings. I was thinking of Using the 'Openings' in the Timeframes to Create a Second Series of Books. First, I have to Read all of the Stories. Here we (I) Go!

I was able to Read 7 Chapters and Record the Timeframes that are 'Empty' and I can use in the Future if I wish. "Engineering Studies" Stardate: 2213.12 is where I have to start from tomorrow.

Upon my Research I have discovered that the Ship that Robert rode in durring his Academy days had to do Warp 28 to make it from Sol to Pollux in 12 hours or less. Either that or use a Worm-Hole Generator to Jump that Distance so quickly. I am leaving it in to give the Die-Hard Trekkies something to Ponder.

Yes, it will be forever contested that a Starship cannot travel at Warp 28, and that Wormholes are not Star Trek...Wait! What? BORGs have a Generator that creates extreeme acceleration for Starships and can travel great distances in a very short amount of time.

I have now read 11 of the Stories from Book One. I have 3 more to read to finish Book One, then I can go to the Second Book.

One More Story/Chapter to go over and I can call it a night.

24 September 2012

I was working on the Timeline to My 'Legacy' Robert April Books Last night. Was able to get Half-way with the First part.

I Finished that Part, and now I have to Read to Establish when the Chapter ends that way I can find out where there are 'Gaps/Openings' for Other Adventures.

Seems that I have writtem more that I had previously Thought. I have a few Stardate issues, and to Confirm, or Change some Technical Information, but other that that, I believe that I am set. I still want to Add more Stories and to Map out the Main Character's Journeys.

It's a good thing that I have all of these Gaming Books and Information at my Disposal. Sometimes the Internet does not have all of the answers. I am nearing the end of my book writing. All I have to do is spend considerable amount of time 'Spell-Checking' and going over the Stories so they are Accurate. 

My Son is Home, and with me being Sick, I won't be spending much time on here.

"The MAKING of STAR TREK" is where I should have been looking for the Description of how they Launched the CONSTITUTION Class into Space. I have a Copy of that! YAY!

That was a 'Dead End'! It never went into Detail about how the Ships were put into space.

I am going to perform more Web Searches and Hopefully I can find my Answer...Soon.

Yeah...No Luck!

I will keep on Searching, And I will keep looking for the Right S.C.E. Book(s) to get the right description(s).

23 September 2012

I am awaiting for the Stars to Align so I can get to my 'Home-Base Computer' and to get started Scanning and working on a few projects. I have "Tons" to do today. Will try to get as much accomplished as possible before 5p, that's 9 hours.

So, in My Storyline, Based on 'Certain Facts', the Mars and Jupiter Shipyards Painted the Hull of the Starships that they built, BLUE. So, That leaves Earths Shipyards to Paint the Hulls WHITE. Makes Sense. There would be far greater number of Shipyards on Earth than at Orbiting Facilities, and in 2220~ It was Mandatory to have All of Starfleet/Federation Hulls Painted one color, WHITE.

Going to Clean up and refresh myself, and then...GAME ON!!

The DVD Sleeves and DVD Case Cover Art has been Completed, and I printed everything, Now to go over the Information.

Those are all of the CD/DVD Sleeves and Covers...and Here is the Latest Artwork of the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER, NCC-921;

Now to Crop them and place them in their respective backgrounds. After...I check the Data that I have already Printed.

I Finished the Computer's for the Warp Drives/Nacelles, and am now working on the Cost (MCr), which is not easy since it now ranges from 5.3 to 700. That's just for the 'FW' Series Warp Drives/Nacelles.

I Labeled the Nacelles/Warp Drives on the 3D Printout that I had done a couple weeks ago.

I was making Progress (RIght or Wrong) with the Costs of the Warp Drives/Nacelles. I will have to resume it later.

Just for Documentation, I have locked down the Warp Drive/Nacelle Changes, and they are as follows;

2231-From the SWT-6 (FFTL-3A) to the LEL-3 (FWC-1).

2242-From the LEL-3 (FWC-1) to the LEL-3C (FWE-2).

2245-From the LEL-3C (FWE-2) to the LEL-3A (FWE-1). Changed by Orders of the Fleet Admiral after Robert was Transferred to San-Fransisco Fleet-Yards just to get a Refund from the more Expensive Warp Drive/Nacelle which had more power.

22 September 2012

Once Again, I feel as though I am getting Sick.

I Finished the 'Text' On the Hull and Added the Sublight Drive Lights. It will be done Today, then Tomorrow I will Scan Both of the Paintings into the Computer, and then make Modifications, Add them to the Appropiate Book Cover or Header, then Apply them.

Once again painting the Text and then to let that one Dry. I even amazed myself by Painting in the Impulse/Sublight Drive as if it were in Opperation. And if Needed, I can Edit it to show that it is not in use. By Tomorrow I will be Posting the 2 Pictures here, on this Site/BLOG.

All Done with the Painting. Let that Dry until the Morning of the 23rd. I kind of want to Paint Something Else. I guess that I will put my Creativeness to Writing, or some other aspect of this Site-BLOG.

I Almost Forgot! I have to Reprint all of the Charts and Graphs so I can Compare them for their Values. Even though I will reprint all of the 'Realistic' Charts and Graphs, they will be put aside. The 'FASA/VS I&II' Will be what I use for the Battle Scenarios. The 'Realistic' Ones will be used for the Writing of the Book. There is a Difference between the two but people will be able to Cross-Reference them, and I am going to Honor that Difference between the Two Areas. I have to make 'Tags' for my 3-Ring Binder so I can now find everything better/quicker. All of my Paintings are going in a Manilla Envelope with Blank sheets of Paper between them to Protect them in the case that I will Need them at a Later time.

I am Very Pleased wit hthe Progress that I have made to this point. I will be put back in place tomorrow after going over the values and other information. 'Murphy's Law' will be in full effect once again.

I 'Have' to create a 'FASA/VS I&II' Sheet based on the Manufacturer. I know that it will be larger than the Spreadsheet for the Designations as Typical for 'FASA/VS I&II'.

I have to Update the Statistic Sheets for the PYROEIS Class and the RANGER Class, as well as the Gaming Sheets.

I am doing 'Research' for my Writing. Everything that I have Collected, Wrote down from the Books, or Off of the Internet. I have to make some changes (as usual).

I should have been adding the Pictures to the Timeline so I could keep the Dates. Something to Remember for the Future.

I am getting the 'Full-On' Feeling for getting things accomplished for the Book(s).

Lots of Updates Tomorrow. 

21 September 2012

Today, I get the Details on the Hull Finished. I may start a Third painting of the Ship since I have the correct Set-Up for it. I may go on the Home-Base Computer and make the Refit Versions of the U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-921, then to paint them.

Not much was done today.

20 September 2012

Time to get painting once again. Doing the Hull Seperation lines (Dark Blue) first, then the Detail parts.

The Dark Lines and Windows (Dark) are done. To let that Dry, then it's onto the Yellow(s).

The Darker Yellow has been painted. Next is the Bright Yellow, then, I will do the Red and Green Lights, followed by the Lasers and the Forward Deflector/Sensor. Then I can get to the back of the Secondary Hull.

So Close to being done. The Ship's Markings will go on Tomorrow.

I am as 'Done' as I can be today. I went back and made Modifications to the Story "STRANDED" so the main character was a 'Captain' as the Contest required. I then made the main character answer to an Admiral, so beyond the Ranks, nothing Changed.


19 September 2012

Today, To Finish the Details on the Painting I did Yesterday, then Start the Second Painting. Tomorrow, I will not have the time to do much because it's a Half-Day.

Painting Details takes a while.

Just added the Lighted areas and I just have to re-do the Text and Red within and then I am Done with the First one. Then it's ALL Blues again.

Between the Paintings, whenever I take a break, I am writing a Story for a Online Game based on Star Trek.

I finished the Story. Hopefully it's not too long, or too short. It's a 'Suspenseful Comedy'. Here it is...


by; Garry Kellogg
Our Character 'Robert Klein' awakens and starts to recall what had happened in the last few minutes. "ugh...My Shoulder." He uses his Left hand to feel what was wrong with it. "Disconnected." He muttered to himself as the Pain shot through to his Neck. Cringing, He straightened himself as best he could. He slowly worked his way down to the Medical Compartment for bandages. The Slope was steep. "This has to be as near Forty-Five Degrees as one can imagine."
He Secured his Dislocated arm in a makeshift sling, just enough to relieve some of the pain, then he used a Hypo-spray to inject Hydrocortilene and then take a Numanol capsule. "That should hold me for a while why I figure out what my situation is." Robert started the Standard Systems Check to determine the reason for his sudden planetfall. Pulling the Front Panel-Plate from the Control surfaces allowed easy access to the circuits and their connections. Holding a Flashlight in his mouth while he worked with his Left hand to search around, he found nothing that would have caused the sudden loss of control of the small craft.
"This ol' girl has had her last flight. Far too much damage to attempt repairs on my own, even if I had Two hands, Arms to do the work. I shall put you to rest Galileo Seven." As Robert Pulled the Battery packs and let them drop to the ground with a solid thud. "It's time for me to start taking recordings of my time here." Robert pulled out a PADD from a wall compartment and activated it. "Stardate. Eleven, Fourty-Seven, Fourteen point Eight, One Three. I find myself almost as damaged as the Small utility craft, but I am not going to put myself out of comission as I did her. I am without communication or Transportation. It is currently dark and cold. I still have my Personal gear for outdoor survival."
Robert Awoke then looked outside a side port into a sunny, Black, and forbidding scenery. He repacked his gear and slipped the rucksack over his good shoulder before pulling the manual release to the access, which made a 'wihshing' noise before it was pushed out of the way. "Good as time as any to get going. Stardate, Supplimental. I am making my way to find a place to set up for a couple of nights, or until my time of Rescue. My Mothership the 'Badger' is enroute to the Orellius Sector Block for Charting of the Felczer Nebula and should pass by in less than Two weeks. For now...I guess that I have to do what I can. So I will Map this Planet. Well, Mass of Rubble."
It was a few hours before Robert took a break. He found a high spot to get an overall look of the area. "Stardate, Supplimental. I am looking South, and I can see a Sparse Green Area, and according to the Field Glasses, it is Nineteen-Thousand Meters away. I will rest for Half an hour before beginning." Robert's arm needed a rest and he needed to numb the pain once again. After self administering the medicines he started off again, this time with a purpose and hope to be in a place that was several degrees cooler and softer to lay on.
Walking at 4.75 km/h he was only able to make it in a little more than four hours. It was considerably cooler and more comfortable than where he had started out from. It did not take him long at all to set up a campsite and to become comfortable. Suddenly a Large Bird (Hlai-Romulan Bird) came running at full speed through Robert's camp, destroying all in it's path and upending Robert. "Damn!" was all that he could get out before landing n his injured arm. The pain sent him writhing. It had been so intense that he found himself waking in the chill of the Night.
After injecting another Dose and ingesting the pill he struggled to start a fire. Finally resorting to using his phaser to get the fire immediately started. He was tired due to the pain more than anything else. It had become very difficult to move around and seemed to take forever to get himself into the shelter of his tent. A light rain aided in his sleep and all too soon the light of the sun was shining through the side of his tent. He made his way out to the warmth of the Sun.
Upon standing and after a good stretch he witnessed the destruction that the Large Bird had created so swiftly. Sitting on a nearby rock he decided to start the day off with some Field-Rations. Soon he realized that the 'Rock' was shifting. He soon realized that upon his arrival there was no rocks protruding from the Green and Grassy area. Robert was suddenly alarmed because now he understood that he was sitting on a large animal (Veruul) of some form. Looking around he discovered the thing to be about 5 meters in length and to have scaled skin and webbed claws.
Robert watched as the Beasts Head turned towards him slowly. It was definately a Dangerous Animal and with the evidence of Feathers strewn about, it just fed. This Robert hoped would mean that it would be slow now. He slowly lifted one leg at a time to the other side of the beast, and then stood slowly. Making his way to whay he thought would be a safe range from the percieved dangerour part, the Gaping Jaws. As soon as he though he was safe, the Beast made a sudden movement, switching it's posture in Robert's Direction. Unfortunately, that meant the Tail as well.
Robert Struggled to right himself before the Beast's Head became too close. He then backed off a meter more to allow room to run if the need arose. The Beast soon turned, and as if was in no hurry, Lumbered towards an opening between two boulders. Robert grew interrested where the beast was going, and for that matter. where the Large Bird came from. So he Followed. Upon breaching the opening he was amazed at the sights. It was a Large an Luscious landscape with a river and a small lake, where he witnessed the beast slip into.
When he regained himself from the amazement he started to hear murmur's in the distance. It was a Conversation, but definately not Human, English or any Common tounge. It was Familiar though. Was there other's here as well? Stranded as he was? He activated his PADD and physically imputed his situation. 'Stardate, Supplimental: Have found a Lake, River and a place of extreem beauty, but also hearing a conversation in a language other than common. I am going to Investigate, leaving my items here in the case they might be hostile.' He soon crept over to where the conversation was taking place, keeping in mind of the Beast that just slipped into the Lake.
He soon discovered several Individuals using instruments, but they were still too far to see by eyes, but one thing that was painfull obvioues was a small craft, and it was in shades of Green. The Form of the Small craft was all too familiar. It was Romulan. He soon took out him Field Glasses to get a better assesment of his situation. Whispering to himself, he counted...'Two, Four, Five...Where is the Sixth?' Suddenly a Rock breaks loose from above him. He had his answer. Before him was a Romulan looking down upon him.
The Romulan started down in his direction. Robert quickly started back to his camp, where he left his weapon due to his curiosity. Soon, his pain slowed him, allowing the Romulan to catch up. Robert knew he was now a Prisoner to the Romulans. Struggling only made his Pain grow, and now he was unable to get the Medications to help alievate any further pain. He was already too tired to fight and as the Romulan officer walked behind him, guiding him to the small craft. Soon, the rest of the Romulans gathered and started discussing about Robert.
"Great, No Universal Translator. What are they discussing?" Robert would soon have his answer. Two of the Romulans went into the craft and soon returned with a large light-green box with two handles. "Now what? Are they going to Torture me here? Now?" Another Romulan approached. He seemed different, but still Romulan. "I am Robert Fredrick Klein. Lieutenant. Starfleet. Sieral Number Five-Sixty-One-Thirteen-Four-Four-Seven." This had no effect in the Behavior of the Romulans. Soon the Case was opened, but the lid was in Robert's Direction and he did not know if it was a Disruptor Rifle or some Romulan Torturing Devices.
The Romulan soon pulled a device from the crate and scanned him. After some evaluation and some discussion, another set of tools were extracted from the crate. "Here we go. Torture time. Right Fellas?" The Romulan started to Robert with something similar to a Spray-Hypo. "You are not going to inject me with any truth syrum!" Robert started to Struggle, only for Two others, who Remained looking very seriouse through the whole event to come over and restrain him. Robert's Arm once again reminded him of his injuries. Soon the Injection was made, and before too long, the Pain had left. 'What are they doing? Are they trying to make me forget this pain before giving me more?' Soon Robert was feeling relaxed, and very sleepy. "What are you doi...." Soon he was sleeping.
Upon opening his eyes, he Witnessed two Romulans standing over him. The pain in his Dislocated Shoulder was gone, and he felt as though he could move it, but as soon as he tried the Romulan that Administered the Drugs earlier placed his hand on Robert's Shoulder. "Slow down. You will tear the Seutures. I had to Physically go in and repair the Damage because it was so bad."
"Who are you?" Robert enquired.
"I am Doctor E'Lue'a." Was his response.
"You helped me? Why?"
"We are not here on any important mission. There was no need for aggression on our behalf."
"Doctor Lua..." Robert had Difficulties speaking the Romulan Names. "...Then what are you doing here?"
"Tending to the Fauna here. It's a Private little get away that My Captain created for his crew. We have to come in early to ensure that everything is in order before the Main parties arrival, and you are not a part of this. We have to get you out of here before they arrive in Three Days."
"My Shuttle is a wreck. I cannot go anywhere."
The Romulan, E'Lue'a pointed in the direction of the Romulan shuttle, and Robert looked over to see his Shuttle sitting beside it. "How did you get it to operate again?"
"From my understanding, it was easy. There had to be a few adjustments made so your craft could opperate within the properties of this system, mainly this planet. The Technical team is almost done with all of the repairs. After which, you need to leave."
"What of my things?"
"We have collected everything and returned it to your Shuttle." E'Lue'a looked once again at Robert, then his Shuttle. "Seems everything is ready and your Shuttle ready for Departure. We used your Medical Equipment to repair your Shoulder, and your tools to Repair your Shuttle, so it will look as though you have made the repairs yourself. Can I ask why you were here?"
"I was taking a Vacation. Some Personal time to Relax."
"A Great choice, but you cannot come here ever again or reveal it's location. Can you guarantee me this?"
"After what you have done to help me, I can Honestly tell you that I will not tell another living soul about this place. But how do I describe my Vacation?"
"Relaxing." was all that E'Lue'a had to offer.
Soon, Robert was off planet and heading for the Rendevou point. He hailed the BADGER and received a welcoming voice of Lieutenant Snnazerrstash, A Kzinti Communications officer. "Well Rrrroberrr, Back sooo sooon?"
"Hello Tasha. I need Doctor Colinger ready to look over my Injuries."
"I will alerrrt him. Did you encounterrr a wild animal?"
"Yes. But that's not how I received the Injuries. I will need to be Tractored in. The Shuttle took some serious Damage as well."
"I will alerrrt Lieutenant Jay-Gee Burtle."
Suddenly the voice changed. "Lieutenant Klein. This is Captain Earheart. I want a full report of why one of my favorite shuttles was damaged! An what happened to you as well."
"Yes Captain. I will log it on my PADD for your review."
The PADD...Robert scrambled to find it. Nothing. He rifled through his Equipment, and his Ruck-Sack. Nothing. So he decided to Call it. Nothing.
Meanwhile, on a Small rock in space, a Chirping was signaling it's location.
"Now I have to Explain why I had lost Starfleet Equipment as well."
The Shuttle was placed gently on the deck and Robert exited, dragging his Equipment. The Shuttle bay crew were hustling around and Robert witnessed the 'Red-Alert' lights blinking. He threw his things on an Anti-Grav cart and hustled to his assigned station in Engineering. 
"Mr. Klein. You are Dismissed from this Exercise. Go get that Injury looked at and put your things away."
Only a Drill. Robert was relieved, but not for long. "Lieutenant Klein. I am awaiting for the Reports." Came over the Comm.
Robert switched on the panel. "I am finishing it right now Captain."
"Just get in my Office in Fifteen minutes. We will take it then."
"Fifteen Minutes. Yes Captain!"
Rober trefreshed himself and then made his way to the Captain's Office.
"Lieutenant Robert Kle..."
"Get in here Lieutenant!"
Robert abliged. "Sir, I have seemed to misplace my PADD. It had my Information on it."
"Please, Sit."
Again, Robert Complied.
"I have already looked ove rthe Damage Report compiled by the Shuttle Bay crew, and I have to say that it was quite extensive. Extensive enough for you to pull the Power Packs."
"Yes Captain."
"But Alone, you were able to correct the Damage and return it to flight capabilities."
"Uh...Yes Captain."
"That was quite a task, Had to take up the entire time you were there."
"Yes, It did Captain."
"So you are telling me that you are Soley responsible for the Repairs to the Shuttle?"
"Yes Captain. There was no-one els..."
"Now. About your personal Injuries. What a feat i must say. Even sealing the Injuries after the self administered Surgery. I have never seen such work by a self-taught medical professional."
Robert knew this was going to be tricky. How could be explain this? To repair a Shuttle was a possibility within Four Days, but to perform a surgery as well. Not possible. "I did what I had to Sir. There was no-one else to help me." Could this pass? Would she accept this?
"The Medical case suggests that you did all of that, and the Scans from the Shuttle-Bay of the Shuttle say that onlt Starfleet equipment was used for the repairs. I want you to go to the Medical Bay and get checked out. From there I will tell you if I believe your story. You are Dismissed."
Robert left Nervously. He knew the possibilities of being discharged for lying to a superior officer loomed near. 'She knows. I know she knows.' He thought to himself.
"So Mister Klein. You seem to be in good Health regardless of the Injury. I am Impressed with the work. Maybe I should pull you from Engineering and have you work with me. I can always use another set of good hands."
"Thanks Doc, but I have a greater love for engineering and want to remain there."
"Well, you seem fit for duty. Just take it lightly on that shoulder. I will send a Report to all departments to Advise them of your work requirements until the next check-up."
"Oh-Kay Doc."
"I have a message from the Captain here. You are to return immediately to her Office with this PADD of your Medical evaluation."
Robert felt the Dread come over him upon accepting the PADD.
Robert was immediately allowed into the Captain's Office, where once again he was asked to be seated. The Captain looked over the Medical report then sat the PADD on her Desk. "Seems that you are Multi-Talented Lieutenant."
"Your level of Expertise in knowing what exactly to do to repair your Badly Dislocated Shoulder is Amazing. Is there anything that you wish to tell me?"
"Sir...No. Nothing."
"Are you sure? This is your last chance."
"Nothing Captain." Those words hurt more than his Shoulder ever did.
Suddenly a Different PADD slid across the Captain's Desk. Robert quickly realized who's it was after a quick glance. "Are you sure Lieutenant?"
"Captain...I can Explai..."
"You need to check the Navigational Charts for 'Areas that are Off-Limits' to the Federation before going on any Solo trips ever again. You could have been held as a Spy against the Romulan Government. It's a good thing that you only met with the landing party and not the Captain."
"I promised them that I would not say anything about them since they had helped me."
"Did they help you? Or did they use you as a way to track our position?" At that point the Captain placed a Twenty Millimeter, Dark Grey Cube on the desk that was pulsing green. She then stood and drew her Phaser and shot it.
Robert knew that he was in Trouble for misleading the Captain. "Sir. Captain. I am Sorry for Misleading you. It will never happen again."
"I know it won't. You are here by to be removed from Service..."
"But Captain!"
"...For One day in the Brig and the Following as House Arrest where you will be in charge of yourself and allowed to only leave for Meals and when summoned. And also for any Red-Alert Status. Understood?"
"Yes Captain."
"I gave you the Second one for interrupting me. You are Dismissed!"
Robert stood and was surprised when Two Guards cam in to Escort him to the Cell where he was to stay a night.
(Meanwhile back in Captain Earheart's Office) "Thank-You Commander E'Lue'a."
"That should keep him from trespassing into this area again."
"I sure as hell hope so. Thank-You for sending his PADD back and the Prop. He bought it fully."
"How are the projects going to keep an eye on the Dominion?"
"With your Project on course, Very well. Get that Relay on-line and we can start seeing far into their area of space to get an better estimate on their strengths."
"And what of the Breen?"
"They are once again concealing themselves from everyone and we predict that they will be that way for some time."
"That's good to know Captain. E'Lue'a, out." The Comm link went dark once again.

I hope that it receives some attention. I know it is supposed to possibly become a storyline for a part of the game, but I had fun just writing it.

Time to Submit it and then get back to painting.

I was able to Finish all of the Blue on the Second Painting. Now for all the Details.

I just added the Highlights on the Hull-Plating Seperations. Tomorrow it will be easier to paint the Dark Seperation Lines. I will do it tonight if I get the oppertunity though. I had to lightly Pencil the guidelines around the Secondary Hull so I had something to go by. 

I guess I have to Modify the Story because it's supposed to be a "Captains Log" Documenting the events. So I have to Write it as if it were the Captain telling the Story. Changes to be MAde, and Soon. I can Spell-Check the Story as well.

18 September 2012

Today...Maybe, Just Maybe, I can get some Painting done. I have a call or 2 to make, but those can happen at any time.

A Cold, Cold! Wind is Blowing outside! I have almost finished with the Main Body of the Starship as it's Final version. I need to find the Registration Number, or Make one up for the U.S.S. CHALLENGER, RANGER Class Starship. I had always believed that it was NCC-915, but I just found out that was to the U.S.S. RANGER, RANGER Class Starship. To me that makes no Sense. The Lead Ship should have been NCC-900 (as a Rule of Thumb). The Research continues.

I have come to the Conclusion that "NCC-921" is Available for the Era of 2215 to 2231 for the RANGER Class Starship.

Now to let the Paint Dry for an Hour, and then Add all of the Details that will bring life into it.

I have added a Lighter Color into the areas that show plate Seperations. Any of them that would have Reflected Light. Then I can add the Darker Plate Seperation Lines and that should create more Realism. My Next Step is to Add the Lines for Plate Seperation and Darken out Areas where Windows are. The Artwork is done on a Standard 8 1/2" by 11" Cardstock and then Scanned in, then Cleaned up and placed in a background. I am looking for Era Correctness. I have to break up a Timeline for Refits and Upgrades so I can do the Successive Artwork. I know by the Year 2243 the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-921 had the Bridge Similar to the CONSTITUTION Class added over the Existing Bridge, and Prior to that the Top of the Primary Hull had 2 Decks Added.


-2231~    Warp Drive/Nacelle Upgrade. 2 Decks added to Primary Hull. 

-2232~    Warp Drive/Nacelle Upgrade. Secondary Hull Upgrade.

-2243~    New Bridge Added over Existing Bridge.


I'm taking a Lunch Break. I Almost have all of the Plate Seperation Lines Painted.

I Love it when you start adding Colors! The Painting comes Alive! I just did the Windows and the Marking Lights. Next is the Bussard Collectors and Forward Sensors/Deflector Dish. I have the Weapons to do as well.

It's Looking Better by the Minute!

Tomorrow I shall add the Ship's Markings.



Like that.

I had almost Forgot to do the Metal parts of the Starship.

I have done Extensive Research on this Starship for the Purpose of the Book. The PYROEIS Class was of my Design, so it did not need me to do any Further Research than for it's components. I have to go back and Change every time that I called the Ship by the Other Registration Numbers, either by Numeric or by Words. At least it is only in one Book. I will Add the U.S.S. CHALLENGER, RANGER Class, NCC-921 to the First book as well, but make it a lesser Character Ship than the PYROEIS Class. Of Course, because this is My Book.

Looks like I may have to Add the Light Panels/Windows to the 3D CADD Drawing so I can have a more Realistic Painting when I get done. My Painting Right Now does not look bad, But any Artist can see the Windows are not correct. I always thought they were larger myself.


17 September 2012

Celebrating Stephen's 17th Birthday with a Party at his School.

My Recent Chapter/Story allows for Every Theory to be at least Partially Right. I have explained a lot on Zephrame Cochrane's Behalf. I have to add a little more to the Chapter/Story based on the Main Character's point of View on the matter, which will be a surprise of what others would percieve.

16 September 2012

My Son's Birthday is today, but he is with his mother until 9p.


15 September 2012

Today, I Fix something else for the Parents, then I can get back to this. WInter is my best timeframe to get things done like Painting and Writing.

I did my Research on Cochrane's Arrival at Earth, and I am within tollerable ranges with perceptions from other Star Trek Like-Minded people. Meaning that others think the way that I do. Like Zephrame Cochrane is from Alpha-Centauri, He did bring the First Warp Drive to Earth/Human Race, And he Created the First Human Warp Drive.

I have added the Drawings of the Two New Warp Drive Nacelles to the 3D Files, and to the List for 'Warp Engine Types', Plus to the 'Movement Point Ratio Table' based on FASA/VS I&II, and 'Meteo' Values. I cannot print any because I have no Paper to print onto. So I am now at a Standstill once again.

As soon as possible. I will make a version to show here. I have been working hard at making the Warp Drive Names in BOLD Type so they will be easier to read. After I get all of the information needed, I will convert them to Plaques once again. Then Add the Images, and other information to a Pamplet Cover type of Art.

So per all the information that I have researched, Zephram Cochrane came from Alpha-Centauri in 2057, Arrived in 2061, Gave his First Ship Design the C1-21 to Earth, which they named it the Boneventure, and then he helped Humans develop another (their real first) Warp Drive/Nacelles in 2065, Two Years after his First Warp Flight on the Humans behalf.

14 September 2012

It's Back to the Research on the Nacelles to Determing the Government Classification Values. I have to get the Size of the Alpha-Centauri's C1-21 (BONNEVENTURE) Starship so I can draw the Nacelle to it's accurate size in my 3D renderings.

I have been Searching Everything and Everywhere (on the Internet) and could not find any scale reference for the C1-21. I guess that I 'Wing It'.

I have all of the Information that I need to Create 2 More Warp Drives/Nacelles.

I did all of the Research and Found nothing more...at this time.

So, According to my Research, it was in 2061 when Humans had Warp Drive, Thanks to the Alpha-Centaurian, Zephrame Cochrane. He arrived in that year in his C1-21 that he built in 2021. The Alpha-Centaurians had Warp long ago. 

13 September 2012

Today will be on-and-off for this project. I have running to do, and things to take care of.

I am sure that if I do things to Scale and at the Proper Distances in concerns of the Planets, that the view from Mars to Earth will make Earth look like a Tiny Spec in a Black background, so Exageration is necessary to get the look that I am looking for.

What Defines a Warp Drive/Nacelle Class? What are the Limits of say an FFTL-3A? Do the Classes Overlap? If so, what makes the Difference between the FFTL-3A and the FFTL-3B? A Mystery to be Solved. Each Warp Drive/Nacelle has a Manufacturer that assigns a Designation to the Component, and then the 'Government(s)' Assign a Designation based on the Warp Drive/Nacelles Abilities to Perform under set requirements. Why am I asking this? Because I have run across the Same Designations with different Values, Clearly defining that the Warp Drives/Nacelles were not of the same manufacturer or are just totally different Designs.

I have NO Focus today! I fear that I am coming down with Something. Sneezing has become 'Normal'.

Not going to do ANYTHING Today! Illness coming on and fast!

Well, I guess that it was a 6 Hour Bug because it has left (Almost) my System. I am a little sick, but it's very tollerable. Hopefully I will have enough Energy to start the painting process again.

I am feeling far better and am going to Study the Warp Drives/Nacelles to determine the Answers to the Questions that i have possed for myself earlier today.

Doing my Homework for my Book(s) and what I dig up! I ended up going from the DY-100 Sleeper Ship to the BONNEVENTURE (C1-21) of 2051. I attribute the Early Date to the 'Alpha-Centauri' Race where (I Claim) Zephrame Cochrane came from (as in the Original Documentations). Well...Here is what I cam up with;


Came from ALPHA-CENTAURI Designed by Zephrame Cochrane in 2051, Arrived at the Sol System in 2061. Prior to the Journey it was deemed by the already Warp Capable Civilization that Cochrane was only to use the Warp Capable Starship for his Travel to Earth and that he had to Develop a Warp-Drive/Nacelles from Earth Technology to Aid the Humans in Faster-Than-Light Space Travel. He was given a Facility for use by the Human Government to persue this task on behalf of the Humans. Cochrane was given all the rights of the Human Race and was indeed deemed as Human. The Bonneventure was called the "C1-21" prior to it's Earth Given Name. 

Cochrane was a Brilliant Man and at the age of 21 Developed his own Warp Drive/Nacelles for the Human Race. Maybe their Years are Longer than ours on Earth and explains why he was 21 rather than in his 40's and why he lived to over 140 years in Earth Years, which would have placed him at 70yo in his Race's Years.

So, Now...I have to add 2 more Warp Drives/Nacelles for the Charts and the 3D drawings. Does it pay to do your Research? Depends. I had thought that I was all done creating Warp Drives/Nacelles, NOT! But the 'C1-21' Warp Drive will have to be powerful enough to make the trip of 4.37 Light-Years, so even at Warp One, it would have made it in under 5 years. So I can give the Warp Drive/Nacelles the Maximum Warp Speed of 1.2 without any issues, and it would suit the impression that the Alpha-Centaurians gave the Ship and it's Technologies to the Humans, and as Typical, the Earth's Governments Take the Ship and use it. 

I now have a 'History' to Add to My Writing, and I can add that to the 'Highschool' section.

Cochrane found the Alchohol of Earth Addictive, deriving in the way he looked in 2063, along with his mannerism and the taste for Rockabilly Music.

12 September 2012

Going to try and paint the Starship again.

Yes, I do need to Learn 3D Graphics.

Yep...I Fixed it, but then I messed it up once again. I am feeling too damn Anxious! Don't know why.

Scrapped the Last Painting! I worked on the Computer and made lines in 3D onto the Model then Re-Printed a Couple that I will be working with. I am going to Pen-Line the Lines so that way when I paint them, I won't lose the section lines, and it won't show up on the Scan afterwards.

I have to look over the Era's of the individual Earth Agencies to see when the Starships were painted Blue. I may have to Shift the Colors of the Paintings to show white Starships. A light Hint of Blue would be acceptable.

And...Yes, Blue Ships were still in Favor until 2220, so Both of the Starships that I have painted could have been Blue, and would have been repainted during a Refit, which the U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915 did not get until 2231.194. So although the Other Starships of the Federation/Starfleet from Earth could have been painted Blue Initially, and since they both were built at the Mars Spacedock, they both were Blue. It could be claimed that the Mars Facility painted all of it's Starships Blue, Using up all of the Leftover Blue Paint used during the United Earth Era.

I am saying that since I have painted the Starbase Blue, and it's the Mars Station, All of the Starships produced there carry on that Color, Until 2220 when it was Deemed by Starfleet that All Starships and Stations be painted White from then on. Just Saying.

Another thing; The RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915 when it had it's Refit in 2231.194 It had a Layer of White Paint applied after 2 Decks were added to the Primary Hull. The Secondary Hull was changed as well to something closer to what was on the CONSTITUTION Class Starships.

I have to yet create 3D Versions of the SpaceDocks, The Mars and Jupiter ones. And I have to do the Planets as well, at liest their overall Diameters and Distances from the Sun so I have a Scale and Basis from for a more accurate set of Paintings. That's going to be a lot of work!

11 September 2012

11 Years after the attacks against our Nation by Terrorist. We mourn the loss of life and the lifes loss of those Defending our Freedom that we have today. Mourn the Fallen, Honor the Standing.

I just have the Final details to do on the latest version of the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915.

One should not paint when they are Stressed. I may have to start all over again.

10 September 2012

Time to get to the Painting. Helps me Relax and allows me to get something done.

09 September 2012

It was stated in the book that the Computer Chosen was not capable of running the CHALLENGER Class, thus the Warp Drive/Nacelles had to be sized in accordance to the Computer, and the Classes of Computers that were available in 2215 were the "J", "K", "L", and Maybe the "M-1". NOw for a Class-8 Starship it would have needed the "J-2, 2A" or the "K-3, 4" or the "L-3, 4, 13, 14", and Finally the "M-1", But given the Fact that the Designer gave it Minimal Computing power the Best likely candidate and most available would have been the "J-2A". It would have been cheaper than most and have enough Computing Power to run a Tandem Nacelle arrangement.  Later in the year 2231, when the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915 is refitted under Captain Robert M. April it receives an "L-7" Computer and Cochrane Warp Dynamics Model Five (CWD-5)  (FFTL-7) of 2227 Warp Drive/Nacelles Installed.

08 September 2012

I am finally finished with all of the Plastering and Sanding and Cleaning up. I can now go back to my Book and Hobby. Time to change out those Nacelles and Print it off so I can once again Paint it.

CADD Done and Perspective picture printed and I am ready to paint. I have added the Pictures and a couple extra. There will be a couple tweaks to the 'Warp Engine Types' Chart(s).

Everything is Ready to begin the Painting process again. Tomorrow.

07 September 2012

Seems that I have a few tasks to complete before getting back to this Site-BLOG. I Did Finish what I said I would for my Parents, but picked (Voulenteered) to finish off a few things that I did not start so my niece can do what she said that she would do for them since the ones that started the projects can no longer do the tasks. So it will take a day or two more.

03 September 2012

A Couple of More Days and I can once again Persue my Writing for this Site-BLOG.

02 September 2012

A Few more days to go before I can once again Focus on my Writing. With the Warp Values Chart(s) Completed I can now use those Accurate Values for my Stories. I had some Ideas Early this Morning, Before I actually awoke that was related to my Stories, but as usual, as soon as I awoke, they were gone. I Have the feeling that they were great. Eh...So it goes.

I Know that I have to Re-Read all of my Writing and Develope a Timeline for the Main Character, Robert April, to show when things happened and what happened. This will help me fill in the 'blanks' in his history and create a more complete picture for the character.

01 September 2012

I am to go and do some Repair Work today. Taking Care of Family.

Done with that Task. Took a little longer than planned, but turned out good.

31 August 2012

Nexy Month (September) I am going to go Ballistic with the Information and Storys. I have to Re-Read and Correct a couple since I have Consistant and Reliable Information to go by. I have only changed out the Warp Drive/Nacelles on the RANGER Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915 4 times! Each time was because I Learned something about the Warp Drives/Nacelles. I have 2 sets of Values to go by, One is Realistic and the Other is FASA driven. Unfortunately the FASA Material is what is Used as 'CANNON" for the Gaming. Unfortunately it is not consistant. But I have spent a Considerable amount of time working on the FASA chart, and do plan on using it, even Sharing it in my Book, just like the Pictures of all of the Starships Mentioned so the Reader had a reference to what he/she is reading about. 

Once my Son Returns to School I can return to Writing and Refining my Books (4). I want to Re-Read them and Record the Timeframes to see where I can add more Stories (Which I have 4). My Books each have from 9 Chapters to 15 Chapters. I want each to have at least 300 pages, and Maximum of 1,000 pages. I have found someone who has already published a book and Hopefully they can help me.

30 August 2012

As you can see, I have not had time to Persue my Hobby. Dosen't look like that's going to change any time too soon either.

As soon as I can, I will Create a Chart for Each Era for the Ward Drive/Nacelle Chart. THis will Clairify what the Largest Starship possible for each of those Era's. I can also Re-Arrange the Data to be more Consistant. I Did it in the way of FASA and it's a bit Confusing. So I have to pull the related information to the same levels so it's easier to follow. The Data will not change, just it's location.

29 August 2012


28 August 2012


27 August 2012

I did not get a chance to do anything last night. I am hoping that tonight I get the chance.

26 August 2012

Deciding what I can do for this Site/BLOG and still spend time with my Son. If I had some (or All) of the Programs on here like I have on my Home-Base Computer, It would not be an issue, but a Lap-Top does not have the same amount of Available Space as a Fixed Computer, thus...my problem.

I have downloaded a 3D tool called 'BLENDER', it looks impressive for a Free Program. I can self-Teach myself, and a Site that I visited guided me not only to the Free 3D (BLENDER) program, but also to a Site called 'Lynda.com' which is a Tutorial page for 3D Renderings. I will have to install it on my Home-Base Computer because the Lap-Top does not have the Space for Programs that large.

25 August 2012

It may be 8 days before I can really work on this Site-BLOG again. My son spends this part of his Summer vacation with me.

The 2 Paintings that I have already finished could have been Alternate Designs set forth to the Lead Designer and Later Rejected for the more Favorable (and Cheaper) Warp Drive/Nacelles. Of Course, the Lead Designer was a Cheap Person, only in it for Profit. So if I were to give the SWT-6 a Price and Availability it would be, 120 and LLL/73. I have to add that information to the List yet. It would be a 'Safe' Warp Drive/Nacelle to add to any Starship. It is a Vulcan Design of course. I have to make Charts for each Change of Era's to Adjust Costs and Availability. So there will be 6 Charts. This will help in the Overall Story-Line. Well...Or...Maybe I'll just make some Adjustment Values and add it at the bottom of the Chart.

Actually...I think Independant Charts would be the clearest, and I can section it off by the Era's. That is what I have to do. This all brings me back to the question...Do I create a Chart that has the Names/Companies rather than the Designations? Of Course, the Newer Warp Drives/Nacelles would be the Hardest to get and Most Expensive, then you add in the Experimental and Limited Runs.

One of the Benefits of what I have accomplished is that Now, for a fact I know what the Largest possible craft is in each Era.

It will be easier to go Backwards with the Chart. I have to take in Consideration the Values that were applied by FASA and VS and then Modify them.


Here's a Shout out to Neil Armstrong, the First Man on the Moon. Today one of the most recognized men died. 82yo. 1930-2012.



24 August 2012

Allright, I am going to show a few pictures of the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER from the period of 2215 to 2231.

This version has the Shuvaanjis Warp Technologies Version 11A

Power Points 16

This Version has the Shuvaanjis Warp Technologies Model 7

Power Points 9

I really need to do my homework! I am after the Weakest Warp Drive/Nacelles for this class because it is stated in the book that the design was made and it barely had the power it needed to opperate all of it's systems. I may have to paint a third with different Nacelles. Things that I have to keep in mind; The Declared Maximum Warp Speed. I have to look into that, but I am under the impression that it was 4.

I have been making the Charts more presentable. Bolding the Warp Drive/Nacelle Designations and adjusting some of the Row Heights in hope of making the Chart use less pages.

I have added the "Warp Drives/Nacelles-082412" picture in the Photogallery, and it has the Names and Designations of each one. That can be matched up with the Movement Chart. I am pondering if I should add extra Designations to the Movement Chart, or if I should add the Names onto the Movement Chart so it clearly outlines each Warp Drive/Nacelle. I may do one or the other, but which one? I have to recheck my information to determine what would be the weakest, but still suitable Warp Drive/Nacelles for the RANGER Class, U.S.S. CHALLENGER. The current selection is the CWD-2 (FFTL-4A) of 2190, but it has 16 Power Points. It's a Class VIII Starship. If I do it as a Power/Movement Ratio of 6/1, then the Power level is 7.5. I have to have a Maximum Warp Speed of 5, but that was according to the First Story written about this Starship. Earlier in it's history it could have had a lower Maximum, but I too have written it as Maximum Warp of 5. Some Re-Writing may be needed. I cannot use any Government Warp Drives/Nacelles. Kind of puts me into a situation.

After some Extensive Research, Reviewing the Movement Chart, then the Warp Engines Type List, Cross-Referencing them, I have come to 2 possibilities, The First is; SWT-6 (FFLT-3A) 20,000mt 12 Power Points made in 2177. The Second is; CWD-2 (FFTL-4A) 52,000mt 16 Power Points made in 2190. My Selection will be the SWT-6 because it has a Lower Power Point rating and it is Rated for a Max of Warp 5.3.

That would be this one. It will be 'Fun' Painting the RANGER Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER once again.

This was the Other Option that I had mentioned.

I have to get some Paper so I can print my Combined Chart and Other Information so I can have a hard copy for my Files. It was a 6 month Journey from Concept to the Completion. This includes all of the 3D CADD Work. I have still the Plaques to re-do. I have all of the correct information for them now. I have to do the 'REALISTIC' Versions and the 'FASA/VS' Versions, so I have to get all of the Data around first. I have to Divide my 3-Ring Binder into Categories. I started before I was Distracted with the Warp Drive/Nacelle Project. I should Cross-Check the Information with other FanFic Information. I Fear that.

I have the Final Direction that I want to go with the First (Original) Design of the RANGER Class. It will 'Cement' the Original comment that it was designed very minimally and barely had the power that it really needed to opperate. 

23 August 2012

Success! SUCCESS! The Combined Chart is completed from 2064 to 2244. 

And there it is. Feel free to Copy to your Computer. I have kept the information as it was in the FASA books and in/from the Vintage Starships information. Some of the Horizontal lines have dissapeered, but if you know how it goes, then it's no problem. For those that do not know, here is a definition;

FFTL-X = Designation

10.5 = Power Points

4/5 = Warp Cruising Speed/Warp Emergency Speed

See the Photogallery for full-sized sheets.

The Movement Point Ratios are as follows; Power Cost/Movement (at Warp)

Power Cost: The amount of power used

Movement: The amount of Movement from the Power used

IE=4/1; Meaning: It Costs 4 Power Points to Move One Hex.

Can I be any clearer than that?


I can now focus on my writing once again. Hopefully the ideas that I had will return.


22 August 2012

Have accomplished a lot today. Still have a long way to go. I have compiled every bit of information from FASA, Vintage Starships, and from what I had created using Meoto's information that he shared with me. I fixed some mistakes with the information and feel there will be more to correct. I have done up to Class 4 Warp Drive/Nacelles, but I have 16 more Classes to go. It get's confusing going from one set of papers to another, then back. Also adding in the information that I had created makes it a challenge. Tomorrow looks like a good day to get a lot done.

20 August 2012

I have a few things to do today, but afterwards I will be able to work on the FASA/VS-I & II Chart. I started it last nught and didn't get too far because it's not east to determine where the Warp Drives/Nacelles shoulf fit within it. I am using the Maximum Warp Speed as a guide, and that seems to be working well.

19 August 2012

I just watched a Program about the Wind Driven Constitution and it's History. A Small Ship that Secured the Freedom for Americans.

Computer back in opperation. Did some work but a lack of focus kept me from getting too far. Maybe tomorrow?

18 August 2012

Getting a Hard Drive from my Brother. Hopefully that it will be enough to get me started again. This is to happen tomorrow, but it may take me a day to get it installed and able to get working on the Computer once again. I am concerned that I may have lost my Nacelle Drawings. My brother told me to use the one that he gives me (if it is compatable) as the Primary Drive and that maybe the current one could be used as a storage.

16 August 2012

Still no way to get anything completed. I hope to have a replacement Hard-Drive Tomorrow, then I have to get the Information 'Ghost'-ed over. Hopefully the Information will not be lost. 

15 August 2012

I still have the drive to get the Wrap Drive/Nacelle Chart going. I have to find the paperwork for the codes that will allow me to use the XL Spreadsheet program on this Laptop

Well...that did not work for me. Seems I cannot load the Spreadsheet program onto this Laptop. My Brother has a extra Hard-Drive, and maybe I can get my Home-Base Computer up and operational again soon.

Seems the Fates are against me this week. Maybe it's because tomorrow is going to be an extreemly busy morning for me. I have a lot to prove to a few people. Unrelated to this Site-BLOG. 

Been working on an Unrelated Project since I cannot proceed on this due to Technical Difficulties. Too much to do tomorrow and will probably find little tim to work on this. Friday is going to be a bit busy as well. I have to attend to issues concerning my son.

14 August 2012

I 'was' making great progress at creating the Warp Drive/Nacelle Chart...Until...My Home-Base Computer stopped working. More than likely it's the Hard Drive. I was close to finishing the List with all of the values, and Saved the Information just before the Crash. So, Until I can afford another Hard-Drive, I will have to just get along doing what I can on the 'ol Laptop.

Trying to Locate another Hard-Drive for the Home-Base Computer, and if I don't, I may have to use my Mass-Storage Back-Up Drive as my main. 1 Terrabyte of space. I was so hoping to finish some of the Chart this morning. Oh Well.

After everything has been straightened out, I will be removing any and all information that does not fit, or is wrong and replacing it with the correct information.

On top of everything else going wrong, My Monitor has been acting up. Has been for a few weeks now. When it Rains, It Pours. Maybe I'll actually Register my "XL Spreadsheet" Program finally and use that.

Maybe Tomorrow.

13 August 2012


To Whomever said "Yes"  to the POLL Question about the S.C.E. Series of Books that Describe how the Constitution Class Starship was Launched into Space; You forgot to Add the Critical Information on the "Forum" Page.


Sorry. Been away Visiting for a few days. But now I am back and ready to get to work on a few things. I received more information from 'Meteo' during my absence, but it is unphantomable where he comes up with his values, because they are for far advanced Warp-Drives/Nacelles that what should have been for the time period. So, I will use them as Guidelines and Not as Actual. Here is what he used;


UENFPG-1 (2030)
Mass: 46,000
SS: 0.3
CCR: K-1
D: 4.0
MPR: 3/1 or 4/1 for Classes III-VII
Power Provided: 10
UENFPG-2 (2036)
Mass: 52,350
SS: 1.5
CCR: K-1
D: 12.5
MPR: 2/1 to 5/1 for Classes IV-VII
Power Produced: 12
UENFPG-3 (2037)
Mass: 65,000
SS: 1.6
CCR: K-2
D: 15.35
MPR: 2/1 to 4/1 for Classes VI-VIII
Power Produced: 40
UENFPG-4 (2093)
Mass: 69,000
SS: 4.0
CCR: K-3
D: 43.6
MPR: 3/1 to 25/1 for Classes VIII-XII
Power Provided: 68
UENFPG-5 (2126)
Mass: 5,460
SS: 1.5
CCR: K-3
D: 46.5
MPR: 3/1 to 6/1 for Classes IX-XIII
Power Provided: 26
UENFPG-6 (2152)
Mass: 81,350
SS: 5.0
CCR: K-4
D: 85.2
MPR: 5/1 to 30/1 for Classes IX-XIII
Power Provided: 120
UENAPG-5 (2156)
Mass: 5,060
SS: 0.6
CCR: K-3
D: 9.5
MPR: 3/1 to 6/1 for Classes IX-XIII
Power Provided: 26
UEMAPG-2 (2158)
Mass: 43,530
SS: 4.0
CCR: K-4
D: 85.2
MPR: 5/1 to 30/1 for Classes IX-XIII
Power Provided: 120
KNFPG-1 (2116)
Mass: 5,200
SS: 0.5
D: 6.5
MPR: 5/1 to 25/1 for Classes III-XIII
Power Provided: 28
KNFPG-2 (2172)
Mass: 86,850
SS: 8.0
D: 45.2
MPR: 6/1 to 40/1 for Classes IX-XVII
Power Provided: 100
RNFPG-X (2110)
Mass: 4,000
SS: 2.9
D: 2.6
MPR: 1/1 to 3/1 for Classes II-VIII
Power Provided: 25
RNFPG-1 (2125)
Mass: 5,460
SS: 4.0
D: 4.8
MPR: 2/1 to 5/1 for Classes IV-XVI
Power Provided: 29
RNFPG-2 (2146)
Mass: 28,300
SS: 4.5
D: 6.2
MPR: 7/1 to 25/1 for Classes V-XXIII
Power Provided: 48
He even added the Years, which also do not fully fit the Timeline. Maybe the Romulans and Klingons had Faster Than Light Space Travel, but Humans did not until 2063, and that was bought technologies. It was not until 2102 when Humans started their own designs. So...Sorry 'Meteo', I have to go down a different road, but it will be based off of the information that you have provided me by my request. Thank-You.
I finished off the FASA/VS I & II Chart based on 'Meteo' Values. It worked. Now I have to create the Chart that resembles FASA's.
Added the FAQ's and Resources, and I placed a few Questions and Answers and Links to Pages.

08 August 2012

Printing the Information from the STSTCSOLD&A page, then Applying it to the FASA/VS-I&II Sheets.

07 August 2012

I have been to Web-Sites for the STSTCS Genre asking everyone if they know where to fing the Original FASA calculation sheets, Formulas, Charts and Graphs for their Warp Drives/Nacelles. I have had a couple hits, with Promises of them creating something to go by, but they never 'Shared' any information. Must be more preciouse than Gold.

I was able to get some help from 'Meteo' from the "STSTCSOLD&A" Web Site. Thank-You Meteo.

06 August 2012

Back to the DIscoveries of a 'Realistic' Star Trek Value Charts. I don't know if I want to even work on the FASA/VS-II Charts because of their Randomness. It's been a few days and I never received a response on my Questions to the FASA site or to the Vintage Starships site, so, I guess that they did not have any charts to help them determine the values for the Nacelles. They just threw numbers out there.

Beyond The Final Frontier
Last Unicorn Games
Where No Man Has Gone Before (WNMHGB)
LUG Trek
FASA (Fantasimulation)
Task Force Games
All Companies that have created Star Trek Games for One-On-One, Person to Person playing.

05 August 2012

Been working on the Power versus Ship Stress points. Adding it to my Pictures. 

The FASA/Vintage Starships II Information is still confusing to me. Trying to create the appropriate values for the Nacelles for the FASA/VS-II is difficult. Nothing to use as a basis because the Values are all over the place. Going to try a different tacktic to try and create a set of charts that I can use confidently.

Using my New (Realistic) Charts to determine the Dangerouse Warp Drives/Nacelles. It is so much easier now.

Too tired to think straight.

04 August 2012

Almost Completed with the Warp Drive/Nacelle (Realistic) sheet, and I have to make a Final Version of the Structural (Warp Drive vs Total Ship Mass) Chart. I found a couple of more Nacelles, but they are of the 23rd Century and really do not need adding. I am adding the Cost and Rarity of the Warp Drives/Nacelles to my sheet. I can see light at the end of this tunnel, but it's just a tiny spot of light. My Timeline is from the Earliest part of Warp Drive History to ~2244. 81 Years to be exact. 

03 August 2012

On the Superstructure Value Chart (Realistic) that I had created, I have thought of adding modifiers for those nacelles that fall out of the 'Accepted' Range. Either way, it still makes them undesirable to use, and would be risky to do so. I have been working on a second Superstructure Value Chart (Realistic) for the Warp Drive Power versus the Total Ship Mass (mt). The First Superstructure Value Chart (Realistic) that I did was Warp Drive Power versus Nacelle Mass (mt). The Purpose for doing the 2 charts is because the Nacelles are typically on Pylons and stress would relate from where the power is pushing and on the ship where it will be pulling causing 2 points of stress. YES, They both do get added together...but then they get divided in half, and that value is what is used. Seems a little complicated. Maybe I'll use the "Tornado" on the other chart? Here we go...

I know I'll have to look forward to a headache today completing this chart. I have to determine the Maximum Mass of a Ship that the Warp Drive/Nacelles can move at the Speed indicated to get an accurate chart, and that I have to do using a FanCreated Spreadsheet. I want to cheat so badly and superimpose the 'Tornado' onto this chart, but then I would be unhappy because it was not accurate enough. When I use the XL Program for the Calculations, I am not going to add weapons, or anything else, I am just going to mess around with the Superstructure and Mass. That should make things quicker. So, when constructing a Starship using my Charts for the 'Superstructure Values', for both the Nacelle(s) and the Total Mass of the Ship, After you get the Value for each, you add them together then Divide that by 2, and that will be the Superstructure required for that Warp Drive.

02 August 2012

Not much going on today in the Warp Drive/Nacelle area, or anything due with Star Trek. Waiting on others.

In the Meantime, here's some Warp Drive/Nacelle History;


After Cochrane's First Warp Flight of 2063, and the Visit by the Vulcans, Spaceflight became a Common Persons goal. The Vulcans were more than willing to sell the New Space-Farring race their Warp Drives and ships. Though these Starships and their Warp Drives were Antiquated by the Vulcan's Own Admission, but it gave them control and a profit. The Humans were eager to explore space and readily bought the Ships and Drives, even with the Vulcan's Stipulation that 6 of the Warp Drives would only be serviced by them for the first 60 years, but they would share their Fusion Propulsion Technologies from the other 5.
From 2064 to 2102, the Humans accepted the circumstances until they were offered Technologies from other races Introduced by the Vulcans, Such as the Tellerites and Andorians in 2102, and the Andorians/Tellerite Project of 2105. The Vulcans limited the Sales from the Two Other races stating to the Humans...'Your race is new to the Concept of Warp Flight and need a guiding hand that will allow for a smooth transition into the spacefarring communities.'...Which of course spurred the Humans and the Vennerable Zephrame Cochrane to start their own Warp Facilities, which again the Vulcans attempted to stagnate by Controlling the Information.
The Tellerites gave no such restrictions to the Human Race about the Reverse Engineering of their Warp Drives, and the Tellerites went a step further by selling the Human Race their Warp Drive Schematics and Plans at a Above than Reasonable Cost. The Andorians were very Secrative and placed more stringent guidelines on their Warp Technologies. But the Human Races need to quench the need for doing what they want, when they want, started developing their own Warp Drives in 2102. Just achieving above Warp One at first and making milestones and falling back over and over again.
Dyson-Yoyodyne led the Charge by placing Warp Drives on their already tested designs, officially making their company the First in Commercial Warp Flight. The Earth's Government started to Purchase the Warp Drives for the Patrol of the Sol Star System and Scientific studies on the Planets within the system. The masses were finally able to afford tickets to go to the outer planets and in a timeframe that permitted the trip to remain within the normal family vacation.
In 2102 Humans started classifying the Warp Drives/Nacelles which at first they just took whatever they were called by the Race that they purchased them from, but quickly came up with their own naming conventions.
A Couple Government Facilities took up the Challenge as well. The Nevada Site kept with what was known and developed their first Warp Drive in 2105, While the Newly Formed United Earth Solar Navy went their own direction and produced their first Warp Drive in 2117. The Nevada Crew started naming their Nacelles as the Vulcans had done, while UESF Used the common Numeric-Alphabetic designation. 
The Nevada Site Starships were used for deep exploration of Space and kept secretive from other Starships of any race, while the UESF kept within a lightyear of the home planet. to continue the research of the known planets and surrounding space.
At the Event of the NX Program (2150) the Nevada Site became stagnant in the Development of Warp Drives, while the United Earth Solar Fleet, and then United Nations Star Fleet continued to Purchase from other races and Companies for their Warp Drives.
In 2102 Dyson-Yoyodyne Created the first Commercial Warp Drive for the Human Market, followed by the Newly formed Cochrane Warp Dynamics, which spurred a rivalry that Zephrame Cochrane fueled by flaunting his ability to create far superior Warp Drives and then to steal contracts from the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company shamelessly. Cochrane was soon facing Legal reprocussions from the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company, and Cochranes Financier was becoming tired from bailing Cochrane out.
Cochrane soon sealed a contract with the New Solar Fleet and created the CWD-X in 2117, but facing continued Legal Action from Dyson-Yoyodyne decided to flee to Alpha-Centauri with the Newly Developed Warp Drive. This left an Opening that was soon filled in 2152 by Kloratis Designs (KD), followed by Shuvinaaijis Warp Technologies (SWT) in 2156. Competition grew, but Cochrane Warp Drives still remained in the background working for the UESF.
In 2159 Leeding Engineering Limited arrived on the scene and proved their efforts quickly with an above average Warp Drive for it's size, and followed that up quickly in 2160 with the First Warp 6 Drive.
By 2150, Humans were using a sophisticated naming system for their Warp Drives/Nacelles which lasted 10 years before it was changed to suit the Newly Formed Federation.
In 2177 Starfleet Renewed their interest in Specifically designed Warp Drives and placed a Challenge to anyone who wanted to accept it, and that was to Design the Overall best Warp Drive Possible, Either as Individual Companies or as a Joined Force. The Challenge was Quickly met by Shuvinaaijis Warp Technologies (SWT) and Followed by Leeding Engineering Limited (LEL) after receiving a Government Grant. SWT was first to introduse a Warp Drive which was impressive but could not surpass the Leeding Design presented in 2160.
The Time that LEL had to work on it's project seemed to stretch and there was no rush to prove themselves, until 2182 when SWT released 2 more Designs, one of which exceeded LEL's current best. LEL developed a Warp Drive that Exceeded the Vulcans efforts in 2185 Showing the Vulcans that Finally the Humans were at a level where their Vulcan Allies were not necessary. Following that Blow to the Vulcans, LEL released another Far Superior Warp Drive that left a gap between the two rival companies.
In 2191 the Vulcans released a New Warp Drive, but it was only a close effort to LEL's, and the Final Insult came when LEL Released a Warp 7.1 Drive in 2192 (Even after their Founder was Killed in 2190). This inferriorated the Vulcans who just could not keep up. LEL then released a Warp 7.2 Drive in 2198. The Lead Designer of LEL was assinated a Couple years prior, but not without leaving an outlined guide for his successors.
Starfleet had enough of the Court battles and deciept between the SWT and LEL Companies and took all of the Designs and Material from both companies and released them to the Pleshun Company and Cochrane Warp Dynamics who combined several of the design ideas from SWT and LEL and then released a Warp 7.4 Drive in 2237. By 2240 Cochrane Warp Dynamics bought out the Pleshun Company and Retained the lead Designer on their team.
By 2244 CWD had released the most Reliable Warp Drive known to the Federation, the PB-30, though the Cruising speed was less than predicted (WF-7.2), it was an all over better design, and in 2245 the PB-31, a Warp 7.5 Drive was released and Immediately fitted to the Constitution Class Starship ENTERPRISE before it's Maiden Cruise.

01 August 2012


31 July 2012

End of the Month Already. Still awaiting a response from the VS-II Creator. I cannot find any Updated Files from that site. I am sure the Information has been updated. The last Post on that site was 2008 and that said they relocated to another site, but what site? That's my Research Project for today. Another thing to do today is to reverse the Postings so the oldest is at the bottom. I think that it would be easier to read then. So from here on out, I will be placing the newest postings at the Top.

I am going to make Sheets of What Nacelles were available to whom (Meaning what Military Faction) and their timeframe of opperation.

June 03, 2012

This is going to be a site dedicated to the Life of Robert April, A character created by Gene Roddenberry, and that he actually played in the First Pilot Episode for a attempt to get the program on the television.

I have a lot to do to this Blog to make it the way I really want it. So, please bear with me.

June 04, 2012

Another Day working on the BLOG...

Well...I will not be loading any Video or "exe" (Executable) Files any time soon. But I have added a Couple more "Polls" and a few more Pictures.

June 05, 2012

I erased several pictures but added several more. I was able to get a lot of tasks surrounding the Warp Drive/Nacelle Project done. I was able to correct the 3D rendering of the U.S.S. PYROEIS and the U.S.S. CHALLENGER. Though a lot of work had been accomplished, they were done seperate from this site, but will be applied at a latter timeframe.

06 June 2012

I am adding information daily, and when I get to a Level (Or Next Month) where I feel comfortable, I will Release (Unleash) this Site-BLOG for the Publics full viewing.

I am still adding information, almost Hourly. There is so much to consider at trying to make this as accurate as possible. I have found some Early Research (from 2002) that I had forgotten about, but looks like it will fit, meaning that I will have to design some Nacelles myself. Any takers? If so, fill out your request in the "Feedback" area.

Added the Second Disclaimer and adjusted it to suit. 

2161 is my Timeline basis. It is CANNON and Cements the Start of the UFP (United Federation of Planets) as in Star Trek:ENTERPRISE. There have been Sites claiming that this is not the case and that the UESPA (United Earth Space Probe Agency) was what Kirk and the ENTERPRISE Opperated from.

I am Struggling with the Timeline. I am sure others have struggled with the Early History of the Star Trek Universe and came to their own conclusion, as I will have to. 

07 June 2012

Todays Agenda:

Finish Seperating 3D Nacelle Drawings

Design Additional Nacelles from "Vintage Starships II 2130-2160 UESN/UESPA Starship Construction Charts"

Create Plaques for Individual Warp Drive Companies and Military Factions based on Timelines

Create Performance Plaques for Nacelles

So...I find out this morning that I have to create 15 more Nacelles. Hoping that I can find some that fit the timeline on the Web, if not, then it's all me. 2140 to 2151 will be my greatest challenge because I have to come up with 5 and they have to fit within the "ENTERPRISE" Era designs.

I have to re-do the top of this page. Not liking how pixilated it is after I shrunk it using the tools on this site. So I will shrink them down in another program, readjust the values and make the Header that way.

I did not get all my objectives completed, but there is always tomorrow.

I am Child free for the next 2.5 days, lets see what I can accomplish.

08 June 2012

Going to take a break this morning, but will be at this again this afternoon to try and finish the tasks that I have set upon myself yesterday.

Another thing that has caught my attention is that a Warp Drive can go in Reverse. Seems it does not matter as long as it's going in the durection that the Nacelles point. This IS CANNON.

By the end of the Month, the time where I put this out for everyone, I may get the "Premuim" Package so I can add exe (executable) Files and Videos. I am seriously considering it.


Finish Seperating 3D Nacelle Drawings -DONE

Design Additional Nacelles from "Vintage Starships II 2130-2160 UESN/UESPA Starship Construction Charts"-DONE

Create Plaques for Individual Warp Drive Companies and Military Factions based on Timelines-STARTED (See Photogallery)

Create Performance Plaques for Nacelles-To Do

09 June 2012

Issue of the day: Warp Drive Power Measurements. I made a Poll for this. (See upper Right)

How little things stress you out. I searched and searched in all of my resources to find a common value for measuring the Power that Warp Drives create and to my suprise, it's a hard subject to study, and what is available is in different measurement values (See Poll). I need just one Value to work from. "*watts", "*joules", and "Cochrane Units"! Oh My! I have 72 Warp Drive Nacelles, and each will require 3 plaques (Manufacturer, Military, and Diagram), so that's 216 plaques that I have to create, and each company has their own, and those have to be changed per Era, as well as the Military plaques. I will have at least 7 of those to create and make to look as from different Era's.

I have a few things to finish from my list on the 7th, but I am making great progress. I have to either find or make Logos for the Pleshun Company, and Cochrane Warp Dynamics. 

According to the current Chart (see in "Photogallery"), if Humans followed the Vulcan progression, we would only be at Warp 3.5 to 3.75 using an average of 20.10 Gigawatts and still using just Matter/Antimatter drives without Lithium or Dilithium crystals by 2370's. It's a good thing we are not Sheep that only follow.

If the Calculations are accurate, then at Warp 2 (Using a Fusion Reactor) a ship should be using from 59.50 to 63.20 Megawatts of power. At Warp 4.8 it should be using 90.10 Megawatts to 05.10 Gigawatts of power.

The "Matter/Antimatter" Chart is not as informative, Neither will be the "Lithium" Chart, or the "Dilithium: Chart. Not enough CANNON information to create such charts. But that does not mean that I cannot make an Educated Guess using the Information that I was able to build.

Looks like I have to Start using "Cochrane Units" for the Basis of RPG. How many ___________ = 1 Cochrane Unit?

How about I use this...



  • 1 cochrane. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 1, approximately 20 gigajoules are required to create the field, and only 200 megajoules to maintain it.[1] (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 10 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 2, approximately 3 terajoules are required to create the field, and only 20 gigajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 39 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 3, approximately 59 terajoules are required to create the field, and only 590 gigajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 102 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 4, approximately 610 terajoules are required to create the field, and only 15 terajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 214 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 5, approximately 4.3 petajoules are required to create the field, and only 150 terajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 392 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 6, approximately 24 petajoules are required to create the field, and only 1.2 petajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 656 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 7, approximately 130 petajoules are required to create the field, and 13 petajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 1,024 cochranes. Under the conditions it achieves warp factor 8, approximately 610 petajoules are required to create the field, and only 100 petajoules to maintain it. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, page 55)
  • 1,500+ cochrane warp core is the generic classification of many Federation starship warp drives capable of maintaining speeds of warp factor 9,2 to 9,982 for 12 hours. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, pages 151-158)

09 June 2012

So using any other scale than "Joules" could have been catastrophic. Seems they already had that Figured out. I will still keep my Charts, but with the information that I have now, I won't be placing them in the "Photogallery" Section. But! I now have the Technical information that I need to apply to the Warp Drives/Nacelles.

I just cannot create the "Chart" that I want. I want a fractional chart of the *joules usage range through the three stages of Warp Drive development. The first is for "Fusion" and deals with Gigajoules, the second is for "Matter/Antimatter" and that is in Terajoules, and the third is M/Am with "Lithium" Crystals and thats in Petajoules. I keep creating charts and not getting the results I am looking for. Looked on the Net and Nothing. It's something that I have to create myself.

Here's my problem; it is a 'fact' that at Warp 1 you need 20Gj's, and at warp 2 you need 3,000Gj's. What if I want the Gj's for warp 1.1? or 4.25? Because at warp 5 you need 4,300,000Gj's! So what are the Fractional values?

10 June 2012

What can I do today to Further this Site-BLOG? I still have the Plaques to finish, and once I get going I know it will go fast. I have to create at least another 2 Nacelles, but they are of little or no importance to my story line. If and when I do them it will be purely for fun and boredom. I am still looking for the "Pleshun Company" Logo and a Logo for "Cochrane Warp Dynamics". I may have to create them. I have looked on the Internet for the logo's to no avail.

Time for me to go and work on my "Home-Base" Computer. I just have a lot more programs on it that I cannot download on my Portable (This one).

I have added a few paragraphs to one of the Early Story's. It outlines the Rivalry between Zephrane Cochrane and Doctor Von Beal from the Dyson-Yoyodyne company. It also describes Warp-Drive Development and the Dissaperrance of Cochrane in Twenty-One Seventeen. Also the Potential Fall of the Dyson-Yoyodyne Company. 

I am trying to avoid overloading this page with information. I have written over 1,000 pages pertaining to Robert April and his life, and it will take me less that a year to put them all on this site. Now, if I put a story on per month, then it will take 2 years or more before they are all on here. Maybe I'll have a few more to add?

Changed the Poll for Power ratings for Starships to "*watts", *joules" and "Cochranes".

Painting the U.S.S. CHALLENGER, Ranger Class Starship of 2213. In a "Book", Kirk encountered it with PB-31 Nacelles and a Secondary Hull Similar to the Constitution Class's, My Version is of the Technology available plus since the Ranger Class is more of a Scientific vessel, it does not need "The Best" in Equipment, and that's why I used a similar Secondary Hull to the Daedalus Class and the Warp Drive from 2179, the SWT-6 (FFTL-1B Classification). That's another thing that people get confused with. Just because you have a FFTL-1B does not say you have a Specific kind. They have that Rating based on criteria. I have logged 5 such classifications and they are all different models of Nacelles. Some Nacelles do not have an "A" Rating, they just go to "B".

Just finished painting the Ranger Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915 (Will add later). Starting the Repainting of the Pyroeis Class U.S.S. PYROEIS. NCC-200.

Funny...I searched once before while writing this timeline for any Starships with the NCC of 200 and found nothing, and Suddenly...I find Four! A Daedalus Class, Poseidon-classAsmodeus-class, and the USS Paramount. All of which are either before or after my timeline. So I can assume that the Registry of NCC-200 was widely used on different classes.

11 June 2012

Summer Break for my son, so not much will be happening here until the evenings.

80 degrees and Humid. Painting sometimes works for the best in this weather...Sometimes. We will see what it is like after 9p.

12 June 2012

If you don't hear from me for a while it's because my son is on summer break and I went somewhere for a couple of days.

13 June 2012

Reading what storylines (Chapters) that I have already completed and taking down the names of the characters. I did not realise that I had created so many. 

Re-reading the storylines, and I must say...I have to add more! and...Recheck my Characters and events. I am sure the Events are accurate, but...Something is amis. I should have it corrected before too long.

Fifteen days before I post this Site-BLOG openly for all to see.

14 June 2012

Re-Reading my pages and making some corrections. Deffinately need to add some more material. 

Updated Character Lists (and still updating)

17 June 2012

Back from a visit. Worked on some Mechanical projects. Now I am back to work on this Site-BLOG.

I have to add a new painting of the Ranger Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER NCC-915. I am going to repaint the U.S.S. PYROEIS NCC-200 Pyroeis Class Starship to reflect the Original Nacelles it would have had. Then I have to recreate the First Book Cover. I Also have to recreate the Cover for the Second book to accurately show the Shuttle slung between the Nacelles of the Warp Sled design. The Nacelles now shown are going to be too large, and along with that, I have to update the Story concerning the Warp Drive used. It's a good thing that I did all of that research and took the time to coordinate the information so I have an accurate resource for Warp Drives within the Star Trek timeline.

I am still undicided on what Energy classifications I want to use. "Terajoules" Seems the way to go, but the other two are accepted as well.

Should I do a "FAQ" Page? I'll let that go to the Polls.

18 June 2012

I will have around 5 hours to do whatever I can to the site during the week (Tue-Thu), but for Friday to Sunday, I'll be able to pour a lot of time into it. Since I have to "Bulk Up" my Story Line, I will convert my other writing to reflect the Life of Robert April.

Gene Roddenberry used "M" as the Middle Initial, and the Animated Series used "T" as the middle initial. Gene's the Creator, and what he says is beyond CANNON.

I wonder what Gene Roddenberry would have thought about J.J.Abrahms 2009 movie?

Terajoule: (Plural) Measurement of Power. One million million ( 1012 ) joules. Symbol: TJ

Two weeks to ge before I let the Site-BLOG go openly. I should have enough content to keep it interresting for a day. That's the problem. A Site-BLOG may seem to take a lot of effort to prepare, but when it comes time for someone to review it, it only takes a day to go through everything. That's why I wanted to add as many things as I could to keep the visitor busy for more than a day. 1 Month of Preperation = 1 Day of Viewing. Well, I guess that I'd better get busy and add a lot to this Site-BLOG.

I have to develop a timeline of the main character's life that way I can keep the Storyline accurate.

Getting back to the Power Usage versus Warp Speed so I can provide more accurate information on the Plaques and in the Book. 

What you see in the "Technical Information" Section is only half of the total chart (Which will be put in the Photograph section later). Added.

So now I have to tie in the Information to create the Plaques. Another thing is that I am going to make the Technical manuals in the Genre of the 1950's. Maybe I'll hand draw the Nacelles and add a 50's motif to the covers. I think it would suit for the Era.

ETA-12 Days

19 June 2012

A few thing to do today. Have the A/C on because it's going to be over 92 degrees outside. I have 5 Hours to do whatever I can for this Site-BLOG while my Son is away at summer school. I have to hand write down the Manufacturers of each nacelle and all of the information. I plan on doing the Plaques by Manufacturer. Get each done in that manner, even though I will have to Modify the Plaques for the proper Era's. I still have to find Logo's for a couple of companies.

3 of 7 charts done. Step one almost half-way complete.

Less than 2 weeks before this becomes an open Site-BLOG and I have to paint the correct Ships for the Covers of the Books. I wonder if I could wrap each section like a book, where you have to see the cover, then go page by page through the book until you end up at the back cover. Hmmmm?

I did it! and it's Ke'Hul!

By the time anyone is able to respond to my Polls, I would have already come to a conclusion, but you are free to answer the Polls to voice your opinion, or go to the "Feedback" page and leave your comment(s).

I have accomplished a lot since the third, but I have far to go. Everything needs to coordinate and make sense even for the new readers, and yet be full of content for the experienced readers. The information needs to be as accurate as possible, and yet fun to read. I don't want to "Bore" The Reader, but I want to provide as much Information for others to use, and that is why I am adding all of the technical information that I can, and yes...I Base it from known sources. It's a hard balance to perform, and not everyone will be 100% happy. 

The PYROEIS from 2213 is almost finished. I just have to add the Markings and a few more little details.

20 June 2012

Have to Scan in the recent paintings of the Starships and create a 2155 Shuttle and a Warp Drive Unit that will go on the cover of the Second Book, for one of the story lines. The smallest set of Nacelles are the  Dyson Yoyodyne model 732's. I am going to just create the Shuttle and the Warp Drive housing unit, then try a series of Nacelles to see what comes of it. I have up to the year 2222 to try, and that's 18 Types of Nacelles to try. It's not getting done with me just sitting here...

Well...I had too much Caffine and it totally threw me off my goals! I am fidgity, Bouncing off of walls, and cannot stay on task! I even screwed up the Revision of the First Book Cover in more ways that I could imagine! Never got around to drawing the Shuttle and components! I am MAD at Myself! BUt the good news is, I did accomplish the re-paint of the PYROEIS and RANGER classes and enhanced them to better suit the covers.

Currently, everything is Right with the Cover for Book #1, but...the Date (Timeline). It was supposed to be from 2211 to 2215, His Academy Years. (Which needs more Content), not the 2215 to 2220 as I have it. The Text may remain as it is for the site, and it suits the Era, but...As it is for Star Trek, it has one Font. You Decide, Another Poll will be added.

Downloaded 380+ Fonts onto this computer.  Wonder if I can use any on this site?

I couldn't, but that did not stop me from using them, as I did with the Title on the Menu Page. That frees up the Normal header for a more exciting picture! And BOY! Do I have something Exciting in mind! And after I do that, I will do other ones to change every once and aa while to keep the page fresh and exciting.

There are my choices for the Sites Fonts, Look for the Poll to the right and make your Selection. Thank-You.

Tomorrow (Hopefully) I get to Revise my Recent Revisions of the First book cover. I am going to try another program to do that. Hopefully it will be a far improvement from what I am doing it with. If I can swing it, I am also going to make a few Headers for the site as well, Just to get ahead a bit.

21 June 2012

Taking Stock in the Star Trek Related books that I have personally. It far outweighs what I dont have. By the time that I have "All" of the books, it will fill my Bookcase and I will have to find somewhere else for my Non-Star Trek Related materials. It's all research though. I have only read a Third of my current collection. Maybe it's time for me to make a bookshelf specifically for my Star Trek Paperback Book Collection, Plus DVD's, CD's, Comic Books, Vynal Records, etc...

9 days and counting down before I let this to the public. I already have more Likes than I expected (8), so we will see what happens when this Site-BLOG goes Public on the 3rd of July.

I still have the Plaques to finish. They have to be Manufacturer, and by Era, and by Types of Drives. Then the "Military" PLaques have to be by Faction, Era, and Drive. Multiply that together and there should be about...600+ Plaques to do. Once I get going, it should be easy. My current problem is Logo's for at least 2 Fictional Companies. The Pleshun Company and Cochrane Warp Dynamics. I though that I saw the latter in one of my STSTCS Books. I will have to Dedicate a day to searching in every RPG/STSTCS Book that I have, then to scan it in and prepare it for use on a Plaque. If I cannot find one (Either), I will have to create it (them). "PC" and/or "CWD".

I have to Download the new program to my "Homebase Computer" so I can create the Book Covers, and I have to create the Warp Sled Prototype for the Cover of the Second book. The Painting of the CHALLENGER (Ranger Class) Starship will be on the Third Book. The Fourth will have the Constitution Class Starship on it, and in a Spacedock being assembled. I will have in the picture, Rockets bringing up a Nacelle. There is NO WAY that the whole shell of the CONSTITUTION Class was lifted from Earth Assembled, even with Anti-Grav Plates attached to reduce the load (Mass). There had to be 6 Launches, at approximately a Month apart, making it take 6 Months before the Shell was ready for testing. I wonder if the S.C.E. (Starfleet Corps of Engineers) Books have anything on that subject matter?

I have the sketch of the Header, and I am going to draw each Ship, Spacedock, Station, Planet, etc..., then paint them, and then combine the images to create the Header. Then I am going to keep doing that...Had a thought...WHat if I tie the Headers in with the Hilodays of the Month and Each Month replace the Header with the appropiate Months? That means I would have to create 12 Headers Minimum.

Just discovered something, Whenever I send a Request for someone to look over my Site-BLOG, it Automatically puts a "Like" on my page. Here I thought that there were Ten Actual "Like"'s for my Site-BLOG.

The Plaques seem to be my hardest challenge, so they will be my focus this weekend. 

22 June 2012

Today's Agenda:

1-Re-Do 1st Book Cover using another program.

2-Create as many Plaques for the Warp Drives/Nacelles as possible. (up to 600+)

3-Create Logo's for the Cochrane Warp Dynamics and the Perth Company. (2)

4-Create as many Headers for this Site-BLOG as possible before the days end.

I believe these are a challenging goal for today. See-Ya!

Obviously no-one did their homework for the weights of the Warp Drives/Nacelles! Geez! The Weights are all over the place! So, for a Solution to this 'Problem' I am going to use simple math! First I am going to take the relative Size (Diameter x Length) and Multiply that by 500.

3cm x 12cm = 36cm, and then Multiply that by 500 for a total of 18,000mt.

That's more realistic, Believable. Let's try that again on a larger Nacelle...5cm x 50cm = 250, 250 x 500 = 125,000mt.

Then to add some realism, I will reduce the weight by 5% and increase Performance by 5% for every Technical Step in the evolution of Warp Drives, because they would of course find better ways to manufacturer the drives and reducing the overall weight to/and increase performance. Like the Larger of the Two Calculations, it would go from Fusion Weight of 125,000mt to 118,750mt with the Power rating from 47.8tj to 50.19tj when it enters the Matter/Antimatter Age, and thus 112.812.5mt and 52.69tj when it enters the Lithium Age, which in turn should off-set any power gains.

Now, for making that FASA Power Levels, which in this case I will use the 'Known' levels of a documented Warp Drive, the Leeding Engineering Limited model One Matter/Antimatter Warp Drive, the FFTL-1A, which has a Warp Speed of 6.0 or 24,000tj or 392c. Now, in the FASA world it has a total of 9 Power Units Available. Simple Math would suggest that the Warp Speed of 6.0 become Multiplied by 1.5 to produce a solid number as 9 for the Power Units. And when I tried it on a different Warp Drive/Nacelle that produces 12 Power Units...I get a Warp 18 Drive! Nothing is ever simple is it? People just throw numbers out there, because...It fits! So now there has to be a Multiplication Curve! Headache coming on, time to do something else!

A Lot accomplished today. 47 Plaques completed, used the new program to create the book cover, did a preliminary Black and White of a Nacelle to see how that was going to look. Seems pretty good. I still have to find the Logos for the Pleshun Company and Cochrane Warp Dynamics. I have to change my Painting of the RANGER Class once again. The Nacelles that I had chosen would be too low on power, so I have to go from the  SWT-6 (FFTL-1B) with 16,120tj to the SWT-7 (FFTL-3B) for 50,500tj. 

Oh...by the way. Changing things from BMP format to JPEG makes the work look terrible! Every time that I do that, the Picture gets fuzzy. Really Sucks!

23 June 2012

I hate the FASA Timeline! Because they have the Start date of 0/0001.01 listed as 01 January 2000. The day is supposed to corrilate with the founding of the Federation.  I have to take in account that Leedstrom (Leeding Engineering Limited) died sometime between 2185 and 2190. So the Cartoon Series was loosly based on FASA'a timeline.  According to FASA First Contact with the Vulcans happened in 2068, in the Month of July. According to FASA the United Federation of Planets was Founded on the 6th of June, 2087. When CANNON sets it in 2161. There is a differrence of 74 Years. SEE WHY I GET HEADACHES! So, Harold Leedstrom actaully Dies between 2259 and 2264. So I don't have to worry about that little fact in my stories. I want to write all over in the FASA book, but cannot bring myself to doing so. Time to get back at doing the Plaques, and other related things.

118 Plaques thus far. I still have to do the Plaques for the UESN, UESPA, UESF, UNSF, UFP, and the others. The Number will deffinately double. I had to become creative with the Pleshun Company and Cochrane Warp Dynamics, as you will see when you visit the Photogallery.

Yeppers, I was right, the SWT-1A's (EMFTL-2) were too large for the Shuttle. I had to go to the Smallest Nacelles that I could and those were the DY-732's (WD-1), and Still...they look too large for the shuttle. Though they will have to do, and I will have to Correct my Storyline to reflect the Accurate Nacelles. THey are about 14 meters long, and the shuttle is 7. I printed out the views that I want to (re-)paint of the RANGER Class and the Warp-Shuttle. I figure 2 hours with each picture, unless I do like an assembly line with them so I can be more consistant with the colors.

Did I mention that I had to swap out the SWT-6's for the SWT-7's on the RANGER Class? Seems that 16,120tj was not enough even to get the ship to Warp 3. So I went with the SWT-7's because they need 50,500tj's and can perform the Warp 5 speed stated in the Storyline. I still have to perform the proper calculations with a couple of the available programs out there. What would be cool is a "Drag and Drop" Program that allows one to build a Starship and then gives you all of the Values for gaming. Would be cooler if you could actually use it in the Video Games. Seems a reachable goal. I am thinking that I may be close enough to actually do the calculations, all I need is a Reasonable Value chart for Power. 

Seems everyone was too lazy to figure out the Terajoules for the Power of the Nacelles, so they used the Mass (Weight) as a guide. This brings confusion. So, now I work on a chart for accurate "Power Units Available" per "tj" value. Of course onre is goi8ng to br right once and a while when they Guess, but the Majority is Wrong.

Allright! I have my "Power Units Available" Values for all of the Nacelles. None of which go over 18, must I say (Based on FASA). The FW (FWF, FWC-1 and FWA-2) Series Warp Drives of the 2240's and beyond according to FASA seem t obe allright, except for the FTWA that has a value of 48. Anything that has a power level of over 20 just does not work. So that's a List of several Warp Drives in the FASA book that cannot be accurate, like the FWG-2. My chart 'clicks' all the way up to Warp 8, then it escalates. Another Headache comming on. Yeppers...No Rhyme or Reason for their Values except an Educated Guess and that no-one looked over their data to ensure some accuracy. 

On to Steve Bacon of the "VINTAGE STARSHIPS II" and his Construction Charts; 

It's nice that he Shared his work, and I have used it in Game-Play, and yes, it worked. Some of the Values left me scratching my head and seemed kind of high, but I did not know any better then. Things change. As my own work and writing has since my research into the Warp Drives. See my Poll on what I should research next. In some cases my Values are Higher than his, and in others it is lower. Well...I am going to get everything compiled and create a "Construction Manual" that make sense (At least with the Earth/Federation Warp Drives).

Ten days to go before this goes Public.

I have 2 more Manufacturer Plaques to create, but unsure how, because one is from Tellar and the second is a Tellar/Andorian design. I have to find more Nacelles from other races that sold to Earth. I made a list of who was known at the time after the Vulcans visited, and who would have sold to Earth, versus who wouls not. 

I know that I complain a lot about FASA, but it is useful. Every resource is useful, to some extent. The dates may be wrong, but adjusted, they work out very well. Some of the Technical Information just needs some tweeking as well before it becomes useful as well. I look for Information wherever I can, and some of it may be useless, but once and a while I run accross a treasure or two. So I keep looking, even into areas that I have visited before. 

You will see that a few of the Nacelles that I used or created seem a little too powerful, but I chalk that up to Advances in Technologies, like the Newer Metals and Materials to construct a Nacelle and the Warp Drive, and the more that is understood about FTL travels that make for a better performing Warp Drive. If General Motors can make a 4-Cylendar that delivers as much power as a 8-Cylendar, then why can't a small Warp Drive be made to perform as a Large one does? It just won't be as reliable, or able to sustain Emergency speeds as long as a Larger Drive with the same Power output.

Just to get this "Argument" out of the way, I first placed the Nacelles in the Order they were released, Locking down a "Timeline", then I matched them with the Dates provided in the "Starship Construction Charts". I did not however necessarily use the Warp Speeds given by the Charts.

24 June 2012

What's on the Agenda for this Sunday? I have to find Emblems, one for the Andorians and the Second for the Tellerites, and I have to make the Plaques in the Fashion of the Other Worlds. Painting, I have that to do. Better get to doing something.

Painting is going well. I am doing another angle of the RANGER Class and a re-do of the Warp-Sled Experiment. 

A little here, a little there. Hesitating on takling the Blues. Maybe I'll focus on the RANGER Class, then do the Warp-Sled Prototype at a later time.

Don't know why, but my paintings are darker then I wanted. But it's comming out good. Well, I typically show the Sun on the far side of the book covers, so that will allow me to use that to my favor. After some enhancements, then some "Cut & Paste" for the lighted areas, it will POP!

I am painting the Scene where Captain April and his crew fool the Klingons using the Sensor Dish to Create an Anomaly that the CHALLENGER can travel in and that scares the Klingons from investigating. (Third Book)

I promise, I Promise! I'll get the RANGER Class right! (as per 2213)

It's looking very good. I just added the Windows, but I still have to add the Text, then Lighten the areas, and re-add the text to make it stand out as it would in real life. I have to add the Red Arrow/Star and Flags for the Era.


25 June 2012

Going to enjoy the outdoors today. The RANGER Class U.S.S. CHALLENGER is complete, and the next painting project will be the Prototype Warp Sled, and then it's the U.S.S. PYROEIS for the Header. I will reuse a lot of the previous paintings to create the Headers. I am going to make the Second Stage Prototype of the Warp Sled (After I re-read the story line again) and use that in a Header as well. You know...the one the Vulcans took after the Romulans Destroyed the First one. That one.

Had a lot on my mind last night. One was the Dates that the Type of Nacelles similar to the CONSTITUTION Class ship have and FASA's Manual. I did not take that into account, but will before this site goes public. FWA through FWF were among those, in FASA's timeline, they initially came out around 2182. It breaks down like this:


FWA-1  2182 'FASA'

FWB-1  2182 'FASA'

FWC-1  2185 'FASA'



FWA-2  2191 'FASA'

FWC-2  2192 'FASA'

FWE-2  After the 4 years war (With the Klingons) 2198 'FASA'

FWF-1  FIrst Nacelles on the CONSTITUTION Class (2244) 'FASA'



FWG-1 (ST-TMP 2271) 'FASA'

That's the best they give. My clues are the dates of the Computer systems. So I have to continue playing Detective, and if that does not work, then I have to play Devil's Advocate and just create Dates. I can go back that far (2180's) and it does not disrupt the Nacelle Timeline too much. I will change up the Nacelle drawings that I have created in 3D but it's going to wreak Havoc with the Federation Naming system. In 2182  the use of FFTL was standard, so now, I have to see if the FASA information was approved by the companies that owned the Star Trek Franchises. If that is the case, then they get prefferance and I will have to Readjust the List. I feel that the Earlier versions of the "FW" Series would be too encumbering just like the Large Nacelles before 2151. I like the Nacelles that I have on the RANGER Class right now and don't plan on changing them. Actually, I want to change the dates given by FASA, There are quite a few Nacelle designs already available already, And one cannot believe that this has been the "Only" Type of Design of Nacelle to be fitted to a Starfleet/Federation Starship. Something has to give. 

Well, plans changed. Will have time to Contemplate the intrigration of the FW series Nacelles. Hopefully, I will be able to make them fit and to reflect the design cues of the Era's they are claimed to be in. Like the Rear of the Nacelles. So, I have to Claim the New Nacelles as made/Developed by Starfleet, and not any Major Company, even though I can still remain in the Story-Line by saying that The two companies worked in conjunction with Starfleet to Develop the Nacelles, and that could explain the FFTL's  versus the FW Series. Makes sense...to me. So now, to figure what design cues I want to use for each Nacelle. I need to make 9, and I have 4 already completed. That means 9 more Plaques and 9 more Performance charts, and 9 more Pamplets with one of each of those and a angle view of Each (9).

So much 'More' to do. Now I have to rename some of the Nacelles, and again, make 9 more. 

After looking over Steve Bacon's "VINTAGE STARSHIPS II" work, I have noticed that he too did not take into account the Tmeline of Warp Drive Development in the FASA book #2011 "The Federation". He did his own thing. I am going to Incorporate eberything though. I want as many options as possible for my Storylines. It does 'Mud' up my writing a bit, but I can correct for it after I 'Cement' everything to a Warp Drive timeline that is Comprehensable. 

Why did the 'H' Series come out before the 'A' Series according to FASA?

Fixed that, and some time this week I will reconfigure the Nacelles to reflect the Era's attitudes in Design, like the Coils being fully enclosed and the lack of the Vents and the size of the Nacelles. The back of the Nacelles need to reflect the Designers trademarks as well as the Bussard Collectors. The known design cues need to gradually come around to the design of the 2240's.

The "Leeding Design" Versions will be the easiest to convert, and the "Shuvinaaljis Warp Tech" is going to be more challenging. I want to use the Cone-Like Bussard collectors and the rear of the Nacelles to show a change of design before the final and current design.

It's a nice feeling to have information that I can base my claims on. Something substantial, with time and research I was able to create a set of charts that aid me in having reliable data to share. I will have to revise one of my charts to go by 3's rather than 2's, just to give a wider range of Power Points for the FASA game. Currently 20 is the highest obtainable. It would be 30 with the change.

The offset to that means the Nacelles with 4 will become 3's, maybe 2's, but in a sense, the Older Drives may be that way. To keep as 'True' as possible with everyone's works.

I am 8 days away from this being released!

Won't be doing much with this Site-BLOG tomorrow. What was going to happen today will be happening tomorrow. After which, I will be going 'Gang-Busters' on it. I will get the 9 Nacelles done Wednesday as well as the 'Military' Plaques, and a day latter, I will get the Performance Plaques completed. 

So...since I did the Terajoules vs. Power Points Chart, I can reverse it and determine the range of Terajoules the Warp Drive has and what Warp Speed the Drive should provide. This chart is coming in to more uses than I had first thought. Maybe I can cross that chart with another? Maybe I should try.

I have other, personal things to address, but that will happen around the time this Site-BLOG goes Public.

I have to find out if I can buy a "PayPal" card.

Now...FASA has the Earliest CONSTITUTION Class Nacelle at 2182~, while Steve Bacon (VINTAGE STARSHIPS II) has them at Earliest of 2160, assuming that they are all similar type of Nacelles as the CONSTITUTION Class, as per the 3D Starships on the Cover. I believe that there has to be more varrity of Nacelles.

26 June 2012

There will not be a lot going on here today. What was to happen yesterday is going to happen today. I will not be able to accomplish much of anything else either. It will all have to wait for tomorrow.

Seems that I was given a reprive for todays duties, and I will use the time in the best manner that I can. See you later!


I have been painting the Warp Sled picture. Has a lot of little details to address.

I have some Whites and Greys to paint, then I can add the Blues before adding the Final details. I will be done with it this evening.

I have to be a "Dad" First though, and see to my Son's needs/Wants, and that keeps me doing a Minimal amount on this Site-BLOG. But I am Very Happy to be a "Dad" First.

Tomorrow is going to be another Uncertain day. I have to perform Automotive Surgery to my Brother's Car. Seems the Ignition Switch is faulty. He already has the Replacement part, and I figure it should only take a couple of hours to perform. A few 8mm Screws and a 15mm one on the Steering Hub, Pull the Steering wheel, Replace the Faulty Switch, and Reverse the process. Again, a couple of hours.

The Prototype Warp-Sled painting is looking really good.

Now comes the Difficult painting. The Nacelles have Sleeves with holes in them. I will do One of the Sleeves at a time. Not going to be easy. Afterwards, I will do the Bussard Collectors. But do I do them like the TOS? Maybe I'll do them as Single Bussard, with the Static Charge Lightnings running around within it? 

27 June 2012

Warp Sled prototype 100% Completed. Next is the PYROEIS Class at a different angle that is going to be used in one of the Header Designs. I need to confer with someone about a more rapid way of doing the artwork. I like painting, but if I can do it in 3D and encorporate other 3D pictures to make the Image more exciting, that's what I want to do. The whole book needs to be as exciting to read as to look at.

I have the 9 Nacelles, Plaques and Power rating charts to do as well. 

That means I have a few Plaques to Re-Do since the changes have been made concerning the Nacelles.

I cannot wait until I open this Site-BLOG to everyone. I am anticipating the Good along with the Bad. 6 days remaining. Only 6 more days for me to get as much done as I possibly can.

28 June 2012

It's going to be a Hot One outside, So I guess I am going to Focus on this Site-Blog. I am first going to spend some time on the Homebase Computer to develope the Earlier 'FW' Series Nacelles and Plaques.

If everyone knew the Nacelles were called the 'PB' Series, why didn't everyone use them in the Gaming (FASA) genre?

I am on the Fence with that one. Seems that it is 'CANNON' then it seems that it came from 'FASA'.

Was only able to get 3 Nacelles completed of the 9. WIll be working dilligently before the 3rd of July.

Now I can really get down to work once again. Unfortunately, my Son has to go through his weekly 'Hell' in order for me to do what is needed for this site. Not a Fair Trade on his Behalf.

All 9 Nacelles done! I did them as if they were first developed by the Companies named, then I did them like an Evolution in Design, borrowing from the previouse designs and progressing to the known design of 2244.

I was going to do an all-nighter, but I am already tired.

29 June 2012

Going for a Bicycle ride before the heat get's outrageous, and then it's back to this Site-BLOG and the Related projects. I still do not understand how the FWH Warp Drive comes before the FWA Warp Drive. I will be happy/glad to do the Romulan and Klingon Warp Drives because they don't have the range of Nacelles that the Federation has, though the Vulcans, Romulans, Tellerites, and a few other races should have extreemly more since they have been a space-ferring race for Decades longer. The Romulans seemed to stay along the line of most races with their Nacelle designs, while the Vulcans went a level higher and remained there, and that was in 2151.

30 June 2012

Even with my reviewing the 'FASA' book several times, I had forgotten one Nacelle. THere were actually 10 Nacelles rather than 9 that I had to add. It's going to be another Scorcher today, so I will be indoors all day working on the Components for this Site-BLOG.

The Vulcan's wanted to keep Humans from progressing too fast in Warp Development and only sold them the Oldest Warp Drives that they could, but on the other hand, the Andorians wanted to sell the Humans better equipment, the Tellerites would sell whatever they possibly could, rather it being Old or New. I am sure, like any Government, at any time, the Humans bought whatever they could, and Companies especially bought whatever technical advantages they could from any source. The Vulcan's had to Keep pace to make it look as though they were helping man kind in their persuit of better FTL speeds, So they sold the Humans whatever was within the current ranges of Warp Speeds. The Cylendar Nacelle Designs could be classified as Ancient Warp Drive, since from prior to 2151, they used the 'Ring' Warp Drive, which Humans bought one Example and used it on a Passenger Liner Named ENTERPRISE.

I am bouncing from one of three rooms, Kitchen-Living-Bed (and then in Reverse). Can one lie to themself and say that they are getting a grasp on this? I'm going to. I like the 'FanArt' and Designs of the Nacelles far better than what was done on StarTrek:ENTERPRISE. They really should have done some real research before airing that series. And they should have focused on accepted events more, plus introduce more alien races. But it's all 'CANNON' now and not much anyone can do about that. I am going to create my First of the Series of 12 Headers today and place it today. I should do something along the timeline, but I want to show something Exciting, that will drive imaginations when they see it.

It was a task to transfer all the information from one Thumb-Drive to another so I could Dedicate One of them to this task. Now I have one place to find everything.

This whole thing with 'FASA' has gotten me irritated. According to them Warp 10 was achieved in 2185 with a Leeding Industries Design of Starfleets 'FWC-1' Warp Drive. I think they were exagerating a bit. ANd according to 'FASA', in 2182 the Shuvannaajis Warp Technologies designed a Drive that could produce Warp 8. Man does this mess with what I have come to know from my research. I think the Speeds were obtained by using very small craft as their test-beds. Another thing, After Harold Leeding Died/Murdered in/or around 2190, and there was suspicion of Foul Play amongst the two rival companies, their Contracts with Starfleet would have been pulled and all of the Designs and other information Siezed by Starfleet Immediately, then the whole project would have been given to one of the Competitors like Cochrane Warp Dynamics where they would have continued to Research and Develope the Wapr Drive. (Which is the way that I see it, and the way that I am going with it.) So...after 2240 Starfleet discontinued it's Contracts with the Two Rival Companies and gave the Designs to Cochrane Warp Dynamics. It took 50 years before Starfleet would make that determination.

After 2220 Leeding Industries kind of faded away, while Shuvannaajis Warp Technologies continued selling to the Federation. Starfleet bought the last drive by them in 2240. The Vulcans were very clever in hiding any and all traces that would lead back to them about Harold Leeding's death. I will State now that the Vulcans used outside resources to kill the Leeding Industries Staff and it's Founding Member. 

I am not going to allow anything past Warp 8 until 2244-2245 or after. I thing the Developer was over-reaching with his information. Adjustments will be made! I will knock down the Stated Warp Speeds by 2. I want the Starfleet Specific Warp Drives to be better than the Civilian grade ones, but nothing too fantastic. So the Civilian Manufacturing Plaques will not be applied to the 10 new Nacelles, rather a Starfleet equivalent will be used.

Well...that was more of a task than I could have imagined. But it is done. Now onto something else. Like the Other Plaques, now that I have the Government Type Plaques for the Era's, it will be considerably easier for me to create them. I used the Starfleet Emblem on the Final Warp-Drive Nacelles to clairify when Starfleet took over the Data and materials for the 10 Warp Drives previouse. They then hand all of the information off to Cochrane Warp Dynamics where they incorporate what they have learned into what the Leeding Industries and Shuvaanajis (sp?) Warp Technologies had already developed. Of Course the Vulcans would have a Contention with this. Their Information and Technologies being Developed by Humans. I have to add that conflict into my Story-lines.

I will be adding all of the New Plaques tonight. I will get to the Performance Plaques maybe by tonight, but tomorrow for sure.

Some Nacelles are going to have a Total of 3 Plaques because from prior to 2100 until 2129 the United Nations Solar Fleet and the United Earth Space Probe Agency are in Opperation, then from 2130 to 2161 the United Earth Space Probe Angency and the United Nations Star Fleet are both in Opperation, then Finally it is only an additional 1 Plaque from 2161 to Current ~.

The Plaques for the UESPA are Completed and with the other Plaques that I have created and that I will add now, There's a Substantial amount.

Seems that I'm on a Roll. All I have to do now are the United Nations Star Fleet and the Federation of Planets Plaques. I want to get at it because once I start I like to Finish. If I focus on the UNSF series and hold off on doing the UFP series until tomorrow I'll be closer to a finish. (With the Warp Drives/Nacelles)

01 July 2012

Something is Amis. I have an Odd Number of Plaques. Should be even because I do them in bmp and jpeg. I have to use jpeg on this site, even though I hate the way it makes my Files look. I have 152 to 153 Plaques completed and I still have at least 40 more to do. Soon I will be putting it all together, the 3D B&W Picture with the Plaques. Which reminds me that I have to Re-Do several Plaques since the Changes in the Nacelles orders. That ought to be fun.

I was looking for Federation Emblems of 2161 (to Whenever they changed it again) for my Plaques, and I don't like anything that I saw. What I wanted was not going to be easy to convert to the way I want it. I will figure something out though.

Finished all of those Plaques, and the Only Plaques that I have to do is the Performance Plaques. I think that I am going to Paint for a bit. I did go into my CAD Program and seperated the New Nacelles and Renamed the others. Progress...

My painting has definately become 'Dark', Literally. It kind of works because the Sun in my overall pictures are in the background, but still...

Almost done with the Blue Hues, and when that's all dry, I can add the Yellows, Reds, Greens, Blacks, and Oranges. I have discovered so much while bringing all of the Nacelles from as many places as I could find together. First-It's a LOT of WORK! Second-It was Educating. Third-I am happy that it's near completition. and Finally Fourth-Now we all have a lot of Nacelles to chose from when designing a Starship. Between the Pictures of the Nacelles, the Plaques, and other Information on this Site-BLOG, you too can decide which is the best Warp Drive for your Design.

To finish the Bussard Collectors then add the Markings on the Hulls. Another job almost completed.

Even though the Painting is Dark, when the Details and especially the Windows are added, it Pops! It comes to life when everything has been added.

I now have to limit my time to this Site-BLOG for Early Mornings and Late Evenings. Fatherly Duties, and I have to do some Domestic Stuff before  an Inspection. But, HEY! I Finished my Painting! I like the Angle of the Starship that I painted because it can be used in Two ways, Either Shooting Upwards, or Downwards and still look good.

Inspiration: It make you do Stupid $#!+. LOL. I have it and need to put it in a creative direction.

Sorry "James Dixon", I don't like your Timeline and I had to add 28 years to each date to make it work. I have yet to create...wait...I already did create the XL STSTCS Calculations for the PYROEIS Class and the RANGER Class ships.


02 July 2012

Today I'm going to be taking care of the Bills and enjoying the day with my son. But I will try and get something done for this Site-BLOG.

Ach! Just noticed that I have the UFP Logo-Flag on a United Nations Star Fleet Plaque, and now I have to change them. In a few days. No Rush.

If I get a lot of Activity and Positive feedback, I will Upgrade my Site-BLOG to a better plan, and if it keeps getting more positive feedback, then I go to the following upgrade. I don't expect much, but one never knows.

03 July 2012

Today...Just like Yesterday.

When the Site-BLOG gets to 99 likes I will upgrade it, then when it gets to 999 Likes, I will upgrade it once again, and Finally, when it gets to 99,999 Likes I will upgrade for the Final time. Hope I remember this. Tomorrow is the 'Big Day'.

04 July 2012

YAY! It's the Big Day! Welcome all.

Thought about taking another Month before letting this loose, but what the #3!!, And here we go...

Since my 4th plans were changed, I have dedicated the time to this site. What a way to start a Holiday. I am adding several 'Headers' for future use. I was really busy creating them.

I have 7 'Headers' Designed. I need to do some more painting before creating even more.

05 June 2012

Well, after a very noisy night (until 3a), and a huge effort by myself to bring all the Data together on the Nacelles...I find myself more confused that when I had Started! I have to remind myself just to stay with the facts, no matter how it looks or makes me feel. I have tried the Data on a program and I was dissapointed, so I tried the Data as it was presented in the FASA Book and the FanCreated forms, and then I wasn't so dissapointed. Seems that the Program was Faulty. It just became worse with every adjustment, and it got to the poing where a Warp 1.3 Drive had an Emergency Speed of Warp 13. Go figure. I never changed any of the other information on the Sheet/Program so when I received the rediculouse warp speeds from even the information given by the FASA material I did not feel bad. Some of the weights are questionable as well from both the FASA information as well as the FanCreated information. So, I am going to revisit the work I did yesterday, make sure the Data is correct, then it Seems that I have some Plaques to re-do, and a few to make. I did not realize that I missed a couple. After creating the chart on 'XL' the fact was easily spotted, and that some of the information did not match between some Plaques, Mainly the Weights. Lesson learned though. I should have done the 'XL' chart first.

Busy Day today, but not on here. Tomorrow will be about the same. Helping Family makes me feel good.

06 July 2012

Family Helped. Now they can Traverse the Roads without further worries. It's late right now, so I won't be working on the Site-BLOG Until Tomorrow. I have Plans to make a Nacelle Chart Based off of the Information already Established, and then one with more Realistic Information based from Practical Information. After which, I will go through all of the Plaques and Confirm the Information.

07 July 2012

Seems to be a slow start with this Site-BLOG, but I am not too dissapointed because I designed it mainly for my Reading and Related Artwork. I have to do some 'XL' work today and re-do some of the Plaques. It's Dissapointing when you are sure that you had covered all of your bases just to find out that some have been moved or all together gone. Trying to stay cool in this 90+ Temps. 

08 July 2012

Did Nothing for this site. Sorry.

14 July 2012

Seems that I have been Neglecting this site. I have been trying to make some sense of the Warp Drives/Nacelles. I have a Chart that has the Information given by FASA and Fan Made Charts, and I have the one that I have created. Though mine is based off of Reality, it's still confusing. Still wish I could do 3D Renderings using Mesh and Skins to create a more realistic Scenery for this site. One of my Pet-Peves.

18 July 2012

4 days of 'Nothing'. Been busy preparing for a trip.

Raining outside, so I can Focus on the Site-BLOG, and I changed the Header to match the Era which the Story is currently in. I will be adding the next Storyline today as well. Remember, all Story's are Subject to change in the event of any Discoveries in the Related Technologies or History within the relevant timeline. 

Still working on the Warp Drive/Nacelle Charts. I am doing one with the Values given by FASA and Fan-Created Materials, and the other will be based off of more realistic Values. All of the Warp Drives/Nacelles Charts will still have the Values also in Cochranes and *watts per their Declared Warp Speeds. (When I say *watts, I typically mean Terawatts.)

19 July 2012

Added another Storyline to the Series. Actaully converted a Story that I had written with the Original Series Characters, and now I have to find a reasonable slot to place it in. I have to assure that the location and timeframe coordinate. I am just finishing making sure the characters all have been replaced with their Timeframe counterparts for the Storyline.

That is finished and I found a reasonable Dateline in 2227 to place the Story. It's one of my better ones and the Third Book needed something. I have several more Story's to add to the Books. I just have to Tweak each of them.

20 July 2012

I have 2 more Story's to find a timeframe for. I am in the mood to write, and now I have added characters and material to build off of. I have the Klingon Korax and the Romulan Rew to add into Earlier Timelines, and I have to make them memorable moments. Something difficult, and challenging for the main character. I have typically written the Stories as First Character Story's, the one I called "Quarry" i did in the format of the Original Series. It is harder to write with the perspective of just one character as per many characters. I did the same for the story "Break" because it immediately follows "Quarry". 

I had to see if the "RSS" Feed actually works.

Nope, it does not inform me that the site had been updated. So much for that.

21 July 2012

My First Month is coming to an end, and though I have not personally achieved All of my Goals, I did get a lot accomplished. I will be off and on this Site-BLOG until the mid of August. What can I say...It's Summer and I don't want to spend it all indoors.

22 July 2012

All day trying to (still) make sense of the Values given by FASA and to apply them to some of the Warp Drives before even Steve Bacon's "VINTAGE STARSHIPS II" 2130 - 2160 UESN/UESPA Era. Yes, I said 'Before', meaning the Earliest Warp-Drive I was able to find was in the year of 2102. So, I have to create information that equals FASA'a for the timeframe of 2102 to 2156 to fill in those Warp Drives values. It has become a difficult task to say the least. Again, I am doing one XL Chart based off of FASA, and the Other based off of as Realistic information as I can.

23 July 2012

No-One said this was going to be easy, and It's NOT!  Now I have to Create at least 6 more Nacelles and all of the Data that goes with it. Frustrating! I may be able to blend 2 into what I have, but that still leaves 4 that need to be created. I feel that all of this Effort is for Naught. No-One did their Homework. Everything has just been Quickly and Randomly put together. I just need to START OVER!

To Build 2 Charts that use the same Nacelles with different values sounds easy, but I have news...It's Not. it's becoming a muddled mess. I do need to add more Designs from other worlds because I only have a few, and according to most timelines, Humans purchased their first Warp-Drives from other races. 

24 July 2012

Things are proceeding ever so slowly today. Just waiting until 'Others' do their jobs before I can get back to what I need to for this Site-BLOG.

So I wasted my time awaiting for the "Others' to do their jobs that they never did. I was able to take care of another unrelated problem though.

25 July 2012

I am Printing the Stories that I already have written, so I can establish areas of the timeframes where I can add more Stories. Each Book should have at least 12 stories and over 1,000 pages. Afterall, this Site-BLOG is about the Story (LIFE) of Robert M. (T.) April. On that, the Middle Initial, It can be both. Some people have two middle names, and so can the main character. It could go Robert Thomas Mayweather April, and he uses either one at will. This will cover all bases, not to make people happy, but as an explanation to the Confusion. I am wrestling with the Warp Drive/Nacelles for the RANGER Class Starship. It was designed and Built by the Cheapest standards, Using mainly 'Off the Shelf' Parts for a quick and profitable outcome by Admiral Cotame (Have to Verify) from the Jupiter Fleetyards.

Once again, I have to change up the Picture of the RANGER Class Starship to reflect the proper Warp Drive/Nacelles. It is (Now) Officially the Cochrane Warp Dynamics Model Two from 2190. It has just enough power to run the starship and is Warp 5 Capable. It looks similar to the Ones on the PYROEIS Class. I used 5 steps before arriving at the latest conclusion.

1st was a Timeline of the possibilities from 2182 to 2205.

2nd was selecting the Weight Range from 30,000mt to 90,000mt.

3rd was Elimination of the more Powerful Selections Ranging from 20 Power-Points and up, Including any Official (FASA) Starfleet Designs.

4th was to Select anything that had the Power-Points 19 or Below.

5th was to Ensure that it remained in the Previouse Written Warp Speed Range of 5. I Also used the relative size versus the Class and Size of the ship.

So the "CWD-5" will be named the Cheapest Warp-Drive Available for 2215. In Conclusion...I have to 'Re-Paint' the RANGER Class ship once again to match the Correct Nacelles. Trying to stay History Correct has been a struggle. To remain within the Story Originally written for that Class, it has went through a few Refits and in the end will have the Nacelles more Familiar with Starships of the 2235 to 2245 Era. I am Constantly Updating the Charts for the Warp-Drive/Nacelles and Hopefully one day I will be finished with it so I can present it on this Site-BLOG. That means that I have to re-do the Plaques and other related information as well. Never Ending.

I just used the same steps that I mentioned above for the FASA, ST-II Warp-Drive/Nacelles and ended up with the same conclusion. Kinds of Cements it, dosen't it?

The PYROEIS Class will not have to be changed for it's initial design, which is a relief. Maybe a Rename of the Paintings is in order. I am sure the Other Captains of the RANGER Class were able to get upgrades done at least every five years. I have to (Again) Re-Do the Book Cover Arts concerning the RANGER Class. I now have a program that allows me to do this.

I need to LEarn a few new tricks, Like making pictures that have values and when you drag them into a spreadsheet they add themselves up, and you can rearrange them for estetics. That way you gace get a look at your Starship, and the amount of crew, and other valuable information for RPG-ing. 

I learned that I don't like the Warp Speeds Given by the 'Vintage Starships II' site. They far exceed the values for that timeframe, Like they are doing Warp 7 in 2151.

26 July 2012

Time to go and work on the Home-Base Computer to get the accurate configuration for the RANGER Class and then paint it again.

Was able to get a few things accomplished today. Seems that the 'Fate(s)' are against me. Every time that I start, Something else came up. 

Borrowed the S.C.E. Book 2 to read. The only information that may be relevant will come from the character Admiral Scott ("Scotty") if he delves into the techniques from his life and before. Then, Maybe that Information can be intrigrated into the Storyline of Robert April. We will see. I looked for the First Book and it was already taken out.

27 July 2012

Spending time reading S.C.E. Book 2 and working on the Charts again. There have been a lot more 'Fan-Fic' Created Warp Drives than what has been listed by Steve Bacon in his 'Vintage Starships II' material. But, one of the Charts is only going to be created using what FASA and Steve Bacon had provided. I may add the Other Nacelles to the chart, if I can figure out the Formula of Graphs that were used by them. I know Steve had his Late Nights with Difficulties while creating his Charts. 

Charts are Done (Almost) and the 7 New Nacelles have been Drawn in 3D. I used "Project" Names for these Nacelles since they are in a timeframe prior to UNSN, UNSF, UESN, etc... Like the P-AURORA, and the P-NAVADA, etc... These would have been Secret Government Projects by the Groom Lake Facility (Area 51).

2063 was Cochrane's Warp Flight, and 2102 is the Oldest Nacelle that I have found. There is a 39 Year Gap there. After the Vulcans arrived I am sure there were purchases of their Old Warp Designs that the Earth Forces Reversed Engineered from. And there's my Next Project. Making some New Nacelles based off of Vulcan Technologies. Something they would not mind selling to the Human Race, of Warp 1.2 to Warp 2 Technology. They have to look Elegantly Rough. LOL. I have 91 Warp Drive/Nacelles already drawn, an if I add 2 per year for the 39 Year Gap...oh, I am in trouble. What is the Average Warp Drives/Nacelles Created per a 40 Year period. I have decided to do 11 Warp Drives/Nacelles for that period and they won't have Bussard Collectors, So, I have to find Warp Drive/Nacelles without the Bussard Collectors.

28 July 2012

Last Evening I designed over 11 potential Early Vulcan Warp Drives/Nacelles, and they stay within the 'Organic' themed design and show an evolution from the 'Cylendrical' Type of Nacelle to the 'Ring' Type which is currently associated with the Vulcan Race. I have to Research Vulcan History because once upon a time, Vulcans, Romulans, and Rehmans (sp?) were once one race, they seperated because of their beliefs. I have to find out when that was to get a feeling for the Naccelle Design.

 Pre-TOS Vulcan Nacelles.

Starting from the Top. I have yet to Designate Values and Names for each, but the Most Familiar to Fans is the Bottom (Ring-Type) of Nacelle, and at the Top is the More Familiar Cylendar Type that May/Could have been first used by the Vulcans upon their Departure from their Home World. I am not going to go over Warp 2.5 for any of these because the Vulcans did not want to give too much of their Technology away, and they cornered the Market at Selling the Humans Warp Drive for the first 39 Years. 7 of 11 completed.

Here we go. I will put their Names in Order and in Order with their relative space on the Picture.

                Surak'a                          P'Jem

                Nirak'a                          T'mor'a

                D'vir'a                           T'Plana-Hath

                Torkas'a                        PanMokar

                Sargon'a                        Sajik'a


There will be an additional Picture with all of the Nacelles in the 'Photogallery'.

29 July 2012

I made Progress all around Yesterday. I have developed what will be called the "Structural Strength Chart" aka "Tornado Chart" for determining Structural Strength for the Warp Drives/Nacelles. There are at least 5 Warp Drives/Nacelles that fall outside the ranges, meaning that they are more prone to Failure. I now have to find them and make note of the Amount of Failure they will have and where. Time to make an 'OFFICIAL' Version. And for all those Engineers out there, YES, It is Based off of Facts by using the Previously Gained Structural Strengths of Already known Nacelles and a Graph/Chart to plot where they lay within the Chart that is based off of the Power (tj) vs. Mass (mt), then outlining the areas of higher density to create an arc and withing the arc levels were based off of the Highs and Lows of the points that represent the level of structural value represented. Creating, a Sound Basis for the Values that I have given for the 'Realistic' Values Chart. The FASA/Vintage Starships II Chart will be another matter.

I added 4 Charts. 2 are 'Realistic' Values, and the other 2 are 'FASA/VS-II' Values (Which still needs clairification). You can now see why I call the "Structural Strength Chart" the "Tornado Chart". It's the way it built up after some research. I added Colors to make it easier to identify the areas that the Structural Values were. I was trying the same for the FASA/VS-II Charts and found the Information all over the place. Nacelles with the same values had different Structural points. The Weight, Power, and Type were the same, but one had a Power Point of 4 and the other 12. So, I get to add whatever I want as in values. I know Star Trek is a 'Loose Cannon' type of format, and have expressed it in the past, but this is Rediculouse (sp?).

Why do I torment myself so? I Tried making sense of the FASA/VS-II Warp Drive/Nacelle Values, and for a moment I thought I was making some sense of it all, when suddenly, the Values started jumping all over the sheet. I WILL be using the 'Realistic' Values that I have created and you can too by using the Two Charts that have the word 'Realistic' on the bottom right. Between those and the Warp Speed to Power Usage Sheet that helps you fing the Terajoules and the Cochrane Units for a desired Warp Speed, you too can build your own theoretical (sp?) Warp Drive, and if you cross referrence it back, you can determine the weight of the Nacelle as well. Handy.

Even though it was (very) Frustrating doing the project today, I felt as though I had accomplished something today. I now have a set of Charts and a Warp Drive/Nacelle list, and over 91 3D Drawn Nacelles. I may add more Nacelles based off of known races between 2063 to 2100. Time for some research.

FASA and VS-II use the Weight of the Nacelles to determine the Structural Strength.

Attempting to complete the FASA/VS-II Warp Engine Types Sheets. I have 3 areas to finish, and those are MASS, Power Points, and Superstructure. I have 31 to get done.

I have the Will, and the Drive, but what I got that I don't want is the Frustration from doing the Nacelle Values like FASA and VS-II.

Well I am Not happy, but there are now values to the Nacelles. I am done for the night, and maybe the next couple of days.

30 July 2012

I have contacted the creator of the 'Vintage Starships I and II' Site and asked what his reasoning was for calling out a Warp Drive and yet having several different Nacelles Designed for it. I can only assume that the 'EFTL' and 'FFTL' refers to the Warp Drive and not the Nacelles, and if that is the case, then they both need seperate charts. I am awaiting a reply vis E-Mail.

I have Discovered more Nacelles while Researching. At least 7 of around the era 2240's. And, Now I have to Incorporate them. THis whole Warp Drive/Nacelle project keeps getting out of hand.

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