(Pre-Astralan Nightbloat)
The TRAUBEL (Trubel):
A Race that has been in existence for at least a Hundred-Million years. They Visited the Alpha-Quadrant around Earth's Pre-History in the 1.2 Ga (542ma). Their Vessels only had the Sublight Drives coupled with the 'Mass-Reduction' Drives which allowed the Vessels to Exceed Warp-6 and the Traubel the ability to explore the Galaxy with little resistance. Most races had not even learned of space-flight and were still using the stars to guide their daily lives.
Though Technically Blind, they still succeeded in gaining space travel. How is still undetermined. They live in a Very Humid Climate with a Temperature of 84 degrees Fareinheight.
Government: Socialistic Commune
The Traubel Race is from the outer-limits of the Delta-Quadrant. They once were the kings of the Galaxy, at least in their history. Their Starships visited every Quadrant and Every Star System and planted their Genetic Codes to Concour the Galaxy. But un-benounced to them, there were other factors that changed their plans. From the Simplest like Evolution, and how in Hundreds of Thousands of Years combined with the atmosphere of each planet which either proved Toxic or changed their Physical apperance and abilities to the Simple actions of Lizard-Like Creatures, and Most Horrific, the Death of some of the first by the hands of the inhabitants.
After seeding Many Planets, the main group returned to 'Traub', their Planet of Origin. They vowed to return to the planets when a Signal had been given by those that were left. They are a very advanced race who are able to reach 'Light-Speeds' using a Impulse Drive coupled with 'Mass-Reduction' Drives of a Sophistacated Design. Their Starships Eventually use 'Cavitation-Drive' Which uses the Removal of Space to drive the Vessel Forwards. 
The Traubel Spacecraft:                 AXEL: (for Comparison)
Length: 642 m                                   Length: 185 m
Width: 642 m                                     Width: 117 m
Height: 642 m                                   Height: 43 m
Hull Material: (Unknown)
Power: 4-Fusion Generators (2,400,000 tj/600,000 tj each)
Armament- (Unknown)
Defensive- (Unknown) 
Deflector Shield: (Unknown) 
Mass: (Unknown) 
Sublight Drive: (Unknown) 
Warp-Drive: (Unknown) 
Optimal Speed: Warp-8
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: (Unknown) Warp-
Maximum Speed: (Unknown) Warp-
These Speeds are only when the 'Mass-Reducing Drive' is Off:
Optimal Speed: (Unknown) Warp-
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: (Unknown) Warp-
Maximum Speed: (Unknown) Warp-
Crew: (Unknown)
Sensor: (Unknown) 
The Astralan Nightbloat:
A group of Traubel's that were delivered to the Planet of Astralan to become the Supreme rulers. During their time they became acclimated to the planet and their whole physical being started to change. The Beings started to Revert to their Ancient and Primal Selves and forgetting about their Technology they returned to their Tribal ways, and then back to their Primal Hunting ways.
It was around 2060 when the Orions discoverd them on Astralan, and found out how dangerous they actually were. At first, they kept their distance, but after a few decades discovered how to Domesticate them as Guard Dogs. They were not discovered by the Humans until around the early 2100's. The Klingons used them for Sport Hunting, to Prove their prowness. The Romulans only wanted them for Experimentation.
Most Races steered clear of them, and where-ever they were found, which suited the Orions for their Illicit Dealings in the Black-Market. The Orions Used this to their advantage, Displacing as many 'Nightbloats' onto worlds where they wanted to keep as much control of as possible.




A Peaceful Race that travels the Stars without Offensive Weapons on their Vessels. Gold in Color, and at an average height of 2 meters with average build. They are considered experts in defensive technology with Shielding that matches the power of the aggressor's vessel(s) and only projects in the area between their craft and where the weapons fire orriginated.

Their Technology is Incapatable with the Majority of Races, Including ALPHA Quadrant, BETA Quadrant, and the Majority of DELTA Quadrant, and a Small Percentage of GAMMA Quadrant.

Governmental Symbol:




Once Heavily Hybridized by the 'Grays' (see the Eyes), these beings are once again regaining their Uniqness. They use Ancient 'Gray' Vessels to travel the Stars. Their Planet went from a Green and Lush Enviroment to a Heavily Mechanized one for Tens of Thousands of Years and has (as the Catishe have been) been returning to their natural condition within the last Ten-Thousand Years. The Grays, Realizing their Mistakes have been Re-Compensating the Catishe Race by Genetically Modifying them back to their Natural Status.

These Beings are Generally Calm and Realitively Cooperative but hate when their Routines are Disrupted.




A Very Aggressive Race, but willing to work with other Races as long as it Benefits theirselves in an Immediate fashion. Very Strong race that averages a height of 1.75 meters. They only use Technology that can Benefit them and prefer as Low-Tech as they can get. Their Vessels are very Rigid looking with Sharp corners.




Mantis, Tall, Ancient

Hybrid (Human), Jumper, Typical

Gray Subcategories;

Mantis: Rarely seen (2 in 10), Leader in the Scientific, Approximately 2.5 meters in height, Communicates by Telepathy, Seen Typically with 2 'Tall' and 8 'Typical', WIll not directly come in contact with other beings unless absolutely necessary, 

Tall: Typically seen aboard the Starship in Conjunction with the 'Typical' (5 in 10), Leader to the 'Typical' and Subordinate to the 'Mantis' and the 'Ancient', Approximately 2 meters in height, Communicates by Telepathy, Seen with 4 'Typical', 

Ancient: Very Rarely seen (1 in 50), Leader over All, Approximately 3 meters in height, Communicates by Telepathy, If Seen in a Room will be Alone or with a Human-Hybrid, Only meets with other beings if Absolutely necessary, 

Hybrid (Human): Rarely seen (1 in 10), Seen with either the 'Tall' the 'Ancient' or the 'Mantis', Used as Translator, Approximately 1.8 meters tall,  Communicates by Telepathy, Verbal, and Rarely has Teleknetic Abilities (1 in 100), Only seen with the 'Ancient' but is Guided by the 'Typical' from place to place, Has inner-eyelids of dark membrane much like the Gray, 

Jumper: (Scout) Very Rarely seen (1 in 100), Used for collecting information on other races, Approximately 1 meter in height, Communicates by Telepathy, Solitary, Reports only to the 'Ancient', 

Typical: Most commonly known (9 in 10), Used as Menial Labor, Approximately 1.2 meters in height, Communicates by Telepathy, Seen Typically in Groups of 3, If there is a 4th a Tall is added to the Group (4 'Typicals' and 1 'Tall'), 

These 'Beings' work for Common Goals for their Race. They are Very Racial Loyal to any being that has the 'Grey' Bloodline, which they track mercilessly. They seek to only improve their Species and Race while maintaining their Destinctive Beings. They will work with other Races for a Mutual and Common Goal, but only if it does not interfere with their Main Goal(s). Very Telepathically, but not Teleknetic Beings, except for the Rare Human-Gray Hybrids.

Weapons include the Power to Paralyze their Intended Being by Telepathy. 




Hybrid, Draconion, Neonate

Draconion Subcategories:

Hybrid: Always seen, Minion, Approximately 1.5 meters in height, WIll not directly come in contact with other beings unless Instructed by a Draconian, Used for Construction and other Menial Tasks, 

Draconion Royal: Always seen, Leader of Groups of 8 'Hybrids', 2 'Neonates' and 24 Warriors, Approximately 2.9 meters in height, WIll directly come in contact with other beings, Does not have a Tail, Sometimes has Wings, 

Draconion Warrior:  Always seen in Pairs, When in Battle they travel in groups of 6, Approximately 2.9 meters in height, Aggressive to other beings, Has a Tail, 

Neonate: Rarely seen (1 in 50), Lead by 'Draconian' only, Approximately .1 meters in height, Seen Typically with Draconian, WIll not directly come in contact with other beings unless absolutely necessary, Has the Ability to 'Self-Cloak' to blend in (if 'Cloaked' the possibility of seeing one is 1 in 1,000), 


180 mya the 'Draconion' Race became Sentient.

148 mya the 'Grays' Started Genetic Splicing and Hybridation with the 'Draconion' Race. The 'Draconion' Race retreat underground in fear of the 'Gray' and start their illusive lives avoiding any surface Beings.

105 mya The Continents Split dividing the 'Draconion' Race and killing off many.

63 mya The 'Grays' Revisit 'Gia' (Earth) and continue their Hybridation of the 'Draconion' Race.

60 mya The 'Draconion' Race goes deeper underground to avoid the 'Grays' Continued Genetic Experiments.

6 mya The Grays still Visit 'Gia' but have a new interest, hominins.

450,000 years ago, the Annunaki arrived. Grays take a back seat, and wait.

250,000 years ago The Annunaki start the Genetic Manipulation of the 'Homo Heidelbergensis' into the Modern 'Homo Sapiens' and Enslave them to Mine for Gold, while letting the Naturally Developing Neanderthals alone. 

600 BCE the 'Grays' return to Modify the Modern Man Genetic Codes without any opposition from the fallen Annunaki.


A Very Aggressive Race, Believing that they are 'Entitled' to whatever they want because all that they had was taken away. Sol was once their Home, and they had a different Name, 'Gia' for what we Call Earth. They Naturally Developed on the Planet for Millions of Years, but after the Primates of the planet were Genetically Modified by Several Space-Farring Races, through Thousands of Years, they found themselves going underground to live. Where once they Thrived on the Surface, they had to Suffer Beneath. They Never blamed what became known as 'Humans', but they Held Hatred for those that came and Modified the Primates then left. They Hate the 'Gray', 'Anaunnaki', 'Arians' and any-other Race that Visited Their Homeworld.

Even though the 'Grays' tried to Compensate the 'Draconian' Race by Offering their Late-Model Crafts and finding a new home for them, they Declined with a Massacre of the 'Grey' Diplomats and Ate them, Leaving only Bones. Some remain on Sol while others found their own ways into space. Stealing Technologies from every faction of the Human Race by Disguising themselves as Humans. A Small Group was able to Build and Secretly Launch their own craft in the Mid 20th Century and has made their own way since. 

In the Year 2264, The Earth's 'Draconion' Race and it's other related Beings contacted Earth's Starfleet's Governments to seek the ability to Roam freely as other Races have been able. They were Granted Complete Legal Rights and were immediately accepted to the Federation and allowed to build their own Starships. They Declined to Create their own Space Crafts and Chose to Signal their Own who were travelling the Stars. Upon the arrival of one of their Vessels, they found that the Starship was at capacity and could not take any more beings, but they did an exchange of 10% of the ships beings. This started a program where, whenever a Vessel with their people arrived, a 10% exchange would occur. Some of that 10% from the Vessels (1 of every 50) would work with the Earth's Governments as a social exchange, sharing the Technologies and Information.

In the Year 2278, The 'Draconian' Race suddenly left to points unknown and had not been seen since. Every one of their Starships seemed to have Vanished from Federation Space.

While the 'Draconions' Travelled Space, they met others from Gia and Combined their Vessels and Forces. Their Vessels Grew, and Grew with each new meeting. They first started this type of behavior around 2270's and have Continued ever since.